List of parishes in New Brunswick

The Canadian province of New Brunswick is home to 152 parishes that previously had political significance as districts within counties. While their political significance was abolished in 1966, they are still recognized as census subdivisions by Statistics Canada.

The Interpretation Act of New Brunswick states that parishes contain all municipalities within them;[1] however, Statistics Canada separates incorporated municipalities from their parishes.

The unincorporated parts of parishes are often used as local service districts (LSDs), although some parishes contain multiple LSDs and some LSDs cross parish boundaries. These non-parish LSDs can serve as designated places for census purposes.


New Brunswick has 152 parishes, of which 150 are recognized as census subdivisions by Statistics Canada.[2] Unless noted, all figures below are for census subdivisions, which do not include areas within municipalities or Indian reserves.

Former parishes

Name County Notes
FrederictonYorkIncorporated as a city in 1848. Still appears in the Territorial Division Act with its original boundaries, but as a city rather than a parish; the modern municipal boundaries are much larger.
LancasterSaint JohnAmalgamated with the City of Saint John in 1967.
PortlandSaint JohnAmalgamated with the City of Saint John in 1889.

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