List of military aircraft of Japan

This list of military aircraft of Japan includes the prototype, pre-production and operational types regardless of era. This includes both native Japanese designs, Japanese produced licensed copies of foreign designs, and foreign-produced aircraft that served in the military of Japan.

Japanese names are used here, not the World War II Allied codenames, although these will be included here for ease of reference. The prefix "Ki" in this list is an abbreviation of "Kitai", meaning "airframe", and was used only by the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force. "Ki" should be read as one word.

(Note: a " - " means the information is unknown, not yet added, or not applicable.)

Modern (post 1945)

See also: Japan Air Self-Defense Force; the J.A.S.D.F was formed in 1954.

AgustaWestland MCH-101/CH-101Italy / UKMulti-role200714Helicopter. Minesweeping/Transport replacing MH-53E
Beech King Air C90USAPatrol1974Retired 20101Photo survey
Beech King Air LC-90USAUtility19745Liaison
Beechcraft TC-90USATrainer197434Multi-engine trainer
Beechcraft LR-2USAUtility19986Communications
Beechcraft Queen Air "Umibato"USATrainer1963Retired 200028Communications and navigation trainer
Beechjet T-400USATrainer199413Crew trainer
Bell AH-1S CobraUSAAttack197988Helicopter
Bell H-13USAUtility1954Light helicopter
Bell UH-1B/H "Hiyodori"USAUtility196290/133Helicopter. Light multi-purpose.
Boeing AH-64DUSAAttack200712Helicopter.
Boeing 747-47CUSATransport1992Retired 20192VIP transport (see: Japanese Air Force One)
Boeing E-767USAAWACS19994 In service4Early warning radar aircraft
Boeing KC-767JUSATransport20114 In service4Air-refueling tanker
Boeing CH-47J/CH-47JAUSATransport198832Helicopter. Kawasaki Licensed production; JA long range version
British Aerospace U–125/U–125AUKUtility1992(27)Liaison and search & rescue
Curtiss C-46 CommandoUSATransport1954Retired 197848
Eurocopter TH-135EUTrainer2009(15)Helicopter.
Fuji LM-2/KM-2JapanTrainer1962Retired 199866Trainer and liaison plane (including 2 TL–1 army trainers)
Fuji LM-1 NikkoJapanTrainer1955Retired 1983134Trainer and liaison plane; license-built T-34 Mentor
Fuji T-1 "Hatsutaka"JapanTrainer1960Retired 200664Advanced jet trainer
Fuji T-3 (KM-2B)JapanTrainer1978Retired 200750
Fuji T-5 (KM-2D)JapanTrainer198836Turboprop trainer
Fuji T-7 (KM-2F)JapanTrainer200249Turboprop trainer formerly KM-2F.
Fuji TACOMJapanExperimental1995Retired 20116Air-launched UAV. Used to study drone technology.
Fuji UH-1JJapanUtility1993-100-(120)Helicopter. Light multi-purpose type based on UH-1H
Grumman E-2CUSAAWACS198313Airborne early warning plane
Grumman S2F-1 "Aotaka"USAPatrol1957Retired 198460
Gulfstream U-4USATransport19975
Hughes OH-6 CayuseUSAPatrol1969-332Helicopter. Light observation.
Hughes TH-55JUSATrainer1971Retired 199538Helicopter
Kawasaki C-1JapanTransport197531
Kawasaki C-2JapanTransport(est. 2012)? in service(44)Replacing Kawasaki C–1 and Lockheed C–130H)
Kawasaki KH-4JapanUtility196519Helicopter. 3-seat version of Bell Model 47G
Kawasaki-Vertol KV-107IIJapanTransport1966Retired 2009120Helicopter. Medium transport.
Kawasaki KAL-2JapanTrainer1954-Trainer and liaison plane
Kawasaki OH-1"Ninja"JapanPatrol200031Helicopter. Reconnaissance and light observation (Kongata Kansoko), replacing OH-6.
Kawasaki P-1JapanPatrol(est. 2011)In service(80)Maritime
Kawasaki P-2JJapanPatrol1966Retired 199882Based on the P2V Neptune
Kawasaki P2V-7 VSAJapanExperimental1977Retired 19821Variable Stability Aircraft research
Kawasaki T-4 "Dolphin"JapanTrainer1988208Subsonic jet trainer
Learjet U-36AUSATrainer19856Combat support variant of the Learjet 35A
Lockheed C-130HUSATransport198316
Lockheed F-104J "Eiko" ("Glory")USAFighter1966Retired 1986210Lockheed/Lockheed kits/Mitsubishi licence production.
Lockheed F-104DJ "Eiko" ("Glory")USATrainer1966Retired 198620Two-seat version (training); all Lockheed kits.
Lockheed P2V-7 "Owashi"USAPatrol1959Retired 198164
Lockheed P-3CUSAPatrol1981110
Lockheed T-33 "Wakataka"USATrainer1954Retired 2000287
MBB/Kawasaki BK 117JapanUtility19852Helicopter. Flight test assistance, liaison
McDonnell Douglas/Mitsubishi F-4EJUSAFighter1971Retired 1995140(138 Mitsubishi manufactured).
McDonnell Douglas RF-4EUSAPatrol197410Unarmed reconnaissance
Mitsubishi ATD-X ShinshinJapanExperimentalProjectadvanced technology fighter
Mitsubishi F-4EJ KaiJapanFighter198996Improved variant; last 'J' overhauled to Kai ('improved') standard in 1995.
Mitsubishi RF-4EJUSA / JapanPatrol199014 In service14F-4EJs modified to replace lost RF-4Es; adapted for reconnaissance pods.
Mitsubishi F-1JapanFighter1977Retired 200677Single-seat fighter version of the T-2; similar to the SEPECAT Jaguar.
Mitsubishi F-2JapanFighter2000? in service98based on the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon, replacing F-1.
Mitsubishi F-15JJapanFighter198122312 built by McDonnell Douglas, the rest by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.
Mitsubishi F-15DJJapanTrainer198148Two-seat version (training).
Mitsubishi MU-2JapanUtility1967Retired 200853Transport, search & rescue, liaison and photo-reconnaissance (20 LR–1) variants
Mitsubishi RP-1JapanTransport1994Helicopter.
Mitsubishi SH-60JJapanPatrol199170Helicopter. Anti-Submarine.
Mitsubishi SH-60KJapanPatrol2005(50)Helicopter. Anti-Submarine, replacing SH-60J
Mitsubishi T-2/T-2AJapanTrainer1975Retired 2006962-seat advanced jet trainer, modeled on SEPECAT Jaguar features, but not technical design.
Mitsubishi T-2 CCVJapanExperimental1984Retired 19981Control Configured Vehicle research
NAMC YS-11JapanTransport196523Airliner and cargo transport
North American F-86D "Gekko" ("Moonlight")USAFighter1958Retired 1968122North American.
North American F-86F "Kyokko" ("Sunrise")USAFighter1955Retired 1982435North American/North American kit/Mitsubishi licence production.
North American RF-86FUSAPatrol1961Retired18Unarmed Photo reconnaissance
North American T-6 TexanUSATrainer1954Retired 1970232
SAAB X1GSwedenUtility1957Retired 19871STOL research, flight test assistance, liaison
ShinMaywa PS-1JapanPatrol1971Retired 198921Anti-submarine flying boat
ShinMaywa UF-XSJapanExperimental1963Retired 19671
ShinMaywa US-1/US-1AJapanPatrol197519Search and rescue flying boat
ShinMaywa US-2JapanPatrol2007In service3-(14)Search and rescue flying boat
Sikorsky H-19USAUtility1954Helicopter.
Sikorsky HSS-2/S-61 "Chidori"USAMulti-role1963Retired 2008185Helicopter. Anti-submarine warfare, Transport and Search-and-Rescue
Sikorsky MH-53EUSAAnti-Mine198911Helicopter. Minesweeping
Sikorsky UH-60J/JAUSAMulti-role199047Helicopter.


See also Imperial Japanese Navy and Imperial Japanese Army

Fighters Pre 1945

Year first flewNo.Notes
Mitsubishi 1MF1921138Navy Type 10 Carrier Fighter
Nakajima Army Type 91 Fighter1927450Parasol monoplane fighter
Kawasaki Army Type 92 Model 1 Fighter1929385Kawasaki KDA-5
Kawasaki Ki-10Perry1935588Army Type 95 fighter
Nakajima Ki-27Nate19363,368Army Type 97 fighter
Nakajima Ki-43 HayabusaOscar19395,919Army Type 1 fighter
Nakajima Ki-44 ShokiTojo19401,225Army Type 2 single-seat fighter
Kawasaki Ki-45 ToryuNick19391,701Army Type 2 two-seat fighter
Kawasaki Ki-6019403Army interceptor powered by DB 601 engine
Kawasaki Ki-61 HienTony19413,078Army Type 3 fighter
Kawasaki Ki-64Rob19431Army tandem engine fighter
Mitsubishi Ki-73Steve19430Army single engine fighter
Mitsubishi Ki-8319444Army twin-engine escort fighter
Nakajima Ki-84 HayateFrank19433,514Army Type 4 fighter
Nakajima Ki-8719451Army high-altitude fighter
Rikugun Ki-9319451Army twin-engine fighter
Tachikawa Ki-94-I19451Army high-altitude fighter
Tachikawa Ki-94-II19451Army high-altitude fighter
Kawasaki Ki-9619433Army twin-engine fighter
Kawasaki Ki-1001945121Army Type 5 fighter
Kawasaki Ki-102Randy1944238Army Type 4 twin-engine long-range heavy fighter/attack plane/night fighter
Kawasaki Ki-10819444Army twin-engine high-altitude fighter (derivative of Ki-102)
Mitsubishi 1MF1921138Navy Type 10 Carrier Fighter
Mitsubishi 1MF194422Army experimental heavy fighter interceptor
Mitsubishi Ki-109194422Army experimental heavy fighter interceptor
Mitsubishi Ki-200 Shusui19455Army experimental rocket interceptor (license built derivative of Me 163)
Nakajima Ki-201 Karyū19450Army jet fighter (license built derivative of Me 262)
Mitsubishi Ki-202 Shusui-kai19450Army experimental rocket interceptor (license built derivative of Me 163)
Nakajima A1N1927151Navy Type 3 carrier-based fighter
Nakajima A2N1929166Navy Type 90 carrier-based fighter
Nakajima A4N1935221Navy Type 95 carrier-based fighter
Mitsubishi A5MClaude19351,094Navy Type 96 carrier-based fighter
Mitsubishi A6M ReisenZero; Zeke; Hamp193911,000Navy Type 0 carrier-based Fighter
Mitsubishi A7M ReppuSam19448Navy experimental 17-shi Ko (A) Type carrier-based fighter Reppu/Navy experimental 17-shi Otsu (B) Type carrier-based fighter Reppu Kai
Nakajima J1N GekkoIrving1941429Navy Type 2 land-based night fighter
Mitsubishi J2M RaidenJack1942621Navy land-based interceptor fighter
Nakajima J5N Tenrai19446Navy experimental 18-shi Otsu (B) Type land-based interceptor fighter
Kyushu J7W Shinden19451Kyushu Navy experimental 18-Shi Otsu (B) Type short-ranged, land-based interceptor fighter Shinden
Mitsubishi J8M Shusui19455Navy experimental 19-shi land-based, rocket-powered interceptor fighter (license built derivative of Me 163)
Kawanishi N1K KyōfūRex1942Navy seaplane fighter
Kawanishi N1K1-J ShidenGeorge1943ca. 600Navy interceptor fighter, land-based derivative of the N1K
Kawanishi N1K2-J Shiden-KaiGeorge1944428Navy land-based interceptor fighter, improved N1K1-J
Aichi S1A DenkoIrving19450Navy experimental land-based twin-engine night fighter
Kawanishi P1Y1-S ByakkoFrances194497Navy land-based night-fighter derivative of the Yokosuka P1Y bomber
Kawanishi P1Y2-S KyokkoFrances194497Navy land-based night-fighter derivative of the Yokosuka P1Y1-S Byakko

Bombers Pre 1945

Mitsubishi Ki-11933118Army Type 93-1 heavy bomber
Mitsubishi Ki-1-II1933101Army Type 93-2 heavy bomber
Mitsubishi Ki-2Louise1933174Army Type 93-1 twin-engine light bomber
Mitsubishi Ki-2-IILouise1933174Army Type 93-2 twin-engine light bomber
Kawasaki Ki-31933243Army Type 93-1 single-engine light bomber
Nakajima Ki-1919374Army Type 97 heavy bomber
Mitsubishi Ki-2019316Army Type 92 heavy bomber
Mitsubishi Ki-21Sally/Gwen19362,064Army Type 97 heavy bomber
Mitsubishi Ki-30Ann1937686Army Type 97 light bomber
Kawasaki Ki-32Mary1937854Army Type 98 single-engine light bomber
Kawasaki Ki-48Lily19391,677Army Type 99 twin-engine light bomber
Nakajima Ki-49 DonryuHelen1939763Army Type 100 heavy bomber Model 1
Mitsubishi Ki-51Sonia19391,472Army Type 99 light bomber / dive bomber
Kawasaki Ki-6619426Army dive bomber
Mitsubishi Ki-67 HiryūPeggy1942606Type 4 twin-engine medium bomber
Tachikawa Ki-74Patsy194414Army experimental long-range reconnaissance bomber
Nakajima Ki-115 Tsurugi1945105Shinpu Army special attack aircraft
Mitsubishi 1MT192220Navy Type 12 carrier-based torpedo bomber
Mitsubishi B1M1923443Navy Type 13 carrier-based torpedo bomber
Mitsubishi B2M11932206Navy Type 89-1 Model 1 carrier-based torpedo bomber
Mitsubishi B2M21932206Navy Type 89-2 Model 2 carrier-based torpedo bomber
Yokosuka B4YJean1935205Navy Type 96 carrier-based torpedo bomber
Nakajima B5NKate1937~1,150Navy Type 97 No.1 carrier-based torpedo bomber
Mitsubishi B5MMabel1936270Navy Type 97 No.2 land-based attack aircraft
Nakajima B6N TenzanJill19411,268Navy carrier-based torpedo bomber
Aichi B7A RyuseiGrace1942114Navy carrier-based torpedo bomber
Aichi D1ASusie1934590Navy Type 94 carrier-based dive bomber
Aichi D3AVal19381,486Navy Type 99 carrier-based dive bomber
Yokosuka D4Y SuiseiJudy19402,038Navy carrier-based dive bomber
Hiro G2H19338Navy Type 95 land-based twin-engine attack aircraft
Mitsubishi G3MNell19341,048Navy Type 96 land-based twin-engine attack aircraft
Mitsubishi G4MBetty19392,435Navy Type 1 land-based twin-engine attack aircraft
Nakajima G5N ShinzanLiz19416Navy experimental 13-shi four-engine long-range heavy bomber
Nakajima G8N RenzanRita19444Navy experimental 18-shi four-engine long-range bomber
Nakajima G10N Fugaku19440Navy experimental six-engine ultra long-range super heavy bomber
Nakajima J9Y Kikka19452Navy jet interceptor / attack bomber Kōkoku Nigō Heiki ("Imperial Weapon No.2", based on German Me 262)
Yokosuka MXY7 OhkaBaka1944850Navy rocket-powered suicide attack bomber
Yokosuka P1Y GingaFrances19431,002Navy land-based twin-engine bomber
Kyushu Q1W TokaiLorna1943153Navy land-based twin-engine anti-submarine patrol bomber

Transports Pre 1945

Nakajima Ki-34Thora1936318Army Type 97 transport
Tachikawa Ki-54Hickory19401368Army Type 1 transport Model C
Kawasaki Ki-56Thalia1940121Army Type 1 cargo aircraft
Mitsubishi Ki-57Topsy1939100Army Type 100 transport Model 1, 'MC-20', 'L4M'
Mitsubishi Ki-57-IITopsy306Army Type 100 transport Model 2, 'MC-20-II'
Kokusai Ki-59Theresa193959Army Type 1 transport
Nakajima LXD-119391Navy experimental Type D transport
Hitachi LXG-1liaison and communication
Nakajima L1NThora1936Navy Type 97 transport
Mitsubishi L4MTopsy1939Navy Type 100 transport Model 2, 'MC-20', 'Ki-57'
Showa/Nakajima L2DTabby1939487Navy Type 0 transport
Mitsubishi L3YTina1941Navy Type 96 transport
Nakajima L1N1ThoraNavy Type AT-2 transport
Mitsubishi L4M11940Navy Type 0 transport
Mitsubishi G6M1-LBettyarmed transport
Mitsubishi G6M2-LBettyarmed transport
Mitsubishi K3M3-LPinelight transport seaplane
Kawanishi E11K12Navy Type 96 transport flying boat
Kawanishi H6K2-LMavis16Type 97 Navy transport flying boat
Kawanishi H6K4-LMavis22transport flying boat
Kawanishi H6K3Mavis2transport flying boat
Kawanishi H8K2-L SeikuEmily36Navy Type 2 transport flying boat Model 32
Nakajima G5N2-L ShinzanLiz4Shinzan-Kai Model 12 transport
Nihon L7P10Navy Experimental 13-Shi light amphibious transport

Reconnaissance aircraft Pre 1945

Mitsubishi C1M1932159Navy Type 10 carrier-based reconnaissance plane (Mitsubishi 2MR1 / 2MR2)
Mitsubishi 2MR71932Army reconnaissance plane (derived from the Mitsubishi 2MR)
Mitsubishi 2MR81932230Army Type 92 reconnaissance plane (not related to the Mitsubishi 2MR)
Nakajima Ki-41934383Army Type 94 direct co-operation plane
Mitsubishi Ki-15Babs1936~500Army Type 97 Army HQ reconnaissance plane
Mitsubishi C5MBabs1936~500Navy Type 98 reconnaissance plane
Tachikawa Ki-36Ida19381,333Army Type 98 direct co-operation plane
Mitsubishi Ki-46Dinah19391,742Army Type 100 Army HQ reconnaissance plane
Tachikawa Ki-70Clara19433Army reconnaissance plane
Kokusai Ki-76Stella1941-Army Type 3 command liaison plane
Nakajima C3N19362Type 97 carrier-based reconnaissance plane
Nakajima C6N SaiunMyrt1943463Navy carrier-based reconnaissance plane
Yokosuka R2Y Keiun19451Navy experimental 18-Shi reconnaissance plane

Trainers Pre 1945

Aichi M6A1-K Nanzan1945Navy special attack training bomber
Kyushu K10W1Oak1943Navy Type 2 intermediate trainer
Kyushu K11W Shiragiku1942Navy operations trainer
Mitsubishi K3MPine1930Navy Type 90 crew training plane
Mitsubishi Ki-7Pine1930Army experimental crew trainer
Tachikawa Ki-9Spruce1935Army Type 95-1 medium grade trainer
Tachikawa Ki-17Cedar1935Army Type 95-3 basic grade trainer Model A
Tachikawa Ki-54Hickory1940Army Type 1 twin-engine advanced trainer
Tachikawa Ki-54Hickory1940Army Type 1 operations trainer
Tachikawa Ki-55Ida1939Army Type 99 advanced trainer
Mansyu Ki-79Army Type 2 advanced trainer
Yokosuka K2Y1929
Yokosuka K5YWillow1933Navy Type 93 intermediate trainer
Yokosuka MXY8 Akigusa1945Navy experimental training glider
Yokosuka MXY9 Shuka1945Navy experimental trainer

Flying boats/seaplanes Pre 1945

Aichi E3A1930Navy Type 90-1 reconnaissance seaplane
Aichi E11ALaura193717Navy Type 98 night reconnaissance seaplane
Aichi E13AJake19401,418Navy Type 0 reconnaissance seaplane
Aichi E16A ZuiunPaul1942256Navy reconnaissance seaplane
Aichi H9A194031Navy Type 2 training flying boat
Aichi M6A Seiran194328Submarine-based, Navy special attack bomber
Hiro H1H65Navy Type 15 flying boat
Hiro H2H193217Navy Type 89 flying boat
Hiro H4H193347Navy Type 91 flying boat
Kawanishi E7KAlf1933533Type 94 reconnaissance seaplane
Kawanishi E11K19372Navy Type 96 Transport flying boat
Kawanishi H6K1/5Mavis1936217Navy Type 97 flying boat
Kawanishi H6K2-L/4-LMavis194036Navy Type 97 transport flying boat
Kawanishi H8K1/4Emily1941131Navy Type 2 flying boat
Kawanishi H8K2-L SeikuEmily194336Navy Type 2 transport flying boat
Kawanishi E15K1 ShiunNorm194115Navy Type 2 high-speed reconnaissance seaplane Shiun Model 11
Kawanishi N1K1 KyofuRex194297Navy fighter seaplane
Mitsubishi F1MPete19361118Navy Type 0 observation seaplane
Nakajima E2N1/2192980Navy Type 15-1/15-2 reconnaissance floatplane
Nakajima E4N1930153Navy Type 90-2 reconnaissance seaplane
Nakajima E8NDave1934753Navy Type 95 reconnaissance seaplane Model 1
Nakajima A6M2-NRufe1942327Navy Type 2 fighter seaplane
Watanabe E9WSlim193835Navy Type 96 light reconnaissance seaplane
Yokosuka E1Y1926Navy Type 14-1 reconnaissance seaplane
Yokosuka E5Y1930Navy Experimental Type 14-2 Kai-1 reconnaissance seaplane
Yokosuka E6Y1932Navy Type 91 reconnaissance seaplane
Yokosuka E14YGlen1939126Submarine-based, Navy Type 0 light reconnaissance seaplane
Yokosuka H5YCherry193650Navy Type 99 flying boat

Autogyros Pre 1945

Kayaba Ka-1194150Ka-Gō artillery-spotter

Experimental aircraft Pre 1945

Kawasaki Ki-7819421high-speed research plane
Tachikawa Ki-7719422long-range research plane
Tachikawa SS-119432high-altitude research plane

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