List of motorways in the Netherlands

These are the Netherlands' motorways by their national number, listed with the most important towns at or near the roads. The numbers start with 'A' for 'autosnelweg' (motorway in Dutch). Some of these also carry one or more European E-road numbers on (sections of) their trajectory. Although E-roads in the Netherlands are virtually all motorway, the trajectories are frequently not the same.

Motorways in the Netherlands
Motorways in the Netherlands highlighted in red
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Number Length (mi)[2] Length (km) Southern or western terminus Northern or eastern terminus Formed Removed Notes
A1 157.73398.011 E 35/A10 in AmsterdamE 30/A30 at Germany country line east of De Lutte Amsterdam - Hilversum - Amersfoort - Apeldoorn - Deventer - Hengelo - Germany (Bad Bentheim)
A2 217.098134.898 E 19/E 35/A10 & S110 in AmsterdamE 25/A25 at Belgium country line south of Eijsden Amsterdam - Utrecht - 's-Hertogenbosch - Eindhoven - Weert - Geleen - Maastricht - Belgium (Visé)
A4 E 19/E 22/A10 in AmsterdamA15 in Hoogvliet Amsterdam - Schiphol - Hoofddorp - Leiden - The Hague - Delft - Schiedam - Vlaardingen - Hoogvliet
A4 A29/A59 northeast of HeijningenA12 at Belgium country line southeast of Ossendrecht Heijningen - Bergen op Zoom - Belgium (Antwerp)
A5 18.83011.700 E 22/A10 in AmsterdamE 19/A4 east of Hoofddorp Hoofddorp - Amsterdam
A6 102.55763.726 E 231/A1 south of MuiderbergE 22/A7 southeast of Joure from A1 - Almere - Lelystad - Emmeloord - Joure
A7 240.969149.731 S151 & S155 in ZaandamE 22/A280 at Germany country line south of Nieuweschans Zaanstad - Purmerend - Hoorn - (Afsluitdijk) - Sneek - Heerenveen - Drachten - Groningen - Hoogezand - Winschoten - Nieuweschans - Germany (Bunde)
A8 9.9666.193 E 22/E 35/A10 in AmsterdamN8 & N246 & S154 north of Westzaan Amsterdam - Zaanstad
A9 95.67359.448 E 231/A1 motorway (Netherlands) & S114 in DiemenN9 & N242 south of Alkmaar from A1 - Amsterdam Zuidoost - Amstelveen - Badhoevedorp - Haarlem - Beverwijk - Alkmaar
A10 32.06719.926 E 22/A8 in AmsterdamE 22/E 35/A8 in Amsterdam Amsterdam ring
A12 136.81885.015 N44 & S101 in The HagueE 35/A3 at Germany country line east of Babberich Germany (Oberhausen) - Zevenaar - Arnhem - Ede - Utrecht - Gouda - Zoetermeer - The Hague
A13 16.75510.411 E 19/E 25/A20 & S113 in RotterdamE 19/E 30/A4 in The Hague The Hague - Rotterdam
A15 204.150126.853 N15 south of RozenburgA325 & N325/S110 west of Het Hoog Europoort - Rotterdam - Dordrecht - Gorinchem - Tiel - Nijmegen
A16 58.09836.100 E 19/E 25/A20 motorway (Netherlands) in RotterdamE 19/A1 road (Belgium) in Hazeldonk Rotterdam - Dordrecht - Breda - Belgium (Antwerp)
A17 26.59316.524 E 19/A16 motorway (Netherlands)/A59 motorway (Netherlands) east of MoerdijkE 312/A58 motorway (Netherlands) in Roosendaal Moerdijk - Roosendaal
A18 E 35/A12 northeast of BabberichN18 northwest of Varsseveld Zevenaar - Doetinchem - Varsseveld
A20 38.86224.148 N213 & E 25/N220 in MaasdijkE 25/E 30/A12 east of Gouda Gouda - Rotterdam - Vlaardingen - Maassluis
A22 8.3485.187 A9 east of VelserbroekA9 east of Beverwijk Velsen - Beverwijk
A27 108.72867.560 E 19/E 312/A58 northeast of RijsbergenA6 east of Almere Breda - Gorinchem - Utrecht - Hilversum - Huizen - Almere
A28 187.471116.489 E 30/A27 east of UtrechtE 22/N7 in Groningen Utrecht - Amersfoort - Harderwijk - Zwolle - Meppel - Hoogeveen - Assen - Groningen
A29 13.4108.333 A15 & S103 in BarendrechtA4 & A59 northeast of Heijningen Rotterdam - Dinteloord
A30 18.20411.311 E 35/A12 east of EdeE 30/A1 northwest of Barneveld Barneveld - Ede
A31 64.57740.126 E 22/A7 southwest of HarlingenE 22/A7 & N381 west of Drachten Harlingen - Leeuwarden
A32 65.93640.971 E 232/A28 south of MeppelN31 south of Leeuwarden Meppel - Steenwijk - Heerenveen - Akkrum - Leeuwarden
A35 35.65922.157 N35 & N350 south of WierdenN35 in Enschede Enschede - Hengelo - Almelo - Wierden
A37 42.09226.155 E 232/A28 & N48 south of HoogeveenE 233/B402 at Germany country line east of Zwartemeer Hoogeveen - Emmen - Zwartemeer
A38 E 19/A15/A16 in RidderkerkS105 in Ridderkerk from A15 - A16 - Ridderkerk
A44 27.85017.305 N44 east of WassenaarE 19/A4 & N207 northwest of Leimuiden Wassenaar - Leiden - Nieuw Vennep
A50 159.59199.165 E 25/A2 north of EindhovenE 232/A28 & N50 north of Hattemerbroek Eindhoven - Oss - Wijchen - Arnhem - Apeldoorn - Zwolle
A58 136.91685.076 N288 in VlissingenE 25/A2 northeast of Eindhoven Eindhoven - Tilburg - Breda - Roosendaal - Bergen op Zoom - Goes - Middelburg - Vlissingen
A59 121.09575.245 A4 & A29 northeast of HeijningenA50 southeast of Oss Willemstad - Moerdijk - Waalwijk - 's-Hertogenbosch - Oss
A65 21.64313.448 E 312/A58 & N269 southeast of TilburgN65 south of Berkel-Enschot Tilburg - Berkel-Enschot
A67 77.88148.393 E 34/A21 at Belgium country line southwest of EerselE 34/A40 at Germany country line east of Venlo Belgium (Turnhout) - Eindhoven - Venlo - Germany (Duisburg)
A73 105.71365.687 E 25/A2 north of EchtE 31/A50 & N322 west of Beuningen from A50 - Nijmegen - Venlo -Roermond - A2 near Maastricht
A74 1.8931.176 A61 at Germany country line east of HeideA73 east of Tegelen Venlo - Germany (Kaldenkirchen)
A76 27.00816.782 E 314/A2 at Belgium country line southwest of SteinE 314/A4 at Germany country line east of Bocholtz Belgium (Genk) - Stein - Geleen - Heerlen - Germany (Aachen)
A77 10.1356.298 E 31/A73 northeast of RijkevoortE 31/A57 east of Heijen Boxmeer - Germany (Goch)
A79 17.73111.018 E 25/A2 northeast of MaastrichtE 314/A76 southwest of Heerlen Maastricht - Heerlen
A200 11.8667.373 N200/R106 east of HaarlemN200 north of Zwanenburg Zwanenburg-East - Haarlem-East (former A5)
A208 1.5220.946 from A5 - Velsen - Haarlem
A256 E 312/A58 southwest of GoesN256 & N664 west of Goes from A5 - Goes
A270 N270 northwest of EindhovenN270 southeast of Nuenen Eindhoven - Helmond
A325 A15 & S110 west of Het HoogN225 & N325 in Arnhem Arnhem - Nijmegen (former A52)
A326 A50 west of WijchenS103 north of Wijchen Wijchen - Nijmegen
A348 E 35/A12 & N325 in ArnhemN348 & N317 south of Dieren Arnhem - Dieren (former A48)

Former motorways

The following routes lost their motorway-status:

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