List of lieutenant governors of Minnesota

This is a list of lieutenant governors of the U.S. state of Minnesota.

In 1886, elections were moved from odd years to even years. Beginning with the 1962 election, the term of the lieutenant governor increased from two to four years. Prior to the 1974 election, governors and lieutenant governors were elected on separate ballots. Marlene Johnson, elected in 1982 as the running mate of Rudy Perpich, was the first female lieutenant governor of Minnesota. All eight of her successors in that office have also been women.



  Democratic/Democratic–Farmer–Labor   Farmer–Labor   Republican/Independent Republican   Reform/Independence

No.Lt. GovernorTook officeLeft officeGovernor(s) served underParty
1William HolcombeMay 24, 1858January 2, 1860Henry H. SibleyDemocratic
2Ignatius L. DonnellyJanuary 2, 1860March 4, 1863Alexander RamseyRepublican
3Henry Adoniram SwiftMarch 4, 1863July 10, 1863Alexander RamseyRepublican
VacantJuly 10, 1863January 11, 1864Alexander Ramsey
4Charles D. SherwoodJanuary 11, 1864January 8, 1866Stephen MillerRepublican
5Thomas H. ArmstrongJanuary 8, 1866January 7, 1870William R. MarshallRepublican
6William H. YaleJanuary 7, 1870January 9, 1874Horace AustinRepublican
7Alphonso BartoJanuary 9, 1874January 7, 1876Cushman K. DavisRepublican
8James WakefieldJanuary 7, 1876January 10, 1880John S. PillsburyRepublican
9Charles A. GilmanJanuary 10, 1880January 4, 1887John S. Pillsbury
Lucius F. Hubbard
10Albert E. RiceJanuary 4, 1887January 5, 1891Andrew R. McGill
William R. Merriam
11Gideon S. IvesJanuary 5, 1891January 3, 1893William R. Merriam
Knute Nelson
12David Marston CloughJanuary 3, 1893January 31, 1895Knute NelsonRepublican
13Frank A. DayJanuary 31, 1895January 5, 1897David M. CloughRepublican
14John L. GibbsJanuary 5, 1897January 3, 1899David M. CloughRepublican
15Lyndon Ambrose SmithJanuary 3, 1899January 5, 1903John Lind (Democratic)
Samuel R. Van Sant (Republican)
16Ray W. JonesJanuary 5, 1903January 7, 1907Samuel R. Van Sant
John A. Johnson
17Adolph Olson EberhartJanuary 7, 1907September 21, 1909John A. Johnson (Democratic)
Adolph O. Eberhart (Republican)
18Edward Everett SmithSeptember 25, 1909January 3, 1911Adolph O. EberhartRepublican
19Samuel Y. GordonJanuary 3, 1911January 7, 1913Adolph O. EberhartRepublican
20Joseph A. A. BurnquistJanuary 7, 1913December 30, 1915Adolph O. Eberhart
Winfield S. Hammond
VacantDecember 30, 1915October 28, 1916J. A. A. Burnquist
21George H. SullivanOctober 28, 1916January 2, 1917J. A. A. BurnquistRepublican
22Thomas FranksonJanuary 2, 1917January 4, 1921J. A. A. BurnquistRepublican
23Louis L. CollinsJanuary 4, 1921January 6, 1925J. A. O. PreusRepublican
24William I. NolanJanuary 6, 1925June 1929Theodore ChristiansonRepublican
25Charles Edward AdamsJune 25, 1929January 6, 1931Theodore ChristiansonRepublican
26Henry M. ArensJanuary 6, 1931January 3, 1933Floyd B. OlsonFarmer Labor
27Konrad K. SolbergJanuary 3, 1933January 8, 1935Floyd B. OlsonFarmer Labor
28Hjalmar PetersenJanuary 8, 1935August 24, 1936Floyd B. OlsonFarmer Labor
*William B. Richardson1August 24, 1936January 1, 1937Hjalmar PetersenRepublican
29Gottfrid LindstenJanuary 5, 1937January 2, 1939Elmer A. BensonFarmer Labor
30C. Elmer AndersonJanuary 2, 1939January 4, 1943Harold E. StassenRepublican
31Edward John ThyeJanuary 4, 1943April 27, 1943Harold E. StassenRepublican
32Archie H. MillerMay 6, 1943January 2, 1945Edward John ThyeRepublican
33C. Elmer AndersonJanuary 2, 1945September 27, 1951Luther W. YoungdahlRepublican
VacantSeptember 27, 1951January 5, 1953C. Elmer Anderson
34Ancher NelsenJanuary 5, 1953May 1, 1953C. Elmer AndersonRepublican
VacantMay 1, 1953September 3, 1954C. Elmer Anderson
35Donald O. Wright2September 3, 1954January 3, 1955C. Elmer AndersonRepublican
36Karl RolvaagJanuary 3, 1955January 8, 1963Orville L. Freeman
Elmer L. Andersen
Democratic Farmer Labor
37Alexander M. KeithJanuary 8, 1963January 2, 1967Elmer L. Andersen
Karl F. Rolvaag
Democratic Farmer Labor
38James B. GoetzJanuary 2, 1967January 4, 1971Harold LeVanderRepublican
39Rudy PerpichJanuary 4, 1971December 29, 1976Wendell R. AndersonDemocratic Farmer Labor
40Alec G. Olson3December 29, 1976January 4, 1979Rudy PerpichDemocratic Farmer Labor
41Lou WangbergJanuary 4, 1979January 3, 1983Al QuieIndependent Republican
42Marlene JohnsonJanuary 3, 1983January 7, 1991Rudy PerpichDemocratic Farmer Labor
43Joanell DyrstadJanuary 7, 1991January 3, 1995Arne H. CarlsonIndependent Republican
44Joanne BensonJanuary 3, 1995January 4, 1999Arne H. CarlsonIR/Republican
45Mae SchunkJanuary 4, 1999January 6, 2003Jesse VenturaReform/Independence
46Carol MolnauJanuary 6, 2003January 3, 2011Tim PawlentyRepublican
47Yvonne Prettner SolonJanuary 3, 2011January 5, 2015Mark DaytonDemocratic Farmer Labor
48Tina SmithJanuary 5, 2015January 2, 2018Democratic Farmer Labor
49Michelle Fischbach4January 2, 2018January 7, 2019Republican
50Peggy FlanaganJanuary 7, 2019IncumbentTim WalzDemocratic Farmer Labor

1 Richardson was actually president pro tem of the Minnesota Senate; became acting lieutenant governor when lieutenant governor Hjalmar Petersen became governor on the death of Floyd B. Olson, but Richardson was never sworn in.

2 Wright was president pro tem of the Minnesota Senate and assumed the office of lieutenant governor in 1954 after Lieutenant Governor Ancher Nelsen resigned to become administrator of the Rural Electric Administration.

3 As president of the Minnesota Senate, Olson assumed office of lieutenant governor when Rudy Perpich, then lieutenant governor, became governor on the resignation of Wendell Anderson, who had appointed himself to the United States Senate on resignation of Walter Mondale who had been elected vice president.

4 As president of the Minnesota Senate, Fischbach became lieutenant governor following the resignation of Tina Smith. Smith was appointed by Governor Mark Dayton to fill the United States Senate seat vacated by Al Franken. Fischbach resigned from the state Senate and took the oath of office for lieutenant governor on May 25, 2018.

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Living former Lieutenant Governors of Minnesota

As of January 2019, there are 12 former lieutenant governors of Minnesota who are currently living, the oldest lieutenant governor being Alexander M. Keith (served 19631967, born 1928). The most recent death of a former lieutenant governor of Minnesota was that of C. Elmer Anderson (served 19391943 and 19451951, born 1912), on January 22, 1998. The most recently serving lieutenant governor to die was Rudy Perpich (1971–1976) on September 21, 1995.

Lt. GovernorLt. Gubernatorial termDate of birth (and age)
Alexander M. Keith 19631967 (1928-11-22) November 22, 1928
James B. Goetz 19671971 (1936-05-28) May 28, 1936
Alec G. Olson 19761979 (1930-09-11) September 11, 1930
Lou Wangberg 19791983 (1941-03-27) March 27, 1941
Marlene Johnson 19831991 (1946-01-11) January 11, 1946
Joanell Dyrstad 19911995 (1942-10-15) October 15, 1942
Joanne Benson 19951999 (1943-01-04) January 4, 1943
Mae Schunk 19992003 (1934-05-21) May 21, 1934
Carol Molnau 20032011 (1949-09-17) September 17, 1949
Yvonne Prettner Solon 20112015 (1946-02-03) February 3, 1946
Tina Smith 2015–2018 (1958-03-04) March 4, 1958
Michelle Fischbach 2018–2019 (1965-11-03) November 3, 1965

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