List of most valuable crops and livestock products

The following list, derived from the statistics of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) unless otherwise noted, lists the most important agricultural products produced by the countries of the world.[1][2]

The data in this article, unless otherwise noted, is for 2012. The value and production of individual crops varies substantially from year to year as prices fluctuate on the world and country markets and weather and other factors influence production.

CropTypeglobal value in billion US dollars (2012)global production in metric tons (2011)Top producing country and value billion US dollars (2012)
Rice, paddyCereals$337740,961,445$117 (Mainland China) 2016 data
Cattle, meatLivestock$33665,973,820$53 (United States) 2016 data
Pig, meatLivestock$306118,168,709$167 (Mainland China) 2016 data
Cow's milk, whole, freshLivestock Primary$286659,150,049$35 (United States) 2016 data
Chicken, meatLivestock$12890,001,779$24.4 (United States)
WheatCereals$84701,395,334$13.7 (Mainland China)
Soybeans$65262,037,569$21.8 (United States)
TomatoesVegetables$58159,347,031$17.9 (Mainland China)
Sugarcane$571,800,377,642$23.9 (Brazil)
Maize (Corn)Cereals$55885,289,935$26.4 (United States)
Eggs, in shellLivestock Primary$5465,181,280$19.8 (Mainland China)
PotatoesRoots and Tubers$50373,158,351$12.6 (Mainland China)
Vegetables, not elsewhere specifiedVegetables$46268,833,780$25.3 (Mainland China)
GrapesFruit$3969,093,293$5.2 (Mainland China)
Water Buffalo milkLivestock Primary$3895,888,113$26.0 (India)
Cotton, lintFibre crops$3726,143,049$9.4 (Mainland China)
ApplesFruit$3275,484,671$15.2 (Mainland China)
Sweet PotatoRoots and tubers$31105,948,736$21.0 (Mainland China)
BananasFruit$29107,142,187$8.4 (India)
Cassava (yuca)Roots and Tubers$25256,404,044$5.5 (Nigeria)
Mangos, Mangosteens, GuavasFruit$2338,953,166$9.1 (India)
Sheep, meatLivestock$228,229,068$5.6 (Mainland China)
Coffee$228,034,000$10.0 (est)[3] (Brazil)
Palm oilOilcrops$2047,703,805$9.3 (Indonesia)
Onions, dryVegetables$1886,343,822$5.2 (Mainland China)
Beans, dry and greenPulses$17$6.2 (Mainland China)
Peanuts, in shell$1740,016,584$7.0 (Mainland China)
OlivesOilcrops$1620,545,421$6.3 (Spain)
Rapeseed$15$3.9 (Canada)
Almonds, in shellTreenuts$153,214,303$12.3 (United States) 2016 data
Walnuts, with shellTreenuts$143,747,549$7.7 (Mainland China) 2016 data
Chilis and peppers, green and dry$13$7.5 (Mainland China)
RubberTree crops$13$3.8 (Thailand)
Tea$124,520,000$4.1 (Mainland China)
OrangesFruit$12$3.8 (Brazil)
CucumbersVegetables$12$9.1 (Mainland China)
YamsRoots and Tubers$12$7.6 (Nigeria)
Peaches, nectarinesFruit$11$6.3 (Mainland China)
Lettuce, ChicoryVegetables$11$6.3 (Mainland China)
Cacao (Chocolate)$104,082,000$3.1 [4] (Republic of Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast))
Goat, meatLivestock$10$4.5 (Mainland China)
Sunflower seedOilcrops$10$2.5 (Russia)
Sugar beetsVegetables$10$1.6 (France)
WatermelonsFruit$10$7.4 (Mainland China)
Buffalo, meatLivestock$9$4.0 (India)
AsparagusVegetables$7$6.6 (Mainland China)
Turkey, meatLivestock$7$3.4 (United States)
Carrots, TurnipsVegetables$7$3.9 (Mainland China)
Duck, meatLivestock$7$4.6 (Mainland China)
CoconutsTreenuts$6$1.9 (India)
TangerinesCitrus Fruit$6$3.1 (Mainland China)
Lemons, LimesCitrus Fruit$5$0.9 (Mainland China)
StrawberriesFruit$5$1.8 (United States)
ChestnutTreenuts$52,261,589$4,5 (Mainland China) 2016 data
Hazelnut, with shellTreenuts$2743,455$1.5 (Turkey) 2016 data


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