List of public art in the Royal Borough of Greenwich

This is a list of public art in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.


Image Title / subject Location and
DateArtist / designer TypeMaterialDimensions Designation Notes
Portage Charlton House Peace Garden 2006Margaret Higginson Statue N/A


Image Title / subject Location and
DateArtist / designer TypeMaterialDimensions Designation Notes
Memorial to Margaret McMillan Rachel McMillan Nursery School, McMillan Street

51.4814°N 0.0230°W / 51.4814; -0.0230 (Margaret McMillan Memorial)
1932Herbert Baker (architect) Grade II [1]

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Memorial to Peter the Great Glaisher Street

51.483333°N 0.018889°W / 51.483333; -0.018889 (Memorial to Peter the Great)
2001Mihail Chemiakin Statue N/A [2]
Memorial to Battle of Deptford Bridge

51.471488°N 0.014639°W / 51.471488; -0.014639
2017Gary Drostle (artist) Sundial mosaic bench N/A


Image Title / subject Location and
DateArtist / designer TypeMaterialDimensions Designation Notes

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Statue of George II Old Royal Naval College

51.48361°N 0.00595°W / 51.48361; -0.00595 (Statue of George II)
1735John Michael Rysbrack Statue Grade II [3]

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The Immortality of Nelson Nelson Pediment, Old Royal Naval College 1809–1812Benjamin West and Joseph Panzetta Architectural relief sculptureCoade stone Grade I [4][5]
Bust of Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson Queen's House 1835Francis Leggatt Chantrey BustMarble [6]

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Statue of William IV King William Walk

51.47989°N 0.00654°W / 51.47989; -0.00654 (Statue of William IV)
1845Samuel Nixon StatueFoggin Tor Devon granite Grade II Erected 18–19 December 1844 on King William Street in the City of London; taken down in 1935 and re-erected here, on a smaller pedestal, the following year. The principal work of this sculptor, who received insufficient recompense from the work's commissioners and came close to financial ruin.[7]

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Memorial to Joseph René Bellot Cutty Sark Gardens

51.48364°N 0.00786°W / 51.48364; -0.00786 (Bellot Memorial)
1855Philip Hardwick Obelisk Grade II [3]

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Memorial to the New Zealand Campaign (1863–1864) King William Walk

51.4833°N 0.0091°W / 51.4833; -0.0091 (New Zealand Campaign Memorial)
after 1864? Obelisk Grade II [8]
Busts of naval heroes Pepys Building, Old Royal Naval College 1874–1883Charles Raymond Smith Reliefs Grade II Portrait medallions with busts of the following:
  1. George Anson, 1st Baron Anson
  2. Francis Drake
  3. James Cook
  4. Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Nottingham
  5. Robert Blake
  6. John Benbow
  7. John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich
  8. George Brydges Rodney, 1st Baron Rodney
  9. Adam Duncan, 1st Viscount Duncan
  10. Cuthbert Collingwood, 1st Baron Collingwood
  11. Richard Howe
  12. Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson
  13. John Jervis, 1st Earl of St Vincent[9]

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Statue of General James Wolfe Blackheath Avenue, Greenwich Park

51.47782°N 0.00085°W / 51.47782; -0.00085 (Statue of General Wolfe)
1930Robert Tait McKenzie Statue Grade II [10]

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Statue of Walter Raleigh Old Royal Naval College

51.48306°N 0.00867°W / 51.48306; -0.00867 (Statue of Walter Raleigh)
1959William McMillan Statue Grade II Unveiled 28 October 1959 in Whitehall by the US Ambassador John Hay Whitney.[11] Moved to this site in 2001[12] as it was out of scale with other statues which had since been erected nearby.[13] The statue is close to the Discover Greenwich entrance within the grounds of the ORNC.

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Large Standing Figure (Knife Edge) Greenwich Park 1961–1978Henry Moore Sculpture N/A [14]

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Dolphin Dial Titanic Memorial Garden, Royal Observatory 1977–1978Christopher St John Daniel and Edwin Russell Equinoctial sundial with sculptureBronze N/A Unveiled 5 June 1978 and moved to this site in 2009. Daniel was Head of Education Services at the National Maritime Museum; the work was commissioned to mark the Silver Jubilee of Elizabeth II.[15]
Greenwich Mural Woolwich Road 1972Philippa Threlfall and Kennedy Collings MuralGlazed and unglazed ceramic and stone N/A Depicts the maritime history of Greenwich. One of the earliest large-scale murals to be produced by the artists.[16]

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Statue of Captain James Cook National Maritime Museum

51.48051°N 0.0048°W / 51.48051; -0.0048 (Statue of Captain Cook)
1994Arthur Weller Statue N/A [17]

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Prime Meridian marker Royal Observatory 1999Christina Garzia Sculpture N/A

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The Throne of Earthly Kings Devonport House 2004François Hameury Sculpture N/A [18]

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Statue of Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson Trafalgar Tavern 2009Lesley Povey StatueBronze N/A [19]

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Nelson's Ship in a Bottle National Maritime Museum 2010Yinka Shonibare Sculpture N/A

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Statue of Yuri Gagarin Royal Observatory 2011Anatoly Novikov StatueZinc alloy N/A [20]
Encompass Greenwich Market 2016Michael Speller SculptureBronze2.4m N/A Unveiled 4 April 2016 by the Duke of York.[21] Commissioned by Greenwich Hospital, the Crown Charity. Made from bronze, it is a 2.4m sphere made from 210 figures, depicting sailors as they climb a ship's rigging.

North Greenwich

Image Title / subject Location and
DateArtist / designer TypeMaterialDimensions Designation Notes

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Quantum Cloud Greenwich Peninsula

51.50185°N 0.00913°E / 51.50185; 0.00913 (Quantum Cloud)
2000Antony Gormley Sculpture N/A Created for the millennium celebrations, now part of sculpture trail, The Line

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A Slice of Reality Greenwich Peninsula

51.50418°N 0.00028°W / 51.50418; -0.00028 (Slice of Reality)
2000Richard Wilson Sculpture N/A Created for the millennium celebrations, now part of sculpture trail, The Line [22]

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Liberty Grip Greenwich Peninsula 2008Gary Hume Sculpture N/A Part of sculpture trail, The Line [23]
Here Greenwich Peninsula 2013Thomson & Craighead Sculpture N/A Part of sculpture trail, The Line [24]
A Bullet from a Shooting Star Greenwich Peninsula 2015Alex Chinneck Sculpture N/A Part of sculpture trail, The Line [25]

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Hydra and Kali Greenwich Peninsula 2016Damien Hirst Sculpturemetal N/A
Lenticular Dazzle Camouflage Greenwich Peninsula

51.493905°N 0.007183°E / 51.493905; 0.007183 (Lenticular Dazzle Camouflage)
2016Conrad Shawcross Sculpturemetal49 m high N/A [26]

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Mermaid Greenwich Peninsula 2017Damien Hirst Sculpturemetal N/A


Image Title / subject Location and
DateArtist / designer TypeMaterialDimensions Designation Notes
Statue of a Barbarian or Deus Lunus Royal Arsenal Brass Foundry, No 1 Street

51.2932°N 0.0404°E / 51.2932; 0.0404 (Roman statue "Deus Lunus" at Royal Arsenal)
late-Roman period (1st–3rd century AD)? Roman statueTurkish marble ? Dug up by British troops in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1801 and shipped to Woolwich
Crucifix St Mary's Gardens, Greenlaw Street

51.4932°N 0.05881313°E / 51.4932; 0.05881313 (Crucifix)
18th–19th century?? crucifixwood ? Originally part of the church interior; moved here in 1966

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Statue of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington Royal Arsenal, Wellington Park

51.2937°N 0.0435°E / 51.2937; 0.0435 (Statue of the Duke of Wellington)
1848Thomas Milnes statue on pedestalmarble, Portland stone (plinth) Grade II Originally at the Tower of London, moved to the Arsenal in 1863

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Lioness resting paw on urn St Mary's Gardens, Woolwich Church Street

51.493357°N 0.06018106°E / 51.493357; 0.06018106 (tomb of Tom Cribb)
1851? statuestone ? Tom Cribb's tomb

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Crimean War Memorial Royal Artillery Barracks, south end of parade ground

51.48513°N 0.06050292°E / 51.48513; 0.06050292 (Crimean War Memorial)
1861John Bell statue with pedestal surrounded by 12 cannon-bollardsbronze and stone3 m (without pediment) ? The figure of a woman distributing laurel wreaths, Honour, was cast from a Russian cannon captured at Sebastopol

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Major Little Memorial Woolwich Common, Academy Rd / Ha-ha Rd

51.482047°N 0.06133977°E / 51.482047; 0.06133977 (Major Little Memorial)
1861?? obeliskstone ?

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Second Boer War Memorial Grand Depot Road, opposite Royal Artillery Barracks

51.2932°N 0.0404°E / 51.2932; 0.0404 (Second Boer War Memorial)
1902?? obeliskgranite ? Memorial to the men of the 61st Battery Royal Field Artillery who died in the

Second Boer War (1899–1902)

Statue of Alexander McLeod Former Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society building, 125–161 Powis Street 1903Alfred Drury Statue in nicheCoade stone or terracotta? Grade II [27]
World War I memorial Royal Arsenal, Grand Store, Cadogan Road

51.494216°N 0.07334383°E / 51.494216; 0.07334383 (Royal Arsenal World War I Memorial)
1919?? reliefstone ?
Maritime history of Woolwich Woolwich Dockyard, Thames Path at Mast Pond Wharf

51.294011°N 0.032183°E / 51.294011; 0.032183 (Thames Path mosaics)
1984–86community project mosaic floor piece (damaged)ceramic tesserae
The mosaics are the result of a community project led by the National Elfrida Rathbone Society through an arts workshop based at the Clock House Community Centre
Workers of Woolwich Woolwich Arsenal station, platform 1

51.292354°N 0.0492°E / 51.292354; 0.0492 (Workers of Woolwich)
1993Martin Williams reliefterracotta
The work was commissioned by the British Rail’s Community Unit with the University of Greenwich and Greenwich Council, and is a tribute to the tens of thousands of workers at the Royal Arsenal
The Woolwich Ship Plumstead Road, opposite the Royal Arsenal

51.491106°N 0.07086162°E / 51.491106; 0.07086162 (The Woolwich Ship)
1999Tom Grimsey sculpturesteel N/A The sculpture celebrates the naval history of Woolwich; commissioned by Woolwich Development Agency & Greenwich Council
History of Woolwich Dockyard Woolwich Church Street, Kingsman Parade pedestrian tunnel

51.293329°N 0.032076°E / 51.293329; 0.032076 (Kingsman Parade mosaic)
2000Stephen Lobb, Greenwich Mural Workshop & pupils of Cardwell Primary School mosaic muralceramic tesserae N/A The mosaics are the result of a project by the Greenwich Mural Workshop, with Stephen Lobb as the senior artist, working with Cardwell Primary School

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Assembly Royal Arsenal, James Clavell Square

51.49485°N 0.070059°E / 51.49485; 0.070059 (Assembly)
2001Peter Burke group of 16 statuescast iron188cm N/A
Memorial to Dial Square, Royal Arsenal and Woolwich Arsenal Football Clubs Royal Arsenal, outside the Dial Arch pub

51.492502°N 0.06978873°E / 51.492502; 0.06978873 (Memorial to Arsenal FC)
c.2005? sculpturebronze, stone N/A
Street Life Woolwich Arsenal station, Green's End / Beresford Square

51.490755°N 0.06852809°E / 51.490755; 0.06852809 (Street Life, in-station mural)
2008Michael Craig-Martin ceramic art, muralceramicextends over two storeys N/A More than 2500 individually screen-printed tiles by Manor Architectural Ceramics in Warwick

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Statue of Nike, goddess of victory Royal Arsenal, No 1 Street, Main Guardhouse

51.2931°N 0.04910°E / 51.2931; 0.04910 (Nike, 2012 Summer Olympics memorial)
9 Sept 2012Pavlos Angelos Kougioumtzis statuebronze N/A A gift of the people of Olympia to commemorate the 30th Olympiad in London in 2012

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Woolwich Buddy Bear General Gordon Square

51.490046°N 0.06737977°E / 51.490046; 0.06737977 (Woolwich Buddy Bear)
27 May 2016Michele Petit-Jean (after a design by pupils of Eltham Hill School) statuefibreglass N/A Celebrating the 50th anniversary of friendship between the Royal Borough of Greenwich and the Berlin borough of Reinickendorf


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