List of members of the United States Hockey Hall of Fame

The United States Hockey Hall of Fame is located in Eveleth, Minnesota. It was established on June 21, 1973 with the purpose of honoring the sport of ice hockey in the United States by preserving American legends of the game. On May 11, 2007, USA Hockey and the United States Hockey Hall of Fame came to an agreement allowing the rights to the selection process and induction event associated to be handled by USA Hockey.[1] After a class has been enshrined, anyone is allowed to nominate individuals to be considered for enshrinement in the following years class using the USA Hockey web site prior to the nomination deadline. Nominated individuals must be considered to have made an extraordinary contribution to the sport of ice hockey in America, but could come in any form such as player, coach, official, administrator or support personnel. A selection committee then reviews the nominations and decides who will be enshrined.[2]


Name Year inducted State of Birth
1960 Olympic Team 2000
1980 Olympic Team 2003
1996 World Cup of Hockey Team 2016
1998 Women's Olympic Team 2009
Taffy Abel 1973  Michigan
Oscar Almquist 1983  Minnesota
Tony Amonte 2009  Massachusetts
Hobey Baker 1973  Pennsylvania
Tom Barrasso 2009  Massachusetts
Earl Bartholome 1977  North Dakota
Bill Belisle 2016  Rhode Island
Gordon "Red" Berenson 2018  Saskatchewan, CAN
Art Berglund 2010  Ontario, CAN
Amo Bessone 1992  Massachusetts
Peter Bessone 1978  Massachusetts
Gary Bettman 2019  New York
Louis Robert "Bob" Blake 1985  Wisconsin
Henry Boucha 1995  Minnesota
Frank Brimsek 1973  Minnesota
Milton "Curly" Brink 2006  Minnesota
Herbert "Herb" Brooks 1990  Minnesota
Aaron Broten 2007  Minnesota
Neal Broten 2000  Minnesota
George Brown 1973  Massachusetts
Walter Brown (Son) 1973  Massachusetts
Walter L. Bush, Jr. 1980  Minnesota
Karyn Bye-Dietz 2014  Wisconsin
Bobby Carpenter 2007  Massachusetts
Joseph Cavanagh, Jr. 1994  Rhode Island
Len Ceglarski 1992  Massachusetts
William "Bill" Chadwick 1974  New York
Raymond Chaisson 1974  Massachusetts
John Chase 1973  Massachusetts
Chris Chelios 2011  Illinois
Dave Christian 2001  Minnesota
Roger Christian 1989  Minnesota
William "Billy" Christian 1984  Minnesota
Keith "Huffer" Christiansen 2005  Ontario, CAN
Donald "Don" Clark 1978  North Dakota
James Claypool 1995  Minnesota
Robert "Bob" Cleary 1981  Massachusetts
William "Bill" Cleary 1976  Massachusetts
Kevin Collins 2017  Massachusetts
Anthony "Tony" Conroy 1975  Minnesota
Paul Coppo 2004  Michigan
Cindy Curley 2013  Massachusetts
John Cunniff 2003  Massachusetts
Mike "Lefty" Curran 1998  Minnesota
Carl "Cully" Dahlstrom 1973  Minnesota
Natalie Darwitz 2018  Minnesota
Ron DeGregorio 2015  New Hampshire
Victor "Vic" Desjardins 1974  Michigan
Richard Desmond 1988  Massachusetts
Robert "Bob" Dill 1979  Minnesota
Dick Dougherty 2003  Minnesota
Chris Drury 2015  Connecticut
Doug Everett 1974  Massachusetts
Mike Emrick 2011  Indiana
Robert "Robbie" Ftorek 1991  Massachusetts
James Fullerton 1992  Massachusetts
Mark Fusco 2002  Massachusetts
Scott Fusco 2002  Massachusetts
Gary Gambucci 2006  Minnesota
Sergio "Serge" Gambucci 1996  Minnesota
John Garrison 1973  Massachusetts
John "Jack" Garrity 1986  Massachusetts
John "Doc" Gibson 1973  Ontario, CAN
Brian Gionta 2019  New York
Francis "Moose" Goheen 1973  Minnesota
Malcolm Gordon 1973  Maryland
Wally Grant 1994  Minnesota
Cammi Granato 2008  Illinois
Bill Guerin 2013  Massachusetts
Francis "Austie" Harding, Jr. 1975  Massachusetts
Ned Harkness 1994  Ontario, CAN
Leland "Hago" Harrington 2018  Massachusetts
Derian Hatcher 2010  Michigan
Kevin Hatcher 2010  Michigan
Neal Henderson 2019  Maryland
Victor Heyliger 1974  Massachusetts
Charlie Holt 1997  Massachusetts
Phil Housley 2004  Minnesota
Mark Howe 2003  Michigan
Brett Hull 2008  Ontario, CAN
Stewart Iglehart 1975  Valparaíso Region, CHL
Willard Ikola 1990  Minnesota
Mike Ilitch 2004  Michigan
Craig Janney 2016  Connecticut
William "Bill" Jennings 1981  New York
Edward J. Jeremiah 1973  Massachusetts
Mark Johnson 2004  Minnesota
Paul Johnson 2001  Minnesota
Robert "Badger Bob" Johnson 1991  Minnesota
Virgil Johnson 1974  Minnesota
Frank "Nick" Kahler 1980  Michigan
Mike Karakas 1973  Minnesota
Peter Karmanos, Jr. 2013  Michigan
John "Jack" Kelley 1993  Massachusetts
John "Snooks" Kelley 1974  Massachusetts
John "Jack" Kirrane 1987  Massachusetts
Pat LaFontaine 2003  Massachusetts
Lou Lamoriello 2012  Rhode Island
Myles Lane 1973  Massachusetts
David Langevin 1993  Minnesota
Rod Langway 1999 Taipei, ROC
Reed Larson 1996  Minnesota
John LeClair 2009  Vermont
Brian Leetch 2008  Texas
Joe Linder 1975  Michigan
Tom Lockhart 1973  New York
Sam LoPresti 1973  Minnesota
Lane MacDonald 2005  Oklahoma
John MacInnes 2007  Ontario, CAN
John Mariucci 1973  Minnesota
Ron Mason 2013  Ontario, CAN
Calvin "Cal" Marvin 1982  Minnesota
John Matchefts 1991  Minnesota
Bruce Mather 1998  Massachusetts
John Mayasich 1976  Minnesota
John "Jack" McCartan 1983  Minnesota
Mike Milbury 2006  Massachusetts
Mike Modano 2012  Michigan
William "Bill" Moe 1974  Massachusetts
Ken Morrow 1995  Michigan
Fred Mosely, Jr. 1975  Massachusetts
Joe Mullen 1998  New York
Hugh "Muzz" Murray 1987  Michigan
Dr. V. George Nagobads 2010  Michigan
Lou Nanne 1998  Ontario, CAN
Hubert "Hub" Nelson 1978  Minnesota
William "Bill" Nyrop 1997  Washington, D.C.
Ed Olczyk 2012  Illinois
Edward "Eddie" Olson 1977  Michigan
George Owen 1973  Ontario, CAN
Doug Palazzari 2000  Minnesota
Winthrop "Ding" Palmer 1973  Connecticut
Robert "Bob" Paradise 1989  Minnesota
Jack Parker 2017  Massachusetts
Craig Patrick 1996  Michigan
Larry Pleau 2000  Massachusetts
John "Connie" Pleban 1990  Massachusetts
David Poile 2018  Ontario, CAN
Clifford "Fido" Purpur 1974  North Dakota
Brian Rafalski 2014  Michigan
Mike Ramsey 2001  Minnesota
Mike Richter 2008  Pennsylvania
Robert Ridder, Sr. 1976  New York
Joe Riley 2002  Massachusetts
John "Jack" Riley, Jr. 1979  Massachusetts
William "Bill" Riley 1977  Massachusetts
Gordie Roberts 1999  Michigan
Maurice "Moe" Roberts 2005  Connecticut
Jeremy Roenick 2010  Massachusetts
Elwin "Doc" Romnes 1973  Minnesota
Richard "Dick" Rondeau 1985  Rhode Island
Lawrence "Larry" Ross 1988  Minnesota
Angela Ruggiero 2015  California
Mathieu Schneider 2015  New York
Charles Schulz 1993  Minnesota
Jeff Sauer 2014  Wisconsin
Timothy Sheehy 1997  Ontario, CAN
Ben Smith 2017  Massachusetts
Ed Snider 2011  Washington, D.C.
William "Bill" Stewart 1982  Massachusetts
Paul Stewart 2018  Massachusetts
Gary Suter 2011  Wisconsin
Tim Thomas 2019  Michigan
Cliff Thompson 1973  Massachusetts
Keith Tkachuk 2011  Massachusetts
William Thayer Tutt 1973  California
Hal Trumble 1985  Minnesota
Lou Vairo 2014  New York
John Vanbiesbrouck 2007  Michigan
Sid Watson 1999  Massachusetts
Doug Weight 2013  Michigan
Krissy Wendell-Pohl 2019  Minnesota
Thomas "Tommy" Williams 1981  Minnesota
Murray Williamson 2005  Manitoba, CAN
Ron Wilson 2017  Ontario, CAN
Alfred "Ralph" Winsor 1973  Massachusetts
Frank "Coddy" Winters 1973  Minnesota
William Wirtz 1984  Illinois
Doug Woog 2002  Minnesota
Lyle Wright 1973  Manitoba, CAN
Kenneth "Ken" Yackel 1986  Minnesota
Scott Young 2017  Massachusetts
Frank Zamboni 2009  Utah

^ Names appear as they are displayed in the United States Hockey Hall of Fame.

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