List of legendary rulers of Cornwall

"Duke of Cornwall" appears as a title in pseudo-historical authors as Nennius and Geoffrey of Monmouth. The list is patchy and not every succession was unbroken. Indeed, Geoffrey repeatedly introduces Dukes of Cornwall only to promote them to the Kingship of the Britons and thus put an end to their line as (merely) dukes. As adjuncts or supporting roles to the kings of the Britons, the legendary dukes of Cornwall are considered part of the vast Matter of Britain.

The list is more often thought of as a conglomeration of various Celtic rulers, Celtic warlords, and mythical heroes. If the lists of kings of Britain are legendary, then the list of dukes must be considered still more a genealogical and historical legend with no solid basis in the view of most historians. (Even within Geoffrey's History, the title of these rulers fluctuates between "duke" (dux Cornubiae) and "king" (rex Cornubiae).)

Historia Regum Britanniae

Name Title Notes Approximate time frame Sources
Corineus In the time of Brutus c. 1100 BC Historia Regum Britanniae
Gwendolen Queen Daughter of Corineus, became queen regnant of Britain c. 1075 BC Historia Regum Britanniae
Henwinus Duke In the time of Leir c. 750 BC Historia Regum Britanniae
Cunedagius Duke In the time of Queen Cordelia c. 715 BC Historia Regum Britanniae
Cloten King During pentarchy after Ferrex and Porrex c. 450 BC Historia Regum Britanniae
Dunvallo Molmutius King Then king of Britain c. 420 BC Historia Regum Britanniae
Belinus As king of Loegria, Kambria, and Cornwall c. 390 BC Historia Regum Britanniae
Tenvantius Duke Made duke by Cassibelanus; later succeeds him as king of Britain c. 55 BC Historia Regum Britanniae
Asclepiodotus Duke Becomes king of Britain c. 295 AD Historia Regum Britanniae
Caradocus Duke/king Put forward Maximianus as king of Britain and was king of Cornwall under him c. 380 AD Historia Regum Britanniae
Dionotus King Made regent of Britain during Maximianus' campaigns c. 390 AD Historia Regum Britanniae
Gorlois Duke First husband of Igraine, Arthur's mother c. 510 AD Historia Regum Britanniae
Cador Duke/king Relative of Arthur c. 530 AD Historia Regum Britanniae
Constantine Duke Subsequently, king of Britain 542 AD Historia Regum Britanniae
Blederic Duke At the time Augustine arrives 597 AD Historia Regum Britanniae

Prose Tristan

Name Title Notes Approximate time frame Sources
Thanor King Contemporary with Joseph of Arimathea c. 1st century AD Prose Tristan
Felix King Many generations after Thanor c. late 5th century AD Prose Tristan
Mark of Cornwall King Uncle of Tristan c. early 6th century AD Prose Tristan

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