List of military legions

This list of military legions is in chronological order where possible. In modern times, most units using the name "legion" were composed of soldiers from a specific ethnic, national, religious or ideological background, and that background is often specified in the legion's name.

Military organization
Typical units Typical numbers Typical commander
fireteam 2–4 lance corporal /
squad /
5–14 corporal /
sergeant /
staff sergeant
platoon /
15–45 second lieutenant /
first lieutenant /
company /
battery /
80–150 first lieutenant /
captain /
battalion /
300–800 lieutenant colonel /
regiment /
brigade /
1,000–5,500 colonel /
brigadier general
division 10,000–25,000 major general
corps 30,000–50,000 lieutenant general
field army 100,000–300,000 general /
lieutenant general
army group /
2+ field armies field marshal /
general of the army /
region /
4+ army groups field marshal /
general of the army /
general /

Ancient Rome

Eighteenth century

French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

Nineteenth century

World War I

Interwar Period

World War II

  • Armenian or Armenische Legion, name given to the 812th Armenian Battalion of the German Army, made up largely of Armenian Red Army prisoners of war
  • Azərbaycan legionu (Azerbaijan legion), made up largely of Azerbaijani Red Army prisoners of war
  • Blue Legion, Spanish volunteers fighting against the Soviet Union on the Eastern Front
  • Condor Legion, a unit of "volunteers" from the German Luftwaffe serving with the Nationalists during the Spanish Civil War
  • Crna Legija (Black Legion), the name given to the 1st and 5th Croatian Ustaše Brigades
  • Croatian Legion
  • Croatian Air Force Legion
  • Croatian Naval Legion
  • Czechoslovak Legion in Poland, 1939
  • Estonian Legion, a unit in the Waffen SS created in 1942, mainly consisting of Estonian soldiers
  • Flemish Legion (Dutch: Vlaams Legioen), recruited among Dutch-speaking volunteers from German-occupied Belgium, notably from Flanders.
  • Légion française des combattants (French Legion of Fighters), a pro-Nazi Vichy French unit
  • Legion of French Volunteers Against Bolshevism (LVF), pro-Nazi French
  • Georgian Legion (1941–1945), a unit of the German army recruited from Georgians
  • Indische Legion, also known as the Free India Legion or Tiger Legion, an Indian unit raised in 1941 and attached to the German Army
  • Latvian Legion, a formation of the Waffen-SS created in 1943 and consisting primarily of ethnic Latvians
  • Legion of St. George, the original name of the British Free Corps
  • Ostlegionen (literally "Eastern Legions"), conscripts and volunteers from the occupied eastern territories recruited into the German Army
  • La Légion Tricolore, a pro-Nazi French unit which was absorbed into the LVF after six months
  • Volga Tatar Legion, one of several units formed by the Wehrmacht out of Soviet prisoners of war according to their ethnicity
  • Walloon Legion (French: Légion Wallonie), recruited among French-speaking volunteers from German-occupied Belgium.


See also

  • National Legion, a far right Belgian paramilary and political movement in the 1920s and 1930s, headed by Paul Hoornaert
  • Légion Belge, a far right but anti-Nazi World War II Belgian Resistance movement
  • White Legion, a Georgian guerrilla group in Abkhazia after the Georgian regular army's defeat in the War in Abkhazia
  • Caribbean Legion, active in Central American politics of the 1950s


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