List of lost silent films (1920–1924)

This is a list of lost silent films released from 1920 to 1924.

1920Abend – Nacht – Morgen (Evening – Night – Morning)F. W. MurnauGertrude Welcker, Bruno Ziener, Conrad Veidt[1][2]
The Amazing Quest of Mr. Ernest BlissHenry EdwardsHenry Edwards, Chrissie WhiteOn the BFI "75 Most Wanted" lost film list. The last copy is thought to have been destroyed in a bonfire during World War II by Edwards and White as storing it posed a fire hazard.[3][4]
Anna the AdventuressCecil M. HepworthAlma TaylorTaylor plays identical twins.[5]
Bonnie MayIda May Park, Joseph De GrasseBessie Love[6]
Bride 13Richard StantonMarguerite Clayton, John B. O'BrienA 15-part serial.[7]
The BruteOscar MicheauxEvelyn Preer[8]
Der Bucklige und die Tänzerin (The Hunchback and the Dancer)F. W. MurnauSascha Gura, John Gottowt[9][10]
The Devil's Pass KeyErich von StroheimLeo White, Mae BuschNegative depiction of Americans led some to suggest Stroheim be deported from the United States.[11]
The Dragon's NetHenry MacRaeMarie Walcamp, Harland TuckerAn adventure serial with 12 episodes.[12]
FantômasEdward SedgwickEdward Roseman, Edna MurphyA 20-chapter American serial.[13]
The Fatal SignStuart PatonClaire Anderson, Harry CarterA serial with 14 episodes.[14]
The Flaming DiscRobert F. HillElmo Lincoln, Louise LorraineAn 18-part serial.[15]
The Girl in Number 29John FordFrank Mayo[16]
Hitchin' PostsJohn FordFrank Mayo[17]
The Invisible RayHarry A. PollardRuth Clifford, Jack SherrillA 15-part serial.[18]
Der Januskopf (The Head of Janus)F. W. MurnauConrad Veidt, Magnus Stifter, Margarete SchlegelAn adaptation of Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.[19][20]
King of the CircusJ. P. McGowanEddie Polo, Corrine PorterAn 18-part serial.[21]
The $1,000,000 RewardGeorge LesseyCoit AlbertsonA 15-episode serial.[22]
Il mostro di FrankensteinEugenio TestaLuciano Albertini, Umberto GuarracinoThe third film based upon the novel of Frankenstein and probably the first ever Italian horror/science fiction film. Severely cut by censorship board before theatrical release.[23][24]
The Paliser CaseWilliam ParkePauline Frederick[25]
Passion's PlaygroundJ. A. BarryKatherine MacDonald, Norman Kerry, Nell Craig[26]
PegeenDavid SmithBessie Love[27]
Pirate GoldGeorge B. SeitzMarguerite Courtot, George B. SeitzA ten-part serial.[28]
The Prince of Avenue AJohn FordJames J. Corbett, Richard Cummings[29]
Remodeling Her HusbandLillian GishDorothy Gish, James RennieThe only movie Lillian Gish directed.[30]
The Screaming ShadowBen F. Wilson, Duke WorneBen F. Wilson, Neva GerberA serial of 15 episodes.[31]
The Shadow of Lightning RidgeWilfred LucasSnowy Baker, Agnes Vernon[32]
A Slave of VanityHenry OttoPauline Frederick[33]
A Son of DavidHay PlumbPoppy Wyndham, Ronald Colman, Arthur Walcott[34]
Thunderbolt JackFrancis Ford, Murdock MacQuarrieJack Hoxie, Marin SaisA ten-part serial.[35]
Trailed by ThreePerry N. VekroffStuart Holmes, Frankie MannA 15-part serial.[36]
Treasure IslandMaurice TourneurShirley Mason, Charles Ogle, Lon ChaneyA lavish production of the Stevenson novel, reportedly with some color sequences.[37]
The Vanishing DaggerEdward A. Kull, John F. Magowan, Eddie PoloEddie Polo, Thelma PercyAn 18-part serial.[38]
Vanishing TrailsLeon De La MotheFranklyn Farnum, Mary AndersonA serial with 15 episodes[39]
Wuthering HeightsA.V. BrambleMilton Rosmer, Colette Brettel, Warwick WardThe first film adaptation of Wuthering Heights.[40]
1921ActionJohn FordHoot Gibson[41]
The Adventures of Mr. PickwickThomas BentleyFrederick Volpe, Mary Brough, Bransby WilliamsOne of the BFI 75 Most Wanted.[42]
AppearancesDonald CrispDavid Powell[43]
The Avenging ArrowWilliam Bowman, W. S. Van DykeJohn Big Tree[44]
Bits of LifeMarshall NeilanLon Chaney, Noah Beery, Sr., Anna May WongThe first anthology film.[45]
The Blue Mountains MysteryRaymond Longford, Lottie LyellMarjorie Osborne, John Faulkner[46]
Dangerous LiesPaul PowellDavid PowellAlfred Hitchcock is credited as a title designer.[47]
Desperate TrailsJohn FordHarry Carey[48]
Do or DieJ. P. McGowanEddie Polo, Magda LaneAn 18-episode serial.[49]
Drakula halála (Dracula's Death or The Death of Dracula)Károly LajthayPaul Askonas, Lene MylThe first or second filmed version of the Dracula story (the existence of a 1920 Soviet film titled Drakula is in doubt), this Hungarian movie preceded Nosferatu by over a year.[50][51]
ExperienceGeorge FitzmauriceRichard Barthelmess, Lilyan Tashman, Marjorie DawAllegory in which all the characters are named for a human Certainty or Approximation.[52]
ForeverGeorge FitzmauriceElsie Ferguson, Wallace ReidFilm version of George du Maurier play Peter Ibbetson.[53]
The Freeze-OutJohn FordHarry Carey[54]
The Great RewardFrancis FordFrancis Ford, Ella HallA 15-episode serial.[55]
The Gunsaulus MysteryOscar MicheauxEvelyn PreerInspired by the 1913 murder of Mary Phagan.[56]
Humor RiskRichard SmithMarx BrothersThe first Marx Brothers film. This short two-reeler is not believed to have been shown more than once theatrically, if at all.[57][58]
Hurricane HutchGeorge B. SeitzCharles HutchisonA 15-episode serial.[59]
The Jackeroo of CoolabongWilfred LucasSnowy Baker, Kathleen Key[60]
JackieJohn FordShirley Mason, William Scott[61]
Know Thy ChildFranklyn BarrettRoland Conway, Nada Conrade, Lotus ThompsonThompson's film debut came in this Australian production.[62][63]
Ladies Must LiveGeorge Loane TuckerBetty Compson, Mahlon Hamilton, Leatrice Joy, John Gilbert[64]
The Lotus EaterMarshall NeilanJohn Barrymore, Colleen MooreTropical scenes filmed partly on Catalina Island, and in Florida.[65]
The Narrow ValleyCecil HepworthAlma Taylor, George Dewhurst, James CarewOn the BFI 75 Most Wanted list.[66]
The OffendersFenwicke L. HolmesMargery Wilson, Percy Helton[67]
Penny of Top Hill TrailArthur BertheletBessie Love[68]
Rudd's New SelectionRaymond LongfordJ. P. O'Neill, Tal Ordell, Lottie Lyell[69]
The Secret FourAlbert Russell, Perry N. VekroffEddie Polo, Kathleen MyersA 15-episode serial.[70]
Sehnsucht (Desire)F. W. MurnauConrad Veidt[71][72]
Sentimental TommyJohn S. RobertsonGareth HughesOne of the biggest Paramount hits of 1921.[73]
The Sky RangerGeorge B. SeitzGeorge B. Seitz, June CapriceA serial with 15 episodes.[74]
Terror TrailEdward A. KullEileen Sedgwick, George LarkinAn 18-part serial.[75]
Uncharted SeasWesley RugglesAlice Lake, Carl Gerard, Rudolph Valentino[76]
The WallopJohn FordHarry Carey[77]
Winners of the WestEdward LaemmleArt Acord
Myrtle Lind
A serial in 18 parts.[78]
1922The Beautiful and DamnedWilliam A. SeiterKenneth Harlan, Marie PrevostF. Scott Fitzgerald's second novel, adapted and produced by Warner Bros. Six lobby cards are extant.[79]
Brawn of the NorthLaurence Trimble, Jane MurfinIrene Rich, Strongheart (a dog)[80]
A Blind BargainWallace WorsleyLon ChaneyNegative destroyed by MGM in 1931. Last surviving print lost in 1967 MGM vault fire.[81]
ClarenceWilliam C. deMilleWallace Reid
Adolphe Menjou
Forget Me NotW. S. Van DykeBessie Love, Gareth Hughes[83]
In the Days of Buffalo BillEdward LaemmleArt Acord, Duke R. LeeAn 18-episode Western serial.[84]
Little Miss SmilesJohn FordShirley Mason, Gaston Glass[85]
Nan of the NorthDuke WorneAnn Little, Tom LondonA 15-episode serial.[86]
One Glorious DayJames CruzeWill RogersPossibility of a nitrate print surviving in a European film archive.[87]
Perils of the YukonJay Marchant, J. P. McGowan, Perry N. VekroffWilliam Desmond, Laura La PlanteA serial with 15 chapters.[88]
The Power of LoveHenry MacRaeElliot Sparling, Barbara Bedford, Noah Beery, Aileen Manning, Albert Prisco, John HerdmanThe first feature length 3D film is lost. The fate of the 1923 2D version, titled Forbidden Lover, is unknown.[89][90]
Quincy Adams SawyerClarence G. BadgerJohn Bowers, Blanche Sweet, Lon Chaney, Barbara La Marr[91]
A Rough PassageFranklyn BarrettStella Southern, Hayford Hobbs[92]
Silver WingsEdwin Carewe, John FordMary Carr, Lynn Hammond[93]
Trifling WomenRex IngramBarbara La Marr, Ramón Novarro[94]
The Vermilion PencilNorman DawnSessue Hayakawa, Ann May, Bessie Love, Sidney Franklin[95]
The Virgin of the SeminoleOscar Micheaux[96]
The Wise KidTod BrowningGladys Walton, David Butler[97]
With Stanley in AfricaWilliam James Craft, Edward A. KullGeorge Walsh, Louise LorraineAn 18-chapter serial.[98]
The Young DianaRobert G. VignolaMarion Davies, Forrest Stanley
1923Around the World in Eighteen DaysB. Reeves Eason, Robert F. HillWilliam Desmond, Laura La PlanteA 12-part serial.[99]
Die Austreibung (The Expulsion)F. W. MurnauCarl Goetz[100][101]
The Courtship of Miles StandishFrederick SullivanCharles RayProduction bankrupted actor Charles Ray and nearly ended his movie career. A full size replica of the Mayflower was built for this film.[102]
The Daring YearsKenneth WebbMildred Harris, Charles Emmett Mack, Clara Bow[103]
The Eternal CityGeorge FitzmauriceLionel Barrymore, Barbara La Marr, Bert LytellPartly shot in Rome.[104]
The Eternal ThreeMarshall Neilan, Frank UrsonHobart Bosworth, Claire Windsor, Bessie LoveThough the film is lost, a short production scene including Neilan, Bosworth, Windsor, and Raymond Griffith appears in Souls for Sale, another 1923 film featuring numerous Hollywood cameos and supposed "behind the scenes"-style filmmaking sequences.[105]
The Face on the Bar-Room FloorJohn FordHenry B. Walthall, Ruth Clifford[106]
The Fighting SkipperFrancis FordPeggy O'Day, Jack PerrinA 15-part adventure serial.[107]
Gentle JuliaRowland V. LeeBessie Love[108]
The Ghost CityJay MarchantPete Morrison[109]
The Ghost PatrolNat RossRalph Graves, Bessie Love[110]
HollywoodJames CruzeDozens of cameos of silent film stars playing themselves, including Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Gloria Swanson, Will Rogers, Mary Astor, Cecil B. DeMille and Charlie Chaplin.[111]
Hoodman BlindJohn FordDavid Butler, Gladys Hulette[112]
Human WreckageJohn Griffith WrayDorothy Davenport, Bessie LoveEarly portrayal of drug addiction (then a taboo subject), based on actor Wallace Reid, Davenport's husband.[113]
Lily of the AlleyHenry EdwardsHenry Edwards, Chrissie WhiteOn the BFI 75 Most Wanted missing films.[114]
The Oregon TrailEdward LaemmleArt Acord, Louise LorraineA Western serial in 18 episodes.[115]
Paddy the Next Best ThingGraham CuttsMae Marsh, Darby Foster, Lilian Douglas[116]
The Phantom FortuneRobert F. HillWilliam Desmond, Esther RalstonA 12-episode serial.[117]
The Purple DawnCharles R. SeelingBessie Love, Bert Sprotte, William E. Aldrich[118]
Ruth of the RangeErnest C. WardeRuth Roland, Bruce Gordon, Lorimer JohnstonA serial comprising 15 episodes.[119]
The Santa Fe TrailAshton Dearholt, Robert DillonJack Perrin, Neva Gerber[120]
St. ElmoJerome StormJohn Gilbert, Barbara La Marr, Bessie Love[121]
The Social BuccaneerRobert F. HillJack Mulhall, Margaret LivingstonA serial consisting of ten episodes.[122]
Three Jumps AheadJohn FordTom Mix, Alma Bennett[123]
Three Who PaidColin CampbellDustin Farnum, Bessie Love, Frank Campeau[124]
Vanity FairHugo BallinMabel BallinProduced by Samuel Goldwyn with Prizmacolor sequence.[125]
La voyante (The Clairvoyant)Leon Abrams, Louis MercantonSarah Bernhardt, Georges Melchior, Harry BaurThis was Bernhardt's last performance, and was made while she was mortally ill. The Cinémathèque Française is rumored to have a print.[126]
Where the Pavement EndsRex IngramRamón Novarro, Alice TerryFilmed in Florida and Cuba.[127]
Woman to WomanGraham CuttsBetty CompsonThe assistant director was Alfred Hitchcock.[128]
The World's ApplauseWilliam C. deMilleBebe Daniels[129]
1924The AlaskanHerbert BrenonThomas Meighan, Estelle TaylorAn early role for Anna May Wong.[130]
BabbittHarry BeaumontWillard Louis, Mary Alden, Carmel MyersFirst film adaptation of Sinclair Lewis novel.[131]
The City of Beautiful NonsenseHenry EdwardsHenry Edwards, Chrissie White, James LindsayThe last copy is thought to have been destroyed in a bonfire during World War II by Edwards and White as storing it posed a fire hazard.[4]
The Dangerous FlirtTod BrowningEvelyn Brent, Edward Earle[132]
Dynamite SmithRalph InceCharles Ray, Bessie Love, Wallace Beery[133]
Feet of ClayCecil B. DeMilleRod La Rocque, Vera Reynolds, Julia Faye, Ricardo Cortez, William BoydThis is one of astute preservationist DeMille's rare lost films.[134]
The Fortieth DoorGeorge B. SeitzAllene Ray, Bruce GordonA serial with ten episodes.[135]
Galloping HoofsGeorge B. SeitzAllene Ray, Johnnie WalkerA ten-part Western serial.[136]
The Girl in the LimousineLarry Semon, Noel M. SmithOliver Hardy[137]
Gräfin DonelliGeorg Wilhelm PabstPaul Hansen, Henny Porten[138]
Hearts of OakJohn FordHobart Bosworth, Pauline Starke[139]
Into the NetGeorge B. SeitzEdna Murphy, Jack MulhallA serial with ten episodes.[140]
JoeBeaumont SmithArthur Tauchert, Marie LorraineLorraine's film debut.[141]
The Treasure of Atahualpa (El tesoro de Atahualpa)Augusto San MiguelAugusto San Miguel, Evelina Orellana, Anita Cortés, Julieta StanfordFirst Ecuadorian feature film.[142]
LeatherstockingGeorge B. SeitzEdna Murphy, Harold MillerA ten-part serial.[143]
Married FlirtsRobert VignolaPauline Frederick, Mae Busch, Conrad Nagel[144]
Merton of the MoviesJames CruzeGlenn Hunter, Viola DanaNamed by the New York Times as one of the ten best films of 1924.[145]
MiamiAlan CroslandBetty Compson, Hedda Hopper[146]
Miss Suwanna of SiamHenry MacRaeSa-ngiam Navisthira, Yom Mongkolnat, Mongkol SumonnatSome promotional materials and other ephemera are held by the Thailand National Film Archive.[147]
My Husband's WivesMaurice ElveyShirley Mason[148]
Pokhozdeniya Oktyabriny (The Adventures of Oktyabrina)Grigori Kozintsev, Leonid TraubergZinaida Torkhovskaya, Yevgeni KumeikoA Soviet film believed to have been lost in a 1925 fire.[149]
ReveilleGeorge PearsonBetty BalfourOn the BFI 75 Most Wanted list.[150]
The Silent WatcherFrank LloydGlenn Hunter, Bessie Love[151]
The SnobMonta BellJohn Gilbert, Norma Shearer, Conrad Nagel[152]
So BigCharles BrabinColleen Moore[153]
SundownLaurence Trimble, Harry O. HoytBessie Love[154]
Ten Scars Make a ManWilliam ParkeAllene Ray, Jack MowerA ten-part serial.[155]
Tess of the d'UrbervillesMarshall NeilanBlanche Sweet, Conrad Nagel, Stuart Holmes[156]
Those Who DanceLambert HillyerBlanche Sweet, Bessie Love, Warner Baxter[157]
Tongues of FlameJoseph HenaberyThomas Meighan, Bessie Love[158]
TormentMaurice TourneurBessie Love, Owen Moore, Jean Hersholt[159]
Trouble BrewingJames D. Davis, Larry SemonLarry Semon, Carmelita Geraghty, Oliver Hardy[160]
The Way of a ManGeorge B. SeitzAllene Ray, Harold MillerA serial composed of ten episodes.[161]
White ManLouis J. GasnierAlice Joyce, Kenneth Harlan, Walter Long (actor)Clark Gable made his first film appearance in a minor role in this jungle adventure.[162]
Who Is the Man?Walter SummersJohn Gielgud, Isobel ElsomGielgud's screen debut. On the BFI 75 Most Wanted list.[163]
WineLouis J. GasnierClara Bow, Robert Agnew, Walter Long (actor)Clara Bow's first starring role.[164]
The Wolf ManEdmund MortimerJohn Gilbert, Norma Shearer[165]
Wolves of the NorthWilliam DuncanWilliam Duncan, Edith JohnsonA ten-chapter serial.[166]
The Woman on the JuryHarry HoytSylvia Breamer, Bessie Love[167]
The World of Wonderful RealityHenry EdwardsHenry Edwards, Chrissie White, James Lindsay, Henry VibartLast copy is thought to have been destroyed in a bonfire during World War II by Edwards and White as storing it posed a fire hazard.[4]


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