List of longest bridges

This is a list of the world's longest bridges more than three kilometres long sorted by their full length above land or water. "Span" refers to the longest spans without any ground support.

Note: There is no standard way to measure the total length of a bridge. Some bridges are measured from the beginning of the entrance ramp to the end of the exit ramp. Some are measured from shoreline to shoreline. Yet others use the length of the total construction involved in building the bridge. Since there is no standard, no ranking of a bridge should be assumed because of its position in the list. Additionally, numbers are merely estimates and measures in U.S. customary units (feet) may be imprecise due to conversion rounding.


Name Length Main Span Completed Traffic Country
m ft m ft
Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge
Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway
Guinness: Longest bridge (any type), 2011[1]
164,800 540,700(Viaduct)2010High-speed rail China
Changhua–Kaohsiung Viaduct[2]
Taiwan High Speed Rail
157,317 516,132(Viaduct)2004High-speed rail Taiwan
Tianjin Grand Bridge[3]
Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway
Guinness: Second longest bridge (any type), 2011[1]
113,700 373,000(Viaduct)2010High-speed rail China
Cangde Grand Bridge[4][5]
Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway
115,900 380,200(Viaduct)2010High-speed rail China
Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge
Zhengzhou–Xi'an High-Speed Railway
79,732 261,588(Viaduct)2008High-speed rail China
Bang Na Expressway
Guinness: Longest Road Bridge, 2000[6]
54,000 177,000 (Viaduct)2000Expressway Thailand
Beijing Grand Bridge
Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway
48,153 157,982(Viaduct)2010High-speed rail China
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway
(across Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana)
Guinness: Longest bridge over water (continuous), 1969[7]
38,442 126,122(Viaduct)1956 (SB)
1969 (NB)
Highway United States
Line 1, Wuhan Metro Bridge
Wuhan Metro
37,788 123,976[8](Viaduct)2009Metro China
Manchac Swamp Bridge
(I-55/US 51 across Manchac Swamp in Louisiana)
36,710 120,440(Viaduct)1979Highway United States
Jakarta-Cikampek Elevated Toll Road36,400 119,400
(elevated)2019Highway Indonesia
Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Causeway Main Link36,140 118,570
(Viaduct)2019Highway Kuwait
Yangcun Bridge[11]
Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway
35,812 117,493[12]100 3302007High-speed rail China
Hangzhou Bay Bridge35,673 117,037448 1,4702007Expressway China
Runyang Bridge35,660 116,9901,490 4,8902005Expressway China
Lima Metro Line 133,000 108,000 (Viaduct)2011-2014Metro Peru
Donghai Bridge32,500 106,600400 1,3002005Expressway China
Shanghai Maglev line29,908 98,123[13](Viaduct)2003Maglev China
Dwarka Sector 8 Metro Station-Rama Krishna Ashram Marg Metro Station29,808 97,795(Viaduct)2005-2010Metro India
Atchafalaya Basin Bridge
(I-10 across Atchafalaya Basin in Louisiana)
29,290 96,100(Viaduct)1973Highway United States
Yanshi Bridge
Zhengzhou–Xi'an High-Speed Railway
28,543 93,645[14](Viaduct)2009High-speed rail China
Jiaozhou Bay Bridge26,707 87,621[15][16]260 8502011Road China
Jintang Bridge26,540 87,070620 2,0302009Expressway China
Jinbin Light Rail No. 1 Bridge(Guanghualu – Babaocun)
Tianjin Binhai Mass Transit
25,800 84,600(Viaduct)2003Metro China
East West MRT Line (Redhill - Tuas Link)
Mass Rapid Transit (Singapore)
25,700 84,300(Viaduct)1988 - 2017Metro Singapore
King Fahd Causeway Bridge I25,000 82,000[17](Viaduct)1986Road Saudi Arabia and
Suvarnabhumi Airport Link24,500 80,400(Viaduct)2010Rail Thailand
Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel
(US 13 across Chesapeake Bay in Virginia)
24,140 79,200(Viaduct)1964 (NB)
1999 (SB)
Highway United States
Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge
Penang Second Bridge
24,000 79,000250 820[18]2014Highway Malaysia
MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang Line Northern Elevated Section23,100 75,800(Viaduct)2016Metro Malaysia
Bridge section of Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge
Guinness: Longest bridge over water (aggregate), October 2018[19]
22,900 75,100 460 1,510 2018 Motorway China
Liangshui River Bridge
Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway
21,563 70,745[12](Viaduct)2007High-speed rail China
Incheon Bridge21,380 70,140[20]800 2,6002009Road South Korea
Yongding New River Bridge
Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway
21,133 69,334[21](Viaduct)2007High-speed rail China
6th October Bridge20,500 67,300(Viaduct)1996Road Egypt
C215 Viaduct[22]
Taiwan High Speed Rail
20,000 66,000(Viaduct)2007High-speed rail Taiwan
Hami Grade Separation Bridge
Lanzhou–Urumqi High-Speed Railway
19,300 63,300[23](Viaduct)2014High-speed rail China
MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang Line Southern Elevated Section19,000 62,000(Viaduct)2017Metro Malaysia
Cangzhou–Dezhou Grand Bridge[3]
Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway
18,200 59,700128 4202010High-speed rail China
Crimean Bridge[24] (Kerch Strait)
Longest bridge in Europe[25]
18,100 59,400227 745 (x2)2018Road (& future Rail) Russia
Aérotrain Test Track
No longer in use
18,000 59,000(Viaduct)1965Rail
Bonnet Carré Spillway Bridge of I-10
(I-10 over Bonnet Carré Spillway in Louisiana)
17,702 58,077(Viaduct)1972Highway United States
Si Rat - West Outer Ring Road Section
Si Rat Expressway System
16,110 52,850(Viaduct)2016Expressway Thailand
Saigon-Trung Luong Skyway
North-South Expressway, Vietnam
16,000 52,000(Viaduct)2010Road Vietnam
Eastern Freeway South Stretch15,595 51,165[26][27](Viaduct)2013Motorway India
Cross Beijing Ring Roads Bridge
Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway
15,595 51,165[12](Viaduct)2007High-speed rail China
Thousand Islands Bridge13,700 44,900240 7901937Highway United States and
Penang Bridge13,500 44,300225 7381985Highway Malaysia
Kam Sheung Road-Tuen Mun viaduct (part of West Rail Line)13,400 44,000(Viaduct)2003Rail China
Louisiana Highway 1 Bridge[28]
(State Highway 1 between Golden Meadow, Louisiana and Port Fourchon, Louisiana)
13,300 43,600(Viaduct)2009Highway United States
Rio–Niterói Bridge
Longest bridge in Latin America
13,290 43,600300 9801974Road Brazil
Great Seto Bridge13,100 43,0001,100 3,6001988Highway & Rail Japan
Bhumibol Bridge13,000 43,000398 1,3062006Road Thailand
Confederation Bridge
(Trans-Canada Highway across Northumberland Strait
between Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick)
12,900 42,300220 720 (x43)1997Highway Canada
Jubilee Parkway
(I-10 over Mobile Bay in Alabama)
12,875 42,241(Viaduct)1978Highway United States
Rudong Yangkou Yellow Sea Bridge[29]12,600 41,300[30]0?2008Road China
Bali Mandara Toll Road12,700 41,7000?2013Road Indonesia
Vasco da Gama Bridge12,345 40,502450 1,4801998Highway Portugal
North South MRT Line (Lentor North - Marsiling)
Mass Rapid Transit (Singapore)
12,200 40,000 (Viaduct)1988 - 1996Metro Singapore
Emsland test facility12,000 39,000(Viaduct)1985Maglev Germany
Ir. Wiyoto Wiyono Toll Road12,000 39,000(Viaduct)1990Highway Indonesia
Nanjing Qinhuai River Bridge
Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway
12,000 39,000[30]0?2010High-speed rail China
Third Mainland Bridge11,800 38,700(Viaduct)1991Road Nigeria
Mayor Mohammed Hanif Flyover
(along N1 highway from Gulistan to Jatrabari in Dhaka)[31]
11,700 38,400(Viaduct)2013Motorway Bangladesh
Qingshuihe Bridge[32]
Qingzang Railway
11,700 38,400(Viaduct)2006Rail China
Lezíria Bridge[33]11,670 38,290133 4362007Highway Portugal
P.V. Narasimha Rao Elevated Expressway11,600 38,100(Viaduct)2009Highway India
San Mateo–Hayward Bridge
(State Route 92 over San Francisco Bay in California)
11,270 36,980230.8 757[34]1967Highway United States
Zhenjiang Beijing–Hangzhou Canal Bridge
Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway
11,000 36,000[30]0?2010High-speed rail China
Seven Mile Bridge
(Overseas Highway/US 1 in the Florida Keys)
10,887 35,719(Viaduct)1982Highway United States
Shandong-Henan Yellow River Bridge[35]10,282 33,7340?1985Rail China
Jiaxing-Shaoxing Sea Bridge10,138 33,261428 1,404 (x6)2013Expressway China
Wuhu Yangtze River Bridge10,020 32,870312 1,0242000Expressway & Rail China
Bangalore Elevated Tollway9,945 32,628(Viaduct)2010Highway India
Shanghai Yangtze River Bridge9,970 32,710730 2,4002009Road (& future Rail) China
General W.K. Wilson Jr. Bridge
(I-65 over the Mobile–Tensaw River Delta in Alabama)
9,786 32,106244 8011980Highway United States
Norfolk Southern Lake Pontchartrain Bridge
(Norfolk Southern rail line across Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana)
9,300 30,5000?1884[36]Rail United States
TransJakarta Corridor 139,300 30,500[37](Viaduct)2017Elevated BRT Indonesia
Nanjing Dashengguan Yangtze River Bridge9,273 30,423[30]336 1,1022010High-speed rail & Metro China
Dhola–Sadiya Bridge9,150 30,020[38]50 160 (x183)2017Road India
Park Circus-Parama Island, MAA flyover9,100 29,900(Viaduct)2016Road India
Chacahoula Swamp Bridge
(US 90 across Chacahoula Swamp in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana)
9,005 29,544(Viaduct)1995Highway United States
Frank Davis "Naturally N'Awlins" Memorial Bridge
(I-10 over Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana)
8,851 29,039(Viaduct)1962
Highway United States
Richmond–San Rafael Bridge
(I-580 over San Francisco Bay in California)
8,851 29,039317 1,0401956Highway United States
Mouchak-Moghbazar-Tejgaon Flyover
(from Shantinagar to Tejgaon in Dhaka)[39]
8,700 28,500(Viaduct)2017Motorway Bangladesh
General Rafael Urdaneta Bridge8,678 28,471235 7711962Road Venezuela
Metro Bus corridor- Rawalpindi Section (Rawalpindi)8,600 28,200[40](Viaduct)2015Elevated BRT Pakistan
Virginia Dare Memorial Bridge
(US 64 Bypass over Croatan Sound in North Carolina)
8,369 27,457(Viaduct)2002Highway United States
Yangpu Bridge8,354 27,408602 1,9751993Road China
Xiasha Bridge[41]8,230 27,000232 7611991Expressway China
Sutong Bridge8,206 26,9231,088 3,5702008Expressway China
Mackinac Bridge
(I-75 over the Straits of Mackinac in Michigan)
8,038 26,3711,158 3,7991957Highway United States
LaBranche Wetlands Bridge
(I-310 over the LaBranche Wetlands in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana)
7,902 25,925(Viaduct)1992Highway United States
Öresund Bridge7,845 25,738490 1,6101999Highway & Rail  Denmark and
Maestri Bridge
(US 11 over Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana)
7,693 25,240(Viaduct)1928Road United States
Jiujiang Yangtze River Bridge[42]7,675 25,180216 7091992Highway & Rail China
Gwangan Bridge7,420 24,340500 1,6002002Road South Korea
Champlain Bridge (Montreal)
(Autoroutes 10, 15, and 20 over the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec)
7,414 24,324215.5 7071967Highway Canada
Jamal Abdul Nasser Bridge7,333 24,058(Viaduct)2016Highway Kuwait
Seohae Bridge[43]7,310 23,980470 1,5402000Highway South Korea
Ershilipu Bridge
Lanzhou–Urumqi High-Speed Railway
7,093 23,271[44]0?2014High-speed rail China
James River Bridge
(US 17 over the James River in Virginia)
7,071 23,199126.5 4151983Highway United States
Huey P. Long Bridge
(US 90 over the Mississippi River in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana)
7,000 23,000241 7911936Highway & Rail United States
Chesapeake Bay Bridge
(US 50 and US 301 over Chesapeake Bay in Maryland)
6,946 22,789490 1,6101952
Highway United States
Great Belt Bridge (Eastern)6,790 22,2801,624 5,3281998Highway Denmark
Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge6,772 22,218160 5201968Highway & Rail China
Xiangshan Harbor Bridge6,761 22,182688 2,2572012Highway China
Great Belt Bridge (Western)6,611 21,690110 3601998Highway & Rail  Denmark
Sunshine Skyway Bridge
(I-275 over Tampa Bay in Florida)
6,598 21,647366 1,2011987Highway United States
Thanlwin Bridge (Mawlamyaing)6,589 21,617112 367 (x21)2005Road & Rail Myanmar
St. George Island Bridge
(State Road 300 over Apalachicola Bay in Florida)
6,588 21,614366 1,2012004Highway United States
Astoria–Megler Bridge
(US 101 across the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington)
6,545 21,473375 1,2301966Highway United States
Aktaruzzaman Flyover
6,500 21,300[45](Viaduct)2017Motorway Bangladesh
Saale-Elster Viaduct
Erfurt–Leipzig/Halle high-speed railway
6,465 21,211110 3602013High-speed rail Germany
Pakokku Bridge6,278 20,597[46]120 390 (x22)2011Road & Rail Myanmar
Ayeyarwady-Nyaungdon Bridge6,262 20,545[47]120 390 (x16)2011Road & Rail Myanmar
Öland bridge6,072 19,921130 4301972Highway Sweden
Bleiswijk Railway Viaduct6,000 20,000(Viaduct)2006High-speed rail Netherlands
Libertador General San Martín Bridge5,966 19,573220 7201976Road Uruguay and
Hernando de Soto Bridge
(I-40 over the Mississippi River between Arkansas and Tennessee)
5,954 19,534274 8991973Highway United States
President Bridge5,825 19,111[48]220 720 (x22)2009Road Russia
Mid-Bay Bridge
(State Road 293 over Choctawhatchee Bay in Florida)
5,793 19,006141 4631993Highway United States
Mahatma Gandhi Setu[49]5,750 18,860121 397 (x45)1982Road India
Pulaski Skyway
(US 1/US 9 over the Hackensack and Passaic rivers in New Jersey)
5,636 18,491168 5511932Highway United States
Garden City Skyway
(Queen Elizabeth Way over the Welland Canal in Ontario)
5,633 18,481(Viaduct)1963Highway Canada
Bangabandhu Bridge
(across Jamuna River between Tangail District and Sirajganj District)
5,630 18,470100 330[50] (x47)1998Road & Rail Bangladesh
Albemarle Sound Bridge[51]
(State Highways 32 and 94 over Albemarle Sound in North Carolina)
5,627 18,4610?1990Road United States
Bromford Viaduct5,600 18,400(Viaduct)1971Road United Kingdom
Bandra-Worli Sea Link5,575 18,291250 820 (x2)2009Road India
Hong Kong–Shenzhen Western Corridor5,545 18,192(Viaduct)2006Expressway Hong Kong
Island Eastern Corridor (Causeway Bay to Quarry Bay section)5,500 18,000(Viaduct)1983Road Hong Kong
Tan Vu-Lach Huyen Bridge5,440 17,850[52](Viaduct)2017[53]Highway Vietnam
Suramadu Bridge (cross Madura Strait)5,438 17,841434 1,4242009Road Indonesia
Dauphin Island Bridge
(State Route 193 over the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway in Alabama)
5,430 17,810122 4001982Road United States
Xinkai River Bridge of Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway5,371 17,621[21]0?2007High-speed rail China
Yolo Causeway
(I-80 over Yolo Bypass in California)
5,200 17,100(Viaduct)1916
Highway United States
Second Severn Crossing5,128 16,824456 1,4961996Road United Kingdom
Zeeland Bridge5,022 16,47695 312 (x48)1965Road Netherlands
Bolte Bridge5,000 16,000173 568 (x2)1999Road Australia
Malir River Bridge5,000 16,000(Viaduct)2009Road Pakistan
Candaba Viaduct[54]5,000 16,000(Viaduct)2005Highway Philippines
Tappan Zee Bridge
(I-87 and I-287 over the Hudson River in New York)
4,989 16,368370 1,2102017Highway United States
Buckman Bridge
(I-295 over the St. Johns River in Florida south of Jacksonville)
4,968 16,29976.2 2501970Highway United States
Bogibeel Bridge,
over Brahmaputra River in Assam
4,960 16,2702018Road & Rail India
Howard Frankland Bridge (Southbound)
(I-275 over Old Tampa Bay in Florida)
4,846 15,899(Viaduct)1991Highway United States
Howard Frankland Bridge (Northbound)
(I-275 over Old Tampa Bay in Florida)
4,838 15,873(Viaduct)1960Highway United States
Wright Memorial Bridge
(US 158 over Currituck Sound in North Carolina)
4,828 15,8400?1930Highway United States
North–South Motorway (over Grand Junction Road in Adelaide)4,800 15,700(Viaduct)2014Motorway Australia
Pensacola Bay Bridge
(US 98 over Pensacola Bay in Florida)
4,767.1 15,6400?1960 (new)Highway United States
Vikramshila Setu4,700 15,400(Viaduct)2001Road India
Dingziwan Cross-Sea Bridge[55][56]4,700 15,400376 1,2342012Highway China
Vembanad Rail Bridge, Kochi4,620 15,16040 130 (x99)2011Rail India
Digha–Sonpur Bridge4,655 15,272123 404 (x36)2016Road & Rail India
Lindsay C. Warren Bridge[57]/Alligator River Bridge
(US 64 over the Alligator River in North Carolina)
4,550 14,9300?1960Highway United States
Gandy Bridge (Eastbound)
(US 92 over Old Tampa Bay in Florida)
4,529 14,8590?1975Highway United States
Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge
(over the St. Marys River between I-75 in Michigan and Ontario)
4,480 14,700132 4331962Highway United States and
Yeongjong Bridge4,420 14,500300 9802000Road South Korea
Jingzhou Yangtze River Bridge[58]4,398 14,429[59]500 1,6002002Expressway China
Aqua Bridge (Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line)4,384 14,383240 7901997Road Japan
Amur Bay Bridge4,364 14,318(Viaduct)2012Road Russia
Arrah–Chhapra Bridge4,350 14,270120 390 (x16)2017[60]Road India
Ponte Salgueiro Maia4,300 14,100250 8202000Highway Portugal
Bayside Bridge
(County Road 611 over Old Tampa Bay in Pinellas County, Florida)
4,270 14,010(Viaduct)1993Highway United States
Hochstraße Elbmarsch[61]4,258 13,970(Viaduct)1974Road Germany
Bubiyan Island Railway Bridge4,245 13,927[62](Viaduct)2011[63]Rail Kuwait
Commodore Barry Bridge
(US 322 over the Delaware River between New Jersey and Pennsylvania)
4,240 13,910501 1,6441974Highway United States
Gandy Bridge (Westbound)
(US 92 over Old Tampa Bay in Florida)
4,226 13,8650?1997Highway United States
Escambia Bay Bridge
(I-10 over Escambia Bay in Florida)
4,224 13,8580?2004 (new)Highway United States
Verrazano-Narrows Bridge
(I-278 across The Narrows between Brooklyn and Staten Island, New York)
4,176 13,7011,298 4,2591964Highway United States
Greenville Bridge
(US 278 and US 82 over the Mississippi River between Mississippi and Arkansas)
4,133 13,560420 1,3802007Highway United States
Godavari Fourth Bridge4,135 13,56650 160 (x82)2015Road India
Godavari Road-Cum-Rail Bridge
4,100 13,50091.5 300 (x27)1974Road & Rail India
Rosario-Victoria Bridge4,098 13,445350 1,1502003Road Argentina
Crescent City Connection
(US 90 Business over the Mississippi River in Louisiana)
4,093 13,428480 1,5701958Highway United States
Anghel Saligny Bridge
(over the Danube)
4,088 13,412[64]190 6201895Rail Romania
Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge
(US 17 over the Cooper River in South Carolina)
4,023 13,199471 1,5452005Highway United States
Kurushima-Kaikyō Bridge4,015 13,1731,030 3,3801999Highway Japan
Fred Hartman Bridge
(State Highway 146 over the Houston Ship Channel in Texas)
4,000 13,000381 1,2501995Highway United States
Vicksburg Bridge / Chris Smith Bridge
(I-20 over the Mississippi River between Mississippi and Louisiana)
3,954 12,972265 8691973Highway United States
Köhlbrandbrücke3,940 12,930520 1,7101974Road Germany
John James Audubon Bridge (Mississippi River)
(State Highway 10 over Mississippi River in Louisiana)
3,927 12,884482 1,5812011Road United States
Herbert C. Bonner Bridge[65]
(State Highway 12 over Oregon Inlet in North Carolina)
3,921 12,864(Viaduct)1963Road United States
Akashi Kaikyō Bridge3,911 12,8311,991 6,5321998Highway Japan
Amizade Bridge3,900 12,800180 5901994Road Macau
Suez Canal Bridge3,900 12,800440 1,4402001Road Egypt
Lupu Bridge3,900 12,800550 1,8002003Road China
Yuribey Bridge3,892.9 12,772110 3602009Rail Russia
Khabarovsk Bridge3,890.5 12,764[66]127.4 418 (x18)1916
Road & Rail Russia
The First Kitakami River Bridge[67]
Tōhoku Shinkansen
3,868 12,6900?1982High-speed rail Japan
Zacatal Bridge3,861 12,667(Viaduct)1994Road Mexico
Ponte della Libertà3,850 12,6300?1846
Road & Rail Italy
Queen Isabella Causeway
(State Park Road 100 over Laguna Madre in Texas)
3,810 12,5000?1974Road United States
Santhià Viaduct[68]3,782 12,4080?2006Rail Italy
Sky Gate Bridge R[69]
Kansai Airport Line / Nankai Airport Line
3,750 12,300150 4901994Road & Rail Japan
CNR Bonnet Carré Spillway-McComb Bridge
(Canadian National Railway over Bonnet Carré Spillway in Louisiana)
3,702 12,146(Viaduct)1936Rail United States
Rodoferroviária Bridge3,700 12,100100 330 (x26)1998Road & Rail Brazil
Nhật Tân Bridge3,700 12,100300 980 (x4)2015Highway Vietnam
Munger Ganga Bridge3,692 12,113125 410 (x29)2016Road & Rail India
Vinh Tuy Bridge3,690 12,110135 4432008Road Vietnam
Dona Ana Bridge3,670 12,04080 260 (x33)1934Rail Mozambique
Walt Whitman Bridge
(I-76 over Delaware River between Pennsylvania and New Jersey)
3,652 11,982610 2,0001957Highway United States
Humen Pearl River Bridge3,618 11,870888 2,9131997Expressway China
Ayrton Senna Bridge3,607 11,83452 171 (x2)1998Road Brazil
Panipat Elevated Expressway3,600 11,800(Viaduct)2008Highway India
Rio Negro Bridge3,595 11,795200 660 (x2)2011Road Brazil
Fadalto Viaduct[70]3,567 11,7030?1995Highway Italy
Irabu Bridge R[71]
Between Miyako Island and Irabu Island, Ryukyu Island
3,540 11,610180 5902015Road Japan
Thang Long Bridge3,500 11,5000?1978Road Vietnam
San Diego–Coronado Bridge
(State Route 75 over San Diego Bay in California)
3,407 11,178200 660 (x2)1969Highway United States
Mozambique Island Bridge[72]3,400 11,200[73](Viaduct)1969Road Mozambique
Lake Jesup Bridge
(State Road 417 over Lake Jesup in Florida)
3,379 11,0860?1993Highway United States
Saint-Nazaire Bridge3,356 11,010404 1,3251974Road France
King Fahd Causeway Bridge II3,334 10,938[74]0?1986Road Saudi Arabia and
Third Bridge3,300 10,800260 8501989Road Brazil
Delaware Memorial Bridge (Westbound)
(I-295 and US 40 over the Delaware River from New Jersey to Delaware)
3,291 10,797655 2,1491968Highway United States
Delaware Memorial Bridge (Eastbound)
(I-295 and US 40 over the Delaware River from Delaware to New Jersey)
3,281 10,764655 2,1491951Highway United States
La Unidad Bridge3,277 10,751[75](Viaduct)1982Road Mexico
Tay Rail Bridge[76]3,264 10,70975 246 (x13)1887Rail United Kingdom
Hale Boggs Memorial Bridge
(I-310 over the Mississippi River in Louisiana)
3,261 10,699376 1,2341983Highway United States
Chahlari Ghat Bridge3,260 10,7000?2017Road India
Dames Point Bridge
(I-295 over the St. Johns River in Florida east of Jacksonville)
3,245 10,646396 1,2991989Highway United States
Great South Bay Bridge
(Robert Moses Causeway over Great South Bay in Long Island, New York)
3,206 10,518140.2 4601954Highway United States
Macleay River Bridge3,200 10,50034 112 (x94)2013Road Australia
Storstrøm Bridge3,199 10,495136 4461937Road & Rail Denmark
Second Orinoco crossing (Orinoquia Bridge)3,156 10,354300 9802006Road & Rail Venezuela
San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge
(I-80 over San Francisco Bay in California)
3,141 10,305700 2,3001936Highway United States
Kuril Flyover
(along N3 highway in Dhaka)
3,100 10,200[77](Viaduct)2013Highway Bangladesh
Bridge to Russky Island3,100 10,2001,104 3,6222012Road Russia
La Pepa Bridge3,092 10,144540 1,7702015Road Spain
Thanh Tri Bridge3,084 10,118130 430 (x4)2008Road Vietnam
Heishipu Bridge[78]3,068 10,066162 5312004Expressway China
Jawahar Setu3,061 10,0430?1965Road India
Talmadge Memorial Bridge
(US 17 over the Savannah River in Georgia)
3,060 10,040335 1,0991990Highway United States
Nehru Setu3,059 10,03632.5 107 (x93)1900Rail India
Kolia Bhomora Setu3,015 9,892120 390 (x24)1987Road India
Ponte Conde de Linhares3,000 9,8000?1634Road India
Jiangyin Bridge3,000 9,8001,385 4,5441999Expressway China
Korthi-Kolhar Bridge[79]3,000 9,8000?2006Road India
C310 Viaduct[80]3,000 9,8000?2007High-speed rail China
Nansha Bridge10,000 33,0001,688 5,538[81]2019Highway & Rail China

Under construction

Name Length Main Span Completed Traffic Country
m ft m ft
Zhoushan Yangshan Bridge[82]130,000 430,0000?2019?[83]Road & Rail China
2nd Hangzhou Bay Bridge[84]66,000 217,0000?2020?Road & Rail China
Dhaka Elevated Expressway[85]46,700 153,200Viaduct2021?Expressway Bangladesh
Jakarta-Cikampek Elevated Toll Road[86]36,840 120,870Viaduct2019Expressway Indonesia
Skyway (Metro Manila) Stage 1 to Stage 3
(Stage 1 and 2 completed, Stage 3 under construction)[87]
31,900 104,7000?2020 (estimated)Expressway Philippines
Temburong Bridge30,000 98,000260 8502019Highway Brunei Darussalam
Kolkata Metro Line 629,870 98,000
Viaduct2020?Metro India
Mumbai Trans Harbour Link21,800 71,5000?2022[89]Road India
Dhaka Metro[90]20,100 65,900Viaduct2021[91]Metro Bangladesh
Chennai Port – Maduravoyal Expressway19,000 62,0000?unknown
(on hold)
Road India
Barisal – Noakhali Highway Bridge on River Meghna14,400 47,200Viaduct2024?Expressway Bangladesh
Pingtan Strait Rail-Road Bridge16,322 53,550532 1,745[92]2019Highway & Rail China
Digha-AIIMS Elevated Tollway[93]11,900 39,00034 112 (x380)2019Highway India
Third Orinoco Crossing (Mercosur Bridge)[94][95]11,100 36,400360 1,180unknown
(on hold)[96]
Road & Rail Venezuela
Hutong Yangtze River Bridge11,072 36,3251,092 3,583[97]2019Road China
First Saecheonnyeon Bridge[98]10,800 35,400650 2,130 (x2)2019Road South Korea
Kacchi Dargah–Bidupur Bridge9,760 32,0200?2021Road India
Versova–Bandra Sea Link[99]9,600 31,500650 2,1302023Road India
Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway[100]8,500 27,900400 1,3002021Expressway Philippines
Dibang River Bridge6,200 20,300[101]0?2018[102]Road India
Padma Bridge[103]6,150 20,180150 490 (x41)2021[104][91]Road & Rail Bangladesh
Manihari–Sahibganj Bridge[105]6,000 20,0000?2019Road India
Bakhtiyarpur–Tajpur Bridge5,575 18,291125 410[106] (x43)2020Road India
Viaducto del Manglar[107]5,300 17,400Viaduct2018Road Colombia
Jajmau Bypass5,000 16,0000?2013Road India
Ogooué Bridge[108]4,707 15,4430?2018Road Gabon
Nkomi Laguna Bridge[109]4,577 15,0160?2018Road Gabon
Podilsko-Voskresensky Bridge[110]4,432 14,541344 1,129unknown
(on hold)
Road & Metro Ukraine
Sydney Metro Northwest Skytrain4,413 14,478270 890
2019Metro Australia
Yangsigang Yangtse River Bridge4,130 13,5501,700 5,600[111]2020Highway China

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