List of political parties in Jordan

This article lists political parties in Jordan. Jordan has 30 different political parties, but apart from the oppositional Islamic Action Front and neutral Jordanian National Youth Party, none of them play a real role because of lack of organization and clear political platforms.

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The role of parties is significantly limited by institutional factors as well. The king is vested with very broad executive authority, making it difficult for a party to win control of the government solely at the ballot box. Additionally, the electoral system is significantly malapportioned in favour of rural areas.[1]

There is no clear picture on the political parties in Jordan, but sources mention the following parties.

The parties

× Party Founded Secretary General Website
1 Islamic Action Front1992Hamzeh Mansour
2 Jordanian Communist Party1948Munir Hamarneh
3 Jordanian Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party1993Akram al-Homsi-
4 Jordanian Democratic People's Party1993Abla Abu Elbah
5 Jordanian Democratic Popular Unity Party1993Saeed Thyab
6 Arab Ba'ath Progressive Party1993Fouad Dabor-
7 Arab Islamic Democratic Movement1993Osama Banat-
8 National Constitutional Party1997Amed Alshunnak-
9 Direct Democratic Nationalist Movement Party1997Nashaat Ahmed Hassan-
10 Muslim Centre Party2001Haitham Alamaerah
11 Al Resalah Party2002Hazem Qashou
12 Jordanian National Party2007Mona Abu Bakr-
13 Jordanian United Front Party2007Amjad almajali
14 Al-Rafah Party2009Mohammad Al Shomali-
15 Al-Hayat Jordanian Party2008Daher Amro
16 National Current Party2009Abdul Hadi Al Majali-
17 Justice and Development Party (Jordan)2004Ali Al Shorafa
18 Freedom and Equality Party2009Hamed Abu Zaid-
19 Jordanian Arab Party2011Mazin Riyal-
20 Al–Ahrar Party1994Ahmed Alzubi
21 Al Mustaqbal Party1992Abed al Salam Freihat-
22 The Progressive Party1993Na’el Barakat-
23 Jordanian Arab Constitutional Front Party1994Milhem Tell-
24 Jordanian Left Democratic Party1995Mousa al-Ma’aitah-
25 Jordan Peace Party1996Shaher Khreis-
26 Arab Jordanian al Ansar Party1995Muhammad Majali-
27 Arab Land Party1996Muhammad Al Oran-
28 Al-Umma Party1996Ahmad Al-Hanandeh-
29 National Democratic Public Movement Party1997Muhammad Al-Amer-
30 Jordanian Labor Party1998Muhammad al Khataibah-
31 Jordanian Future Party2016Dr. Salah ibr. AlQudah
32 Rescue and Partnership Party2017Mohammad Hamouri
33 Civil Alliance2018TBD

Defunct parties

Banned parties

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