List of political parties in Chile

Political parties


As of August 2018 there are 20 legally constituted political parties in Chile.[1]

Parties in green, as of August 2019, support the administration of President Sebastián Piñera.

name in Spanish
FoundedInternational affiliationArea of operationSenators
Regional advisors
Independent Democratic Uniond
Unión Demócrata Independiente
1983International Democrat Union[5]Nationwide.930524335119.47%
National Renewalc
Renovación Nacional
1987International Democrat Union,[5] Centrist Democrat International[6]Nationwide.734723931817.69%
Socialist Partyi
Partido Socialista de Chile
1933Progressive Alliance, Socialist International, São Paulo Forum, COPPPALNationwide.719262721814.14%
Christian Democratic Partyj
Partido Demócrata Cristiano
1957Centrist Democrat International[6]Nationwide.514445632211.98%
Party for Democracyf
Partido por la Democracia
1987Progressive Alliance, Socialist International, COPPPALNationwide.67263719911.52%
Political Evolution
Partido Evolución Política
Democratic Revolution
Revolución Democrática
2012São Paulo ForumAll regions, except XIV, IX and XII.179002.59%
Progressive País
País Progresista
2018eSão Paulo ForumNationwide.1022401.61%
Communist Party
Partido Comunista de Chile
1922São Paulo Forum, Bolivarian Congress of the People, International Meeting of Communist and Workers' PartiesNationwide.08114921.44%
Radical Party
Partido Radical de Chile
1863aProgressive Alliance, Socialist International, COPPPALNationwide.06813901.31%
Humanist Partyd
Partido Humanista
1984Humanist International, São Paulo ForumAll regions, except X and XI.0460140.67%
Social Green Regionalist Federationm
Federación Regionalista Verde Social
2017None.Regions II, III, IV, VI, and XI.042030.53%
Democratic Independent Regionalist Party
Partido Regionalista Independiente Demócrata
Liberal Party
Partido Liberal de Chile
2013hLiberal InternationalRegions XV, I and II.020100.25%
2019lNone.Regions XV, I, II, III, IV, V, RM, and X.022180.21%
Green Ecologist Party
Partido Ecologista Verde
2008Global GreensRegions I, II, III, IV, RM, VIII, XIV, and X.010060.12%
Equality Party
Partido Igualdad
2009None.Regions XV, I, II,, III, IV, V, RM, VII, XVII and VIII.001020.04%
Anticapitalist Workers' Left
Izquierda Anticapitalista de los Trabajadores
2018Trotskyist Fraction – Fourth InternationalRegions IX, XVI, and X.00000%
New Time
Nuevo Tiempo
2015None.Regions XIV, I, and II.00000%

a Between 1994 and 2018 it was called the Social Democratic Radical Party for the fusion of the Chilean Social Democracy Party (Partido Socialdemocracia Chilena, founded 1971) and the Radical Party of Chile (Partido Radical de Chile, founded 1863). In 2018 the party regained the name of the Radical Party.
b The percentage of seats held by a party in each elected body is multiplied by a weighting factor, which is equal to the inverse value of that body's total seats divided by the summation of the inverse values of all bodies' total seats. The resulting weighted percentages are then summed together to obtain a party's "weighted representation" value. (Formula: [S/43^2+D/155^2+R/278^2+M/345^2+C/2224^2]/T, with T=1/43+1/155+1/278+1/345+1/2224, S=party senators, D=party deputies, R=party regional advisors, M=party mayors, C=party councilmen.)
c Figures updated with the October 2015 party resignations of RN mayors of Ñuñoa and Traiguén, Andrés Zarhi and Luis Álvarez, respectively, and RN councilmen of Las Condes, Limache and La Unión, Tomás Fuentes, Cynthia Marín and María Eugenia Márquez, respectively; and the July 2016 party resignation of RN senator Manuel José Ossandón.
d Figures updated with, the July 2013 party resignation of UDI mayor of Santo Domingo Fernando Rodríguez Larraín; the January 2014 death of Yumbel mayor Camilo Cabezas (PH) and its subsequent replacement with independent councilman Jaime Gacitúa, who in turn was replaced with Fredy Winter from the UDI; the June 2015 party resignation of UDI councilman Francisco Vera; the October 2015 party resignation of UDI mayor of Rancagua Eduardo Soto; the November 2015 party resignations of UDI mayor of La Florida Rodolfo Carter and UDI councilman of Lo Barnechea Carlos Ward; and the May 2016 death of UDI mayor of Pinto Fernando Chávez.
e A fusion of País (País) and the Progressive Party (Partido Progresista).
f Figures updated with the September 2014 expulsion of Providencia councilman Rodrigo García Márquez from his party (PPD); the October 2015 party resignation of PPD councilman of Los Andes Julio Lobos; and the August 2016 party resignation of PPD regional advisor Teodoro Aguirre.
g A fusion of the Independent Regionalist Party (Partido Regionalista Independiente) and the Patagonian Regional Democracy (Democracia Regional Patagónica).
h Formerly known as ChileFirst (ChilePrimero).
i Figures updated with the October 2015 party resignations of PS mayors of San Vicente de Tagua Tagua, Los Lagos and Coltauco, Jaime González, Simón Mansilla and Rubén Jorquera, respectively; and the October 2016 party resignation of PS councilwoman for Valparaíso Paula Quintana.
j Figures updated with the October 2015 party resignation of DC councilwoman of Concepción Alejandra Smith.
k Before October 2015, known as Fuerza Pública ("Public Force").
l A fusion of Citizen Power (Poder Ciudadano) and the Autonomous Left movement.
m A fusion of Regional and Popular Front, Green North Regional Force, Social Agrarian Regionalist Independent Movement and We Are Aysén parties.





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