List of leading Thoroughbred racehorses

The list of leading Thoroughbred racehorses contains the names of undefeated racehorses and other horses that had an outstanding race record in specific categories. Note though that many champions do not appear on the list as an unexpected defeat may be caused by many factors such as injury, illness, going, racing tactics and differences in weight carried, the latter being particularly significant in North America and Australia where handicaps are common even at the highest level of racing.

It is common to compare racehorses on multiple factors such as their overall race record, the quality of the horses they beat and the brilliance of their wins. Comparison of raw times is generally unreliable between horses of different eras or even over different racecourses due to a variety of factors such as the racing surface and the pace at which the race is run. Timeform ratings, introduced in 1948,[1] and Beyer Speed Figures, introduced in the United States in 1992, are relatively recent attempts to compensate for such variables.[2] Thoroughbred Winning Brew holds the Guinness world record for the fastest speed from the starting gate for a Thoroughbred racehorse, at 70.76 km/h (43.97 mph) over two furlongs,[3] although Quarter Horses attain higher speeds over shorter distances than Thoroughbreds.[4] Such speeds may also be achieved by elite racehorses during the stretch drive.[5]

The two main forms of Thoroughbred horseracing are flat racing and hurdle or steeplechase (jumping) races over obstacles. Jumpers tend to be older than their flat racing counterparts[6] and can have much longer careers, making it possible to earn a large number of wins. For example, champion hurdler Hurricane Fly won a then-record 22 Grade One races over his ten-year career.[7]

Most race horses and race winners are male horses (either intact males or geldings). While male and female horses do not exhibit sexual dimorphism as obviously as human athletes, male horses are considered more aggressive racers and generally have a significant competitive advantage. At the highest level of racing though, intact males have great economic value at stud, so they are often retired after only a few years of racing. In part because they may have longer racing careers, some of the most winning racehorses of all time are females, including Kincsem, Black Caviar, Winx and Zenyatta.[8][9]

Undefeated horses

Below is a list of Thoroughbred racehorses with an undefeated race record. The list is not comprehensive for otherwise unnotable horses with five or fewer starts.

Pedigree and notes
54KincsemHungarych m1874Cambuscan (GB) x Water Nymph by Cotswold[10]
25Black CaviarAustraliabr m2006Bel Esprit x Helsinge by Desert Sun (GB)[11]
19Peppers PrideUnited StatesB.f.2003Desert God x Lady Pepper by Chili Pepper Pie[12]
18EclipseGreat BritainCh.c.1764Marske x Spilletta by Regulus[13][14][15]
18KarayelTurkeyB.h.1970Prince Tudor (GB) x Linda (TUR) by Cihangir (GB). Triple Crown winner.[16]
16OrmondeGreat BritainB.c.1883Bend Or x Lily Agnes by Macaroni. Triple Crown winner.[17][18]
16PrestigeFranceb c1903Le Pompon x Orgueilleuse by Révérand[19]
16RibotGreat BritainB.c.1952Tenerani (ITY) x Romanella (ITY) by El Greco[20]
15ColinUnited StatesBr.c.1905Commando x Pastorella (GB) by Springfield[21]
15MaconArgentinaB.c.1922Sandal (GB) x Bourgogne by Your Majesty[22][23]
14FrankelGreat BritainB.c.2008Galileo x Kind by Danehill[24]
14HighflyerGreat BritainB.c.1774Herod x Rachel by Blank[25]
14NearcoItalyBr.c.1935Pharos (GB) x Nogara by Havresac II(FR)
13BarcaldineGreat BritainB.c.1878Solon x Ballyroe by Belladrum
13Personal EnsignUnited States B.f.1984Private Account x Grecian Banner by Hoist The Flag[26]
13TremontUnited StatesB.c.1884Virgil x Ann Fief by Alarm
12AsteroidUnited StatesB.c.1861Lexington x Nebula by Glencoe (GB)[27]
12BraqueItalyB.h.1954Antonio Canale x Buonamica by Niccolò dell'Arca[28]
12CrucifixGreat BritainB.f.1837Priam x Octaviana by Octavian[29]
11GoldfinderGreat BritainB.c.1764Snap x mare by Blank[30]
11Kurifuji (Toshifuji)JapanCh.f.1940Tournesol (GB) x Kenfuji by Chapel Brampton (GB)
10HandsomchampUSAGr./R h.2002Fabulous Champ x Holly D by Hey Rob[31]
10NereideGermanyB.f.1933Laland x Nella da Gabbio (ITY) by Grand Parade (GB)[32]
10Tokino MinoruJapanB.c.1948Theft (IRE) x Daini Tyrant's Queen (GB) by Soldennis[33]
9BahramGreat BritainB.c.1932Blandford x Friar's Daughter by Friar Marcus
9CombatGreat BritainBr.c.1944Big Game x Commotion by Mieuxce (FR)[34]
9Grand FlaneurAustraliaB.c.1877Yattendon x First Lady (GB) by St. Albans[35]
9PatienceHungaryCh.f.1902Bona Vista x (GB) Podagra (GB) by Galopin[33][34]
9RegulusGreat BritainB.c.1739Godolphin Arabian x Grey Robinson by Bald Galloway[36]
9St. SimonGreat BritainB.c.1881Galopin x St. Angela by King Tom[37]
8La CressonniereFranceb.f.2013Le Havre x Absolute Lady by Galileo[38]
8AlipesGreat BritainBr. or b. f.1757Regulus x Lusty by Locust[39]
8American EclipseUnited StatesCh.c.1814Duroc x Miller's Damsel by Messenger[40]
8Bullets FeverUnited Statesgr.c.2013Fiber Sonde x Ghost Canyon, by Indian Charlie[41]
8CaracallaFranceB.c1942Tourbillon x Astronomie by Asterus[33]
8MaruzenskyJapanb. c.1974Nijinsky II x Shill by Buckpasser
8SweetbriarGreat BritainCh. c1769Syphon x mare (1763), by Shakespeare[42]
8TiffinGreat Britainb. f.1926Tetratema x Dawn-wind, by Sunstar
7Cluster of StarsUnited StatesB.f.2009Greely's Galaxy x Babyurthegreatest by Honour and Glory[43]
7El Rio ReyUnited StatesB.h.1887Norfolk x Marian by Malcolm[44]
7Kitano Dai OJapanCh.c.1965Die Hard x Kitano Hikari by Tosa Midori
7Malt QueenAustraliaBr.f.1905Maltster x Her Majesty by Sunrise[45]
7MannameadGreat BritainB.h.1929Manna x Pinprick by Torpoint[45]
7Perdita IIGreat BritainB.m.1881Hampton x Hermione by Young Melbourne[34]
7The TetrarchIrelandGr.c.1911Roi Herode (FR) x Vahren by Bona Vista[34]
7ZarkavaIrelandB.f.2005Zamindar (USA) x Zarkasha by Kahyasi[46]
6Bay MiddletonGreat BritainB.c.1833Sultan x Cobweb by Phantom
6Bustin StonesUnited StatesCh.h.2004City Zip x Shesasurething by Prospectors Gamble[47]
6Candy RideArgentinaB.c.1999Ride The Rails (USA) x Candy Girl by Candy Stripes (USA)
6Cavaliere d’ArpinoItalyB.c.1926Havresac II (FR) x Chuette (GB) by Cicero[33]
6ClaudeItalyB.h.1964Hornbeam (GB) x Aigue-Vive (FR) by Vatellor[48]
6Flying ChildersGreat BritainB.c.1714Darley Arabian x Betty Leedes by Wharton's Careless[49]
6Hurry OnGreat BritainCh.c.1913Marcovil x Tout Suite by Sainfoin[33]
6JustifyUnited StatesCh.c.2015Scat Daddy x Stage Magic by Ghostzapper. Triple Crown winner.[50]
6QuintessenceGreat BritainB.f.1900St. Frusquin x Margarine by Petrarch
6TolgusGreat BritainB.h.1923Stefan the Great x Rosa Croft by Lemberg[51]
5AjaxFranceB.h.1901Flying Fox x Amie by Clamart
5DiceUnited StatesB.h.1925Dominant x Frumpery by Chicle[52]
5EmersonBrazilB.c.1958Coaraze (FR) x Empenosa by Full Sail (GB)[33][53]
5FasliyevIrelandB.h.1997Nureyev x Mr P's Princess by Mr. Prospector[54]
5HussonArgentinaCh.h.2003Hussonet (USA) ex Villa Elisa (CHI) by Roy[55]
5KnellerGreat BritainCh.c.1985Lomond x Fruition by Rheingold[56]
5LandaluceUnited StatesB/br.f.1980Seattle Slew x Strip Poker by Bold Bidder. Champion 2yo filly[57]
5LandgrafGermanyB.c.1914Louviers (GB) x Ladora (GB) by Ladas[33]
5Logician[lower-alpha 1]Great BritainRo.c.2016Frankel x Scuffle by Daylami
5NorfolkUnited StatesB.c.1861Lexington x Novice by Glencoe (GB)[27]
5PrecociousGreat BritainB.c.1981Mummy's Pet x Mrs Moss by Reform[56]
5ResetAustraliaB.h.2000Zabeel x Assertive Lass by Zeditave
5TeofiloIrelandB.h.2004Galileo x Speirbhean by Danehill[58]
5Queen's LogicIrelandCh. f.1999Grand Lodge x Lagrion by Diesis[59]
4Agnes TachyonJapanch.h.1998Sunday Silence x Agnes Flora by Royal Ski. Won Satsuki Sho.[60]
4CatchascatchcanGreat BritainB.f.1995Pursuit of Love x Catawba by Mill Reef. Yorkshire Oaks.
4DroneUnited StatesGr.c.1966Sir Gaylord x Cap and Bells by Tom Fool. Notable broodmare sire.[61]
4Fuji KisekiJapanblk.h1992Sunday Silence x Millracer by Le Fabuleux. Champion two-year-old.[62]
4Golden FleeceUnited StatesB.c.1979Nijinsky II (CAN) x Exotic Treat by Vaguely Noble. Won Epsom Derby.[63]
4LammtarraUnited StatesCh.c.1992Nijinsky II (CAN) x Snow Bride by Blushing Groom. Three Group 1 victories.[64]
4MadeliaFranceCh.m.1974Caro x Moonmadness by Tom Fool. French champion 3yo filly.[65]
4MasteryUnited StatesDk. b.c.2014Candy Ride x Steady Course by Old Trieste. Cash Call Futurity.[66]
4Raise a NativeUnited StatesCh.c.1961Native Dancer x Raise You by Case Ace.[67] Champion two-year-old colt and noted sire.
4SnapGreat BritainBlk.c.1750Snip x Sister to Slipby by Fox. Noted sire.[68]
4VindicationUnited StatesB.h.2000Seattle Slew x Strawberry Reason by Strawberry Road.[69] Breeders' Cup Juvenile.
4White MoonstoneUnited StatesB.f.2008Dynaformer x Desert Gold by Seeking the Gold. Fillies Mile.[70]
3 Kantharos United States Ch,h 2008 Lion Heart x Contessa Halo, by Southern Halo
3 Army Mule United States b h 2014 Friesian Fire x Crafty Toast by Crafty Professor. Carter Handicap.[71]
3Blue TrainGreat BritainCh.c.1944Blue Peter x Sun Chariot (IRE) by Hyperion[56]
3BoniformNew ZealandB.h.1904Multiform x Otterden (GB) by Sheen[72]
3CobwebGreat BritainB.f.1821Phantom x Filagree by Soothsayer. Winner of 1000 Guineas and Oaks.
3DanzigUnited StatesB.c.1977Northern Dancer (CAN) x Pas De Nom by Admirals Voyage. Leading sire.[73]
3FootstepsinthesandIrelandB.c.2002Giant's Causeway x Glatisant by Rainbow Quest. Won 2000 Guineas.[74]
3MeadowlakeUnited StatesCh.c.1983Hold Your Peace x Suspicious Native by Raise a Native. G1 winner.[75]
3PharisFranceBl.c.1936Pharos (GB) x Carissima by Clarissimus.[33] Noted sire.
3ProntoArgentinaB.c.1958Timor x Prosperina by Gusty[33]
3ValyraGreat BritainB.f.2008Azamour x Valima by Linamix[76]

Federico Tesio bred several undefeated champions including Nearco, Ribot, Braque, and Cavaliere d’Arpino, whom he considered the best horse that he ever bred.[77]

Undefeated horses without five known starts

Nordlicht (chestnut horse 1941–1968, by Oleander x Nereide, by Laland) was also undefeated after an unknown number of starts. His victories included the Deutsches Derby and Austrian Derby.[78] Middleton and Amato had one start each with both of them winning The Derby and then retiring. Cherimoya did likewise when she won The Oaks in her only start. Morston (colt by Ragusa x Windmill Girl by Hornbeam) had two starts, winning both, the second of which was the 1973 Epsom Derby. Sailor won both his races, including the 1820 Epsom Derby. Suspender had three starts, in smaller races, for three wins.[79] Don Juan by Loyalist, Ball's Florizel (1801), Mirza by the Godolphin Arabian, and Lecturer (1869), were also unbeaten, but the number of their wins is unknown.[80]

Most wins

Kingston (by Spendthrift) had 138 starts and won 89 of these, including 30 stakes-races. According to the American Horse Racing Hall of Fame, the 89 wins is the all-time record.[81] Commencing a winning sequence as a four-year-old on 21 August 1888, Kingston had 35 race starts until 30 May 1891 during which he was defeated only twice. Bankrupt won 86 races from 348 starts, and he was also by Spendthrift.[82]

Catherina (1830, by Whisker) started in 171 races and won 75 of them, many over long distances, including the Manchester Cup and Heaton Park's King's Cup.[83] Pan Zareta started 151 times with 76 wins. Jorrocks won 65 times, Imp ran 171 times and won 62 of them.

Successive victories

The horses who were defeated but had ten or more consecutive race wins include

Timoleon (1813) won 13 consecutive races and sired National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame horse Boston (1833), who started in about 45 races, winning 40, including 15 in succession. Boston then sired Lexington, who had 7 starts for 6 wins and a place. Lexington in turn sired Kentucky (23 starts, 21 wins), plus the undefeated Asteroid and Norfolk.

Horses with long sequences of jumping victories include Sir Ken, who won 16 hurdle races in England; and Poethlyn, who won 11 steeplechases in succession, including two Grand National races.[138]

Most wins in one season

Most group / grade one (G1) wins

To identify the highest quality races, the pattern race system was introduced in Europe in 1971, followed by the graded stakes system in North America in 1974.[148] Other countries followed suit, though the criteria and quality has not always been consistent between racing jurisdictions. The following list considers horses that won grade one / group one races that were open for International competition. Winners of local (restricted) group / grade one wins are not included.

The horses with ten or more such G1 race wins are:

‡ Mare

In 1902 Sceptre became the only racehorse to win four British Classic Races outright. Previously, in 1868, Formosa won the same four races but dead-heated in the 2,000 Guineas Stakes.[172]

Successive group / grade one (G1) wins

This list shows horses who won a series of Grade/Group 1 races without a loss and without an intervening race at a lower level of competition.

Successive Stakes wins

Once-defeated horses

Below is a list of Thoroughbred racehorses who were defeated once. The list is not comprehensive for otherwise unnotable horses with less than ten wins.

Horses such as Wheel of Fortune, Barbaro, Ruffian and Vanity (1812) sustained injury or broke down in their only defeat.

Race defeated
22:21–1–0Native DancerUnited StatesGr.h. 1950Polynesian x Geisha by Discovery1953 Kentucky Derby 2nd
21:20–1–0Man o' WarUnited StatesCh.h. 1917Fair Play x Mahubah by Rock SandSanford Stakes 2nd
20:19–1–0ZenyattaUnited StatesB/br.f. 2004Street Cry x Vertigineux by Kris S.2010 Breeders' Cup Classic 2nd
19:18–0–0HambletonianGreat BritainB.h. 1792King Fergus x Grey Highflyer by Highflyer[174]
19:18–0–0SquandererIndiaB.c. 1973Valoroso (GB) x Milky Way (IND), by Scamperdale (GB)[97]
18:17–1–0BotafogoArgentina1914Old Man x Korea (GB) by Raeburn[33]
18:17–1–0Brigadier GerardGreat Britain1968Queen's Hussar x La Paiva by Prince Chevalier1972 Benson & Hedges Gold Cup 2nd
18:17–0–0GradiscoVenezuela1960Show Ring x Gradara by Orsenigo
16:15–1–0The Flying DutchmanGreat Britain1846Bay Middleton x Barbelle by Sandbeck1850 Doncaster Cup 2nd
15:14–0–1SysonbyUnited States1902Melton x Optime by OrmeSheepshead Bay Futurity 3rd
14:13–1–0CamarineGreat Britain1828Juniper x Rubens mare by RubensMaiden race 2nd
12:11–0–0AlbaGermany1927Wallenstein x Arabis by Ard Patrick[33]
12:11–0–0InvasorArgentinaB.h 2002Candy Stripes x Quendom by Interprete2005 UAE Derby 4th
12:11–1–0IsinglassGreat Britain1890Isonomy x Deadlock by WenlockLancashire Plate 2nd
11–10–1–0LeonatusUnited States1880Longfellow x Semper Felix by Phaeton2nd in Maiden Stakes, only race at 2
11:10–1–0Queen of TrumpsGreat Britainbr. f. 1832Velocipede x Princess Royal by Castrel1835 Scarborough Stakes (attacked by dog)
11:10–0–1Wheel of FortuneGreat Britainf. 1869Adventurer x Queen Berths by Kingston1879 Great Yorkshire Stakes
11:10–0–1GalopinGreat Britain1872Vedette x Flying Duchess by The Flying Dutchman1874 Middle Park Plate 3rd
11:10–1–0ImiHungary1953Internezzo x Minci by Mannamead[33]
11:10–0–0RuffianUnited Statesf. 1972Reviewer x Shenanigans by Native DancerMatch race against Foolish Pleasure DNF
11:10–1–0Atlantic JewelAustraliab. f. 2008Fastnet Rock x Regard by Zabeel2013 Underwood Stakes 2nd
11:10–0–0 Awesome Feather United States 2008 Awesome of Course x Precious Feather by Gone West Breeders' Cup Ladies Classic 6th
10:9–1–0AllegedUnited States1974Hoist the Flag x Princess Pout by Prince John1977 St. Leger Stakes 2nd
10:9–1–0Divine ProportionsUnited States2002Kingmambo x Myth to Reality by Sadler's Wells2005 Prix Jacques Le Marois 2nd
10:9–1–0Don JohnGreat Britain1835Waverley x Comus mare by Comus1839 Port Stakes 2nd
10:9–0–0Dubai MillenniumGreat Britain1996Seeking The Gold x Colorado Dancer by Shareef Dancer1999 Epsom Derby 7th
10:9–1–0ForliArgentina1963Aristophanes (GB) x Trevisa by Advocate (GB)[175]Citation Handicap 2nd
10:9–0–1Horse ChestnutSouth Africa1995Fort Wood x London Wall by Col PickeringMorris Lipschitz Juvenile Plate 3rd
10:9–1–0Majestic PrinceUnited States1966Raise a Native x Gay Hostess by Royal Charger1969 Belmont Stakes 2nd
10:9–1–0Phone TrickUnited States1982Clever Trick x Over the Phone by FinneganTom Fool Stakes 2nd
10:9–0–0 Stopshoppingdebbie United States 2010 Curlin x Taste the Passion by Wild Again 2014 L.A Woman 5th
10:9–1–0West AustralianGreat Britain1850Melbourne x Mowerina by Touchstone. Triple Crown winner.[176]Criterion Stakes 2nd
9:8–1–0DanteGreat Britain1942Nearco x Rosy Legend by Dark Legend[33]1945 2000 Guineas Stakes, 2nd
9:8–1–0Donatello IIFrance[177]1934Blenheim (GB) x Delleana (ITY) by Clarissimus (GB)[33]
9–8–1–0 King Glorious United States 1986 Naevus x Glorious Natalie by Reflected Glory 1989 Gold Tush 2nd
9:8–1–0[33]HeroldGermany[177]1917Dark Ronald x Hornisse by Ard Patrick
9:8–1–0[33]Mistress FordFrance1933Blandford (IRE) x Polly Flinders II by Teddy
9:8–0–0Sea the StarsIreland2006Cape Cross x Urban Sea by MiswakiMaiden race
9:8–1–0[33]SicambreFrance1948Prince Bio x Sif by Rialto1950 Prix Morny, 2nd
9:8–1–0Smarty JonesUnited States2001Elusive Quality x I'll Get Along by Smile2004 Belmont Stakes, 2nd
9:8–0–1[33]Sun ChariotIreland1939Hyperion x Clarence by Diligence
9:8–1–0HorometerCanada1931Hourless x Star Pal by North Star
9:8–1–0DalakhaniIreland2000Darshaan x Daltawa by Miswaki2003 Irish Derby, 2nd
8:7–1–0KingmanUnited Kingdom2011Invincible Spirit x Zenda by Zamindar2014 2000 Guineas Stakes, 2nd
8:7–1–0GraustarkUnited States1963Ribot x Flower Bowl by Alibhai[33]1966 Blue Grass Stakes, 2nd
8:7–0–0Big BrownUnited StatesB.h. 2005Boundary x Mien by Nureyev2008 Belmont Stakes DNF
8:7–0–0King KamehamehaJapanB.h. 2001Kingmambo x Manfath by Last Tycoon2004 Keisei Hai
8:7–0–0ReelUnited StatesGr.m. 1838Glencoe (GB) x Gallopade by Catton[178]
8:7–0–0ShakespeareUnited StatesB.h. 2001Theatrical x Lady Shirl by That's a Nice2005 Breeders' Cup Turf
8:7–1–0Sea BirdFrance1962Dan Cupid x Sicalade by Sicalade1964 Grand Critérium, 2nd
8:7–1–0MacaroniUnited Kingdom1860Sweetmeat x Jocose by Pantaloondebut race at 1862
8:7–1–0El Gran SenorUnited States1981Northern Dancer x Sex Appeal by Buckpasser1984 Epsom Derby, 2nd
8:7–1–0SinndarIreland1997Grand Lodge x Sinntara by Lashkari2000 Ballysax Stakes, 2nd
8:7–0–1Grand ParadeIrelandblk.c. 1916Orby x Grand Geraldine by DesmondMoulton Stakes 3rd
8:7–0–1Sircat SallyUnited States2014Surf Cat x Sister Sally by In Excess )San Clemente Handicap 3rd[179]
8:7–0–0 Rock Fall United States 2011 Speightstown x Renda by Medaglia d'Oro 8th in debut race
7:6–1–0St PatrickGreat Britain1817Walton x Dick Andrews mare by Dick Andrews
7:6–1–0LexingtonUnited States1850Boston x Alice Carneal by Sarpedon (GB)Jockey Club Purse 2nd[180]
7:6–1–0PartnerGreat Britain1718Jigg x Sister to Mixbury, by Curwen's Bay Barb[181]
7:6–0–0BarbaroUnited States2003Dynaformer x La Ville Rouge by Carson City2006 Preakness Stakes DNF
7–6–1–0 Eternal Rule Canada 2008 Tribal Rule x Eternal Legend, By Gold Legend 2012 Bold Venture Stakes 2nd
7:6–0–0Val d'OrFrance1902Flying Fox x Wandora by Bruce
6:5–0–1 Graydar United States 2009 Unbridled's Song x Sweetest Smile by Dehere 3rd allowance
6:5–1–0Hoist the FlagUnited States1968Tom Rolfe x Wavy Navy by War AdmiralChampagne Stakes, DQ[182]
6:5–1–0Kingston TreasureHong Kong1995Spectacular Love x Attempting by Try My Best
6:5–1–0MajesticperfectionUnited States2006Harlan's Holiday x Act So Noble by Wavering MonarchMaiden, third[183]
6:5–1–0MeldGreat Britainf. 1952Alycidon x Daily Double by Fair Trial
6:5–1–0SebringAustraliaCh.c. 2005More Than Ready x Pure Speed by Flying Spur[184]
6:5–1–0VoltaireGreat Britain1826Blacklock x mare by Phantom
6:5–0–0ZilzalUnited StatesCh.c 1986Nureyev x French Charmer by Le Fabuleux1989 Breeders' Cup Mile, 6th
5–4–0–1 Common Great Britain Ch.c 1888 Isomony x thistle by Scottish Chief 3rd in debut race
5:4–1–0BletchinglyAustraliaBr.h. 1970Biscay x Coogee (GB) by Relic (USA)
5:4–1–0RiddlesworthGreat Britain1828Emilius x Fillagree by Soothsayer
5:4–0–1 Apalachee United States 1971 Round Table x Moccasin by Nantallah 3rd in 2000 Guineas
5:4–0–1 Noblesse Ireland 1960 Mossborough x Duke's Delight by His Grace 3rd in Prix Vermeille
5:4–0–0 Magnum Moon United States 2015 Malibu Moon x Dazzling Song by Unbridled Song 19th in Kentucky Derby
5:4–1–0 Barremina United States 1971 Royal Medal - Bacacay, by Moslem(ARG) 2nd in Clasico Louis Martinz
4–3–1–0 Violence United States 2010 Medaglia d'Oro x Violent Beauty by Gone West 2nd Fountain of youth
4–3–0–0 Smooth Roller United States 2011 Hard Spun x Catch the Moment by Unbridled 4th in the Harry F Brubaker
4:3–1–0[33]BlandfordIreland1919Swynford x Blanche by White Eagle
4–3–0–0 Buddha United States 1999 Unbridled's Song x Cahooters by Storm Cat 10th debut race
4:3–0–0Wild DayrellGreat BritainBr.h. 1852Ion x Ellen Middleton by Cain. Won Epsom Derby.
4-3-0-0 Demarchelier Great Britain 2016 Dubawi x Loveisallyyouneed by Sadlers Wells 2019 Belmont Derby DNF
3:2–0–1Bois RousselGreat BritainBr.h. 1935Vatout x Plucky Liege by Spearmint. Won Epsom Derby.[185] 3rd Grand Prix de Paris
3–2–0–1 New Years Day United States Br.h 2011 Street Cry x Justwhistledixie by Dixie Union 3rd debut race
3:2–0–0NureyevUnited States1977Northern Dancer x Special by Forli2,000 Guineas Stakes DSQ (finished 1st)
3:2–0–0WilkesFrance1952Court Martial x Sans Tares (GB) by Sind[186]

$10 million prizewinning horses

The following horses have earned over $10 million in prize money. Most of them raced (at least in part) in Japan, Hong Kong, Australia and/or Dubai due to large purse sizes.[187] Where applicable, the conversion to US$ was made at the time the horse raced so does not reflect current exchange rates. Different methodologies for currency conversions may result in slightly different rankings.

Most of the above horses belong to the Nearco sireline, mostly through the branches established by Sunday Silence and Northern Dancer. However, Curlin, Arrogate, Winx and Gun Runner descend instead from the Native Dancer sire line through Mr. Prospector. Both Nearco and Native Dancer were grandsons of Phalaris.[185]

North American records

In 1951, Citation became the first horse to win one million dollars. In 1979, Affirmed became the first horse to break the two million dollar barrier,[198] finishing his career with earnings of $2.3 million. Spectacular Bid broke this record in 1980, amassing career earnings of $2.8 million.[199] Purses began to increase sharply soon afterwards thanks in large part to the Breeders' Cup. The next record holders were John Henry, who earned $6.6 million by the end of his career in 1984 and Alysheba, with earnings of $6.7 million by the end of his career in 1988. Cigar was the next to hold the North American earnings title, finishing his career in 1998 with earnings just shy of $10 million ($9,999,815). That remained the North American record until Curlin in 2008, who earned $10.5 million.[200] California Chrome broke this record in 2016 with career earnings of $14.8 million, and was in turn surpassed by Arrogate when he won the 2017 Dubai World Cup to take his career earnings over $17 million.[201]

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