List of national association football teams by nickname

The following is a list of nicknames of national association football teams.

FIFA teams

AFC (Asia)

CAF (Africa)

UEFA (Europe)


  • Nicknames in italics are commonly used in English.
Team Nickname English translation Notes Ref.
 American Samoa Au Fili The National Team Filifili means the Chosen or Selected in Samoan dialect. [1]
 Anguilla The Rainbow Warriors Set in the Caribbean sea and with St. Martin as a backdrop, Anguilla has one of the largest community of Dolphins in the world. [1]
The Soccer Dolphins [1]
 Antigua and Barbuda The Wadadi Boyz Wadadi is a local dance. [1]
 Argentina La Albiceleste The White and Sky-Blue The Argentinian flag has 3 equal stripes, the white and blue stripe represent the sky clouds and the yellow sun in the middle. [2]
 Aruba La Selección The Selection [1]
 Bahamas Rake & Scrape Boys Rake-and-scrape is a genre of music native to the Bahamas. [3]
 Barbados Bajan Pride Bajan is a popular term for citizens of Barbados. [1]
 Belize The Jaguars Belize is home to one of the biggest Jaguar Populations. The Jaguar Reserve is the world's biggest and only Jaguar Preserve spanning 150 square miles. [1]
 Bermuda Gombey Warriors The Gombey is an iconic symbol of Bermuda, a unique performance art full of colorful and intricate masquerade, dance and drumming. [4]
 Bolivia El Verde The Green In 1957, the Bolivian Football Federation decided to use one of the colors in the Flag of Bolivia. Given red and yellow were used by many of the other South American countries, green became the primary color, leading to the nickname "El Verde" ("The Green"). [1]
 Brazil Canarinho The Little Canary In reference to the yellow shirt. [1]
Seleção The Selection Seleção means the process or act of selecting. [5]
Verde-Amarela The Green and Yellow The flag of Brazil also known in Portuguese as Verde e amarela ("The Green and Yellow"). [1]
 British Virgin Islands Nature Boyz The British Virgin Islands are a collection of 60 unspoiled islands that pack the best of the Caribbean. They are commonly referred to as nature's little secrets. [6]
 Canada Canucks "Canuck" is a slang term for Canadian. [7][8]
Les Rouges The Reds From their Red uniforms. [9][10][11]
 Cayman Islands The Turtles The sea turtle is a prominent symbol in Cayman culture. Turtles adorn Caymanian money and appear on the islands' flag as part of the official coat of arms. [1]
 Chile La Roja The Red One The Chile national football team wears Red Jerseys, Blue shorts and white socks. The color scheme of red, white, and blue has been in use since 1947. [12]
El equipo de todos The team of everyone [13]
 Colombia Los Cafeteros The Coffee Growers Colombian coffee is renowned the world over for its quality and delicious taste. [14]
La Tricolor The Tricolour The national flag of Colombia symbolizes Colombian independence from Spain, gained on 20 July 1810. It is a horizontal tricolor of yellow, blue and red. [15]
 Colombia (Women's) Las Chicas Superpoderosas The Powerpuff Girls In reference to the popular Powerpuff Girls cartoon, in which super-powered little girls set out to save the world. [16][17]
 Cook Islands Soka Kuki Airani The National Team The Flag of the Cook Islands from 1973 to 1979 was a predominantly green color representing the continuous growth and life of the islands [1]
The Green and Whites [1]
 Costa Rica Los Ticos The Ticos From the local linguistic habit of creating diminutives by adding "tico" instead of "tito" to the end of words. [18]
La Sele Shortening of "The Selection" (in Spanish) Named after the most successful national football team in the history of Central America. Which won three CONCACAF Championships (1963, 1969 and 1989) and eight championships in the Copa Centroamericana and its predecessor. [19]
Los Matacampeones The Champion Killers [20]
 Cuba Los Leones del Caribe The Caribbean Lions Cuba is an island in the Caribbean and the Lion is one of the most ferocious animals on earth. [21]
 Curaçao The Blue Stars The flag of Curaçao is blue, with a yellow horizontal stripe slightly below the midline, and two white stars in the upper left corner. The blue symbolizes the sea and sky, and the yellow represents the sun. The two stars are for Curaçao and Klein Curaçao, but also stand for 'Love and Happiness.' [22]
 Dominica Dominica Team The imperial amazon or Dominican amazon, also known as the sisserou, is a parrot found only on the Caribbean island of Dominica. It has been designated as the national bird of Dominica. [1]
Los Pericos The Parrots [1]
 Dominican Republic Los Quisqueyanos The Quisqueyanos Quisqueya is one of the names of Hispaniola Island otherwise known as the Dominican Republic. It is believed to mean "mother of all lands" in the Taíno language. [23]
 Ecuador La Tri / Tricolor The Tricolour The Flag of Ecuador has a horizontal tricolor of yellow blue and red with the National Coat of Arms superimposed at the center. [24]
 El Salvador La Selecta The Selected The Selected or chosen in Spanish.
Los Cuscatlecos The Cuscatlecos [25]
 Fiji Bula Boys "Bula" is a greeting used in Fiji. [26]
 Grenada Spice Boyz Grenada is known as the "Island of Spice". [27]
 Guatemala Los Chapines The Guatemalans "Chapin" is a Spanish slang term to refer to Guatemalans. [1]
La Azul y Blanco The Blue & White From the Guatemalan flag which is a tri-band of white and Blue. [28]
 Guyana Golden Jaguars The jaguar is one of the largest carnivorous mammals in Central America and it is found in Guyana. The Guyanese Coat of Arms includes two jaguars holding a pickaxe. [29]
 Haiti Les Grenadiers The Soldiers A grenadier is a specialized soldier whose specialty was throwing grenades. [30]
Le Rouge et Bleu The Red & Blue From the Haitian Flag which is Red and Blue. [31]
 Honduras Los Catrachos The Catrachos Catracho is a name for a male from Honduras. [32]
La Bicolor The Bi-color From the Honduran Flag which is Blue and White. [1]
La H The H The initial for Honduras. [33]
 Jamaica Reggae Boyz Reggae is a music genre that originated in Jamaica. [1]
 Jamaica (Women's) Reggae Girlz [34]
 Mexico El Tri / Tricolor From "Tricolor" (Tricolour) From the Tri-colors of the Mexican Flag. [1][35]
 Montserrat Emerald Boys Montserrat is nicknamed "The Emerald Isle of the Caribbean". [1]
 New Caledonia Les Cagous The Kagus From a crested, almost flightless bluish-grey bird related to the rails, which is found only on the island of New Caledonia. [1]
Les Rouges et Gris The Red and Grays [1]
 New Zealand All Whites New Zealand adopted an 'all white' playing strip during the 1981 World Cup qualifying campaign. [36]
 New Zealand (Women's) Football Ferns The fern is one of the national symbols of New Zealand. [37]
 Nicaragua Los Albiazules The Whites & Blues From the Nicaraguan Flag which is white and blue. [1]
Los Pinoleros The Pinole Makers "Pinolero" is slang for a citizen of Nicaragua. [1]
 Panama La Marea Roja The Red Tide The Red tide is a phenomenon when a population of phytoplankton, a single-celled plant, grows very fast or "blooms" and accumulates [1]
Equipo Canalero The Canal Team In reference to the Panama Canal. [1]
 Papua New Guinea Kapuls The Cuscus A species of Australasian possum. [38]
 Paraguay La Albirroja The White-Red From the Panamanian Flag which is white and red. [24]
Los Guaraníes The Guaraní From their ancestors. Many modern Paraguayans are descendants of the intermingling of the Spanish and Guarani. [24]
 Peru La Blanquirroja The White-Red From the Peruvian flag which is white and red. [1]
 Puerto Rico El Huracán Azul The Blue Hurricane From a tropical cyclone which has strong winds, and a spiral arrangement of thunderstorms that produce heavy rain common in the Island. [1]
 Saint Kitts and Nevis Sugar Boys The economy of Saint Kitts and Nevis has traditionally depended on the growing and processing of sugar cane. [39]
 Saint Lucia The Piton The Pitons are two mountainous volcanic plugs, volcanic spires, located in Saint Lucia. [1]
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Vincy Heat Shortened nickname for the island of saint Vincent. [40]
 Samoa Manumea After a native bird. [1]
 Solomon Islands The Bonitos Tribe of fishes. [41]
 Suriname De Natio Short for "Nationale Selectie" The National Selection. [1]
Suriboys From the Country name and shortened. [1]
 Tahiti Toa Aito

Les guerriers de fer

Iron Warriors Iron has been entwined in the Tahiti culture from the onset. When British Captain Samuel Wallis "discovered" Tahiti on 18 June 1767, the natives were eager to trade, especially in iron nails. [1]
 Tonga Timi Fakafomua The National Team The national football team of Tonga. [1]
 Trinidad and Tobago Soca Warriors Soca is a music genre that originated in Trinidad and Tobago. [24]
 Turks and Caicos Islands TCI Team TCI is the acronym of "Turks and Caicos Islands". [1]
 United States USMNT Acronym of "United States Men's National Football Team". [42][43]
Stars & Stripes Reference to the American flag. [44]
The Yanks Slang term to refer to someone of American origin. [45]
 United States (Women's) USWNT An acronym of "United States Women's National Football Team". [46][47]
Team USA Team USA or United States national team may refer to any of a number of sports team representing the United States in international competitions. [48]
The Stars and Stripes Reference to the American flag. [44]
 Uruguay La Celeste (Olímpica) The (Olympic) Sky Blue From the Uruguay flag which has sky blue and white colors. [1][49]
Los Charrúas The Charrúa Indigenous people living in present-day Uruguay. [1]
 U.S. Virgin Islands The Dashing Eagle The eagle is the national symbol of the U.S. Virgin Islands. [1]
 Vanuatu The Men in Black and Gold From the Vanuatu flag which has Red and green sections, divided horizontally by a gold stripe running within a black border. [1]
 Venezuela La Vinotinto The Burgundy Because of the traditional burgundy color of their shirts. [50]
Los Llaneros The Plainsmen A llanero is a South American herder. The name is taken from the Llanos grasslands occupying western-central Venezuela. [1]
La Remolacha Mecanica The Clockwork Beet From the sugar beetroot. [1]

Non-FIFA teams

ConIFA teams

  • Translations in italics indicate nicknames also used in English.
Team Nickname English translation Notes Ref.
 Abkhazia Абхазы Abkhasians From the Legendary Longevity of Abkhazians people. [51]
Горцы Highlanders From the Greater Caucasus mountains in northwestern Georgia. [52]
Кавказцы Caucasians
 Arameans Suryoye Arameans For Syriacs (Arameans) worldwide [53]
 Artsakh Խաչակիրներ The Crusaders From the volunteer detachment of the Armenians from the diaspora who volunteered to go and fight in the Artsakh conflict. [54]
 Barawa مدينة ﺑﺮﺍﻭة‎ Barawani The Bravanese people, also known as the Barawani [55]
 Cascadia Dougies The Doug, or Douglas fir, is one of the primary symbols of the Cascadia bioregion. [56]
 Chagos Islands Chagossians The Chagos Islands team plays for the Chagossian people exiled from their homeland by a US military base. [57]
 County of Nice La Selecioun The Selection The County of Nice National Football Team is a football team that represents the County of Nice France. The name refers to the chosen or selected. [58]
 Darfur Darfur United The Darfur representative football team, also called Darfur United, is a team representing Darfur, a region in western Sudan. Their players all live in refugee camps in neighboring Chad. [59]
 Ellan Vannin Ellan Vannin Isle of Man The Ellan Vannin Football Team is a football team that represents the Isle of Man [60]
 Felvidék The Felvidék football team represents the Hungarian minority in Upper Hungary, now part of the Slovak Republic [61]
 Franconia Franken-Elf Franken Eleven The team representing the people of Franconia, located in south-central Germany [62]
 Greenland Polar-Bamserne The Polar Teddybears The team represents Greenland in international football. [63]
 Kurdistan Region The Tricolour The team is the national team of the Kurdistan Region, its flag has the tricolor of green red and white. [64]
 Kabylie The Kabylie The Kabylia football team is the team representing the Kabylie people, who live in northern Algeria. [65]
 Kárpátalja kaːrpaːtɒjjɒ This is the team representing the Hungarian minority which lives in Carpathian Ruthenia, Ukraine [65]
 Kiribati Kiribati Kiribis The football team representing Kiribati's 34 beautiful atolls, reefs, and islands. [66][67]
 Lazistan Lazistani Lazistan represents the multiethnic peoples of the Eastern Black Sea Region of Turkey. [68]
 Matabeleland Ingqungqulu The Warrior Birds The Matabeleland football team is the team representing Matabeleland, the western part of Zimbabwe. [69]
 Monaco Monegasque National Team The Monaco national football team is a national side that represents Monaco in association football. [70]
 Northern Cyprus Kuzey Kıbrıs Millî Futbol Takımı Northern Cyprus National team The Northern Cyprus national football team represents Northern Cyprus, a de facto country. [71]
 Occitania La Seleccion The Selection the team is the football team of Occitania, which is the name given to areas of southern France, westernmost Italy and a small valley in northern Spain where the Occitan language is spoken [72]
 Padania I Rossocrociati The Red-Crossed Saint George's cross has been used extensively as a symbol of Northern Italy. It was also included in the previous version of the flag of Padania. [73]
 Quebec Les Québécois The Québécois
 Raetia Die Bündner The Grisons [74]
 Romani people I Rom The Gypsies [75]
 Sardinia Sa Natzionale The National Team [76]
 South Ossetia
 Székely Land
 Tamil Eelam
 Tibet 禁断の集団 The Forbiddens Named after the Danish documentary on the team, called The Forbidden Team. [77]
 United Koreans in Japan FC Korea [78]
 Western Armenia The Highlanders [79]
 Western Sahara Los Dromedarios The Dromedaries [80]
 Yorkshire The Vikings [81]
 Zanzibar Zanzibar Heroes [80]
The Leopards [80]

Other non-FIFA teams

  • Translations in italics indicate nicknames also used in English.
Team Nickname English translation Notes Ref.
 Basque Country Euskal Selekzioa The Basque Team [82]
 Catalonia La Selecció The Selection [83]
La Quatribarrada The Quadruple In reference to the four orange horizontal bands on the flag of Catalonia. [83]
La Segadora The Reapers Els Segadors is the official anthem of Catalonia. [83]
La Senacaf The Senacaf [83][84]
 French Guiana Les Yana Dòkòs The Yana Dòkòs [85]
 F.S. Micronesia The Four Stars In reference to the stars on the flag of the F.S. of Micronesia. [86]
 Great Britain Team GB [87]
 Guadeloupe Les Gars de Guadeloupe Guys of Guadeloupe [88]
Les Boug'Wada Gwada Boys [88]
 Martinique Les Matinino The Matatino Tribute to the history of the island. [89][90]
 Northern Mariana Islands The Blue Ayuyus Ayuyu is the name given to the Cocount crab. [91]
 Réunion Club R In reference to the initial for Réunion. [92]
 Saint Martin Saint Swallows
 Sint Maarten
  Vatican City

Former teams

  • Translations in italics indicate nicknames also used in English.
Team Nickname English translation Notes Ref.
 East Germany Weltmeister der Freundschaftsspiele World Champion of Friendlies Dubbed by Fritz Wutke, recalling the 3–3 draw against Brazil in the Maracanã Stadium coming from a three-goal deficit. [93][94]
 Mandatory Palestine Eretz Israel Land of Israel [95]
 Netherlands Antilles De Antilopen The Antelopes
 Serbia and Montenegro Plavi
The Blues
 South Vietnam
 South Yemen صقور الجنوب South Falcons
 Soviet Union Красная Армия The Red Army
 Yugoslavia Plavi The Blues
 Zaire Les Léopards The Leopards [96]

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