List of modern Pagan temples

This article is a list of modern pagan temples and other religious buildings and structures, sorted alphabetically by country and city.






  • Temple of Jupiter (Templum Iovis), Torre Gaia, Rome[5]
  • Tempio della Grande Dea, Rome Rome[6]







United Kingdom

United States

Planned and under construction

  • Hof Ásatrúarfélagsins is being built by Ásatrúarfélagið in Reykjavik, Iceland. It has been delayed several times and is now being built in separate stages.[26]
  • A Slavic Native Faith temple is being built in Wrocław, Poland.[27]
  • Centre of the Rodnover Communities of Krasnoyarsk "Rodunitsa" (Общины Родноверов Красноярья "Родуница"; for short: ОРКхолл, ORKxoll), the gorodok (citadel) of the Rodnover communities of Krasnoyarsk, Russia (in progress);[28]
  • Ynglist Church temples (planned):[29]
    • Temple of Veles (Капища Велеса), Omsk;
    • Temple of Yngly (Капища Инглии), Omsk.
  • Slavic Temple in Khabarovsk (planned).[30]
  • Atlanta Heathen Hof, a temple of the group Vör Forn Siðr, is being built 10 miles outside Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. Its projected completion date is 2022.[31]

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