List of public art in the London Borough of Camden

This is a list of public art in the London Borough of Camden.


Image Title / individual commemorated Location Date Sculptor Architect / Designer Source Coordinates
George I At the top of the spire of St. George's Church, Bloomsbury 1730 Nicholas Hawksmoor [1] 51.51762°N 0.12498°W / 51.51762; -0.12498
Lions and unicorns fighting for the crown On the spire of St. George's Church, Bloomsbury 2006 Tim Crawley [2] 51.51762°N 0.12498°W / 51.51762; -0.12498
Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
(Wife of George III)
Queen Square 1775 [3] 51.52207°N 0.12274°W / 51.52207; -0.12274
Francis Russell, 5th Duke of Bedford Russell Square 1809 Sir Richard Westmacott [4] 51.52118°N 0.12543°W / 51.52118; -0.12543
Charles James Fox Bloomsbury Square 1816 Sir Richard Westmacott [5] 51.51929°N 0.12327°W / 51.51929; -0.12327
John Cartwright Cartwright Gardens 1831 George Clarke [4] 51.52685°N 0.12670°W / 51.52685; -0.12670
The Progress of Civilisation Tympanum of the British Museum 1851 (installed) Sir Richard Westmacott [6]
Euterpe the Muse St George's Gardens 1898 51°31′34″N 0°7′14.3″W
Lions King Edward VII Galleries, British Museum, Montague Place 1909 Sir George Frampton Sir John James Burnet and Thomas S. Tait [7]
Statue of Joseph Priestley 30 Russell Square (formerly the Institute of Chemistry) 1914 Gilbert Bayes John James Burnet [8][9]
Dame Louisa Aldrich-Blake Tavistock Square 1926 Arthur George Walker Sir Edwin Lutyens [10][11] 51°31′29″N 0°7′40.9″W
Memorial to Richard Trevithick Gower Street 1933 Leonard Stanford Merrifield [12]
Bust of Frederick Craufurd Goodenough London House (Goodenough College), Mecklenburgh Square 1936 William McMillan Herbert Baker [13][14]
The Spirit of Trade Unionism Trades Union Congress Building, Great Russell Street 1958 Bernard Meadows [15] 51.51750°N 0.12858°W / 51.51750; -0.12858

Bust and statue of Thomas Coram Outside the Foundling Museum, Brunswick Square 1963 William McMillan [4] 51.52513°N 0.12149°W / 51.52513; -0.12149
Mahatma Gandhi Tavistock Square 1968 Fredda Brilliant [11] 51.52504°N 0.12904°W / 51.52504; -0.12904
Beneath the Skin Outside BUPA House, Bloomsbury Way 1991 Peter Randall-Page
Conscientious Objectors' Memorial Tavistock Square 1994 [11]
Memorial for Patricia Penn
Queen Square, London 1997 [16] 51°31′16″N 0°7′19.4″W
The Green Man, inspired by Virginia Woolf's The Waves Woburn Square 1999 Lydia Kapinska 51°31′23.1″N 0°7′45.5″W
Peter Pan Great Ormond Street Hospital, WC1 2000 Diarmuid Byron O'Connor [17]
Andrew Meller memorial Queen Square, London 2001 Patricia Finch [18] 51°31′18.2″N 0°7′20.7″W
Virginia Woolf Tavistock Square 2004 (cast of an original of 1931) Stephen Tomlin [11][19] 51°31′27.9″N 0°7′44″W
Tinker Bell Great Ormond Street Hospital, WC1 2005 Diarmuid Byron O'Connor [17]
Armillary sphere sundial Torrington Square 2008 51°31′18.8″N 0°7′46.5″W
Female figure on Guilford Place drinking fountain, sometimes known as the "Woman of Samaria" Guilford Place opoosite Coram's Fields 51.52348°N 0.11945°W / 51.52348; -0.11945
Tiruvalluvar Outside School of Oriental and African Studies
Hippocrates bust University College London Building, Gower Place/ Gower Street 1930 [20] 51°31′30.41″N 0°8′8.09″W
Charles Darwin bust window of Darwin Building, Gower Street 51°31′22.9″N 0°7′59.6″W
Bust of Rabindranath Tagore Gordon Square 2011 Shenda Amery [8]
Noor Inayat Khan bust Gordon Square 2012
Rangers' War Memorial Chenies Street 1923

Camden Town

Image Title / individual commemorated Location Date Sculptor Notes Coordinates
Richard Cobden Camden High Street 1868 W and T Wills [4] 51.53474°N 0.13891°W / 51.53474; -0.13891
Matilda Fountain Gloucester Gate 1878 Joseph Durham [21] 51.53552°N 0.14741°W / 51.53552; -0.14741
Memorial to Charles Dibdin St Martin's Gardens 1889 ? [22]
Seated figure Kingsway College on Longford Street 1976 Jean Bullock [23] 51.526041°N 0.141376°W / 51.526041; -0.141376
Horses Camden Stables Market 51.54196°N 0.14729°W / 51.54196; -0.14729
Sculpture Maitland Park Villas, Camden 51°32′51.5″N 0°9′22″W
Cat statues Entrance to former Carreras Cigarette Factory, Hampstead Road, Camden 1996 51.5334°N 0.1395°W / 51.5334; -0.1395
Black cat motifs Façade of former Carreras Cigarette Factory, Hampstead Road, Camden 1996 51.5335°N 0.1398°W / 51.5335; -0.1398
Memorial to Far East Prisoners of War Junction of Crowndale Road, Eversholt Street and Mornington Street 2012 Chris Roche (1104 Architects) Unveiled 21 September 2012[24] by the Viscount Slim, whose father Field Marshal Slim was a commander of the Burma Corps. A granite plaque with an illustration by Ronald Searle, who had been an FEPOW, mounted on a cruciform base of railway sleepers and sections of rail track, alluding to the Burma Railway.[25]
Amy Winehouse Camden Stables Market 2014 Scott Eaton [26]

Covent Garden

Image Title / individual commemorated Type Location Date Sculptor Architect / Designer Notes Listing
Drinking fountain Drinking fountain High Holborn 1897
Seven Dials Monument Column Seven Dials 1988–9
Andrew ("Red") Mason after Edward Pierce Unveiled 29 June 1989 by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, as part of the celebrations for the tercentenary of William III and Mary II's accession. The original Sundial Pillar was erected by Thomas Neale in the early 1690s; it was pulled down in 1773 in order to deter "undesirables" from congregating around it.[27]
ob 08 Sculpture Central Saint Giles, St Giles High Street 2008 Steven Gontarski
The bright red abstract sculpture, which stands 5 metres high, is made of painted and lacquered glass-fibre-reinforced plastic. Gontarski wished to "create a heart in the midst of an urban development".[28]
William Sculpture Central Saint Giles, St Giles High Street Rebecca Warren
Adapted from a smaller work by the sculptor also titled William. The fluid, anonymous figure is intended to "speak of the ever-shifting present" and not of the past, and thus have the opposite qualities to most public sculpture.[28]

Euston Road

Image Title / individual commemorated Location Date Sculptor Source Coordinates
Robert Stephenson Euston station 1871 (installed) Carlo Marochetti [29] 51.52786°N 0.13257°W / 51.52786; -0.13257
Britannia St. Pancras Station old facade, Pancras Road side 51.53025°N 0.12455°W / 51.53025; -0.12455
War memorial Front of Euston Station 51.5272°N 0.13258°W / 51.5272; -0.13258
Caryatids St Pancras Parish Church, Euston Road John Charles Felix Rossi 51.52742°N 0.12990°W / 51.52742; -0.12990
Piscator Forecourt of Euston Station 1980 Eduardo Paolozzi [30]
Euston Arch tile motif Euston tube station, Victoria line platforms 1968 Tom Eckersley [31]

Sir Isaac Newton

Forecourt of the British Library 1995 Eduardo Paolozzi [30] 51.52904°N 0.12762°W / 51.52904; -0.12762
The Meeting Place St Pancras railway station 2007 Paul Day [32]
Sir John Betjeman St Pancras railway station 2007 Martin Jenning [33]
Archangel Michael, in memory of victims of 7 July 2005 bombings St Pancras Parish Church 2004 Emily Young [34] 51°31′36.9″N 0°7′48.4″W
Five crowns on a cross tile motif King's Cross St Pancras tube station, Victoria line platforms 1968 Tom Eckersley [31]
Saint Joan (play) by George Bernard Shaw Shaw Theatre entrance in Ossulston St (just off Euston Road) 1971 (new version 2002) Keith Grant [35] 51°31′43.9″N 0°7′40.8″W


Image Title / individual commemorated Location Date Artist Notes Coordinates
"Warren" tile motif Warren Street tube station, Victoria line platforms 1968 Alan Fletcher [31]
Francisco de Miranda Corner of Fitzroy Square and Fitzroy Street 1990 after Rafael de la Cova Modern replica of a sculpture of 1895. Stands close to 58 Grafton Way ("Casa Miranda"), where the Venezuelan revolutionary lived with his English wife from 1802 to 1810.[36]
View Fitzroy Square 1977 Naomi Blake 51°31′22.6″N 0°8′22.7″W
Fitzrovia Mural Whitfield Gardens 1980 Simon Barber and Mick Jones Barber painted the bottom half and Jones (son of the trade unionist Jack Jones) the top half of the mural, which depicts "various unnamed characters of Fitzrovia and greedy speculators". As of 2013 the work was in poor condition.[37] 51.520765°N 0.135089°W / 51.520765; -0.135089 (Fitzrovia Mural)
The One and The Many Fitzroy Place 2015 Peter Randall-Page [38]


Image Title / individual commemorated Location Date Sculptor Source Coordinates
Memorial drinking fountain to William Warburton Pearce South End Green, Hampstead 1880 J H Evins (designer)
J Holland (builder)
[39] 51.5542°N 0.1654°W / 51.5542; -0.1654
Deer Pond Street, Hampstead, outside Roebuck pub 19th century [40] 51.5538°N 0.1674°W / 51.5538; -0.1674
Woman High Street, Hampstead, outside No. 28A [41] 51.55591°N 0.17672°W / 51.55591; -0.17672
Chalybeate well and Susanna Noël memorial Well Walk, Hampstead 1698 [42] 51.559177°N 0.17345°W / 51.559177; -0.17345
Drinking fountain Rosslyn Hill, Hampstead 1850s [43] 51.554977°N 0.17362°W / 51.554977; -0.17362
Virgin and Child St Mary's Church, Hampstead, on façade of tower 1852 William Wardell 51.556967°N 0.18045°W / 51.556967; -0.18045

Hampstead Heath

Image Title / individual commemorated Location Date Sculptor Source Coordinates
War Memorial Junction of Spaniards Road and North End Way, Hampstead Heath c.1920 [44] 51.562792°N 0.179597°W / 51.562792; -0.179597
Art mural Platforms of Hampstead Heath railway station 2011 Johnson Tiles and Claire Woods [45]


Image Title / individual commemorated Location Date Sculptor Source Coordinates
Sir Sidney Waterlow Waterlow Park, Highgate Frank Taubman [4] 51.56919°N 0.14503°W / 51.56919; -0.14503
Karl Marx Highgate Cemetery 1956 Laurence Bradshaw [4] 51.56623°N 0.14379°W / 51.56623; -0.14379


Image Title / individual commemorated Location Date Sculptor Architect / Designer Source Coordinates
Thomas More Thomas More Chambers, 51 and 52 Carey Street 1886 Robert Smith George Sherrin [46][47]
Edward I of England Kingsgate House, High Holborn Richard Garbe
Edward VII of England Kingsgate House, High Holborn Richard Garbe
John Bunyan Southampton Row 1903 Richard Garbe [48]
Bust of Charles Dickens Holborn Bars, High Holborn 1907 Percy Hetherington Fitzgerald Alfred Waterhouse [49]
Francis Bacon South Square WC1 1912 F. W. Pomeroy [50]
Memorial to Margaret MacDonald Lincoln's Inn Fields 1914 Richard Reginald Goulden [51]
Memorial to Frederick Smith, 2nd Viscount Hambleden Lincoln's Inn Fields 1929 Arthur George Walker Sir Edwin Lutyens [52][53]
Bust of John Hunter Lincoln's Inn Fields 1979 Nigel Boonham N/A [54]
Bust of Bertrand Russell Red Lion Square 1980 Marcelle Quinton [55]
Camdonian Lincoln's Inn Fields 1980 Barry Flanagan [56]
Fenner Brockway Red Lion Square WC1 1985 Ian Walters [4]
Dolphin Between High Holborn and Lincoln's Inn Fields 1989 Anna Richtner Pentney
Canadian Air Force Memorial Lincoln's Inn Fields
Square the Block London School of Economics New Academic Building, corner of Kingsway and Sardinia Street 2009 Richard Wilson [57] 51°30′54″N 0°7′6.8″W

Swiss Cottage

Image Title / individual commemorated Location Date Sculptor Source Coordinates
Sigmund Freud Belsize Lane/Fitzjohns Avenue 1970 (current location since 1998) Oscar Nemon [4] 51.54620°N 0.17560°W / 51.54620; -0.17560


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