List of open-source health software

The following is a list of software packages and applications licensed under an open-source license or in the public domain for use in the health care industry.

Public health and biosurveillance

Electronic records and medical practice management

Name Maintainer License Programming language/
Software stack
Operating System Features Target setting
EHR/EMR HIS? Practice management? Other
ClearHealth ClearHealth Inc.[4] GNU GPL[4] PHP, JavaScript[5] ? EMR ? Scheduling & billing HIPAA security
CottageMed ? GNU GPL[6] FileMaker Cross-platform[6] EMR[6] ? ? Prescriptions[6]
FreeMED FreeMED Software Foundation[7] GNU GPL[8] ? ? Yes ? Yes HIPAA compliant
ERPNext Frappe Technologies GNU GPL[9] Python; JavaScript ? EMR Yes Yes
GaiaEHR ? GNU GPL[10] PHP & Ext JS ? EHR ? ?
GNUmed GNUmed GNU GPL[11] Python (wxPython); PostgreSQL[11] Cross-platform[11] Yes[11] No ?
GNU Health GNU Health (GNU Project) GNU GPL[12] Python; PostgreSQL Cross-platform EMR[12] Yes[12] Yes[12]
Hospital OS ? GNU GPL[13] Java[13] Linux & Windows[13] ? Yes ? Small Thai hospitals[13]
HOSxP ? Public domain[14] Delphi/Kylix[14] Windows[14] EHR Yes[14] Financial[14] Thai hospitals[14]
MedinTux MedinTux team[15] CeCILL[15] C++[16] Cross-platform[17] ? ? Yes Modular design; web[18] & desktop interfaces French hospital emergency departments & smaller practices
OpenEMR ? GNU GPL[19] PHP, JavaScript; MySQL[20] Cross-platform[19] Yes[19] ? Yes[19] Patient portal & prescriptions[19]
Open Dental Open Dental Software[21] GNU GPL[21] ? ? Dental record No Yes Dentistry
OpenHospital Informatici Senza Frontiere[22] GNU GPL[22] Java[22] Cross-platform[22] EMR Yes Yes Small rural hospitals
OpenMRS OpenMRS Inc.[23] MPL with Healthcare Disclaimer[23] Java ? EMR ? ? Extensible & scalable
OSCAR McMaster ? GNU GPL[24] Java ? EMR[24] ? Billing Web interface; PHR[24] Canadian healthcare providers
PopHealth OSEHRA Apache[25] ? ? Reporting engine No No Clinical Quality Measure database; web interface
Spinnaker Dental IT Ltd[26] GNU GPL[26] ? ? Dental record ? Yes Open Dental fork[27] UK dental practices[27]
THIRRA ? MPL[28] PHP5 (CodeIgniter), JavaScript (jQuery);[28] PostgreSQL ? EHR[28] ? ? Disease surveillance;[28] web interface Ambulatory care & public health[28]
VistA US Department of Veterans Affairs Free[29] ? ? EHR ? ? Veterans Health Administration facilities
WorldVistA WorldVistA[29] GNU GPL[30] ? ? EHR[29] ? with VistA-Edge PMS Non-governmental use
ZEPRS Zcore Research Triangle Institute[31] Apache[31] Java[31] ? Yes ? ? Web interface

Health system management

  • iHRIS is an integrated Human Resource Information System developed by IntraHealth International under USAID-funded CapacityPlus project and deployed in more than 20 countries in the world.[32] iHRIS is distributed under the GNU GPL.[33]
  • DHIS is a district health management information system and data warehouse. DHIS2 is released under the BSD license.[34]
  • HRHIS is a human resource for health information system for management of human resources for health developed by University of Dar es Salaam college of information and communication technology, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, for Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (Tanzania) and funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Disease management


  • CamBA is a collection of neuroimaging pipelines distributed under the GNU GPL.[41]
  • Drishti is a volumetric visualization package for viewing computer tomography data. Able to import DICOM image stacks. It is available under the MIT license.[42]
  • Endrov Image and data viewer and editor. It is available under the BSD license.[43]
  • GIMIAS is a workflow-oriented environment focused on biomedical image computing and simulation. It is available under a BSD-style license.[44]
  • Ginkgo CADx Cross-platform open source DICOM viewer and dicomizer. It is available under the GNU LGPL.[45]
  • Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (ITK) v4.0+ is released under the Apache license.[46]
  • InVesalius 3D medical imaging reconstruction software. It is available under the GNU GPL.[47]
  • ITK-SNAP Interactive software for 3D image navigation, annotation, and automatic segmentation. It is available under the GNU GPL.[48]
  • MITK Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit for interactive medical image processing. It is available under a BSD-style license.[49]
  • Orthanc – Lightweight, RESTful DICOM server for medical imaging. It is available under the GNU GPL with OpenSSL exception; plugins may be released under other licenses.[50]
  • OsiriX 3D DICOM medical viewer for Mac OS X. Complete DICOM Viewer with DICOM network support.
  • ParaView large-scale visualization tool. It is available under the BSD license.[51]
  • 3DSlicer Platform for medical image visualization and algorithm development. DICOM support, segmentation and registration, Diffusion MRI processing, and image guided surgery support. It is available under a BSD-style license.[52]
  • Voreen volume rendering engine—a library for visually exploring volume data sets. DICOM is supported and Voreen is used in medical visualization as well as for visualizing electron microscopy data. It is available under the GNU GPL.[53]
  • VTK is a visualization toolkit available under the BSD license.[54]
  • Xebra is a medical imaging thin client available under the GNU GPL.[55]

Medical information systems

  • Caisis is a web-based information system for the storage and analysis of cancer patient data intended to bridge the gap between clinic and research. It is available under the GNU GPL.[56]
  • cTAKES ("clinical Text Analysis Knowledge Extraction Software") is a natural language processing system for extracting information from electronic medical record clinical free-text, an Apache top level project (TLP) since 2013, developed by the Mayo Clinic and others. It is available under the Apache license.[57]


  • Galaxy is a web platform for data-intensive biology using geographically-distributed supercomputers.[58]
  • LabKey Server is an extensible platform for integrating, analyzing and sharing all types of biomedical research data. It provides secure, web-based access to research data and includes a customizable data processing pipeline. It is distributed under the Apache license.[59]

Mobile devices

Out-of-the-box distributions



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