List of ports and harbours of the Atlantic Ocean

This is a list of ports and harbours of the Atlantic Ocean, excluding the ports of the Baltic Sea.

For inland ports on rivers, canals, and lakes, including the Great Lakes, Saint Lawrence Seaway, and Mississippi River, see inland port.

Country names follow ISO 3166 (which lists most dependent territories separately).


Port Land region Country/territory (and subdivision) Body of water Coordinates Features and notes
BanjulAfricaThe Gambia
DoualaAfricaCameroonWouri River
MalaboAfricaEquatorial Guinea
PraiaAfricaCape Verde
Walvis BayAfricaNamibia
FreetownAfricaSierra Leone
AbidjanAfricaCôte d'Ivoire
San-PédroAfricaCôte d'Ivoire
Ile BoulayAfricaCôte d'Ivoire
Port GentilAfricaGabon
Port of CasablancaAfricaMorocco
Port HarcourtAfricaNigeria
JamestownMid-Atlantic / AfricaSaint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
GeorgetownMid-Atlantic / AfricaSaint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
Edinburgh of the Seven SeasMid-Atlantic / AfricaSaint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
Cape TownAfricaSouth Africa
Port NollothAfricaSouth Africa
Saldanha BayAfricaSouth Africa
DurbanAfricaSouth Africa
CharlottetownNorth AmericaCanada, Prince Edward IslandGulf of Saint Lawrence46.24°N 63.14°W / 46.24; -63.14 (Charlottetown)Charlottetown Harbour Authority[1][2]
Corner BrookNorth AmericaCanada, Newfoundland and LabradorBay of Islands48.967°N 57.95°W / 48.967; -57.95 (Corner Brook)Newfoundland Island
Digby, Nova ScotiaNorth AmericaCanada, Nova ScotiaAnnapolis Basin
HalifaxNorth AmericaCanada, Nova Scotia44.65°N 63.567°W / 44.65; -63.567 (Halifax)CA rank: 6
Happy Valley-Goose BayNorth AmericaCanada, Newfoundland and LabradorHamilton Inlet53.302°N 60.417°W / 53.302; -60.417 (Goose Bay)Labrador[1][3]
Melford (proposed)North AmericaCanada, Nova ScotiaStrait of Canso
Saint JohnNorth AmericaCanada, New BrunswickBay of Fundy45.307°N 65.978°W / 45.307; -65.978 (Saint John); CA rank: 2
ShelburneNorth AmericaCanada, Nova ScotiaShelburne Harbour
Sept-ÎlesNorth AmericaCanada, QuebecGulf of Saint Lawrence50.188°N 66.372°W / 50.188; -66.372 (Sept-Îles), CA rank: 3
St. John'sNorth AmericaCanada, Newfoundland and Labrador47.617°N 52.75°W / 47.617; -52.75 (St. John's); Newfoundland Island; CA rank: 17
SydneyNorth AmericaCanada, Nova ScotiaSydney River46.138°N 60.183°W / 46.138; -60.183 (Sydney)Cape Breton Island
YarmouthNorth AmericaCanada, Nova Scotia
Quebec CityNorth AmericaCanada, QuebecSaint Lawrence River
San Juan, Puerto RicoCaribbeanPuerto RicoNorth Atlantic
Puerto CortésCentral AmericaHondurasCaribbean Sea15.883°N 87.95°W / 15.883; -87.95 (Puerto Cortés)
WillemstadCaribbeanCuraçaoCaribbean Sea
BasseterreCaribbeanSaint Kitts and NevisCaribbean Sea
Limón, Costa RicaCentral AmericaCosta Rica, Limón ProvinceCaribbean Sea, Limón coast9.593°N 83.035°W / 9.593; -83.035 (Limón)
Colon CityCentral AmericaPanamaCaribbean Sea9.359°N 79.901°W / 9.359; -79.901 (Colón)Panama Canal
Puerto BarriosCentral AmericaGuatemalaCaribbean Sea, Gulf of Honduras16.217°N 89°W / 16.217; -89 (Puerto Barrios)
Belize CityCentral AmericaBelizeCaribbean Sea17.483°N 88.183°W / 17.483; -88.183 (Belize City)
HavanaCaribbeanCubaStraits of Florida
KingstonCaribbeanJamaicaCaribbean Sea
BridgetownCaribbeanBarbados, Saint MichaelNorth Atlantic, Carlisle Bay13.106°N 59.632°W / 13.106; -59.632 (Bridgetown)
KingstownCaribbeanSt. Vincent
TampicoNorth AmericaMexico, TamaulipasGulf of Mexico22.383°N 97.933°W / 22.383; -97.933 (Altamira, Tamaulipa)
Ciudad MaderoNorth AmericaMexico, Tamaulipas
Río LagartosNorth AmericaMexico, Yucatán
ProgresoNorth AmericaMexico, YucatánGulf of Mexico21.287°N 89.667°W / 21.287; -89.667 (Progreso, Yucatán)6th Mexico, 41st North America
AlvaradoNorth AmericaMexico, Veracruz
TamiahuaNorth AmericaMexico, Veracruz
Barra de TuxpanNorth AmericaMexico, Veracruz
TecolutlaNorth AmericaMexico, Veracruz
TuxpanNorth AmericaMexico, VeracruzGulf of Mexico2nd Mexico, 19th North America
Anton LizardoNorth AmericaMexico, Veracruz
VeracruzNorth AmericaMexico, VeracruzGulf of
CoatzacoalcosNorth AmericaMexico, VeracruzGulf of Mexico via Coatzacoalcos
CelestúnNorth AmericaMexico, Yucatán
SisalNorth AmericaMexico, Yucatán
Dzilam de BravoNorth AmericaMexico, Yucatán
Las ColoradasNorth AmericaMexico, Yucatán
Isla MujeresNorth AmericaMexico, Quintana Roo
CozumelNorth AmericaMexico, Quintana Roo
ChetumalNorth AmericaMexico, Quintana RooCaribbean Sea
CancúnNorth AmericaMexico, Quintana Roo
Sánchez MagallanesNorth AmericaMexico, Tabasco
Puerto dos BocasNorth AmericaMexico, TabascoGulf of Mexico
Barra ChiltepecNorth AmericaMexico, Tabasco
La BarraNorth AmericaMexico, Tabasco
Ciudad del CarmenNorth AmericaMexico, CampecheGulf of Mexico, Bay of
Isla AguadaNorth AmericaMexico, Campeche
ChampotonNorth AmericaMexico, CampecheGulf of Mexico
CampecheNorth AmericaMexico, Campeche
Lázaro CárdenasNorth AmericaMexico, Michoacán
Port of Albany–RensselaerNorth AmericaUnited States, New YorkHudson River42.628°N 73.757°W / 42.628; -73.757 (Albany)US rank: 63
AlexandraNorth AmericaUnited States, Virginia[4]
ApalachicolaNorth AmericaUnited States, Florida[4]
AugustaNorth AmericaUnited States, Georgia[4]
BainbridgeNorth AmericaUnited States, Georgia[4]
BaltimoreNorth AmericaUnited States, MarylandChesapeake Bay, Patapsco River39.209°N 76.517°W / 39.209; -76.517 (Baltimore)[4] Operated by Maryland Port Administration; US rank: 16[5][6]
BangorNorth AmericaUnited States, Maine[4]
BathNorth AmericaUnited States, Maine[4]
Baton RougeNorth AmericaUnited States, LouisianaGulf of Mexico[4]
BaytownNorth AmericaUnited States, TexasGulf of Mexico[4]
BeaumontNorth AmericaUnited States, TexasGulf of Mexico via Neches River30.087°N 94.088°W / 30.087; -94.088 (Beaumont)[4] US rank: 4
Boca GrandeNorth AmericaUnited States, Florida[4]
BostonNorth AmericaUnited States, MassachusettsMassachusetts Bay42.351°N 71.052°W / 42.351; -71.052 (Boston)US rank: 34
BridgeportNorth AmericaUnited States, ConnecticutLong Island Sound41.172°N 73.179°W / 41.172; -73.179 (Bridgeport)[4] US rank: 78
BrownsvilleNorth AmericaUnited States, TexasGulf of Mexico via Brownsville Ship Channel25.952°N 97.398°W / 25.952; -97.398 (Brownsville)[4] US rank: 77
BrunswickNorth AmericaUnited States, GeorgiaSt. Simons Sound31.159°N 81.5°W / 31.159; -81.5 (Brunswick)[4] US rank: 94
BucksportNorth AmericaUnited States, Maine[4]
CambridgeNorth AmericaUnited States, Maryland[4]
CamdenNorth AmericaUnited States, New JerseyDelaware River39.943°N 75.104°W / 39.943; -75.104 (Camden-Gloucester)[4] Owned by the South Jersey Port Corporation;[7] US rank: 70[8]
Port CanaveralNorth AmericaUnited States, FloridaBanana River28.414°N 80.608°W / 28.414; -80.608 (Port Canaveral)US rank: 93
CarrabelleNorth AmericaUnited States, Florida[4]
CharlestonNorth AmericaUnited States, South CarolinaCharleston Harbor32.789°N 79.922°W / 32.789; -79.922 (Charleston)[4] US rank: 38
ColumbusNorth AmericaUnited States, Georgia[4]
Corpus ChristiNorth AmericaUnited States, TexasGulf of Mexico, Corpus Christi Bay27.813°N 97.398°W / 27.813; -97.398 (Corpus Christi)[4] US rank: 5
Fall RiverNorth AmericaUnited States, MassachusettsTaunton River41.722°N 71.159°W / 41.722; -71.159 (Fall River)[4] US rank: 92
Fernandina BeachNorth AmericaUnited States, Florida[4]
FreeportNorth AmericaUnited States, TexasGulf of Mexico via Brazos River28.961°N 95.371°W / 28.961; -95.371 (Freeport)[4] US rank: 27
GalvestonNorth AmericaUnited States, TexasGulf of Mexico, Galveston Bay29.31°N 94.813°W / 29.31; -94.813 (Galveston)[4] US rank: 40
GeorgetownNorth AmericaUnited States, South CarolinaWinyah Bay33.367°N 79.29°W / 33.367; -79.29 (Georgetown)[4]
GloucesterNorth AmericaUnited States, Massachusetts[4]
GulfportNorth AmericaUnited States, MississippiGulf of Mexico, Mississippi Sound30.352°N 89.085°W / 30.352; -89.085 (Gulfport)[4] ; US rank: 102
HoustonNorth AmericaUnited States, TexasGulf of Mexico, Houston Ship Channel29.748°N 95.291°W / 29.748; -95.291 (Houston)[4] US rank: 2
JacksonvilleNorth AmericaUnited States, FloridaSt. Johns River30.321°N 81.665°W / 30.321; -81.665 (Jacksonville)[4] US rank: 33
Key WestNorth AmericaUnited States, FloridaGulf of Mexico, Straits of Florida24.559°N 81.784°W / 24.559; -81.784 (Key West)[4]
Lake CharlesNorth AmericaUnited States, LouisianaGulf of Mexico via Calcasieu Ship Channel and Contraband Bayou30.224°N 93.222°W / 30.224; -93.222 (Lake Charles)US rank: 15
MiamiNorth AmericaUnited States, FloridaBiscayne Bay25.784°N 80.183°W / 25.784; -80.183 (Miami)US rank: 61[6]
Martha's VineyardNorth AmericaUnited States, Massachusetts
MobileNorth AmericaUnited States, AlabamaGulf of Mexico, Mobile Bay30.725°N 88.041°W / 30.725; -88.041 (Mobile)[4] US rank: 13
Morehead CityNorth AmericaUnited States, North CarolinaBogue Sound34.717°N 76.724°W / 34.717; -76.724 (Morehead City)[4] US rank: 59; North Carolina State Ports Authority
NantucketNorth AmericaUnited States, Massachusetts
New BedfordNorth AmericaUnited States, MassachusettsBuzzards Bay41.652°N 70.934°W / 41.652; -70.934 (New Bedford)[4]; New Bedford Harbor Development Commission
New HavenNorth AmericaUnited States, ConnecticutLong Island Sound41.299°N 72.905°W / 41.299; -72.905 (New Haven)[4] US rank: 50
New LondonNorth AmericaUnited States, ConnecticutThames River41.35°N 72.106°W / 41.35; -72.106 (New London)[4]
New OrleansNorth AmericaUnited States, LouisianaGulf of Mexico[4]
Port of New York and New JerseyNorth AmericaUnited States, New York and New Jersey40.674°N 74.038°W / 40.674; -74.038 (New York and New Jersey)Includes Port Newark–Elizabeth Marine Terminal[4] US rank: 3[5][6]
NewportNorth AmericaUnited States, Rhode Island[4]
Port of VirginiaNorth AmericaUnited States, VirginiaChesapeake Bay via Hampton Roads36.947°N 76.33°W / 36.947; -76.33 (Hampton)US rank: 8; includes Norfolk International Terminals, Portsmouth Marine Terminal, Newport News Marine Terminal, and Virginia International Gateway (VIG) at Portsmouth
OrangeNorth AmericaUnited States, TexasGulf of Mexico via Sabine River30.098°N 93.721°W / 30.098; -93.721 (Orange)[4]
Palm BeachNorth AmericaUnited States, FloridaLake Worth Lagoon26.769°N 80.053°W / 26.769; -80.053 (Palm Beach)[4] US rank: 97
Panama CityNorth AmericaUnited States, FloridaGulf of Mexico, St. Andrew Bay30.19°N 84.199°W / 30.19; -84.199 (Panama City, Florida)[4] US rank: 87
PascagoulaNorth AmericaUnited States, MississippiGulf of Mexico, Pascagoula Bay30.348°N 88.559°W / 30.348; -88.559 (Pascagoula)[4]; US rank: 17
PensacolaNorth AmericaUnited States, FloridaGulf of Mexico, Pensacola Bay30.408°N 87.258°W / 30.408; -87.258 (Pensacola)[4] US rank: 144
PhiladelphiaNorth AmericaUnited States, PennsylvaniaDelaware River39.919°N 75.202°W / 39.919; -75.202 (Philadelphia)US rank: 21[6]
PlymouthNorth AmericaUnited States, Massachusetts[4]
Port ArthurNorth AmericaUnited States, TexasGulf of Mexico via Sabine River29.831°N 93.961°W / 29.831; -93.961 (Port Arthur)[4] US rank: 25
Port EvergladesNorth AmericaUnited States, Florida26.093°N 80.118°W / 26.093; -80.118 (Port Everglades)[4]
Port of Port Lavaca – Point ComfortNorth AmericaUnited States, TexasGulf of Mexico, Lavaca Bay28.635°N 96.619°W / 28.635; -96.619 (Port Lavaca/Point Comfort)[4] US rank: 53
Port RoyalNorth AmericaUnited States, South Carolina[4]
Port SulphurNorth AmericaUnited States, LouisianaGulf of Mexico[4]
PortlandNorth AmericaUnited States, MaineCasco Bay43.65°N 70.251°W / 43.65; -70.251 (Portland, Maine)[4] US rank: 37
Port of New HampshireNorth AmericaUnited States, New HampshirePiscataqua River, Portsmouth Harbor43.074°N 70.738°W / 43.074; -70.738 (Portsmouth)[4] DPH Market Street Marine Terminal located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire; also oversees marinas in Rye Harbor and Hampton Harbor;[9] US rank: 85
ProvidenceNorth AmericaUnited States, Rhode IslandNarragansett Bay41.812°N 71.398°W / 41.812; -71.398 (Providence)[4]; US rank: 60
ProvincetownNorth AmericaUnited States, Massachusetts
RichmondNorth AmericaUnited States, VirginiaJames River37.457°N 77.419°W / 37.457; -77.419 (Richmond)[4] US rank: 142[6]
SabineNorth AmericaUnited States, TexasGulf of Mexico[4]
Saint PetersburgNorth AmericaUnited States, Florida[4]
SavannahNorth AmericaUnited States, GeorgiaSavannah River32.085°N 81.095°W / 32.085; -81.095 (Savannah)[4] US rank: 19
SearsportNorth AmericaUnited States, MainePenobscot Bay44.453°N 68.925°W / 44.453; -68.925 (Searsport)[4] US rank: 106
Port of South LouisianaNorth AmericaUnited States, LouisianaMississippi River30.033°N 90.618°W / 30.033; -90.618 (South Louisiana)US rank: 1
Port Tampa BayNorth AmericaUnited States, FloridaGulf of Mexico, Tampa Bay27.785°N 82.522°W / 27.785; -82.522 (Tampa)[4] US rank: 20
Texas CityNorth AmericaUnited States, TexasGulf of Mexico, Galveston Bay29.363°N 94.918°W / 29.363; -94.918 (Texas City)[4] US rank: 11
TrentonNorth AmericaUnited States, Trenton
Washington, DCNorth AmericaUnited States, District of Columbia
Wilmington, DelawareNorth AmericaUnited States, DelawareDelaware River39.716°N 75.507°W / 39.716; -75.507 (Wilmington, Delaware)[4] US rank: 97
Wilmington, North CarolinaNorth AmericaUnited States, North CarolinaCape Fear River34.239°N 77.954°W / 34.239; -77.954 (Wilmington, North Carolina)[4] North Carolina State Ports Authority; US rank: 72
Comodoro RivadaviaSouth AmericaArgentina
UshuaiaSouth AmericaArgentinaBeagle Channel
Buenos AiresSouth AmericaArgentinaRío de la Plata
Bahía BlancaSouth AmericaArgentinaBahía Blanca
Mar del PlataSouth AmericaArgentina
Río GallegosSouth AmericaArgentinaGallegos River
MacapáSouth AmericaBrazil, AmapáAmazon River
SantarémSouth AmericaBrazil, ParáAmazon River
BelémSouth AmericaBrazil, ParáAmazon River - Pará arm
Vila do CondeSouth AmericaBrazil, ParáAmazon River - Pará arm
ItaquiSouth AmericaBrazil, MaranhãoUruguay River
PecémSouth AmericaBrazil, Ceará
FortalezaSouth AmericaBrazil, Ceará
Areia BrancaSouth AmericaBrazil, Rio Grande do Norte
NatalSouth AmericaBrazil, Rio Grande do Norte
CabedeloSouth AmericaBrazil, Paraíba
RecifeSouth AmericaBrazil, Pernambuco
SuapeSouth AmericaBrazil, Pernambuco
MaceióSouth AmericaBrazil, Alagoas
Barra dos CoqueirosSouth AmericaBrazil, Sergipe
SalvadorSouth AmericaBrazil, Bahia
AratuSouth AmericaBrazil, Bahia
VitóriaSouth AmericaBrazil, Espírito Santo
UbuSouth AmericaBrazil, Espírito Santo
TubarãoSouth AmericaBrazil, Espírito Santo
TVVSouth AmericaBrazil, Espírito Santo
Praia MoleSouth AmericaBrazil, Espírito Santo
RegênciaSouth AmericaBrazil, Espírito Santo
Barra do RiachoSouth AmericaBrazil, Espírito Santo
Macaé (Imbetiba)South AmericaBrazil, Rio de Janeiro
NiteróiSouth AmericaBrazil, Rio de Janeiro
Rio de JaneiroSouth AmericaBrazil, Rio de JaneiroGuanabara Bay
Itaguaí (Sepetiba)South AmericaBrazil, Rio de Janeiro
Angra dos ReisSouth AmericaBrazil, Rio de Janeiro
São SebastiãoSouth AmericaBrazil, São Paulo
SantosSouth AmericaBrazil, São Paulo
AntoninaSouth AmericaBrazil, Paraná
ParanaguáSouth AmericaBrazil, Paraná
São Francisco do SulSouth AmericaBrazil, Santa Catarina
ItajaíSouth AmericaBrazil, Santa Catarina
ImbitubaSouth AmericaBrazil, Santa Catarina
LagunaSouth AmericaBrazil, Santa Catarina
Porto AlegreSouth AmericaBrazil, Rio Grande do SulGuaíba River
PelotasSouth AmericaBrazil, Rio Grande do SulSão Gonçalo Channel
Rio GrandeSouth AmericaBrazil, Rio Grande do Sul
CáceresSouth AmericaBrazil, Mato GrossoParaguay and Paraná rivers
CorumbáSouth AmericaBrazil, Mato Grosso do SulParaguay and Paraná rivers
Puerto Toro South America Chile, Magallanes & the Chilean Antarctica [10]
BarranquillaSouth AmericaColombia, Atlántico
CartagenaSouth AmericaColombia, BolívarCaribbean Sea
Santa MartaSouth AmericaColombia, Magdalena
RiohachaSouth AmericaColombia, La Guajira
TurboSouth AmericaColombia, Antioquia
StanleySouth AmericaFalkland Islands
Mare HarbourSouth AmericaFalkland Islands
Berkeley SoundSouth AmericaFalkland Islands
Fox BaySouth AmericaFalkland Islands
Weddell SettlementSouth AmericaFalkland Islands
CayenneSouth America / European UnionFrench Guiana
GeorgetownSouth AmericaGuyana
GrytvikenMid-Atlantic / South AmericaSouth Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
King Edward PointMid-Atlantic / South AmericaSouth Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
ParamariboSouth AmericaSuriname
CarmeloSouth AmericaUruguay
Colonia del SacramentoSouth AmericaUruguay
La PalomaSouth AmericaUruguay, Rocha
MontevideoSouth AmericaUruguay
PiriapolisSouth AmericaUruguay
Punta del EsteSouth AmericaUruguay
Ciudad BolívarSouth AmericaVenezuela, BolívarOrinoco River
GuantaSouth AmericaVenezuela, AnzoáteguiCaribbean Sea
La GuairaSouth AmericaVenezuela, VargasCaribbean Sea
MaracaiboSouth AmericaVenezuela, ZuliaCaribbean Sea
Porlamar (Isla Margarita)South AmericaVenezuela, Nueva EspartaCaribbean Sea
Puerto CabelloSouth AmericaVenezuela, CaraboboCaribbean Sea
Ostend (Oostende)EuropeBelgiumNorth Sea
Las Palmas de Gran CanariaAfrica / European UnionCanary Islands
Santa Cruz de TenerifeAfrica / European UnionCanary Islands
KlaksvíkMid-Atlantic / EuropeFaroe Islands
TórshavnMid-Atlantic / EuropeFaroe Islands
BayonneEuropeFranceBay of Biscay
BordeauxEuropeFranceBay of Biscay
Boulogne-sur-MerEuropeFranceBay of Biscay
La RochelleEuropeFranceBay of Biscay
Le HavreEuropeFrance
Les Sables-d'OlonneEuropeFranceBay of Biscay
HafnarfjörðurMid-Atlantic / EuropeIceland
ReykjavíkMid-Atlantic / EuropeIceland
Dublin PortEuropeIrelandIrish Sea
Shannon Foynes PortEuropeIreland
Rosslare EuroportEuropeIreland
The HagueEuropeNetherlands
Den HelderEuropeNetherlands
KristiansundEuropeNorwayNorth Sea
Angra do HeroísmoEuropePortugal
Figueira da FozEuropePortugal
Ponta DelgadaEuropePortugal
PortoEuropePortugalAtlantic Ocean
Santa Cruz das FloresEuropePortugal
SesimbraEuropePortugalAtlantic Ocean
SetúbalEuropePortugalAtlantic Ocean
SinesEuropePortugalAtlantic Ocean
TaviraEuropePortugalAtlantic Ocean
Viana do CasteloEuropePortugalAtlantic Ocean
Vila do PortoEuropePortugal
Vila Real de Santo AntónioEuropePortugal
St. PetersburgEuropeRussia
A CoruñaEuropeSpain
AvilésEuropeSpainBay of Biscay
BilbaoEuropeSpainBay of Biscay
Las Palmas de Gran CanariaEuropeSpain
PasaiaEuropeSpainBay of Biscay
El Puerto de Santa MaríaEuropeSpain
Santa Cruz de TenerifeEuropeSpain
SantanderEuropeSpainBay of Biscay
VigoEuropeSpainLargest fishing port in the world
Vilagarcía de ArousaEuropeSpain
BarryEuropeUnited Kingdom, Wales
BelfastEuropeUnited Kingdom, Northern IrelandIrish Sea
BootleEuropeUnited Kingdom, England
CardiffEuropeUnited Kingdom, WalesIrish Sea
DerryEuropeUnited Kingdom, Northern Ireland
DoverEuropeUnited Kingdom, England
EdinburghEuropeUnited Kingdom, Scotland
Fishguard Harbour (Goodwick)EuropeUnited Kingdom, WalesIrish Sea
FleetwoodEuropeUnited Kingdom, EnglandIrish Sea
GlasgowEuropeUnited Kingdom, Scotland
GreenockEuropeUnited Kingdom, Scotland
HolyheadEuropeUnited Kingdom, WalesIrish Sea
LarneEuropeUnited Kingdom, Northern IrelandIrish Sea
LiverpoolEuropeUnited Kingdom, EnglandIrish Sea
LondonEuropeUnited Kingdom, England
Milford Haven WaterwayEuropeUnited Kingdom, Wales
NewportEuropeUnited Kingdom, Wales
Pembroke DockEuropeUnited Kingdom, Wales
PeterheadEuropeUnited Kingdom, Scotland
PlymouthEuropeUnited Kingdom, England
PortsmouthEuropeUnited Kingdom, England
Port TalbotEuropeUnited Kingdom, Wales
SouthamptonEuropeUnited Kingdom, England
StranraerEuropeUnited Kingdom, ScotlandIrish Sea
SwanseaEuropeUnited Kingdom, Wales
BananaAfricaDemocratic Republic of the Congo
BotwoodNorth AmericaCanada, Newfoundland and LabradorBay of Exploits
Bristol PortEuropeUnited Kingdom, England
BrunswickNorth AmericaUnited States, Georgia
Cape MayNorth AmericaUnited States, New Jersey
Port ElizabethNorth AmericaUnited States, New Jersey
HamiltonMid-Atlantic / North AmericaBermuda
NecocheaSouth AmericaArgentina
Punta AltaSouth AmericaArgentinaBahía Blanca
St. AugustineNorth AmericaUnited States, Florida
StornowayEuropeUnited Kingdom, Scotland
ItapoáSouth AmericaBrazil, Santa Catarina
BurelaEuropeSpainBay of Biscay
El MuselEuropeSpain, GijónBay of Biscay
La RochelleEuropeFranceBay of Biscay
SantanderEuropeSpain, CantabriaBay of Biscay
Basse-TerreCaribbeanGuadeloupeCaribbean Sea
Port of Cabo RojoCaribbeanDominican RepublicCaribbean Sea
Fort-de-FranceCaribbeanMartiniqueCaribbean Sea
CaimaneraCaribbeanCuba, Guantánamo ProvinceCaribbean Sea
OranjestadCaribbeanArubaCaribbean Sea
Pointe-à-PitreCaribbeanGuadeloupeCaribbean Sea
PonceCaribbeanPuerto RicoCaribbean Sea
Port-au-PrinceCaribbeanHaitiCaribbean Sea
Port of SpainCaribbeanTrinidad and TobagoCaribbean Sea
Puerto PlataCaribbeanDominican RepublicCaribbean Sea
Puerto CastillaCaribbeanHondurasCaribbean Sea
RoatánCaribbeanHondurasCaribbean Sea
Santiago de CubaCaribbeanCubaCaribbean Sea
Santo Tomás de CastillaCaribbeanGuatemalaCaribbean Sea
PedernalesSouth AmericaVenezuelaGulf of Paria
Point LisasCaribbeanTrinidad and TobagoGulf of Paria
ScarboroughCaribbeanTrinidad and TobagoGulf of Paria
CivitavecchiaEuropeItalyMediterranean Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea
NaplesEuropeItalyMediterranean Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea
LivornoEuropeItalyMediterranean Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea
BécancourNorth AmericaCanada, QuebecSaint Lawrence River
AnconaEuropeItalyMediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea
Port of BarEuropeMontenegroMediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea
BariEuropeItalyMediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea
BudvaEuropeMontenegroMediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea
Port of DurrësEuropeAlbaniaMediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea41°18'29.0"N 19°27'17.3"E
Port of KoperEuropeSloveniaMediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea
Port of PescaraEuropeItalyMediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea
Port of PločeEuropeCroatiaMediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea
Port of RijekaEuropeCroatiaMediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea
Shën GjinEuropeAlbaniaMediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea
Port of SplitEuropeCroatiaMediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea
Port of TriesteEuropeItalyMediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea
VeniceEuropeItalyMediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea
Port of VlorëEuropeAlbaniaMediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea
RavennaEuropeItalyMediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea
MonfalconeEuropeItalyMediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea
ChioggiaEuropeItalyMediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea
Porto MargheraEuropeItalyMediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea
AlexandroupolisEuropeGreeceMediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea
BodrumWest AsiaTurkeyMediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea
ChalcisEuropeGreeceMediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea
ChiosEuropeGreeceMediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea
EleusinaEuropeGreeceMediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea
HeraklionEuropeGreece, CreteMediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea
İzmirWest AsiaTurkeyMediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea
KavalaEuropeGreeceMediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea
KuşadasıWest AsiaTurkeyMediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea
LauriumEuropeGreeceMediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea
MytileneEuropeGreeceMediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea
RhodesEuropeGreeceMediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea
ThessalonikiEuropeGreeceMediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea
VolosEuropeGreeceMediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea
AzovEuropeRussiaBlack Sea, Sea of Azov
BerdianskEuropeUkraineBlack Sea, Sea of Azov
MariupolEuropeUkraineBlack Sea, Sea of Azov
TaganrogEuropeRussiaBlack Sea, Sea of Azov
YeyskEuropeRussiaBlack Sea, Sea of Azov
BatumiWest AsiaGeorgiaBlack Sea
BilhorodEuropeUkraineBlack Sea
Port of BurgasEuropeBulgariaGulf of Burgas
ChornomorskEuropeUkraineBlack Sea
MangaliaEuropeRomaniaBlack Sea
Midia, NăvodariEuropeRomaniaBlack Sea
NovorossiyskEuropeRussiaBlack Sea
OdessaEuropeUkraineBlack Sea
PotiWest AsiaGeorgiaBlack Sea
Port of ConstanţaEuropeRomaniaBlack Sea
Port of ErdemirWest AsiaTurkeyBlack Sea
Port of VarnaEuropeBulgariaBlack Sea
SamsunWest AsiaTurkeyBlack Sea
SevastopolEuropeUkraineBlack Sea
SukhumiWest AsiaGeorgiaBlack Sea
TrabzonWest AsiaTurkeyBlack Sea
YaltaEuropeUkraineBlack Sea
YuzhnyEuropeUkraineBlack Sea
Caen (Ouistreham)EuropeFranceEnglish Channel
CalaisEuropeFranceEnglish Channel
CherbourgEuropeFranceEnglish Channel
DieppeEuropeFranceEnglish Channel
Port of DoverEuropeUnited Kingdom, EnglandEnglish Channel
FalmouthEuropeUnited Kingdom, EnglandEnglish Channel
Le HavreEuropeFranceEnglish Channel
Port of LondonEuropeUnited Kingdom, EnglandEnglish Channel
DunkirkEuropeFranceEnglish Channel
NewhavenEuropeUnited Kingdom, EnglandEnglish Channel
St. Peter PortEuropeGuernseyEnglish Channel
Portland HarbourEuropeUnited Kingdom, EnglandEnglish Channel
PortsmouthEuropeUnited Kingdom, EnglandEnglish Channel
PlymouthEuropeUnited Kingdom, EnglandEnglish Channel
RamsgateEuropeUnited Kingdom, EnglandEnglish Channel
Saint-MaloEuropeFranceEnglish Channel
Shoreham-by-SeaEuropeUnited Kingdom, EnglandEnglish Channel
Port of SouthamptonEuropeUnited Kingdom, EnglandEnglish Channel
TeignmouthEuropeUnited Kingdom, EnglandEnglish Channel
Barrow-in-FurnessEuropeUnited Kingdom, EnglandIrish Sea
CaernarfonEuropeUnited Kingdom, WalesIrish Sea
CairnryanEuropeUnited Kingdom, ScotlandIrish Sea
DouglasEuropeIsle of ManIrish Sea
DroghedaEuropeIrelandIrish Sea
Dún LaoghaireEuropeIrelandIrish Sea
DundalkEuropeIrelandIrish Sea
EllesmereEuropeEnglandIrish Sea
GarstonEuropeUnited Kingdom, EnglandIrish Sea
HeyshamEuropeUnited Kingdom, EnglandIrish Sea
Milford HavenEuropeUnited Kingdom, WalesIrish Sea
MostynEuropeUnited Kingdom, WalesIrish Sea
Pembroke DockEuropeUnited Kingdom, WalesIrish Sea
Rosslare EuroportEuropeIrelandIrish Sea
RuncornEuropeEnglandIrish Sea
Port PenrhynEuropeUnited Kingdom, WalesIrish Sea
IstanbulEurope & West AsiaTurkeySea of Marmara
İzmitWest AsiaTurkeySea of Marmara
TekirdağEuropeTurkeySea of Marmara
AdanaWest AsiaTurkeyMediterranean Sea, Cilician Sea
AlexandriaAfricaEgyptMediterranean Sea, Levantine Sea
AlgecirasEuropeSpainMediterranean Sea, Strait of Gibraltar
Al HoceimaAfricaMoroccoMediterranean Sea, Alboran Sea
AlgiersAfricaAlgeriaMediterranean Sea, Bay of Algiers
AlmeríaEuropeSpainMediterranean Sea, Alboran Sea
AntalyaWest AsiaTurkeyMediterranean Sea, Gulf of Antalya
Port of AshdodWest AsiaIsraelMediterranean Sea, Levantine Sea
BarcelonaEuropeSpainMediterranean Sea, Balearic Sea
BardiaAfricaLibyaMediterranean Sea, Libyan Sea
BeirutWest AsiaLebanonMediterranean Sea, Levantine Sea
BenghaziAfricaLibyaMediterranean Sea, Gulf of Sidra
CagliariEuropeItaly, SardiniaMediterranean Sea
CartagenaEuropeSpainMediterranean Sea
CeutaAfricaSpainMediterranean Sea, Alboran Sea
CorinthEuropeGreeceMediterranean Sea, Ionian Sea, Gulf of Corinth
DatcaWest AsiaTurkeyMediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea
FethiyeWest AsiaTurkeyMediterranean Sea, Levantine Sea, Gulf of Fethiye
GenoaEuropeItalyMediterranean Sea, Ligurian Sea
GibraltarEuropeGibraltarMediterranean Sea, Strait of Gibraltar
Gioia TauroEuropeItalyMediterranean Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea
Grand HarbourEuropeMaltaMediterranean Sea
IskenderunWest AsiaTurkeyMediterranean Sea, Cilician Sea
Port of HaifaWest AsiaIsraelMediterranean Sea, Levantine Sea
LarnacaWest Asia / European UnionCyprusMediterranean Sea, Levantine Sea, Larnaca Bay
LatakiaWest AsiaSyriaMediterranean Sea, Levantine Sea
LimassolWest Asia / European UnionCyprusMediterranean Sea, Levantine Sea, Limassol Bay
MálagaEuropeSpainMediterranean Sea, Alboran Sea
MarmarisWest AsiaTurkeyMediterranean Sea
MarseilleEuropeFranceMediterranean Sea, Gulf of Lion
MelillaAfricaSpainMediterranean Sea, Alboran Sea
Mersa MatruhAfricaEgyptMediterranean Sea, Levantine Sea
MersinWest AsiaTurkeyMediterranean Sea, Cilician Sea
MessinaEuropeItaly, SicilyMediterranean Sea, Strait of Messina
MisrataAfricaLibyaMediterranean Sea
NadorAfricaMoroccoMediterranean Sea, Alboran Sea
Palma de MallorcaEuropeSpainMediterranean Sea, Balearic Sea, Palma Bay
PalermoEuropeSicily, ItalyMediterranean Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea
PatrasEuropeGreeceMediterranean Sea, Ionian Sea, Gulf of Patras
PiombinoEuropeItalyMediterranean Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea
PiraeusEuropeGreeceMediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea, Myrtoan Sea
Port SaidAfricaEgyptMediterranean Sea, Levantine SeaSuez Canal
SidonWest AsiaLebanonMediterranean Sea, Levantine Sea
TangierAfricaMoroccoMediterranean Sea, Strait of Gibraltar
TarragonaEuropeSpainMediterranean Sea, Balearic Sea
Tel AvivWest AsiaIsraelMediterranean Sea, Levantine Sea
TétouanAfricaMoroccoMediterranean Sea, Alboran Sea
TripoliWest AsiaLebanonMediterranean Sea
TripoliAfricaLibyaMediterranean Sea
TunisAfricaTunisiaMediterranean Sea, Gulf of Tunis
ValenciaEuropeSpainMediterranean Sea
WahranAfricaAlgeriaMediterranean Sea
AberdeenEuropeUnited Kingdom, ScotlandNorth Sea
Port of AmsterdamEuropeNetherlandsNorth Sea
Port of AntwerpEuropeBelgiumNorth Sea
BlythEuropeUnited Kingdom, EnglandNorth Sea
BremerhavenEuropeGermanyNorth Sea
BremenEuropeGermanyNorth Sea
Port of Bruges-ZeebruggeEuropeBelgiumNorth Sea
CuxhavenEuropeGermanyNorth Sea
DelfzijlEuropeNetherlandsNorth Sea
DundeeEuropeUnited Kingdom, ScotlandNorth Sea
EemshavenEuropeNetherlandsNorth Sea
EmdenEuropeGermanyNorth Sea
EsbjergEuropeDenmarkNorth Sea
Port of FelixstoweEuropeUnited Kingdom, EnglandNorth Sea
FlottaEuropeUnited Kingdom, ScotlandNorth Sea
Port of GhentEuropeBelgiumGhent–Terneuzen Canal
GothenburgEuropeSwedenNorth Sea
GrimsbyEuropeUnited Kingdom, EnglandNorth Sea
Port of HamburgEuropeGermanyNorth Sea
Harwich International PortEuropeUnited Kingdom, EnglandNorth Sea
ImminghamEuropeUnited Kingdom, EnglandNorth Sea
HullEuropeUnited Kingdom, EnglandNorth Sea
KristiansandEuropeNorwayNorth Sea
LeithEuropeUnited Kingdom, ScotlandNorth Sea
MiddlesbroughEuropeUnited Kingdom, EnglandNorth Sea
NewcastleEuropeUnited Kingdom, EnglandNorth Sea
OsloEuropeNorwayNorth Sea
Port of RotterdamEuropeNetherlandsNorth SeaIncludes Europoort
StavangerEuropeNorwayNorth Sea
TerneuzenEuropeNetherlandsNorth Sea
The HagueEuropeNetherlandsNorth Sea
Sullom VoeEuropeUnited Kingdom, ScotlandNorth Sea
SunderlandEuropeUnited Kingdom, EnglandNorth Sea
ThamesportEuropeUnited Kingdom, EnglandNorth Sea
Port of TilburyEuropeUnited Kingdom, EnglandNorth Sea
VlissingenEuropeNetherlandsNorth Sea
WilhelmshavenEuropeGermanyNorth SeaIncludes JadeWeserPort
ÅlesundEuropeNorwayNorth Sea
MatamorosNorth AmericaMexico, TamaulipasGulf of Mexico
MatanzasCaribbeanCuba, MatanzasGulf of Mexico
Belledune North America Canada, New Brunswick Chaleur Bay 47.91°N 65.84°W / 47.91; -65.84 (Belledune) CA rank: 13
Shediac North America Canada, New Brunswick Northumberland Strait 46.217°N 64.533°W / 46.217; -64.533 (Shediac)
Eastport North America United States, Maine Friar Roads 44.914°N 67.004°W / 44.914; -67.004 (Eastport)
Stamford North America United States, Connecticut Long Island Sound 41.097°N 73.553°W / 41.097; -73.553 (Stamford)
Port Jefferson North America United States, New York Long Island Sound 40.949°N 73.072°W / 40.949; -73.072 (Port Jefferson) US rank: 129
Hempstead Harbor North America United States, New York Long Island Sound 40.874°N 73.673°W / 40.874; -73.673 (Hempstead) US rank: 141
Penn Manor North America United States, Pennsylvania Delaware River 40.136°N 74.741°W / 40.136; -74.741 (Penn Manor)
Chester North America United States, Pennsylvania Delaware River 39.854°N 75.322°W / 39.854; -75.322 (Chester) US rank: 119
Port of Paulsboro North America United States, New Jersey Delaware River/Mantua Creek 39.827°N 75.227°W / 39.827; -75.227 (Paulsboro) US rank: 39; Paulsboro Marine Terminal - Owned by the South Jersey Port Corporation[7]
Marcus Hook North America United States, Pennsylvania Delaware River 39.815°N 75.404°W / 39.815; -75.404 (Marcus Hook) US rank: 31
Salem North America United States, New Jersey Delaware River/Salem River Nearby Salem Marine Terminal and Millville Airport also owned by the South Jersey Port Corporation[7]
New Castle North America United States, Delaware Delaware River 39.657°N 75.562°W / 39.657; -75.562 (New Castle) US rank: 114
Salisbury North America United States, Maryland Chesapeake Bay, Wicomico River 38.366°N 75.593°W / 38.366; -75.593 (Salisbury)
Hopewell North America United States, Virginia James River 37.29°N 77.303°W / 37.29; -77.303 (Hopewell)
Puerto Juárez North America Mexico, Quintana Roo, Cancún Caribbean Sea 19.583°N 88.05°W / 19.583; -88.05 (Puerto Juárez)
Santo Domingo Caribbean Dominican Republic Caribbean Sea 18.469°N 69.883°W / 18.469; -69.883 (Santo Domingo)
Bluefields Central America Nicaragua Caribbean Sea 12°N 83.75°W / 12; -83.75 (Bluefields)
Weedon Island North America United States, Florida Gulf of Mexico, Tampa Bay 27.859°N 82.597°W / 27.859; -82.597 (Weedon Island)
Port Manatee North America United States, Florida Gulf of Mexico, Tampa Bay 27.66°N 82.603°W / 27.66; -82.603 (Port Manatee); US rank: 82
Biloxi North America United States, Mississippi Gulf of Mexico, Biloxi Bay 30.419°N 88.887°W / 30.419; -88.887 (Biloxi) US rank: 84
Plaquemines Port North America United States, Louisiana Mississippi River 29.48°N 89.687°W / 29.48; -89.687 (Port of Plaquemines) US rank: 12
Louisiana Offshore Oil Port North America United States, Louisiana Gulf of Mexico 28.655°N 89.901°W / 28.655; -89.901 (Louisiana Offshore Oil Port)
St. Bernard North America United States, Louisiana Mississippi River 29.943°N 89.981°W / 29.943; -89.981 (St. Bernard) ; St. Bernard Port, Harbor & Terminal District
Port Fourchon North America United States, Louisiana Gulf of Mexico, Bayou Lafourche 29.127°N 90.215°W / 29.127; -90.215 (Port Fourchon)
Iberia District North America United States, Louisiana Gulf of Mexico, Bayou Teche 30.004°N 91.818°W / 30.004; -91.818 (Iberia District)
Intracoastal City North America United States, Louisiana Gulf of Mexico, Vermilion River 29.784°N 92.339°W / 29.784; -92.339 (Intracoastal City)
Matagorda Ship Channel North America United States, Texas Gulf of Mexico, Matagorda Bay 28.435002°N 96.335528°W / 28.435002; -96.335528 (Matagorda Ship Channel)
Victoria North America United States, Texas Gulf of Mexico via Victoria Barge Canal (Guadalupe River) 28.691°N 96.972°W / 28.691; -96.972 (Victoria, Texas) US rank: 88
Altamira North America Mexico, Tamaulipas Gulf of Mexico 22.383°N 97.933°W / 22.383; -97.933 (Altamira, Tamaulipa); 3rd Mexico, 23rd North America

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  • Local ports are included.[3]
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  • Cruise ship ports are included.[2]
  • Fishing ports are included.[8]
  • Drydocks are noted.[5]
  • Some ports are part of the Dubai Ports World controversy.[6]


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