List of lord mayors of London

List of all mayors and lord mayors of London (leaders of the City of London Corporation, and first citizens of the City of London, from medieval times). Until 1354, the title held was Mayor of London. The dates are those of election to office (Michaelmas Day on 29 September, excepting those years when it fell on the Sabbath) and office is not actually entered until the second week of November. Therefore, the years 'Elected' below do not represent the main calendar year of service.

In 2006 the title Lord Mayor of the City of London was devised, for the most part, to avoid confusion with the office of Mayor of London. However, the legal and commonly-used title and style remains Lord Mayor of London.


before 1300

ElectedNameMother Livery CompanyNotes
1189–1212Henry FitzAilwin(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]First Mayor of London. Died in his twenty-fourth term.
1212–1214Roger FitzAlan(Mercer)[lower-alpha 2]
1214[1]Serlo le Mercer(Mercer)[lower-alpha 2]First of five terms.
1215[1]William Hardell(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1216Jacob AldermanunknownServed until Trinity Sunday, when he died in office. His successor served as Mayor for the rest of the year.[1]
1216Salomon de BasingunknownSucceeded Jacob Alderman on or shortly after Trinity Sunday, and continued in office till the end of the year.
1217–1221[2]Serlo le Mercer(Mercer)Second to fifth terms of five.
1222–1226Richard RengerunknownFirst five terms of six.
1227–1230Roger le DukeunknownFour terms.
1231–1237Andrew Buckerell(Pepperer)[lower-alpha 3]Seven terms.
1238Richard RengerunknownSixth and final term.
1239William Joynierunknown
1240Gerard de La Becheunknown
1240Reginald de Bungayunknown
1241–1243Ralph Ashley(Mercer)[lower-alpha 2]Three terms. Was a Grocer when Sheriff.
1244–1245Michael ToveyunknownFirst and second terms of four.
1246John Gisors I(Pepperer)[lower-alpha 3]First of two terms.
1246Peter FitzAlanunknown
1247–1248Michael ToveyunknownThird and fourth terms of four.
1249Roger FitzRogerunknown
1250John le Normanunknown
1251Adam de Basing(Mercer)[lower-alpha 2]
1252John Tulesan(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1253Nicholas de La Becheunknown
1254–1257Ralph Hardell(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]Served four terms; deposed.
1258William FitzRichard(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]First of four terms as Royal Nominee.
1258John Gisors(Pepperer)[lower-alpha 3]Second of two terms.
1259–1260William FitzRichard(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]Second and third terms of four as Royal Nominee.
1261–1264Thomas FitzthomasunknownFour terms; deposed and imprisoned.
1265Hugh FitzOthon/aFirst of two terms as Royal Warden.
1265John Walerandn/aRoyal Warden.
1265John de La Lynden/aRoyal Warden.
1266William FitzRichard(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]Fourth and final term as Royal Nominee.
1267Alan la Zouche(Pepperer)[lower-alpha 3]Royal Warden.
1268Thomas de Ippegraven/aRoyal Warden.
1268Stephen de Eddeworthn/aRoyal Warden.
1269Hugh FitzOthon/aSecond of two terms as Royal Warden.
1270John Adrien(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1271–1272Walter HerveyunknownTwo terms; deposed.
1273Henry le WalleisunknownFirst of five terms.
1274–1280Gregory de Rokesley(Goldsmith)[lower-alpha 4]First seven terms of eight.
1281–1283Henry le WalleisunknownSecond to fourth of five terms.
1284Gregory de Rokesley(Goldsmith)[lower-alpha 4]Eighth and final term.
1285–1289Sir Ralph Sandwichn/aFirst five terms of nine as Royal Warden.
1289John le Bretonn/aFirst of seven terms as Royal Warden.
1289–1292Sir Ralph Sandwichn/aSixth to ninth terms as Royal Warden.
1293–1298John le Bretonn/aSecond to seventh terms of seven as Royal Warden.
1298Henry le WallisunknownFifth and final term.
1299–1301Elias Russell(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
  1. The Drapers are recognised as having formed a fraternity from 1180, were incorporated in 1361, and received a Royal Charter in 1438.
  2. The Mercers incorporated under Royal Charter in 1394.
  3. The Grocers were known as the Guild of Pepperers from 1180 until 1373, and incorporated under a Royal Charter of 1428.
  4. The Goldsmiths formed as a guild in the 12th century and received their first Royal Charter of Incorporation in 1327.

14th century

ElectedNameMother Livery CompanyNotes
1301–1307Sir John le Blund(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1308Sir Nicholas de Farndone(Goldsmith)[lower-alpha 2]First of four terms.
1309Thomas Romayn(Pepperer)[lower-alpha 3]
1310Sir Richard de Refham(Mercer)[lower-alpha 4]Deposed.
1311–1312Sir John de Gisors(Pepperer)[lower-alpha 3]First and second terms of three.
1313Sir Nicholas de Farndone(Goldsmith)[lower-alpha 2]Second of four terms.
1314Sir John de Gisors(Pepperer)[lower-alpha 3]Third and final term.
1315Stephen de Abyngdon(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1316–1318Sir John de Wengraven/aRoyal Warden; two terms.
1319Sir Hamo de ChigwellFishmongerFirst of seven terms.
1320Sir Nicholas de Farndone(Goldsmith)[lower-alpha 2]Third of four terms.
1321Robert de Kendalen/aRoyal Warden
1321–1322Sir Hamo de ChigwellFishmongerSecond and third of seven terms.
1323Sir Nicholas de Farndone(Goldsmith)[lower-alpha 2]Fourth and final term.
1323–1325Sir Hamo de ChigwellFishmongerFourth to sixth terms of seven.
1326Sir Richard de Betoyne(Pepperer)[lower-alpha 3]
1327Sir Hamo de ChigwellFishmongerSeventh and final term.
1328Sir John de Grantham(Pepperer)[lower-alpha 3]
1329Sir Simon Swanland(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1330–1331Sir John de Pulteney(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]First and second of four terms.
1332Sir John de Preston(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1333Sir John de Pulteney(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]Third of four terms.
1334–1335Sir Reginald de Conduit(Vintner)[lower-alpha 5]Two terms.
1336Sir John de Pulteney(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]Fourth and final term.
1337–1338Sir Henry Darcy(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]Two terms.
1339–1340Sir Andrew d'Aubrey(Pepperer)[lower-alpha 3]First and second of three terms.
1341John d'Oxenford(Vintner)[lower-alpha 5]Died in office.
1342Simon Francis(Mercer)[lower-alpha 4]First of two terms; the latter was in 1355 as Lord Mayor.
1343–1344Sir John Hammond(Pepperer)[lower-alpha 3]Two terms.
1345Richard le Lacer(Mercer)[lower-alpha 4]
1346Sir Geoffrey de Wychingham(Mercer)[lower-alpha 4]
1347Sir Thomas LeggeSkinnerFirst of two terms; the latter was in 1354 as the first Lord Mayor.
1348Sir John LovekynFishmongerFirst of three terms; the latter two were Lord Mayorships.
1349Sir Walter TurkeFishmonger
1350Richard de Kislingbury(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1351Sir Andrew d'Aubrey(Pepperer)[lower-alpha 3]Third and final term.
1352–1353Sir Adam Fraunceys(Mercer)[lower-alpha 4]Two terms.
  1. The Drapers are recorded as forming a fraternity by 1180, were formally incorporated in 1361, but did not receive a Royal Charter until 1438.
  2. The Goldsmiths originated in the 12th century, but did not receive a Royal Charter until 1327.
  3. The Grocers were the Guild of Pepperers from 1180 until 1373, but did not incorporate under Royal Charter until 1428.
  4. The Mercers incorporated under Royal Charter in 1394.
  5. The Vintners probably originated in the 12th century, but did not receive a Royal Charter until 1364.

Lord Mayors

14th century

ElectedNameMother Livery CompanyNotes
1354Sir Thomas LeggeSkinnerFirst Lord Mayor of London. Second of two terms, having initially served as Mayor of London.
1355Simon Fraunceys(Mercer)[lower-alpha 1]Second of two terms, having initially served as Mayor of London.
1357John de Stodeye(Vintner)[lower-alpha 2]
1358Sir John LovekynFishmongerSecond of three terms, having initially served as Mayor of London.
1359Simon Dolseley(Pepperer)[lower-alpha 3]
1360Sir John WrothFishmonger
1361Sir John PeccheFishmonger
1362Stephen Cavendisshe(Draper)[lower-alpha 4]
1363John Nott(Pepperer)[lower-alpha 3]
1364–1365Sir Adam de BurySkinnerFirst two terms of three; impeached.
1366Sir John LovekynFishmongerThird and final term.
1367James Andrewes(Draper)[lower-alpha 4]
1368Simon de MontfortFishmonger
1369Sir John de ChichesterGoldsmith
1370–1371Sir John Bernes(Mercer)[lower-alpha 1]Two terms.
1372John Pyel(Mercer)[lower-alpha 1]
1373Sir Adam de BurySkinnerThird and final term.
1374Sir William WalworthFishmongerFirst of two terms.
1375John WardeGrocer
1376Adam Stable(Mercer)[lower-alpha 1]
1377Sir Nicholas BrembreGrocerFirst of four terms.
1378Sir John PhilpotGrocer
1379John HadleyGrocerFirst of two terms.
1380Sir William WalworthFishmongerSecond of two terms.
1381–1382John de Northampton(Draper)[lower-alpha 4]Two terms.
1383–1385Sir Nicholas BrembreGrocerSecond to fourth terms of four.
1386–1387Sir Nicholas ExtonFishmongerTwo terms.
1388Sir Nicholas TwyfordGoldsmith
1389William VenourGrocer
1390Adam BammeGoldsmithFirst of two terms.
1391Sir John Hende(Draper)[lower-alpha 4]First of two terms; deposed and imprisoned.
1392Sir Edward Dalyngriggen/aRoyal Warden.
1392Sir Baldwin Radyngtonknight[3]Royal Warden.
1392Sir William de StauntonGrocerFirst of two terms.
1393John HadleyGrocerSecond of two terms.
1394John FressheMercer
1395Sir William MoreVintner
1396Adam BammeGoldsmithSecond of two term; died in office.
1397Sir Richard WhittingtonMercerFirst of four terms; appointed by Richard II.
1397Sir Richard WhittingtonMercerSecond of four terms; elected.
1398Sir Drugo BarentynGoldsmithFirst of two terms.
1399Sir Thomas KnollysGrocerFirst of two terms.
1400John Fraunceys Goldsmith
  1. The Mercers incorporated under Royal Charter in 1394.
  2. The Vintners probably originated in the 12th century, but did not receive a Royal Charter until 1364.
  3. The Grocers were the Guild of Pepperers from 1180 until 1373, but did not incorporate under Royal Charter until 1428.
  4. The Drapers are recorded as forming a fraternity by 1180, were formally incorporated in 1361, but did not receive a Royal Charter until 1438.

15th century

ElectedNameMother Livery CompanyNotes
1401John ShadworthMercer
1402John Walcote(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1403William LittleFishmonger
1404Sir John Hende(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]Second of two terms.
1405Sir John WoodcockMercer
1406Sir Richard WhittingtonMercerThird of four terms.
1407Sir William de Staunton(Grocer)[lower-alpha 2]Second of two terms.
1408Sir Drugo BarentynGoldsmithSecond of two terms.
1409Sir Richard Marlowe(Ironmonger)[lower-alpha 3]First of two terms.
1410Sir Thomas Knollys(Grocer)[lower-alpha 2]Second of two terms.
1411Sir Robert Chichele(Grocer)[lower-alpha 2]First of two terms.
1412Sir William WalderneMercerFirst of two terms.
1413Sir William Cromer(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]First of two terms.
1414Sir Thomas FauconerMercer
1415Sir Nicholas Wootton(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]First of two terms.
1416Sir Henry BartonSkinnerFirst of two terms.
1417Sir Richard Marlowe(Ironmonger)[lower-alpha 3]Second of two terms.
1418Sir William Sevenoke(Grocer)[lower-alpha 2]
1419Sir Richard WhittingtonMercerFourth and final term.
1420Sir William de Cambridge(Grocer)[lower-alpha 2]
1421Sir Robert Chichele(Grocer)[lower-alpha 2]Second of two terms.
1422Sir William WalderneMercerSecond of two terms.
1423Sir William Cromer(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]Second of two terms.
1424Sir John MichellFishmongerFirst of two terms.
1425Sir John CoventryMercer
1426Sir John ReynwellFishmonger
1427Sir John Gedney(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]First of two terms.
1428Sir Henry BartonSkinnerSecond of two terms.
1429Sir William EastfeldMercerFirst of two terms.
1430Sir Nicholas Wootton(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]Second of two terms.
1431Sir John WellesGrocer
1432Sir John VerneyFishmonger
1433Sir John Brokley(Draper)[lower-alpha 1]
1434Sir Robert OatelyGrocer
1435Sir Henry de FrowickMercerFirst of two terms.
1436Sir John MichellFishmongerSecond of two terms.
1437Sir William EastfeldMercerSecond of two terms.
1438Sir Stephen BrowneGrocerFirst of two terms.
1439Robert LargeMercer
1440Sir John PauletGoldsmith
1441Sir Robert CloptonDraper
1442Sir John Atherley(Ironmonger)[lower-alpha 3]
1443Sir Thomas CatworthGrocer
1444Sir Henry de FrowickMercerSecond of two terms.
1445Sir Simon EyreDraper
1446Sir John OlneyMercer
1447Sir John GedneyDraperSecond of two terms.
1448Sir Stephen BrowneGrocerSecond of two terms.
1449Sir Thomas ChaltonMercer
1450Sir Nicholas WyfoldGrocer
1451Sir William GregorySkinner
1452Sir Geoffrey FieldingMercer
1453Sir John NormanDraper
1454Sir Stephen FosterFishmonger
1455Sir William MarloweGrocer
1456Sir Thomas CanyngesGrocer
1457Sir Geoffrey BoleynMercer
1458Sir Thomas ScottDraper
1459Sir William HewlynFishmonger
1460Sir Richard LeighGrocerFirst of two terms.
1461Sir Hugh WycheMercer
1462Sir Thomas CookeDraper
1463Sir Matthew PhillipGoldsmith
1464Sir Ralph Josselyn, KBDraperFirst of two terms.
1465Sir Ralph VerneyMercer
1466Sir John YongeGrocerHalf-brother of Sir William Canynges.
1467Sir Thomas WalgraveSkinner
1468Sir William TaylourGrocer
1469Sir Richard LeighGrocerSecond of two terms.
1470Sir John StocktonMercer
1471William EdwardesGrocer
1472Sir William HamptonFishmonger
1473Sir John TateMercerUncle of Sir Robert Tate (1488) and Sir John Tate (1496, 1514).
1474Sir Robert DropeDraper
1475Sir Robert BassetSalter
1476Sir Ralph Josselyn, KBDraperSecond of two terms.
1477Sir Humphrey HeyfordGoldsmith
1478Sir Richard GardinerMercer
1479Sir Bartholomew JamesDraper
1480Sir John BrowneMercerUncle of Sir William Browne (1513)
1481Sir William HeriotDraper
1482Sir Edmund ShaaGoldsmith
1483Sir Robert BillesdonHaberdasher[lower-alpha 4]
1484Sir Thomas HillGrocerDied in office.
1485Sir William StokerDraperDied in office.
1485Sir John WardeGrocer
1485Sir Hugh BryceGrocer
1486Sir Henry ColetMercerFirst of two terms.
1487Sir William HorneSalter
1488Sir Robert TateMercerBrother of Sir John Tate (1496, 1514); nephew of Sir John Tate (1473).
1489Sir William WhiteDraper
1490Sir John Mathew[4][5]Mercer
1491Sir Hugh CloptonMercer
1492Sir William MartynSkinner
1493Sir Ralph AstleyFishmonger
1494Sir Richard ChawrySalter
1495Sir Henry ColetMercerSecond of two terms.
1496Sir John TateMercerFirst of two terms. Brother of Sir Robert Tate (1488); nephew of Sir John Tate (1473).
1497Sir William PurchasMercer
1498Sir John PercivalMerchant Taylor
1499Nicholas AilwynMercerDied in office.
1500Sir William RemyngtonFishmonger
  1. The Drapers are recorded as forming a fraternity by 1180, were formally incorporated in 1361, but did not receive a Royal Charter until 1438.
  2. The Grocers did not incorporate under Royal Charter until 1428.
  3. The Ironmongers did not incorporate under Royal Charter until 1463.
  4. The Haberdashers are on record as having formed a fraternity before 1371 and first received a Royal Charter in 1448.

16th century

ElectedNameMother Livery CompanyNotes
1501Sir John ShawGoldsmith
1502Sir Bartholomew ReadeGoldsmith
1503Sir William CapellDraperFirst of two terms.
1504Sir John WyngarGrocer
1505Sir Thomas KneesworthFishmonger
1506Sir Richard HaddonMercerFirst of two terms.
1507Sir William BrowneMercerUncle of Sir William Browne (1514); died in office.
1508Sir Lawrence AylmerMerchant Taylor
1508Sir Stephen JenynsMerchant Taylor
1509Sir Thomas BradburyMercer
1510Sir William CapellDraperSecond of two terms.
1510Sir Henry KebleGrocer
1511Sir Roger AshleyDraper
1512Sir William CopingerFishmonger
1513Sir Richard HaddonMercerSecond of two terms.
1513Sir William BrowneMercerNephew of Sir William Browne (1507); died in office.
1514Sir John TateMercerSecond of two terms.
1514Sir George MonouxDraper
1515Sir William Butler[6] Grocer
1516John Rest[7]Grocer
1517Sir Thomas ExmeweGoldsmith
1518Sir Thomas MirfynSkinner
1519Sir James YarfordMercer
1520Sir John BrydgesDraperBorn Brugge; also "Bridges. Father in law of Richard Sackville.
1521Sir John MilburneDraper
1522Sir John MundyGoldsmith
1523Sir Thomas BaldryMercer
1524Sir William BaileyDraper
1525Sir John AlleynMercerFirst of two terms.
1526Sir Thomas Seymour, MP[8]Mercer
1527Sir James SpencerVintner
1528Sir John RudstonDraper
1529Sir Ralph DodmerBrewer
1530Sir Thomas PargiterSalter
1531Sir Nicholas LombardGrocer
1532Sir Stephen PeacockHaberdasher
1533Sir Christopher AskewDraper
1534Sir John ChampneysSkinner
1535Sir John AlleynMercerSecond of two terms.
1536Sir Ralph WarrenMercerFirst of two terms.
1537Sir Richard GreshamMercer
1538Sir William FormanHaberdasher
1539Sir William HollesMercer
1540Sir William RocheDraper
1541Sir Michael DormerMercer
1542Sir John CoatesSalter
1543Sir William Bowyer (died in office)[9]Draper
1544Sir Ralph Warren (2nd, partial term)MercerCompleted Bowyer's term.
1544Sir William LaxtonGrocer
1545Sir Martin BowesGoldsmith
1546Sir Henry HuberthornMerchant Taylor
1547Sir John GreshamMercer
1548Sir Henry AmcotesFishmonger
1549Sir Rowland Hill[10]Mercer
1550Sir Andrew JuddSkinner
1551Sir Richard DobbsSkinner
1552Sir George BarneHaberdasherFather of George Barne III (1586)
1553Sir Thomas WhiteMerchant Taylor
1554Sir John LyonGrocer
1555Sir William GarrardHaberdasher
1556Sir Thomas OffleyMerchant Taylor
1557Sir Thomas CurtisFishmongerPreviously Pewterer.
1558Sir Thomas LeighMercer
1559Sir William HewettClothworker
1560Sir William ChesterDraper
1561Sir William HarpurMerchant Taylor
1562Sir Thomas LodgeGrocer
1563Sir John WhyteGrocer
1564Sir Richard MalloryMercerAncestor of the Leigh-Mallory family.[11]
1565Sir Richard ChampionDraper
1566Sir Christopher DraperIronmonger
1567Sir Roger MartynMercer
1568Sir Thomas RoweMerchant Taylor
1569Sir Alexander AvenonIronmonger
1570Sir Rowland HaywardClothworkerFirst of two terms.
1571Sir William AllenMercer
1572Sir Lionel DuckettMercer
1573Sir John RiversGrocer
1574Sir James HawesClothworker
1575Sir Ambrose NicholasSalter
1576Sir John LangleyGoldsmith
1577Sir Thomas RamseyGrocer
1578Sir Richard PypeDraper
1579Sir Nicholas WoodroffeHaberdasher
1580Sir John BrancheDraper
1581Sir James HarveyIronmonger
1582Sir Thomas BlankeHaberdasher
1583Sir Edward OsborneClothworker
1584Sir Thomas PullysonDraper
1585Sir Wolstan DixieSkinner
1586Sir George Barne, MPHaberdasherSon of George Barne II (1552)
1587Sir George BondHaberdasher
1588Sir Martin Calthorpe[12]Draper
1589Sir Richard MartinGoldsmithFirst of two terms.
1589Sir John HarteGrocer
1590Sir John AllotFishmongerDied in office.
1591Sir Rowland HeywardClothworkerSecond of two terms.
1591Sir William WebbeSalter
1592Sir William RoweIronmonger
1593Sir Cuthbert BuckellVintnerDied in office.
1594Sir Richard MartinGoldsmithSecond of two terms.
1594Sir John SpencerClothworker
1595Sir Stephen SlaneySkinner
1596Thomas SkinnerClothworkerDied in office.
1596Sir Henry BillingsleyHaberdasher
1597Richard Saltonstall, MP[13]SkinnerUncle of Sir Richard Saltonstall.
1598Sir Stephen SoameGrocer
1599Nicholas MosleyClothworker
1600Sir William RyderHaberdasher

17th century

ElectedNameMother Livery CompanyNotes
1601Sir John GerardHaberdasher
1602Sir Robert LeeMerchant Taylor
1603Sir Thomas BennetMercer
1604Sir Thomas LoweHaberdasher
1605Sir Leonard HallidayMerchant Taylor
1606Sir John WattsClothworker
1607Sir Henry RoweMercer
1608Sir Humphrey WeldGrocer
1609Sir Thomas CambellIronmonger
1610Sir William CravenMerchant Taylor
1611Sir James PembertonGoldsmith
1612Sir John SwynnertonMerchant Taylor
1613Sir Thomas MyddeltonGrocer
1614Sir Thomas HayesDraper
1615Sir John JollesDraper
1616Sir John LemanFishmonger
1617Sir George BollesGrocer
1618Sir Sebastian HerveyIronmonger
1619Sir William CockayneSkinner
1620Sir Francis JonesHaberdasher
1621Sir Edward BarkhamDraper
1622Sir Peter ProbyGrocer
1623Sir Martin LumleyDraper
1624Sir John GoreMerchant Taylor
1625Sir Allen Cotton[14]Draper
1626Sir Cuthbert HacketDraper
1627Sir Hugh HamersleyHaberdasher
1628Sir Richard DeaneSkinner
1629Sir James CambellIronmonger
1630Sir Robert Ducie, 1st BaronetMerchant Taylor
1631Sir George WhitmoreHaberdasher
1632Sir Nicholas RaintonHaberdasher
1633Sir Ralph FreemanClothworkerDied in office.
1634Sir Thomas MoulsonGrocer
1634Sir Robert ParkhurstClothworker
1635Sir Christopher ClitherowIronmonger
1636Sir Edward BromfieldFishmonger
1637Sir Richard FennHaberdasher
1638Sir Maurice AbbotDraper
1639Sir Henry GarrawayDraper
1640Sir William Acton, 1st BaronetMerchant TaylorElected, but displaced by Parliament.
1640Sir Edmund WrightGrocer
1641Sir Richard Gurney, 1st BaronetClothworker
1642Sir Isaac PeningtonFishmonger
1643Sir John WollastonGoldsmith
1644Sir Thomas AtkinsMercer
1645Sir Thomas Adams, 1st BaronetDraper
1646Sir John GayreFishmonger
1647Sir John Warner, 1st BaronetGrocer
1648Sir Abraham ReynardsonMerchant TaylorDeposed April 1649.
1649Sir Thomas AndrewesLeatherseller
1649Sir Thomas Foote, 1st BaronetGrocer
1650Sir Thomas AndrewesLeatherseller
1651Sir John KendrickGrocer
1652John Fowke MP[15]Haberdasher
1653Sir Thomas Vyner, 1st BaronetGoldsmith
1654Sir Christopher PackeDraper
1655Sir John DethickMercer
1656Sir Robert TichborneSkinner
1657Sir Richard ChivertonSkinner
1658Sir John IretonClothworker
1659Sir Thomas Allen, 1st BaronetGrocer
1660Sir Richard Browne, 1st BaronetMerchant Taylor
1661Sir John FrederickGrocer
1662Sir John Robinson, 1st BaronetClothworker
1663Sir Anthony BatemanSkinner
1664Sir John LawrenceHaberdasher
1665Sir Thomas BloodworthVintner
1666Sir William BoltonMerchant Taylor
1667Sir William PeakeClothworker
1668Sir William TurnerMerchant Taylor
1669Sir Samuel StarlingBrewer
1670Sir Richard FordMercer
1671Sir George WatermanSkinner
1672Sir Robert HansonGrocer
1673Sir William HookerGrocer
1674Sir Robert Viner, 1st BaronetGoldsmith
1675Sir Joseph SheldonTallow Chandler
1676Sir Thomas DaviesStationer
1677Sir Francis ChaplinClothworker
1678Sir James Edwards[16]Grocer
1679Sir Robert ClaytonScrivener
1680Sir Patience WardMerchant Taylor
1681Sir John MooreGrocer
1682Sir William PrichardMerchant Taylor
1683Sir Henry TulseGrocer
1684Sir James SmythDraper
1685Sir Robert GeffryeIronmonger
1686Sir John PeakeMercer
1687Sir John ShorterGoldsmithDied in office after a fall from his horse.[17]
1688Sir John EylesMercer
1688Sir John ChapmanHaberdasher
Sir Thomas PilkingtonSkinner
1691Sir Thomas StampeDraper
1692Sir John FleetGrocer
1693Sir William AshurstMerchant Taylor
1694Sir Thomas LaneClothworker
1695Sir John HoublonGrocer
1696Sir Edward ClarkeMerchant Taylor
1697Sir Humphrey EdwinSkinnerPreviously Barber-Surgeon
1698Sir Francis ChildGoldsmith
1699Sir Richard LevettHaberdasher
1700Sir Thomas AbneyFishmonger

18th century

ElectedNameMother Livery CompanyNotes
1701Sir William GoreMercer
1702Sir Samuel DashwoodVintner
1703Sir John ParsonsBrewerFather of Humphrey Parsons (1730).
1704Sir Owen BuckinghamSalter
1705Sir Thomas RawlinsonVintner
1706Sir Robert BedingfeldMerchant Taylor
1707Sir William WithersFishmonger
1708Sir Charles DuncombeGoldsmith
1709Sir Samuel Garrard, 4th BaronetGrocer
1710Sir Gilbert Heathcote, 1st BaronetVintner
1711Sir Robert BeachcroftClothworker
1712Sir Richard HoareGoldsmith
1713Sir Samuel StanierDraper
1714Sir William Humfreys, 1st BaronetIronmonger
1715Sir Charles PeersSalter
1716Sir James BatemanFishmongerPreviously Loriner.
1717Sir William LewenHaberdasher
1718Sir John WardMerchant Taylor
1719Sir George Thorold, 1st BaronetIronmonger
1720Sir John Fryer, 1st BaronetFishmongerPreviously Pewterer.
1721Sir William StewartGoldsmithPreviously Barber-Surgeon.
1722Sir Gerard ConyersSalter
1723Sir Peter DelméFishmonger
1724Sir George MerttinsSkinnerPreviously Clockmaker.
1725Sir Francis ForbesHaberdasher
1726Sir John Eyles, 2nd BaronetHaberdasher
1727Sir Edward BecherDraper
1728Sir Robert BaylisGrocer
1729Sir Richard BrocasGrocer
1730Humphrey ParsonsGrocerFirst of two terms. Was the son of Sir John Parsons (1703).
1731Sir Francis ChildGoldsmith
1732John Barber[18]GoldsmithPreviously Stationer.
1733Sir William BillersHaberdasher
1734Sir Edward BellamyFishmonger
1735Sir John WilliamsMercer
1736Sir John ThompsonVintner
1737Sir John BarnardGrocer
1738Micajah Perry, MPHaberdasher
1739Sir John Salter Merchant Taylor
1740Humphrey ParsonsGrocerSecond of two terms; died in office.
1741Sir Daniel LambertIronmongerPreviously Cooper.
1741Sir Robert GodschallVintner
1742George Heathcote, MPSalter
1742Sir Robert WillimotCooper
1743Sir Robert WestleyMerchant Taylor
1744Sir Henry MarshallDraper
1745Sir Richard HoareGoldsmith
1746William BennFletcher
1747Sir Robert LadbrokeGrocer
1748Sir William CalvertBrewer
1749Sir Samuel PennantIronmongerDied in office.
1750John BlachfordGoldsmith
1750Francis CockayneFarrier
1751Thomas WinterbottomClothworker
1752Robert AlsopBrewer
1752Sir Crisp GascoyneIronmonger
1753Edward IronsideGoldsmith
1753Sir Thomas RawlinsonGrocer
1754Stephen Theodore Janssen, MPStationer
1755Slingsby Bethell, MPFishmonger
1756Marshe Dickinson, MPGrocer
1757Sir Charles Asgill, 1st BaronetSkinner
1758Sir Richard Glyn, 1st BaronetSalter
1759Sir Thomas ChittySalter
1760Sir Matthew Blakiston, 1st BaronetGrocer
1761Sir Samuel Fludyer, 1st BaronetClothworker
1762Sir William Beckford, MPGoldsmithFirst of two terms.
1763William BridgenCutler
1764Sir William StephensonGrocer
1765George NelsonGrocer
1766Sir Robert KiteSkinner
1767The Hon. Thomas HarleyGoldsmith
1768Samuel TurnerClothworker
1769Sir William Beckford[19]GoldsmithSecond of two terms.
1770Barlow Trecothick, MPClothworker
1770Brass Crosby, MPGoldsmithPreviously Musician.
1771William NashSalter
1772James Townsend, MPMercer
1773Frederick BullSalter
1774John Wilkes, MPJoiner
1775John Sawbridge, MPFramework Knitter
1776Sir Thomas HallifaxGoldsmith
1777Sir James EsdaileCooper
1778Samuel PlumbeGoldsmithPreviously Gold & Silver Wyre Drawer.
1779Brackley KennettVintner
1780Sir Watkin LewesJoiner
1781Sir William PlomerTyler
1782Nathaniel Newnham, MPMercer
1783Robert PeckhamWheelwright
1784Richard ClarkJoiner
1785Thomas WrightStationer
1786Thomas SainsburyBowyer
1787John BurnellGlover
1788William GillStationer
1789William Pickett, MPGoldsmith
1790John BoydellStationer
1791Sir John HopkinsGrocer
1792Sir James Sanderson, 1st BaronetDraper
1793Sir Paul Le MesurierGoldsmith
1794Rt Hon. Thomas SkinnerHaberdasher
1795Sir William Curtis, 1st BaronetDraper
1796Sir Brook Watson, 1st BaronetMusician
1797Sir John Anderson, 1st BaronetGlover
1798Sir Richard Glyn, 1st BaronetSalter
1799Harvey Christian Combe, MPBrewer
1800Sir William StainesCarpenter

19th century

ElectedNameMother Livery CompanyNotes
1801Sir John EamerSalter
1802Sir Charles Price, 1st BaronetIronmonger
1803Sir John Perring, 1st BaronetClothworker
1804Peter PerchardGoldsmith
1805Sir James Shaw, 1st BaronetScrivener
1806Sir William LeightonShipwrightPreviously Wheelwright, Fishmonger
1807John AnsleyMerchant Taylor
1808Sir Charles Flower, 1st BaronetFramework Knitter
1809Thomas SmithLeatherseller
1810Joshua SmithIronmongerPreviously Pattenmaker
1811Sir Claudius Hunter, 1st BaronetMerchant Taylor
1812George ScholeyDistiller
1813Sir William Domville, 1st BaronetStationer
1814Samuel BirchCook
1815–1816Sir Matthew Wood, 1st BaronetFishmonger
1817Christopher Smith, MPDraper
1818John Atkins, MPMerchant Taylor
1819George Bridges, MPWheelwright
1820John Thomas Thorp, MPDraper
1821Christopher MagnayMerchant Taylor
1822Sir William Heygate, 1st BaronetMerchant Taylor
1823Robert Waithman, MPFramework Knitter
1824John GarrattGoldsmith
1825William Venables, MPStationer
1826Anthony BrownFishmonger
1827Matthias Prime LucasVintner
1828William Thompson, MPIronmonger
1829John CrowderPlaying Card Maker
1830–1831Sir John Key, 1st BaronetStationer
1832Sir Peter LaurieSaddler
1833Charles FarebrotherVintner
1834Henry Winchester, MPCutler
1835William Taylor Copeland, MPGoldsmith
1836Thomas KellyPlaisterer
1837Sir John Cowan, 1st BaronetWax Chandler
1838Samuel WilsonWeaver
1839Sir Chapman MarshallInnholder
1840Thomas JohnsonCooper
1841Sir John Pirie, 1st BaronetPlaisterer
1842John Humphery, MPTallow Chandler
1843Sir William Magnay, 1st BaronetStationer
1844Michael GibbsFishmonger
1845John JohnsonSpectacle Maker
1846Sir George CarrollSpectacle Maker
1847John Kinnersley HooperVintner
1848Sir James Duke, 1st BaronetSpectacle Maker
1849Thomas FarncombeTallow Chandler
1850Sir John Musgrove, 1st BaronetClothworker
1851William HunterUpholder
1852Thomas Challis, MPButcher
1853Thomas Sidney, MPGirdler
1854Sir Francis Moon, 1st BaronetStationer
1855Sir David Salomons, 1st BaronetCooper
1856Thomas Finnis, MPBowyer
1857Sir Robert Carden, 1st BaronetCutler
1858David Wire[20]Innholder
1859John Carter[21]Clockmaker
1860–1861William Cubitt, MPFishmonger
1862Sir William RoseClothworker
1863Sir William Lawrence[22]Carpenter
1864Warren HaleTallow Chandler
1865Sir Benjamin PhillipsSpectacle Maker
1866Sir Thomas Gabriel, 1st BaronetGoldsmith
1867William Ferneley AllenStationerIn 1867, Michaelmas Day fell on the Sabbath. Alderman Allen elected on 28 September.[23]
1868Sir James Lawrence, 1st BaronetCarpenter
1869Robert BesleyLoriner
1870Sir Thomas DakinSpectacle Maker
1871Sir John Sills Gibbons, 1st BaronetSalter
1872Sir Sydney Waterlow, 1st BaronetStationer
1873Sir Andrew Lusk, 1st BaronetSpectacle Maker
1874David Henry StoneSpectacle Maker
1875Sir William CottonHaberdasher
1876Sir Thomas WhiteVintnerPreviously Feltmaker
1877Sir Thomas OwdenInnholder
1878Sir Charles WhethamLeatherseller
1879Sir Francis Wyatt TruscottStationer
1880Sir William McArthurSpectacle Maker
1881Sir John Ellis, 1st BaronetMerchant Taylor
1882Sir Henry KnightFishmongerPreviously Spectacle Maker
1883Sir Robert Fowler, 1st BaronetSpectacle MakerFirst of two terms.
1884George NottageSpectacle MakerDied in office; the last Lord Mayor to have done so.
1885Sir Robert FowlerSpectacle MakerSecond of two terms; the last Lord Mayor to have served more than once.
1885Sir John Staples, KCMGLeatherseller
1886Sir Reginald Hanson, 1st BaronetShipwrightPreviously Merchant Taylor
1887Sir Polydore de Keyser[24]Spectacle Maker
1888Sir James Whitehead, 1st BaronetFanmaker
1889Sir Henry IsaacsLoriner
1890Sir Joseph Savory, 1st BaronetGoldsmith
1891Sir David Evans, KCMGHaberdasher
1892Sir Stuart Knill, 1st BaronetGoldsmith
1893Sir George Tyler, 1st BaronetStationer
1894Sir Joseph Renals, 1st BaronetSpectacle Maker
1895Sir Walter Wilkin, KCMGBroderer
1896Sir George Faudel-Phillips, 1st BaronetSpectacle Maker
1897Lt-Col. Sir Horatio Davies, KCMGSpectacle Maker
1898Sir John Voce MooreLoriner
1899Sir Alfred Newton, 1st BaronetFanmaker
1900Sir Frank Green, 1st BaronetGlazier

    20th century

    ElectedNameMother Livery CompanyNotes
    1901Sir Joseph Dimsdale, 1st BaronetGrocer
    1902Sir Marcus Samuel, 1st BaronetSpectacle MakerLater Viscount Bearsted.
    1903Sir James Ritchie, 1st BaronetShipwright
    1904Sir John Pound, 1st BaronetLeatherseller
    1905Sir Walter Morgan, 1st BaronetCutler
    1906Sir William Treloar, 1st BaronetLoriner
    1907Sir John Charles Bell, 1st BaronetHaberdasherPreviously Fanmaker.
    1908Sir George Wyatt Truscott, 1st BaronetStationer
    1909Sir John Knill, 2nd BaronetGoldsmith
    1910Sir Thomas Vezey Strong, KCVO, KBEStationer
    1911Sir Thomas Crosby, MDTurner
    1912Col. Sir David Burnett, 1st BaronetLoriner
    1913Sir Vansittart Bowater, 1st BaronetGirdler
    1914Sir Charles Johnston, 1st BaronetInnholder
    1915Sir Charles Wakefield, 1st BaronetHaberdasherLater Viscount Wakefield.
    1916Sir William Dunn, 1st BaronetWheelwright
    1917Sir Charles Hanson, 1st BaronetPattenmaker
    1918The Lord Marshall of ChipsteadStationer
    1919Sir Edward Cooper, 1st BaronetMusician
    1920Sir James Roll, 1st BaronetHorner
    1921Sir John Baddeley, 1st BaronetFramework Knitter
    1922Sir Edward Moore, 1st BaronetFruiterer
    1923Col. Sir Louis Newton, 1st BaronetLoriner
    1924Sir Alfred Bower, 1st BaronetVintner
    1925Sir William Pryke, 1st BaronetPainter-Stainer
    1926Sir Rowland Blades, 1st Baronet)GardenerLater Baron Ebbisham.
    1927Sir Charles Batho, 1st BaronetPavior
    1928Sir Kynaston Studd, 1st BaronetFruiterer
    1929Sir William Waterlow, 1st BaronetStationer
    1930Sir William Neal, 1st BaronetHorner
    1931Sir Maurice Jenks, 1st BaronetHaberdasher
    1932Sir Percy Greenaway, 1st BaronetStationer
    1933Sir Charles Collett, 1st BaronetGlover
    1934Sir Stephen KillikFanmaker
    1935Sir Percy Vincent, 1st BaronetGold & Silver Wyre Drawer
    1936Sir George BroadbridgeLorinerLater Baron Broadbridge.
    1937Sir Harry TwyfordFramework Knitter
    1938Sir Frank Bowater, 1st BaronetGirdler
    1939Sir William Coxen, 1st BaronetCordwainer
    1940Sir George Wilkinson, 1st BaronetStationer
    1941Lt-Col. Sir John Laurie, 1st BaronetSaddler
    1942Sir Samuel Joseph, 1st BaronetCutler
    1943Sir Frank Newson-Smith, 1st BaronetTurner
    1944Sir Frank Alexander, 1st BaronetShipwright
    1945Sir Charles Davis, 1st BaronetFanmaker
    1946Sir Bracewell Smith, 1st BaronetSpectacle Maker
    1947Sir Frederick Wells, 1st BaronetCarman
    1948Sir George Aylwen, 1st BaronetMerchant Taylor
    1949Sir Frederick Rowland, 1st BaronetHorner
    1950Denys LowsonGrocerLater Sir Denys Lowson, 1st Baronet
    1951Sir Leslie Boyce, 1st BaronetLoriner
    1952Sir Rupert de la Bère, 1st BaronetSkinner
    1953Sir Noël Bowater, 2nd BaronetVintner
    1954Sir Seymour Howard, 1st BaronetGardener
    1955Sir Cuthbert Ackroyd, 1st BaronetCarpenter
    1956Sir Cullum Welch, 1st BaronetHaberdasher
    1957Sir Denis TruscottStationer
    1958Sir Harold Gillett, 1st BaronetBasketmaker
    1959Sir Edmund Stockdale, 1st BaronetCarpenter
    1960Sir Bernard Waley-Cohen, 1st BaronetClothworker
    1961Sir Frederick Hoare, 1st BaronetSpectacle Maker
    1962Sir Ralph Perring, 1st BaronetTin Plate Worker
    1963Sir James Harman,GBEPainter-Stainer
    1964Sir James Miller, GBECoachmakerThe only Lord Mayor of London to have also served as Lord Provost of Edinburgh (1951–54).
    1965Sir Lionel DennyVintner
    1966Sir Robert BellingerBroderer
    1967Sir Gilbert InglefieldHaberdasher
    1968Sir Charles TrinderFletcher
    1969Lt-Col. Sir Ian BowaterHaberdasher
    1970Sir Peter StuddMerchant Taylor
    1971Sir Edward Howard, 2nd BaronetGardener
    1972Sir Alan Mais, GBEPaviorLater The Lord Mais, GBE.
    1973Sir Hugh WontnerFeltmaker
    1974Sir Murray FoxWheelwright
    1975Sir Lindsay RingArmourer & Brasier
    1976Sir Robin GillettMaster Mariner
    1977The Hon. Sir Peter VanneckGunmaker
    1978Sir Kenneth CorkHorners
    1979Sir Peter GadsdenClothworker
    1980Sir Ronald Gardner-ThorpePainter-Stainer
    1981Sir Christopher LeaverCarman
    1982Sir Anthony JolliffePainter-Stainer
    1983Dame Mary DonaldsonGardenerFirst female Lord Mayor. Later The Lady Donaldson of Lymington, GBE.
    1984Sir Alan TraillCutler
    1985Sir Allan DavisPainter-Stainer
    1986Sir David Rowe HamWheelwright
    1987Sir Greville SprattIronmonger
    1988Sir Christopher CollettGlover
    1989Sir Hugh BidwellGrocer
    1990Sir Alexander GrahamMercer
    1991Sir Brian JenkinsChartered Accountant
    1992Sir Francis McWilliams, GBELoriner
    1993Sir Paul NewallBaker
    1994Sir Christopher WalfordPlaying Card Maker
    1995Sir John ChalstreyApothecary
    1996Sir Roger CorkBowyerSon of Sir Kenneth Cork (1978)
    1997Sir Richard NicholsSalter
    1998The Lord Levene of Portsoken, KBECarman
    1999Sir Clive MartinStationer
    2000Sir David Howard, 3rd BaronetGardener

    21st century

    ElectedNameMother Livery CompanyNotes
    2001Sir Michael OliverIronmonger
    2002Sir Gavyn ArthurGardener
    2003Sir Robert FinchSolicitor
    2004Sir Michael SavoryPoulter
    2005Sir David BrewerMerchant Taylor
    2006Sir John StuttardGlazier
    2007Sir David LewisSolicitor
    2008Ian LuderCooper
    2009Nick AnsteeButcher
    2010Sir Michael BearPavior
    2011Sir David WoottonFletcher
    2012Sir Roger GiffordMusician
    2013Dame Fiona WoolfSolicitorSecond female Lord Mayor.
    2014Sir Alan YarrowFishmonger
    2015The Lord MountevansGoldsmithAlso Shipwright, and elected Hereditary Member of the House of Lords.
    2016Sir Andrew ParmleyMusicianalso Glass Seller.
    2017Sir Charles Bowman[25]Grocer
    2018Peter Estlin [26]Banker
    2019William RussellHaberdasher

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