List of lighthouses in Scotland

This is a list of lighthouses in Scotland. The Northern Lighthouse Board, from which much of the information is derived,[1] are responsible for most lighthouses in Scotland but have handed over responsibility in the major estuaries to the port authorities. Many of the more minor lights are not shown. A lighthouse that is no longer operating is indicated by the date of closure in the operated by column. Where two dates are shown, the lighthouse has been rebuilt.

Nearly all the lighthouses in this list were designed by and most were built by four generations of one family, including Thomas Smith, who was both the stepfather and father-in-law of Robert Stevenson. Robert's sons and grandsons not only built most of the lights, often under the most appalling of conditions, but pioneered many of the improvements in lighting and signalling that cut down the enormous loss of life in shipping around the coasts of Scotland.[2]

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Name Image Area
Island/ mainland Year built Built by Operated by
Tower height Focal height Range
Ailsa Craig LighthouseAyrshire
55°15.126′N 5°06.523′W
Ailsa Craig1886Thomas & David A StevensonNLB11m18m17 nm
Ardnamurchan LighthouseHighland
56°43.630′N 6°13.567′W
mainland1849Alan StevensonNLB35m55m24 nm
AuskerryOrkney Islands
59°01.557′N 2°34.367′W
Auskerry1867David & Thomas StevensonNLB34m34m18 nm
Barns Ness LighthouseLothian, Fife and Borders
55°59.2′N 2°26.6′W
mainland1901David A Stevenson200537m36mInactive
Barra Head LighthouseOuter Hebrides
56°47.128′N 7°39.220′W
Barra Head1833Robert StevensonNLB18m208m18 nm
Bass Rock LighthouseLothian, Fife and Borders
56°04.603′N 2°38.463′W
Bass Rock1902David StevensonNLB20m46m10 nm
Bell Rock LighthouseAngus
56°26.065′N 2°23.230′W
Inchcape1811Robert StevensonNLB35m28m30 nm
Bressay LighthouseShetland Islands
60°07.197′N 1°07.293′W
Bressay1858David & Thomas StevensonNLB16m32m23 nm
Brough of Birsay LighthouseOrkney Islands
59°08.214′N 3°20.363′W
Brough of Birsay1925David A StevensonNLB11m52m18 nm
Buchan Ness LighthouseGrampian
57°28.227′N 1°46.474′W
mainland1827Robert StevensonNLB36m40m18 nm
Butt of Lewis LighthouseOuter Hebrides
58°30.940′N 6°15.717′W
Butt of Lewis1860David StevensonNLB37m52m25 nm
Cantick Head LighthouseOrkney Islands
58°47.229′N 3°07.890′W
South Walls1858David & Thomas StevensonNLB22m35m13 nm
Cape Wrath LighthouseHighland
58°37.538′N 4°59.952′W
mainland1828Robert StevensonNLB20m122m22 nm
Chanonry LighthouseHighland
57°34.441′N 4°05.567′W
mainland1846Alan StevensonNLB12m12m12 nm
Cloch Point LighthouseArgyll and Bute
55°56′32.10″N 4°52′43.11″W
mainland1797Thomas Smith & Robert StevensonCPA23m23m8 nm
Copinsay LighthouseOrkney Islands
58°53.784′N 2°40.349′W
Copinsay1915David A StevensonNLB16m79m14 nm
Corran Point LighthouseDumfries and Galloway
56°.720′N 5°.242′W
mainland1817Thomas Smith & Robert StevensonNLB13m12m10 nm
Corsewall LighthouseDumfries and Galloway
55°.429′N 5°09.564′W
mainland1817Robert StevensonNLB34m34m22 nm
Covesea Skerries LighthouseGrampian
57°43.447′N 3°20.329′W
mainland1846Alan Stevenson201236m49mInactive
Crammag Head LighthouseDumfries and Galloway
54°39.910′N 4°57.903′W
mainland1913David A StevensonNLB7m35m18 nm
Cromarty LighthouseHighland
57°41.0′N 4°02.1′W
mainland1846Alan Stevenson200613m18mInactive
DavaarArgyll and Bute
55°25.688′N 5°32.428′W
Island Davaar1854David & Thomas Stevenson & John Barr & CoNLB20m37m23 nm
Dubh Artach LighthouseArgyll and Bute
56°07.946′N 6°38.079′W
rock1872Thomas StevensonNLB38m44m20 nm
Duncansby Head LighthouseHighland
58°38.641′N 3°01.521′W
mainland1924David A StevensonNLB11m67m22 nm
Dunnet Head LighthouseHighland
58°40.287′N 3°22.594′W
mainland1831Robert StevensonNLB20m105m23 nm
Eilean Glas LighthouseOuter Hebrides
57°51.413′N 6°38.515′W
Scalpay1789Thomas SmithNLB30m43m23 nm
Elie Ness LighthouseLothian, Fife and Borders
56°11.044′N 2°48.763′W
mainland1908James LaurieForth Ports11m12m17 nm
Esha Ness LighthouseShetland Islands
60°29.350′N 1°37.680′W
Shetland mainland1929David A StevensonNLB12m61m25 nm
Fair Isle NorthShetland Islands
59°33.122′N 1°36.531′W
Fair Isle1892David A & Charles StevensonNLB14m80m22 nm
Fair Isle SouthShetland Islands
59°30.858′N 1°39.206′W
Fair Isle1892David A & Charles StevensonNLB26m32m22 nm
Fidra LighthouseLothian, Fife and Borders
56°04.399′N 2°47.125′W
Fidra1885Thomas & David A StevensonNLB17m34m15 nm
Fife NessLothian, Fife and Borders
56°16.747′N 2°35.196′W
mainland1975P H HyslopNLB5m12m15 nm
Firths Voe LighthouseShetland Islands
60°27.215′N 1°10.671′W
Shetland mainland1909David A StevensonNLB9m9m15 nm
Flannan Isles LighthouseOuter Hebrides
58°17.294′N 7°35.394′W
Flannan Isles1899David A StevensonNLB23m101m20 nm
FoulaShetland Islands
60°06.757′N 2°03.875′W
Foula1986James JohnsonNLB8m36m17 nm
Girdle NessAberdeenshire
57°08.339′N 2°02.916′W
mainland1833Robert StevensonNLB37m57m22 nm
Holborn Head LighthouseHighland
58°36.9′N 03°32.4′W
mainland1862David & Thomas Stevenson200317m23mInactive
Holy Island (Inner) LighthouseAyrshire
55°31′30″N 5°04′20″W
Holy Island1877David & Thomas StevensonNLB17m14m6 nm
Holy Island (Outer) LighthouseAyrshire
55°31′30″N 5°04′20″W
Holy Island1905David A & Charles StevensonNLB23m38m18 nm
Hoxa Head LighthouseOrkney Islands
58°49.315′N 3°02.085′W
South Ronaldsay1901 + 1996David A StevensonNLB7m15m9 nm
Hoy Sound (High) LighthouseOrkney Islands
58°56.137′N 3°16.399′W
Graemsay1851Alan StevensonNLB33m35m20 nm
Hoy Sound (Low) LighthouseOrkney Islands
58°56.421′N 3°18.605′W
Graemsay1851Alan StevensonNLB12m17m12 nm
Hyskeir LighthouseHighland
56°58.139′N 6°40.851′W
Hyskeir1904David A & Charles StevensonNLB39m41m24 nm
Inchkeith LighthouseLothian, Fife and Borders
56°02.013′N 3°08.173′W
Inchkeith1804Thomas Smith & Robert StevensonForth Ports19m67m14 nm
Isle of May LighthouseLothian, Fife and Borders
56°11.139′N 2°33.457′W
Isle of May1635 + 1816James Maxwell+Robert StevensonNLB24m73m22 nm
Killantringan LighthouseDumfries and Galloway
54°51.7′N 5°08.7′W
mainland1900David A Stevenson200722m49mInactive
Kinnaird Head LighthouseGrampian
57°41.105′N 2°.265′W
mainland1787Thomas SmithNLB10m25m22 nm
Lady Isle LighthouseAyrshire
55°31.632′N 4°44.047′W
Lady Isle1903David A StevensonNLB15m19m11 nm
Lismore LighthouseHighland
56°27.333′N 5°36.449′W
Eilean Musdile1833Robert StevensonNLB26m31m17 nm
Little Cumbrae LighthouseAyrshire
55.72131°N 4.95503°W / 55.72131; -4.95503
Little Cumbrae1757 + 1793 + 1997James Ewing + Thomas SmithCPA11m28m14 nm
Little RossDumfries and Galloway
54°45.944′N 4°05.096′W
Little Ross1843Alan StevensonNLB22m50m12 nm
Lother RockOrkney Islands
58°43.796′N 2°58.692′W
rock1910David A StevensonNLB12m13m6 nm
Monach LighthouseOuter Hebrides
57°31.549′N 7°41.763′W
Shillay1864David & Thomas StevensonNLB41m47m18 nm
Muckle Flugga LighthouseShetland Islands
60°51.326′N 0°53.146′W
Muckle Flugga1854Thomas & David StevensonNLB20m66m22 nm
Mull of Galloway LighthouseDumfries and Galloway
54°38.105′N 4°51.436′W
mainland1830Robert StevensonNLB26m99m28 nm
Mull of Kintyre LighthouseArgyll and Bute
55°18.626′N 5°48.208′W
mainland1788Thomas SmithNLB12m91m24 nm
Neist Point LighthouseHighland
57°25.401′N 6°47.337′W
Skye1909David A StevensonNLB19m43m16 nm
North Rona LighthouseOuter Hebrides
59°07.276′N 5°48.902′W
North Rona1984NLB13m114m22 nm
North Ronaldsay LighthouseOrkney Islands
59°23.359′N 2°22.890′W
North Ronaldsay1789 + 1852Thomas Smith + Alan StevensonNLB42m43m24 nm
Noss Head LighthouseHighland
58°28.788′N 3°03.088′W
mainland1849Alan StevensonNLB18m53m25 nm
Noup Head LighthouseOrkney Islands
59°19.865′N 3°04.235′W
Westray1898David A & Charles StevensonNLB24m79m20 nm
Ornsay LighthouseHighland
57°08.602′N 5°46.869′W
Eilean Sionnach1857David & Thomas StevensonNLB19m18m12 nm
Out Skerries LighthouseShetland Islands
60°25.469′N 0°43.683′W
Bound Skerry1854David & Thomas StevensonNLB30m44m20 nm
Oxcars LighthouseLothian, Fife and Borders
56°1′21″N 3°16′49″W
rock1886Thomas & David A StevensonForth Ports22m16m13 nm
Pentland Skerries LighthouseOrkney Islands
58°41.408′N 2°55.484′W
Muckle Skerry1794Thomas Smith & Robert StevensonNLB36m52m23 nm
Pladda LighthouseAyrshire
55.425°N 5.1184°W / 55.425; -5.1184
Pladda1790Thomas SmithNLB29m40m17 nm
Point of Fethaland LighthouseShetland Islands
60°38.054′N 1°18.697′W
Shetland mainland1977NLB7m67m24 nm
Rattray Head LighthouseAberdeenshire
57°36.615′N 1°49.006′W
rock with causeway1895David A StevensonNLB34m28m18 nm
Rinns of Islay LighthouseArgyll and Bute
55°40.390′N 6°30.812′W
Orsay1825Robert StevensonNLB29m46m24 nm
Rona LighthouseHighland
57°34.684′N 5°57.547′W
South Rona1857David & Thomas StevensonNLB13m69m19 nm
Rua Reidh LighthouseHighland
57°51.527′N 5°48.713′W
mainland1912David A StevensonNLB25m37m24 nm
Rubha nan Gall LighthouseArgyll and Bute
56°38.232′N 6°03.969′W
Mull1857David & Thomas StevensonNLB19m17m10 nm
Ruvaal LighthouseArgyll and Bute
55°56.181′N 6°07.409′W
Islay1859David & Thomas StevensonNLB34m45m24 nm
Sanda Island LighthouseArgyll and Bute
55°16.508′N 5°34.980′W
Sanda Island1850Alan StevensonNLB15m50m15 nm
ScarinishArgyll and Bute
56°30.015′N 6°48.266′W
Tiree1897David A StevensonNLB3m11m12 nm
Scurdie Ness LighthouseAngus
56°42.106′N 2°26.236′W
mainland1870David StevensonNLB39m34m23 nm
Skerryvore LighthouseArgyll and Bute
56°19.381′N 7°06.865′W
rock1844Alan StevensonNLB48m46m23 nm
Southerness lighthouseDumfries and Galloway
54°52.369′N 3°35.701′W
mainland1800[3] + 1844193110m17mInactive
St Abbs Head LighthouseLothian, Fife and Borders
55°54.979′N 2°08.286′W
mainland1857David & Alan StevensonNLB9m68m26 nm
Start PointOrkney Islands
59°16.638′N 2°22.577′W
Sanday1806Robert StevensonNLB25m18m24 nm
Stoer Head LighthouseHighland
58°14.409′N 5°24.165′W
mainland1870David & Thomas StevensonNLB14m59m24 nm
Strathy Point LighthouseHighland
58°36.079′N 4°01.123′W
mainland1958P H Hyslop201214m45mInactive
Stroma LighthouseHighland
58°41.754′N 3°07.014′W
Island of Stroma1896David A & Charles StevensonNLB23m32m26 nm
Sule SkerryOrkney Islands
59°05.099′N 4°24.356′W
Sule Skerry1895David A & Charles StevensonNLB27m34m21 nm
Sumburgh Head LighthouseShetland Islands
59°51.231′N 1°16.515′W
Shetland mainland1821Robert StevensonNLB17m91m23 nm
Tarbat Ness LighthouseHighland
57°51.908′N 3°46.600′W
mainland1830Robert StevensonNLB41m53m24 nm
Tiumpan Head LighthouseOuter Hebrides
58°15.677′N 6°08.271′W
Lewis1900David A & Charles StevensonNLB21m55m25 nm
Tod Head LighthouseAberdeenshire
56.8837°N 2.2152°W / 56.8837; -2.2152
mainland1897David A Stevenson200713m41m18 nm
Tor NessOrkney Islands
58°46.704′N 3°17.792′W
Hoy1980John SmithNLB8m20m17 nm
Toward Point LighthouseArgyll and Bute
55°51.729′N 4°58.787′W
mainland1812Robert StevensonCPA19m21m22 nm
Turnberry LighthouseAyrshire
55°19.572′N 4°50.655′W
mainland1873David & Thomas StevensonNLB24m29m12 nm
Ushenish LighthouseOuter Hebrides
57°17.895′N 7°11.580′W
South Uist1857David & Thomas StevensonNLB12m54m19 nm
Vaternish LighthouseHighland
57°36.484′N 6°38.049′W
Skye1924 + 1980David A & Charles Stevenson + John SmithNLB7m20m8 nm
Weavers PointOuter Hebrides
57°36.493′N 7°06.001′W
North Uist1980John SmithNLB4m20m7 nm


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