List of novels by George Harmon Coxe

George Harmon Coxe wrote a total of 63 novels starting in 1935, the last being published in 1975.[1]

Novels by Coxe
Title Year
Murder with pictures1935
The barotique mystery1937
The camera clue1938
The frightened woman1939
Murder for the asking1940
The glass triangle1940
The lady is afraid1940
No time to kill1941
Silent are the dead1942
Assignment in Guiana1943
Murder for two1944
Murder in Havana1945
Alias the dead1945
The groom lay dead1946
The jade Venus1947
Woman at bay1948
Dangerous legacy1949
Lady killer1949
The fifth key1950
Venturous lady1951
Inland passage1953
Eye witness1953
The frightened fiancee1953
The widow had a gun1954
The hollow needle1954
The man who died twice1955
Never bet your life1955
The crimson clue1955
Uninvited guest1956
Death at the Isthmus1956
Focus on murder1956
Top assignment1957
Suddenly a widow1957
Man on a rope1956
Murder on their minds1958
One minute past eight1959
The impetuous mistress1959
The big gamble1960
Slack tide1960
The last commandment1961
One way out1961
Error of judgement1962
Moment of violence1962
The man who died too soon1963
Mission of fear1963
The Hidden Key1964
One hour to kill1964
Deadly image1964
With intent to kill1965
The reluctant heiress1966
The ring of truth1967
The candid imposter1969
An easy way to go1969
Double identity1971
Woman with a gun1974
The silent witness1974
The inside man1975
No place for murder1976


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