List of railway lines in China

The following is a list of rail transport in China.

North-south direction

Beijing-Harbin Corridor

In passenger rail service, Jingshan Railway, Shenshan Railway, Changda Railway|Changda Railway, Changchun-Shenyang Portion and Changbin Railway are collectively called Jingha Railway (Beijing-Harbin).

East Coast

Beijing-Shanghai Corridor

Jingshan Railway Beijing-tianjin Portion, Jingpu Railway and Huning Railway are collectively called Jinghu Railway(京沪线) in passenger rail service.

Beijing-Kowloon Corridor

Jingjiu Railway uses the same line as Guangmeishan Railway between Longchuan and Dongguan. It also uses the same line as Guangshen Railway between Dongguan and Shenzhen. It then crosses the border and follows the East Rail Line to Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Beijing-Guangzhou Corridor

Datong-Zhanjiang Corridor

Baotou-Liuzhou Corridor

Baoji-Kunming Corridor

East-West direction


Eurasian Land Bridge

Yangtze River Valley

Shanghai-Kunming Railway (Hukun Line)

South Coast

Regional railways



East and Southeast

South Central



Coal transport railways

Intra-city Metros

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