List of military rockets

This is a list of unguided rockets and missiles used for military purposes.


List of Military Rockets
Name Type Country of Origin
AIR-2 GenieAir-to-air rocket USA
Gimlet (rocket)Air-to-air rocket USA
Le PrieurAir-to-air rocket France
Mk 4/Mk 40 Folding-Fin Aerial RocketAir-to-air rocket USA
R4M rocketAir-to-air rocket Germany
RS-82 rocketAir-to-air rocket Soviet Union
Werfer-Granate 21Air-to-air rocket Germany
3.5-Inch Forward Firing Aircraft RocketAir-to-surface rocket USA
5-Inch Forward Firing Aircraft RocketAir-to-surface rocket USA
8 cm Flz.-Rakete OerlikonAir-to-surface rocket  Switzerland
BOAR (rocket)Air-to-surface rocket USA
CRV7Air-to-surface rocket Canada
High Velocity Aircraft RocketAir-to-surface rocket USA
Hydra 70Air-to-surface rocket USA
Mk 4/Mk 40 Folding-Fin Aerial RocketAir-to-surface rocket USA
Ram (rocket)Air-to-surface rocket USA
Red AngelAir-to-surface rocket United Kingdom
RP-3Air-to-surface rocket United Kingdom
RS-82Air-to-surface rocket Soviet Union
RS-132Air-to-surface rocket Soviet Union
S-5 (ARS-57)Air-to-surface rocket Soviet Union
S-8Air-to-surface rocket Soviet Union
S-13Air-to-surface rocket Soviet Union
S-24Air-to-surface rocket Soviet Union
S-25Air-to-surface rocket Soviet Union
SNEBAir-to-surface rocket France
SNORAAir-to-surface rocket  Switzerland
SURAAir-to-surface rocket  Switzerland
Tiny Tim (rocket)Air-to-surface rocket USA
Alcotán-100Anti-tank rocket Spain
APILASAnti-tank rocket France
AT4Anti-tank rocket Sweden
AT-4 SpigotAnti-tank rocket Soviet Union
B-300Anti-tank rocket Israel
BazookaAnti-tank rocket USA
C90-CR (M3)Anti-tank rocket Spain
FolgoreAnti-tank rocket Italy
FT-5Anti-tank rocket South Africa
HellerAnti-tank rocket Canada
Hungarian 44MAnti-tank rocket Hungary
LRAC F1Anti-tank rocket France
M72 LAWAnti-tank rocket USA
M79 OsaAnti-tank rocket Yugoslavia
M80 ZoljaAnti-tank rocket SFR Yugoslavia
M90 StrsljenAnti-tank rocket Serbia
MARAAnti-tank rocket Argentina
PF-89Anti-tank rocket China
Panzerschreck (Raketenpanzerbüchse)Anti-tank rocket Germany
Panzerfaust 3Anti-tank rocket Germany
PG-7VRAnti-tank rocket Soviet Union
RL-83 BlindicideAnti-tank rocket Belgium
RPG-7Anti-tank rocket Soviet Union
RPG-16Anti-tank rocket Soviet Union
RPG-18 "Muha"Anti-tank rocket Soviet Union
RPG-22 "Netto"Anti-tank rocket Soviet Union
RPG-26 "Aglen"Anti-tank rocket Soviet Union
RPG-27 "Tavolga"Anti-tank rocket Soviet Union
RPG-28Anti-tank rocket Russia
RPG-29 "Vampir"Anti-tank rocket Soviet Union
RPG-30Anti-tank rocket Russia
RPG-32 "Hashim"Anti-tank rocket Russia
RPG-76 KomarAnti-tank rocket Poland
SarpacAnti-tank rocket France
SMAWAnti-tank rocket USA
Type 69 RPGAnti-tank rocket China
Viper (FGR-17)Anti-tank rocket USA
YasinAnti-tank rocket Palestine
Bo-hiyaTactical rocket Japan
Congreve rocketTactical rocket United Kingdom
M8 4.5-Inch RocketTactical rocket USA
Fajr-3Tactical rocket Iran
Fajr-5Tactical rocket Iran
Honest John (MGR-1)Tactical rocket USA
Mysorean rocketsTactical rocket United Kingdom
Honest JohnTactical rocket USA
Khaibar-1Tactical rocket Syria
Little John (MGR-3)Tactical rocket USA
OassamTactical rocket Palestine
SingijeonTactical rocket Korea
RP-3Tactical rocket United Kingdom
SaeghehTactical rocket Iran
OgbunigweTactical rocket Biafra
CY-1Anti-submarine rocket China
MousetrapAnti-submarine rocket USA
RBK-1200 ASRLAnti-submarine rocketTBD
RBU-1000 (RGB-10)Anti-submarine rocket Soviet Union
RBU-6000 (RGB-60)Anti-submarine rocket Soviet Union
ASROC (RUR-5)Anti-submarine rocket USA
Weapon Alpha (RUR-4)Anti-submarine rocket USA
UDAV-1Anti-submarine rocket Soviet Union
2.25-Inch Sub-Caliber Aircraft RocketTraining rocket USA
BMTS (MQR-13)Training rocket USA
Gunrunner (MQR-16)Training rocket USA
LOCATTraining rocket USA
Smokey Sam (GTR-18)Training rocket USA

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