List of metallurgical companies in Ukraine

The following page lists major metallurgical companies in Ukraine.

Ore mining and enrichment

Steel and cast iron production

Hardware and wire rope production

  • Druzhkivka Hardware
  • Dnipro Hardware
  • Nikopol Factory of Technological Equipment
  • Silur, a wire rope factory
  • Kremenchuk Hardware

Pipe production

  • Khartsyzk pipe plant
  • Dnieper Factory of Stainless Pipes
  • IVIS Steel Factory of Arc Welding Pipes
  • Nyznyodniprovsky Pipe Factory
  • Dnipropetrovsky Pipe Factory
  • Novomoskovsky Pipe Factory
  • Interpipe Niko Tube
  • Nikopol Steel Pipe Plant Utist
  • Nikopol Pipe Company
  • Oscar Tube
  • Trubostal
  • Centravis
  • Luhansk Pipe Factory
  • Rubizhne Pipe Factory

Non-ferrous and special alloy metallurgy

  • Artemivsk Factory of non-Ferrous Metals
  • Mykytivsky Mercury Factory
  • Ukrtsynk
  • Toreztverdosplav
  • Dokuchaevsk Dolomite-Sintering Factory
  • Bilokamiansky Refractory
  • Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant
  • Zaporizhia Ferroalloy Plant
  • Zaporizhia Aluminum
  • Zaporizhia Titanium-Magnesium
  • Vilnohirsk non-Ferrous Metallurgy
  • Ukrainian Chemical Products
  • Ukrgrafit
  • Stakhanov Plant of Ferroalloy
  • Severodonetsk Chemical-Metallurgy Factory
  • Dneprospetsstal
  • Pobuzke Ferronickel
  • Nuclear Fuel Factory
  • Kramatorsk Ferroalloy Plant
  • Prydniprovsky Factory of non-Ferrous Metals
  • Ukrsplav
  • Brovary powder metallurgy
  • Kremenchuk powder metallurgy
  • Poltava powder metallurgy

Investment and holdings companies


  • Nikopol Southern Pipe Factory
  • Zaporizhia Steel-Rolling Mill
  • Luhansk Cast Iron Mill
  • Kupiansk Cast Iron Mill
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