List of multiple Olympic medalists

This article provides a list of multiple Olympic medalists, i.e. those athletes who have won multiple Olympic medals at either the Summer Olympic Games or the Winter Olympic Games.

American swimmer Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian, having won 28 medals in both individual and team events (23 gold, 3 silver, and 2 bronze). Has also won more individual events than any other Olympian, with 16 medals (13 gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze).

Norwegian cross-country skier Marit Bjørgen is the most decorated Winter Olympian, with 15 medals (8 gold, 4 silver, and 3 bronze).

List of Olympic medals over career

This list includes athletes who have won seven or more Olympic medals over their sporting career. It includes top-three placings in the 1896 Olympic Games and 1900 Olympic Games, before medals were actually awarded for those placings. Medals won in the 1906 Intercalated Games are not included.

For simplicity, when an athlete has won medals for more than one nation, their entry in this list only mentions the last Nation represented. The Years listed for each athlete only include the Games in which they won medals. More detailed information is provided in the linked articles for the individual athletes.

In cases where two or more athletes have the same number of total medals, the first tiebreaker is the number of gold medals, followed by the number of silver medals. If the tied athletes have exactly the same number of gold, silver and bronze medals, the ranking is given as a tie and the athletes are listed in order first by career years and then alphabetically by surname.

No. Athlete Nation Sport Years Games Gender Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Michael Phelps United StatesSwimming2004–2016SummerM233228
2 Larisa Latynina Soviet UnionGymnastics1956–1964SummerF95418
3 Marit Bjørgen NorwayCross-country skiing2002–2018WinterF84315
4 Nikolai Andrianov Soviet UnionGymnastics1972–1980SummerM753
5 Ole Einar Bjørndalen NorwayBiathlon1998–2014WinterM84113
6 Boris Shakhlin Soviet UnionGymnastics1956–1964SummerM742
7 Edoardo Mangiarotti ItalyFencing1936–1960SummerM652
8 Takashi Ono JapanGymnastics1952–1964SummerM544
9 Paavo Nurmi FinlandAthletics1920–1928SummerM93012
10Birgit Fischer East Germany
Bjørn Dæhlie NorwayCross-country skiing1992–1998WinterM840
12Sawao Kato JapanGymnastics1968–1976SummerM831
Jenny Thompson United StatesSwimming1992–2004SummerF831
14Ryan Lochte United StatesSwimming2004–2016SummerM633
15Dara Torres United StatesSwimming1984–2008SummerF444
16Alexei Nemov RussiaGymnastics1996–2000SummerM426
17Natalie Coughlin United StatesSwimming2004–2012SummerF345
18Mark Spitz United StatesSwimming1968–1972SummerM91111
19Matt Biondi United StatesSwimming1984–1992SummerM821
20Věra Čáslavská CzechoslovakiaGymnastics1960–1968SummerF740
21Viktor Chukarin Soviet UnionGymnastics1952–1956SummerM731
22Ireen Wüst NetherlandsSpeed skating2006–2018WinterF551
23Carl Osburn United StatesShooting1912–1924SummerM542
24Carl Lewis United StatesAthletics1984–1996SummerM91010
25Aladár Gerevich HungaryFencing1932–1960SummerM712
26Isabell Werth GermanyEquestrian1992–2016SummerF640
27Akinori Nakayama JapanGymnastics1968–1972SummerM622
28Vitaly Scherbo Unified Team
29Ágnes Keleti HungaryGymnastics1952–1956SummerF532
Gary Hall Jr. United StatesSwimming1996–2004SummerM532
31Polina Astakhova Soviet UnionGymnastics1956–1964SummerF523
32Raisa Smetanina Soviet Union
 Unified Team
Cross-country skiing1976–1992WinterF451
33Alexander Dityatin Soviet UnionGymnastics1976–1980SummerM361
34Stefania Belmondo ItalyCross-country skiing1992–2002WinterF235
35Franziska van Almsick GermanySwimming1992–2004SummerF046
36Hubert Van Innis BelgiumArchery1900–1920SummerM6309
Lyubov Yegorova Unified Team
Cross-country skiing1992–1994WinterF630
Allyson Felix United StatesAthletics2004–2016SummerF630
39Valentina Vezzali ItalyFencing1996–2012SummerF612
40Nadia Comăneci RomaniaGymnastics1976–1980SummerF531
Ian Thorpe AustraliaSwimming2000–2004SummerM531
42Claudia Pechstein GermanySpeed skating1992–2006WinterF522
43Mitsuo Tsukahara JapanGymnastics1968–1976SummerM513
44Alexander Popov Unified Team
45Sixten Jernberg SwedenCross-country skiing1956–1964WinterM432
Ludmilla Tourischeva Soviet UnionGymnastics1968–1976SummerF432
47Sven Kramer NetherlandsSpeed skating2006–2018WinterM423
48Charlotte Kalla SwedenCross-country skiing2010–2018WinterF360
49Anky van Grunsven NetherlandsEquestrian1992–2012SummerF351
Leisel Jones AustraliaSwimming2000–2012SummerF351
51Giulio Gaudini ItalyFencing1928–1936SummerM342
52Alfred Swahn SwedenShooting1908–1924SummerM333
53Mikhail Voronin Soviet UnionGymnastics1968–1972SummerM261
54Uschi Disl GermanyBiathlon1992–2006WinterF243
55Heikki Savolainen FinlandGymnastics1928–1952SummerM216
56Yuri Titov Soviet UnionGymnastics1956–1964SummerM153
57Merlene Ottey JamaicaAthletics1980–2000SummerF036
58Ray Ewry United StatesAthletics1900–1908SummerM8008
Usain Bolt JamaicaAthletics2008–2016SummerM800
60Gert Fredriksson SwedenCanoeing1948–1960SummerM611
61Reiner Klimke United Team of Germany
 West Germany
Ahn Hyun-Soo
Viktor Ahn
 South Korea
Short track speed skating2006–2014WinterM602
63Ville Ritola FinlandAthletics1924–1928SummerM530
64Elisabeta Lipă RomaniaRowing1984–2000SummerF521
65Bradley Wiggins Great BritainCycling2000–2016SummerM512
Nathan Adrian United StatesSwimming2008–2016SummerM512
67Dawn Fraser AustraliaSwimming1956–1964SummerF440
Kornelia Ender East GermanySwimming1972–1976SummerF440
69Otto Olsen NorwayShooting1920–1924SummerM431
Georges Miez SwitzerlandGymnastics1924–1936SummerM431
Ricco Groß GermanyBiathlon1992–2006WinterM431
Emil Hegle Svendsen NorwayBiathlon2010–2018WinterM431
73Roland Matthes East GermanySwimming1968–1976SummerM422
Allison Schmitt United StatesSwimming2008–2016SummerF422
Galina Kulakova Soviet UnionCross-country skiing1972–1980WinterF422
Kjetil André Aamodt NorwayAlpine skiing1992–2006WinterM422
Sven Fischer GermanyBiathlon1994–2006WinterM422
Inge de Bruijn NetherlandsSwimming2000–2004SummerF422
Jason Lezak United StatesSwimming2000–2012SummerM422
80Giovanna Trillini ItalyFencing1992–2008SummerF413
81Katalin Kovács HungaryCanoeing2000–2012SummerF350
82Roger Ducret FranceFencing1920–1928SummerM341
Philippe Cattiau FranceFencing1920–1936SummerM341
Karin Enke East GermanySpeed skating1980–1988WinterF341
Gunda Niemann-Stirnemann GermanySpeed skating1992–1998WinterF341
Petria Thomas AustraliaSwimming1996–2004SummerF341
87Veronica Campbell-Brown JamaicaAthletics2000–2016SummerF332
88Shirley Babashoff United StatesSwimming1972–1976SummerF260
89Susie O'Neill AustraliaSwimming1992–2000SummerF242
90Margit Korondi HungaryGymnastics1952–1956SummerF224
Sofia Muratova Soviet UnionGymnastics1956–1960SummerF224
Dmitri Sautin Unified Team
Apolo Ohno United StatesShort track speed skating2002–2010WinterM224
94Arianna Fontana ItalyShort track speed skating2006–2018WinterF125
95Chris Hoy Great BritainCycling2000–2012SummerM6107
Jason Kenny Great BritainCycling2008–2016SummerM610
97Pál Kovács HungaryFencing1936–1960SummerM601
98Yukio Endo JapanGymnastics1960–1968SummerM520
Aaron Peirsol United StatesSwimming2000–2008SummerM520
Martin Fourcade FranceBiathlon2010–2018WinterM520
101Willis Augustus Lee United StatesShooting1920SummerM511
Clas Thunberg FinlandSpeed skating1924–1928WinterM511
Hans Günter Winkler United Team of Germany
 West Germany
Tom Jager United StatesSwimming1984–1992SummerM511
Krisztina Egerszegi HungarySwimming1988–1996SummerF511
Larisa Lazutina Unified Team
Cross-country skiing1992–1998WinterF511
Dana Vollmer United StatesSwimming2004–2016SummerM511
Minxia Wu ChinaDiving2004–2016SummerF511
109Ivan Patzaichin RomaniaCanoeing1968–1984SummerM430
110Einar Liberg NorwayShooting1908–1924SummerM421
Ivar Ballangrud NorwaySpeed skating1928–1936WinterM421
112Charles Daniels United StatesSwimming1904–1908SummerM412
Lloyd Spooner United StatesShooting1920SummerM412
Kosuke Kitajima JapanSwimming2004–2012SummerM412
Libby Trickett AustraliaSwimming2004–2012SummerF412
116Vilhelm Carlberg SwedenShooting1908–1924SummerM340
Kōhei Uchimura JapanGymnastics2008–2016SummerM340
118Veikko Hakulinen FinlandCross-country skiing1952–1960WinterM331
119Eero Mäntyranta FinlandCross-country skiing1960–1968WinterM322
Irena Szewińska PolandAthletics1964–1976SummerF322
Agneta Andersson SwedenCanoeing1984–1996SummerF322
Pieter van den Hoogenband NetherlandsSwimming2000–2004SummerM322
123Shirley Strickland AustraliaAthletics1948–1956SummerF313
Simona Amânar RomaniaGymnastics1996–2000SummerF313
Felix Gottwald AustriaNordic combined2002–2010WinterM313
126Marja-Liisa Kirvesniemi FinlandCross-country skiing1984–1994WinterF304
Yelena Välbe Unified Team
Cross-country skiing1992–1998WinterF304
128Gustavo Marzi ItalyFencing1928–1936SummerM250
Maria Gorokhovskaya Soviet UnionGymnastics1952SummerF250
130Amanda Beard United StatesSwimming1996–2004SummerF241
Svetlana Khorkina RussiaGymnastics1996–2004SummerF241
Kirsty Coventry ZimbabweSwimming2004–2008SummerF241
133Ildikó Újlaky-Rejtő HungaryFencing1960–1976SummerF232
Karin Janz East GermanyGymnastics1968–1972SummerF232
135Shannon Miller United StatesGymnastics1992–1996SummerF223
Manuela Di Centa ItalyCross-country skiing1992–1998WinterF223
Aliya Mustafina RussiaGymnastics2012–2016SummerF223
138Andrea Ehrig-Mitscherlich East GermanySpeed skating1976–1988WinterF151
139Vladimir Smirnov KazakhstanCross-country skiing1988–1998WinterM142


This is a progressive list of Olympians that have held the record for most medals won. Medals won in the 1906 Intercalated Games are not included. It includes top-three placings in 1896 and 1900, before medals were awarded for top-three placings. All record-holders have competed at Summer Games rather than Winter Games.

Medal count Date Athlete Nation Sport Record medal event Earlier medal events
1 6 April 1896[1] James Connolly  United States Athletics Triple jump G
Alexandre Tuffère  France Triple jump S
Ioannis Persakis  Greece Triple jump B
Robert Garrett  United States Athletics Discus G
Panagiotis Paraskevopoulos  Greece Discus S
Sotirios Versis  Greece Discus B
2 7 April 1896[1] Robert Garrett  United States Athletics Long jump S See above
James Connolly  United States Long jump B
3 Robert Garrett  United States Athletics Shot put G 18961 G, 2 S
9 April 1896[1] Carl Schuhmann  Germany Gymnastics Vault G 18961 G, 2 G
Hermann Weingärtner  Germany Vault B 18961 G, 2 G
4 Gymnastics Pommel horse S
5 Rings S
6 Horizontal bar G
16 July 1900 Robert Garrett  United States Athletics Standing triple jump B 18961 G, 2 S, 3 G, 4 S
19005 B
3 September 1904 Ray Ewry  United States Athletics Standing triple jump G 19001 G, 2 G, 3 G
19044 G, 5 G
7 20 July 1908 Athletics Standing long jump G
8 23 July 1908 Standing high jump G
29 July 1920 Carl Osburn  United States Shooting Team 300 m / 600 m military rifle, prone G 19121 B, 2 S, 3 S, 4 G
19205 B, 6 S, 7 G
9 30 July 1920 300 m military rifle, standing G
10 31 July 1920 Team free rifle G
11 27 June 1924 Shooting 600 m free rifle S
3 August 1928 Paavo Nurmi  Finland Athletics 5000 m S 19201 S, 2 G, 3 G, 4 G
19245 G, 6 G, 7 G, 8 G, 9 G
192810 G
12 4 August 1928 3000 m steeplechase S
2 September 1960 Edoardo Mangiarotti  Italy Fencing Team foil S 19361 G
19482 S, 3 S, 4 B
19525 S, 6 S, 7 G, 8 G
19569 G, 10 G, 11 B
13 9 September 1960 Team épée G
21 October 1964 Larisa Latynina  Soviet Union Gymnastics Team G 1956 – 1 G, 2 B, 3 G, 4 G, 5 G, 6 S
1960 – 7 G, 8 G, 9 S, 10 S, 11 B, 12 G
14 All-around S
15 22 October 1964 Vault S
16 Uneven bars B
17 23 October 1964 Balance beam B
18 Floor exercise G
31 July 2012 Michael Phelps  United States Swimming 200 m butterfly S 20041 G, 2 B, 3 B, 4 G, 5 G, 6 G, 7 G, 8 G
20089 G, 10 G, 11 G, 12 G, 13 G, 14 G, 15 G, 16 G
201217 S
19 4 × 200 m freestyle G
20 2 August 2012 200 m individual medley G
21 3 August 2012 100 m butterfly G
22 4 August 2012 4 × 100 m medley relay G
23 7 August 2016 4 × 100 m freestyle relay G
24 9 August 2016 200 m butterfly G
25 4 × 200 m freestyle relay G
26 11 August 2016 200 m individual medley G
27 12 August 2016 100 m butterfly S
28 13 August 2016 4 × 100 m medley relay G

Legend: G = Gold, S = Silver, B = Bronze.

List of most career medals in individual events

This list contains only medals won in individual events, so no relays or team events count for this section.

No. Athlete Nation Sport Years Games Sex Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Michael Phelps United StatesSwimming2004–2016SummerM132116
2 Larisa Latynina Soviet UnionGymnastics1956–1964SummerF65314
3 Nikolai Andrianov Soviet UnionGymnastics1972–1980SummerM63312
4 Boris Shakhlin Soviet UnionGymnastics1956–1964SummerM62210
5 Marit Bjørgen NorwayCross-country skiing2002–2018WinterF532
6 Takashi Ono JapanGymnastics1952–1964SummerM334
7 Alexei Nemov RussiaGymnastics1996–2000SummerM325
8 Paavo Nurmi FinlandAthletics1920–1928SummerM6309
Bjørn Dæhlie NorwayCross-country skiing1992–1998WinterM630
10 Viktor Chukarin Soviet UnionGymnastics1952–1956SummerM531
Sawao Kato JapanGymnastics1968–1976SummerM531
Ole Einar Bjørndalen NorwayBiathlon1998–2014WinterM531
13 Vitaly Scherbo Unified Team
14 Ireen Wüst NetherlandsSpeed skating2006–2018WinterF441
15 Ray Ewry United StatesAthletics1900–1908SummerM8008
16 Věra Čáslavská CzechoslovakiaGymnastics1960–1968SummerF710
Carl Lewis United StatesAthletics1984–1996SummerM710
18 Akinori Nakayama JapanGymnastics1968–1972SummerM422
Kjetil André Aamodt NorwayAlpine skiing1992–2006WinterF422
Claudia Pechstein GermanySpeed skating1992–2006WinterF422
21 Karin Enke East GermanySpeed skating1980–1988WinterF341
Gunda Niemann-Stirnemann GermanySpeed skating1992–1998WinterF341
23 Alexander Dityatin Soviet UnionGymnastics1976–1980SummerM251
24 Clas Thunberg FinlandSpeed skating1924–1928WinterM5117
Gert Fredriksson SwedenCanoeing1948–1960SummerM511
Nadia Comăneci RomaniaGymnastics1976–1980SummerF511
Krisztina Egerszegi HungarySwimming1988–1996SummerF511
28 Lyubov Yegorova Unified Team
Cross-country skiing1992–1994WinterF430
29 Ivar Ballangrud NorwaySpeed skating1928–1936WinterM421
30 Sixten Jernberg SwedenCross-country skiing1956–1964WinterM331
31 Mikhail Voronin Soviet UnionGymnastics1968–1972SummerM241
Raisa Smetanina Soviet Union
 Unified Team
Cross-country skiing1976–1992WinterF241
Kirsty Coventry ZimbabweSwimming2004–2008SummerF241
34 Stefania Belmondo ItalyCross-country skiing1992–2002WinterF232
35 Ryan Lochte United StatesSwimming2004–2012SummerM223
36 Andrea Ehrig-Mitscherlich East GermanySpeed skating1976–1988WinterF151
37 Merlene Ottey JamaicaAthletics1980–2000SummerF025

Athletes with medals in different disciplines

In the Summer and Winter Games

Athlete (Nation) Summer Games Winter Games Ref
Year Medal Event Year Medal Event
 Eddie Eagan (USA) 1920 Antwerp  Gold Boxing (light heavyweight) 1932 Lake Placid  Gold Bobsleigh (four-man) [2]
 Jacob Tullin Thams (NOR) 1936 Berlin  Silver Sailing (8-metre) 1924 Chamonix  Gold Ski jumping (individual large hill) [3]
 Christa Luding-Rothenburger (GDR) 1988 Seoul  Silver Cycling (sprint) 1984 Sarajevo  Gold Speed skating (500 m) [4]
1988 Calgary  Gold Speed skating (1000 m)
 Silver Speed skating (500 m)
1992 Albertville  Bronze Speed skating (500 m)
 Clara Hughes (CAN) 1996 Atlanta  Bronze Cycling (road race) 2002 Salt Lake City  Bronze Speed skating (5000 m) [5]
2006 Turin  Silver Speed skating (team pursuit)
 Bronze Cycling (time trial)  Gold Speed skating (5000 m)
2010 Vancouver  Bronze Speed skating (5000 m)
 Lauryn Williams (USA) 2004 Athens  Silver Athletics (100 m) 2014 Sochi  Silver Bobsleigh (two-woman) [6]
2012 London  Gold Athletics (4 × 100 m relay)
  • Gillis Grafström became the first person to win a medal in the same event in Summer and Winter Olympics, winning figure skating golds at the 1920 Olympics and at the first Winter Olympics in 1924.
  • Eddie Eagan became the first person to win a medal in the Winter Olympics and in the Summer Olympics in different events. He is the only Summer and Winter medalist to win gold medals in different events.
  • Christa Luding-Rothenburger is the only person to win medals at the Winter and Summer Games in the same year. (This feat is no longer possible due to the staggering of the Winter and Summer Olympic years). She is also the first person to win medals in successive Winter and Summer Games or vice versa.
  • Clara Hughes is the first person to win multiple medals in both Summer and Winter Games and holds the highest number of medals of any Olympian to win medals in both the Summer and Winter Games.

In the Summer Games

Swimming and water polo

Others in Summer Games

In the Winter Games

Cross-country skiing and Nordic combined

Others in Winter Games

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