List of mosques in Saudi Arabia

This is a list of mosques in Saudi Arabia.

Name Images Location Year Remarks
Abu Bakr MosqueMedina
Aisha MosqueMecca
Ajyad MosqueMecca
Alowidah MosqueRiyadh
Al Hamra MosqueMedina
Al Jum'ah MosqueMedina622
Al-Ejabah MosqueMecca
Al-Fuqair MosqueMedina
Al-Ijabah MosqueMedina622
Al Malik Fahd MosqueJeddah
Al-Rahmah MosqueJeddah
Al-Rayah mosqueMedina
Amberiye mosqueMedina
As-Sabaq MosqueMedina
As-Sajadah MosqueMedina
Bani Bayadhah MosqueMedina
Bani Haritsah MosqueMedina
Bay'ah MosqueMecca761
Bin Laden MosqueJeddah
Faqi MosqueMecca
Fas'h mosqueMedina
Hassan Enany MosqueJeddah
Jawatha MosqueHofuf629
King Saud MosqueJeddah1987
Manartain mosqueMedina
Great Mosque of MeccaMecca2130BCEThe largest mosque in the world, it surrounds Islam's holiest place, the Kaaba. One of the Five Pillars of Islam requires every Muslim to perform the Hajj pilgrimage here, at least once in his or her lifetime if able to do so. Converted to mosque in 630.
Masjid al-QiblataynMecca623Historically important for Muslims as it is the place where, after the Islamic prophet Muhammad received the command to change the direction of prayer (qibla) from Jerusalem to Mecca.
Masjid e TaneemTaneem
Mosque of Al-FadeekhMedina
Mosque of Al-GhamamaMedina
Mosque of Al-SaqiyaMedina
Mosque of Atban Bin MalikMedina
Mosque of Bani HaramMedina
Al-Masjid an-NabawiMedina622The second-holiest site in Islam and the third mosque built in the history of Islam.
Quba MosqueMedina622The first mosque of Islam.[1]
The Seven MosquesMedina

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