List of quantum processors

This list contains quantum processors, also known as quantum processing units (QPUs). Please note that some devices listed below have only been announced at press conferences so far, with no actual demonstrations or scientific publications characterizing the performance.

Gate model (universal) quantum processors

These QPUs are based on the quantum circuit and quantum logic gate-based model of computing.

ManufacturerName/Codename/DesignationArchitectureLayoutSocketFidelityQubitsRelease date
GoogleN/ASuperconductingN/AN/A99.5%[1]20 qb2017
GoogleN/ASuperconducting7×7 latticeN/A99.7%[1]49 qb[2]Q4 2017 (planned)
GoogleBristleconeSuperconducting6×12 latticeN/A99% (readout)
99.9% (1 qubit)
99.4% (2 qubits)
72 qb[3][4]5 March 2018
GoogleSycamoreNonlinear superconducting resonatorN/AN/AN/A54 transmon qb
53 qb effective
IBMIBM Q 5 TenerifeSuperconductingbow tieN/A99.897% (average gate)
98.64% (readout)
5 qb2016[1]
IBM IBM Q 5 Yorktown Superconducting bow tie N/A 99.545% (average gate)
94.2% (readout)
5 qb
IBM IBM Q 14 Melbourne Superconducting N/A N/A 99.735% (average gate)
97.13% (readout)
14 qb
IBMIBM Q 16 RüschlikonSuperconducting2×8 latticeN/A99.779% (average gate)
94.24% (readout)
16 qb[5]17 May 2017
(Retired: 26 September 2018)[6]
IBMIBM Q 17SuperconductingN/AN/AN/A17 qb[5]17 May 2017
IBMIBM Q 20 TokyoSuperconducting5x4 latticeN/A99.812% (average gate)
93.21% (readout)
20 qb[7]10 November 2017
IBM IBM Q 20 Austin Superconducting 5x4 lattice N/A N/A 20 qb (Retired: 4 July 2018)[6]
IBMIBM Q 50 prototypeSuperconductingN/AN/AN/A50 qb[7]
IBMIBM Q 53SuperconductingN/AN/AN/A53 qbOctober 2019
Intel17-Qubit Superconducting Test ChipSuperconductingN/A40-pin cross gapN/A17 qb[8][9]10 October 2017
IntelTangle LakeSuperconductingN/A108-pin cross gapN/A49 qb [10]9 January 2018
Rigetti 8Q Agave Superconducting N/A N/A N/A 8 qb 4 June 2018[11]
Rigetti 16Q Aspen-1 Superconducting N/A N/A N/A 16 qb 30 November 2018[11]
Rigetti19Q AcornSuperconductingN/AN/AN/A19 qb[12]17 December 2017

Annealing quantum processors

These QPUs are based on quantum annealing.

ManufacturerName/Codename/DesignationArchitectureLayoutSocketFidelityQubitsRelease date
D-WaveD-Wave One (Ranier)SuperconductingN/AN/AN/A128 qb11 May 2011
D-WaveD-Wave TwoSuperconductingN/AN/AN/A512 qb2013
D-WaveD-Wave 2XSuperconductingN/AN/AN/A1152 qb2015
D-WaveD-Wave 2000QSuperconductingN/AN/AN/A2048 qb2017
D-WaveD-Wave AdvantageSuperconductingN/AN/AN/A5000 qb2020

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