List of mycology journals

The following is a list of journals and magazines in the field of mycology:

Acta Mycologia Polish Botanical Society; Cracow
Acta Mycologia Sinica The Institute of Microbiology, The Chinese Academy of Sciences; Beijing 1982–1996[1]
African Journal of Mycology and Biotechnology Cairo, Egypt 1993–2001
Agarica Norges Sopp- og nyttevekstforbund 1980–
L'Amateur de Champignons Paris, France 1908–1924
Anais da Associação Micológica "A PANTORRA" 2001–
Annales Mycologici Berlin, Germany 1903–1944[2]
Atas do Instituto de Micologia. Universidade do Recife Recife, Brazil 1960–1967
Australasian Mycologist The Australasian Mycological Society; Otago, New Zealand 1996–2013
Beihefte zur Zeitschrift fur Mykologie German Mycological Society
Belarra Sociedad Micologica Barakaldo 1975–
The Bibliography of Systematic Mycology CABI-Bioscience (UK)
Boletín Micológico Laboratorio de Micología (Laboratory of Mycology), University of Valparaíso
Boletín de la Sociedad Mexicana de Micología 1968–1987[3]
Bulletin de la Fédération des Associations Mycologiques Méditerranéennes Fédération des Associations Mycologiques Méditerranéennes, Nice (France) 1992–
Bulletin de la Société Mycologique de Geneve Geneva 1914–1936
Bulletin of the British Mycological Society British Mycological Society 1967–1986[4]
Bulletin Trimestriel de la Société Mycologique de France Paris 1885–
Česká Mykologie (Czech Mycology) Prague (Česká vědecká společnost pro mykologii) 1947–
Coolia Nederlandse Mycologische Vereniging (Netherlands Mycological Society)
Cryptogamie[5] Paris 1980–
Der Tintling Karin Montag, Schmelz/Deutschland 1996–
Documents Mycologiques Société Mycologique du Nord de la France (Lille, France) 1971–
Experimental Mycology New York, Orlando 1977–1995[6]
Field Mycology British Mycological Society 2000–
Friesia Copenhagen (Danish mycological society) 1931–1980[7]
The Forayer Association of British Fungus Groups
Fungal Biology British Mycological Society 2010–
Fungal Biology and Biotechnology BioMed Central 2014–
Fungal Biology Reviews British Mycological Society 2007–
Fungal Diversity Hong Kong 1998–
Fungal Ecology British Mycological Society 2008–
Fungal Genetics and Biology Orlando 1995–[8]
Fungal Science Taipei, Mycological Society of Republic of China 1995–
Fungi 2008–
Fungus Wageningen 1929–1958
Grevillea London 1872–1894
Herzogia Vaduz 1968–
International Journal of Mycology and Lichenology Braunschweig 1982–1992
International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms
Journal of Fungi[9] MDPI (Basel, Switzerland) 2015–
Journal of Mycology Manhattan 1885–1908[10]
Journal of Mycopathological Research Indian Mycological Society; Calcutta
Karstenia Helsinki 1950–
Kavaka Mycological Society of India
The Lichenologist London 1958–
Magyar Gombászati Lapok. Acta Mycologica Hungarica Budapest 1944–1947
McIlvainea North American Mycological Association
Medical Mycology Taylor and Francis[11] 1972–
Micologia e Vegetazione Mediterranea Abruzzo; G.E.M.A. (Gruppo Ecologico Micologico Abruzzese) 1986–
Micologia Italiana Unione Micologica Italiana
Micolucus Sociedade Micolóxica Lucus 2014–
Miscellanea Mycologica Cercle de Mycologie de Mons
Mitteilungen der Österreich Mykologisches Gesellschaft Vienna 1936–1938
Mushroom: The Journal of Wild Mushrooming Chicago 1985–
Mycena Minsk 2001–
Μυκητολόγος Cyprus Mycological Association 2009–2013
Mycobiology Korea 2000[12]
Mycologia Mycological Society of America, New York 1909–
Mycologia Balcanica Bulgarian Mycological Society 2004–
Mycological Papers Kew 1925–
Mycological Progress German Mycological Society 2002–
Mycological Research British Mycological Society 1989–2009[13]
Mycologische Centralblatt Jena 1912–1915
Mycologist British Mycological Society 1987–2006[14]
Mycology and Phytopathology / Mikologiya i Fitopatologiya Publishing House "Nauka", St.-Peterburg, Russia
Mycopathologia Kluwer Academic Publishers 1938–[15]
Mycorrhiza Springer-Verlag Heidelberg
Mycoscience Elsevier Japan Tokyo (Mycological Society of Japan)
Mycoses Blackwell Publishing
Mycosphere Mushroom Research Foundation, Chiang Rai, Thailand 2010–
Mycotaxon Mycotaxon Ltd. 1974–
Mykologia Prague 1924–1931
Mykologický Sborník Prague 1919–
New Zealand Journal of Botany Royal Society of New Zealand 1963–
Nova Hedwigia 1959–
Ohio Mycological Bulletin Columbus, Ohio 1903–1908
Österreichische Zeitschrift für Pilzkunde (Austrian Journal of Mycology) Austrian Mycological Society 1991–
The Open Mycology Journal Bentham Open
Pagine di Micologia Associazione Micologica Bresadola 1994–
Persoonia National Herbarium of the Netherlands 1959–
Pilz- und Krauterfreund Heilbronn 1915–1922[16]
Revista Argentina de Micología 1978–1990[17]
Revista Iberoamericana de Micología Madrid 1990–[18]
Revista Mexicana de Micología Sociedad Mexicana de Micología (Mexican Mycological Society) 1988–[19]
Revue de Mycologie Paris 1936–
Revue Mycologique Toulouse 1879–1906
Rheinland-Pfälzisches PilzJournal 1991–
Rivista di Micologia Associazione Micologica Bresadola 1957–
Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Pilzkunde Bern 1923–
Studies in Mycology Utrecht, CBS Fungal Biodiversity Centre 1972–
Svensk Mykologisk Tidskrift Sveriges Mykologiska Förening (Swedish Mycological Society) 2005–[20]
Sydowia Vienna, Austria/Print Office Berger 1947–
Transactions of the British Mycological Society British Mycological Society 1897–1988[21]
Zeitschrift für Pilzkunde Bern (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mykologie/German Mycological Society) 1923–


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  2. continued as Sydowia
  3. Continued as Revista Mexicana de Micología
  4. replaced by Mycologist
  5. Published in three series that include Revue bryologique et licénologique, 1928-1979, and Revue de mycologie, 1936-1979.
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  11. Volume 1–23 published as Sabouraudia and Volumes 24–33 published as Journal of Medical and Veterinary Mycology
  12. Volumes 1 to 27 were published as the Korean Journal of Mycology.
  13. replaced by Fungal Biology
  14. continued as Fungal Biology Reviews
  15. Volumes 5 (1950) to 54 (1974) were published as Mycopathologia et Mycologia Applicata.
  16. continued as Zeitschrift für Pilzkunde
  17. Joined Revista Iberoamericana de Micología
  18. Continues Revista Ibérica de Micología
  19. Continues Boletín de la Sociedad Mexicana de Micología
  20. Continues Jordstjärnan and Windahlia
  21. continued as Mycological Research


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