List of national parks of France

The national parks of France are a system of ten national parks throughout metropolitan France and its overseas departments, coordinated by the French Agency for Biodiversity (French: Agence française pour la biodiversité), an établissement public à caractère administratif under the control of the Ministry of Ecology. The first national park was established in 1963 and the most recent park was created in 2012.

The French national parks protect a total area of 3,710 square kilometres (1,430 sq mi) in core area and 9,162 square kilometres (3,537 sq mi) in buffer zones in metropolitan France. This puts over 2% of the total area of metropolitan France under some level of protection. French national parks draw over seven million visitors every year.


Name Image Department Area Established
Vanoise National Park
(Parc national de la Vanoise)
Savoie 1,250 km2 (483 sq mi) 6 July 1963
Port-Cros National Park
(Parc national de Port-Cros)
Var 7 km2 (3 sq mi) 14 December 1963
Pyrénées National Park
(Parc national des Pyrénées)
Hautes-Pyrénées and Pyrénées-Atlantiques 457 km2 (176 sq mi) 23 March 1967
Cévennes National Park
(Parc national des Cévennes)
Lozère, Gard, Ardèche and Aveyron 913 km2 (353 sq mi) 2 September 1970
Écrins National Park
(Parc national des Écrins)
Isère and Hautes-Alpes 918 km2 (354 sq mi) 27 March 1973
Mercantour National Park
(Parc national du Mercantour)
Alpes-Maritimes and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence 685 km2 (264 sq mi) 18 August 1979
Guadeloupe National Park
(Parc national de la Guadeloupe)
Guadeloupe (overseas department) 173 km2 (67 sq mi) 20 February 1989
Guiana Amazonian Park
(Parc amazonien de Guyane)
French Guiana (overseas department) 33,900 km2 (13,089 sq mi) 27 February 2007
Réunion National Park
(Parc national de la Réunion)
Réunion (overseas department) 1,054 km2 (407 sq mi) 5 March 2007
Calanques National Park
(Parc national des Calanques)
Bouches-du-Rhône 520 km2 (201 sq mi) 18 April 2012
Forêts National Park
(Parc national des forêts)
Haute-Marne and Côte-d'Or 560 km2 (216 sq mi) 8 November 2019

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