List of newspapers in Belgium

Since the 1950s the newspaper market has been in decline in Belgium.[1] The number of national daily newspapers in the country was 50 in 1950,[1] whereas it was 30 in 1965.[2] The number became 33 in 1980.[1] There were 32 newspapers in the country in 1995.[3] It was 23 in 2000.[1]

Below is a partial list of newspapers published in Belgium:

Daily newspapers

Newspaper Language Owner Website Av. dist. (2011)[4]
The Brussels TimesEnglishThe Brussels Timesbrusselstimes.comNA    
Het Belang van LimburgDutchConcentrahbvl.be100,113    
Gazet van AntwerpenDutchConcentragva.be101,559    
Het Laatste NieuwsDutchDe Persgroephln.be288,898    
MetroDutchMass Transit Mediametrotime.be130,968    
De MorgenDutchDe Persgroepdemorgen.be55,870    
Het Nieuwsblad (incl. De Gentenaar),961    
De StandaardDutchCoreliostandaard.be95,746    
De TijdDutchMediafintijd.be37,720    
La Libre BelgiqueFrenchGroupe IPMlalibre.be42,410    
La Dernière HeureFrenchGroupe IPMdhnet.be62,427    
MetroFrenchMass Transit Mediametrotime.be116,022    
Le SoirFrenchRossel et Cielesoir.be82,044    
SudPresse newspapers*FrenchRossel et Ciesudpresse.be115,853    
Grenz-EchoGermanGrenz-Echo Verlaggrenzecho.be12,079    

* La Capitale, La Meuse, La Nouvelle Gazette, La Province and Nord Eclair

Other newspapers

Dutch language

  • Brugsch Handelsblad[5]
  • Kortrijks Handelsblad[6]

English language newspapers

  • New Europe, newspaper focusing on EU affairs
  • The Brussels Times Belgium’s leading daily online English-language news media and bi-monthly print magazine
  • Politico Europe better known for its website but it also has a weekly paper edition. Politico Europe is based in Belgium, but its subject matter is EU politics and policymaking.

Media groups in Belgium


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