List of largest technology companies by revenue

This is a list of the world's largest technology companies by revenue. The list shows technology companies ranked by annual revenue from their fiscal years ended on or before March 31, 2018, according to Fortune Global 500 magazine.[1] Other metrics not shown here, in particular market capitalization, are often used alternatively to define the size of a company.

The list includes companies whose primary business activities are associated with technology industry which includes computer hardware, software, electronics, semiconductor, internet, telecom equipment, e-commerce and computer services. Note: This list shows only companies with annual revenues exceeding US$50 billion.


Column Explanation
Rank Rank of company by revenue
Company Name of the international company
Revenue Amount of revenue of company in USD billions in
last fiscal year ended on or before March 31, 2018
Employees Number of employees of company
Headquarters Location of company's headquarters


Ranked by total revenues for respective fiscal years ended on or before March 31, 2018.[1]

Rank[1] Company Fiscal Year Ending Revenue ($B) USD Employees Headquarters
1Apple Inc. 30 September 2017[2]$229.2[1][3]123,000[3]Cupertino, California, US
2Samsung Electronics 31 December 2017[4]$211.9[1][5][6]320,670[7][8]Suwon, South Korea
3Amazon 31 December 2017[9][10]$177.9[1][10]613,300[11]Seattle, Washington, US
4Foxconn 31 December 2017[12][13]$154.7–158[1][13][14]803,126[15]New Taipei City, Taiwan
5Alphabet Inc. 31 December 2017[16][17]$110.8[1][17]80,110[18]Mountain View, California, US
6Microsoft 30 June 2017[19]$90.0[1]124,000[19]Redmond, Washington, US
7Huawei 31 December 2017[20][21]$89.3–92.5[1][21]180,000Shenzhen, China
8Hitachi 31 March 2018[22]$84.6[1]307,275Tokyo, Japan
9IBM 31 December 2017[23][24]$79.1[1]397,800Armonk, New York, US
10Dell Technologies 31 January 2018[25][26]$78.7[1][26]145,000[25]Round Rock, Texas, US
11Sony 31 March 2018[27]$77.1[1][28]117,300[27]Tokyo, Japan
12Panasonic 31 March 2018[29]$72.0[1]274,143Osaka, Japan
13Intel 31 December 2017[30]$62.8[1]102,700Santa Clara, California, US
14LG Electronics 31 December 2017[31]$54.3[1]74,000Seoul, South Korea 31 December 2017[32]$54.0[1]157,831Beijing, China
16HP Inc. 31 October 2017[33]$52.0[1]49,000Palo Alto, California, US

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