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Argentina has a multi-party system with two or three strong political parties or alliances, and many smaller parties that enjoy representation at the National Congress.

Since the 1990s, there is a strong decentralizing tendency within the national parties, along with the growing national relevance of province-level parties and alliances. In the last decade, most of the newly formed parties remained as junior partners of the main alliances or as district-level relevant political forces.

Historic background

From the "national organisation" process (1862–80) up to 1916, the oligarchic National Autonomist Party directed Argentine politics, before being replaced, through the first secret ballot elections, by the Radical Civic Union. The "Infamous Decade" (1930–43), initiated by the first modern coup d'état in Argentina, represented a return of the conservatives, who implemented a so-called "patriotic fraud" electoral practice. Since 1946, the strongest party has been the Justicialist Party, emerging around the leadership of Juan Perón (when not banned, justicialists lost only three presidential elections, in 1983, 1999 and 2015). From 1946 to 2001, the second most important party was the Radical Civic Union, until the 2001 financial crisis. From then on, left-wing Justicialists Néstor Kirchner and his wife Cristina Fernández de Kirchner won the 2003, 2007 and 2011 general elections. After that, in the 2015 general election, Kirchnerism was defeated by a centre-right coalition, Cambiemos, composed of the Radical Civic Union and Republican Proposal, a new liberal conservative party.

Current parties

National parties

Parties recognized in at least 5 provinces, as of 15 January 2018.[1]

Name Abbr. Ideology
1 Integration and Development Movement
Movimiento de Integración y Desarrollo
MID Developmentalism, Social liberalism
2 Justicialist Party
Partido Justicialista
PJ Peronism
3 Radical Civic Union
Unión Cívica Radical
UCR Radicalism, Social democracy
5 Christian Democratic Party
Partido Demócrata Cristiano
PDC Christian democracy
6 Intransigent Party
Partido Intransigente
PI Social democracy
8 Federal Party
Partido Federal
PF Federalism, Economic liberalism
9 Democratic Progressive Party
Partido Demócrata Progresista
PDP Liberal democracy
12 Communist Party
Partido Comunista
PC Communism, Marxism
13 Movement for Socialism
Movimiento al Socialismo
MAS Trotskyism, Marxism
19 Conservative People's Party
Partido Conservador Popular
PCP Conservatism
22 Humanist Party
Partido Humanista
PH Humanism
23 Popular Union
Unión Popular
UP Peronism
33 Constitutional Nationalist Party UNIR
Partido Nacionalista Constitucional UNIR
UNIR Conservatism
40 Freemen of the South Movement
Movimiento Libres del Sur
Progressivism, Socialism
41 Broad Front
Frente Grande
FG Social democracy
47 Civic Coalition ARI
Coalición Cívica ARI
CC-ARI Liberalism
50 Socialist Party
Partido Socialista
PS Social democracy, Democratic socialism
54 Victory Party
Partido de la Victoria
57 Neighborhood Action Movement
Movimiento de Acción Vecinal
61 Left for a Socialist Option / Socialist Left
Izquierda por una Opción Socialista / Izquierda Socialista
IS Trotskyism, Marxism
64 Republican Proposal
Propuesta Republicana
PRO Liberal conservatism, Conservative liberalism
65 Light Blue and White Union
Unión Celeste y Blanco
Economic liberalism
66 Solidarity Party
Partido Solidario
67 Kolina Kirchnerism
69 Generation for a National Encounter
Generación para un Encuentro Nacional
Social democracy, Progressivism
70 Workers' Party for Socialism / Socialist Workers' Party
Partido de Trabajadores por el Socialismo / Partido de los Trabajadores Socialistas
PTS Trotskyism, Marxism
71 Workers' Party
Partido Obrero
PO Trotskyism
72 Electoral Instrument for Popular Unity
Instrumento Electoral por la Unidad Popular
73 Encounter for Democracy and Equity / New Encounter
Encuentro por la Democracia y la Equidad / Nuevo Encuentro
74 Party of Labour and of the People / Revolutionary Communist Party
Partido del Trabajo y del Pueblo / Partido Comunista Revolucionario
PTP / PCR Marxism–Leninism, Maoism
75 Partido de la Concertación Forja Kirchnerism
76 Party of Culture, Education and Work
Partido de la Cultura, la Educación y el Trabajo
77 Faith Party
Partido Fe
78 Third Position Party
Partido Tercera Posición
79 Federal Renewal Party
Partido Renovador Federal
Peronism, Federal Peronism
80 Front H.A.C.E.R. for Social Progress
Frente H.A.C.E.R. por el Progreso Social
82 Federal Commitment
Compromiso Federal
Federal Peronism
83 Project South
Proyecto Sur
Environmentalism, Progressivism
84 Labor and Equity Party
Partido del Trabajo y la Equidad

Provincial parties

Parties recognized in at least one province, as of 15 January 2018.[1]

Name Abbr. Ideology
Union of the Democratic Centre
Unión del Centro Democrático
UCEDE Economic liberalism
Action for the Republic
Acción por la República
AR Economic liberalism
Workers' Socialist Movement
Movimiento Socialista de los Trabajadores
MST Trotskyism
Authentic Socialist Party
Partido Socialista Auténtico
PSA Democratic socialism
Authentic Communist Party / Communist Party (Extraordinary Congress)
Partido Comunista Auténtico / Partido Comunista (Congreso Extraordinario)
PCCE Marxism–Leninism
Self-determination and Freedom
Autodeterminación y Libertad
AyL Socialism, Marxism
Democratic Party of the City of Buenos Aires
Partido Demócrata de la Capital Federal
PD Conservatism
Chaqueñan Action
Acción Chaqueña
ACh Regionalism, Conservatism
Peoples Reconstruction Party
Partido Popular de la Reconstrucción
PPR Conservatism
We are All Chubut
Chubut Somos Todos
CST Peronism, Regionalism
Civic Front of Córdoba
Frente Cívico de Córdoba
Social democracy
Liberal Party of Corrientes
Partido Liberal de Corrientes
PLC Regionalism, Conservatism
New Party
Partido Nuevo
PaNu Regionalism, Conservatism
Autonomist Party of Corrientes
Partido Autonomista de Corrientes
PAC Regionalism, Conservatism
Jujuy People's Movement
Movimiento Popular Jujeño
MPJ Regionalism
Renewal Crusade
Cruzada Renovadora
CR Regionalism
Pampean Federalist Movement
Movimiento Federalista Pampeano
MOFEPA Regionalism
Democratic Party of Mendoza
Partido Demócrata de Mendoza
PD Regionalism, Conservatism
Party of the Social Concord
Partido de la Concordia Social
Neuquén People's Movement
Movimiento Popular Neuquino
MPN Regionalism
Together We Are Río Negro
Juntos Somos Río Negro
JSRN Regionalism
Salta Renewal Party
Partido Renovador de Salta
PRS, PARES Regionalism, Conservatism
Blockist Party
Partido Bloquista
Union and Liberty Party
Partido Unión y Libertad
Fueguino People's Movement
Movimiento Popular Fueguino
MOPOF Regionalism
Republican Force
Fuerza Republicana
FR Conservatism

Electoral Alliances

Recent or prominent electoral alliances (as of 2009[2])

  • Plural Consensus (Concertación Plural)
  • Civic and Social Agreement (Acuerdo Cívico y Social, ACyS)
  • Union PRO (Buenos Aires Province)
  • Justicialist Front (Frente Justicialista)
  • Federal Santa Fe (Santa Fe Federal, Santa Fe Province)
  • Federal Civic Front (Frente Cívico Federal, Mendoza Province)
  • Federal Consensus (Consenso Federal, ConFe)
  • Front of the Popular Movement (Frente del Movimiento Popular, UP)
  • Alliance Union of Cordoba (Alianza Unión de Córdoba, Córdoba Province)
  • Alliance New Front (Alianza Frente Nuevo, Córdoba Province)
  • Justicialist Front of Entre Ríos (Frente Justicialista de Entre Ríos, Entre Ríos Province)
  • Front for Integration (Chubut) (Frente para la Integración, Chubut Province)
  • Front of Jujuy (Frente Jujeño, Jujuy Province)
  • Concertation for Development (Río Negro) (Concertación para el Desarrollo, Río Negro Province)
  • Change for Growth (Santa Cruz) (Cambio para el Crecimiento, Santa Cruz Province)
  • Salta Federal Front (Frente Salta Federal, Salta Province)
  • We are all Salta (Todos Somos Salta, Salta Province)
  • Front It Is Possible (Frente Es Posible)
  • Democratic Party PRO (Mendoza) (Partido Demócrata PRO, Mendoza Province)
  • Pueblo Nuevo (La Pampa) (Pueblo Nuevo, La Pampa Province)
  • Anticapitalist and Socialist Front of the Left and the People (Frente Anticapitalista y Socialista de la Izquierda y el Pueblo)
  • Party of Labour and of the People (Partido del Trabajo y del Pueblo)

Defunct parties and alliances

19th Century and early 20th Century
Mid 20th Century
Late 20th Century and early 21st Century

See also

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