List of largest rough diamonds

This is a partial list of the largest non-synthetic diamonds with a rough stone (uncut) weight of over 200 carats (40 grams).[1] The list is not intended to be complete – e.g., the Cullinan (formerly Premier) mine alone has produced 135 diamonds larger than 200 carats since mining commenced.[2]. De Beers generally does not publish information relating to large diamond discoveries.

Carats Name Country Mine Date Current owner
3167Sergio (carbonado)[3][4][5][6] Brazil, possibly from outer space.Found above ground in Lençóis1895Eventually sold to I. K. Gulland of London, where it was broken up into small pieces as industrial diamond drills.[7]
3106.75Cullinan Diamond South AfricaPremier Mine1905British Crown (I and II) and Elizabeth II (III–IX)
1758Sewelô[8]  BotswanaKarowe Mine2019Lucara Diamond[9]
1109Lesedi La Rona[10]  BotswanaKarowe Mine2015Graff Diamonds[11]
995.20Excelsior Diamond South AfricaJagersfontein Mine1893Robert Mouawad
969Star of Sierra Leone Sierra LeoneDiminco Mine1973Harry Winston
910Lesotho Legend LesothoLetseng Mine2018Samir Gems[12] and Taché Diamonds [13]
890Incomparable Diamond Democratic Republic of the CongoSocieté Minière de Bakwanga1984Louis Glick
813The Constellation[14] BotswanaKarowe Mine2015Nemesis International DMCC
793Koh-i-Noor IndiaKollur Mine13th CenturyBritish Crown
777Millennium Star[15] Democratic Republic of the CongoMbuji-Mayi1990De Beers
770The Woyie River Sierra LeoneWoyie River1945
755The Golden Jubilee South AfricaPremier Mine1985Government of Thailand
726.6The Vargas BrazilSan Antonio River1938
726The Jonker South AfricaElandsfontein1934
709Peace Diamond[16] Sierra LeoneArtisanal mine2017Graff Diamonds (bought for US$6.5m)[17]
650.8The Jubilee South AfricaJagersfontein Mine1895Robert Mouawad
620The Sefadu Sierra LeoneDiminco Mine1970Lazare Kaplan
616The Kimberley Octahedron South AfricaDutoitspan Mine1964De Beers
603Lesotho Promise LesothoLetseng Mine2006Graff Diamonds
602Santo Antonio[18] BrazilSanto Antonio do Bonito River1994
601Lesotho Brown LesothoLetseng Mine1967
600Goias[18] BrazilVerissimo River1906
581Wynn BrazilAmazon River2002
599Centenary South AfricaPremier Mine1986
587Spirit of de Grisogono Central African Republic
552.74[19] CanadaDiavik Mine2018
550Letseng Star LesothoLetseng Mine2011
507[20][21]Cullinan Heritage South AfricaCullinan Diamond Mine (fmr. Premier Mine)2009Chow Tai Fook Jewellery
493.24Letseng Legacy LesothoLetseng Mine2007SAFDICO (Graff Jewellers)
490The Kimberley South AfricaKimberley Mine1921
478[22]Light of Letseng LesothoLetseng Mine2008
476.7Meya Prosperity[23] Sierra LeoneMeya Mine2017
472.37 BotswanaKarowe Mine2018Top light brown. Sold June 2018
460.2[24] South AfricaCullinan Diamond Mine (fmr. Premier Mine)2009
460Darcy Vargas[18] BrazilSanto Antonio do Bonito River1939
460Charneca 1[18] BrazilSanto Ignacio River1940
434.6Zale Light of Peace[25] Sierra Leone1969Sold in 1980 to unknown buyer
428.5The De Beers South AfricaDe Beers Mine1888Disappeared
425.1[26] South AfricaCullinan Diamond Mine (fmr. Premier Mine)2019
410The Regent IndiaParitala-Kollur Mine1698Louvre Museum, France
404.24 de Fevereiro[27] [28] AngolaLulo Diamond Project2016De Grisogono[27]
401.97[29][30] Russia2016Sold by Alrosa and JSC Almazy Anabara[31] to Taché Diamonds and Samir Gems
373[32] BotswanaKarowe Mine2015Graff Diamonds[11]
357.61 LesothoLetseng Mine2018Light brown
357Letseng Dynasty LesothoLetseng Mine2015
353.9Premier Rose South AfricaPremier Mine1978Robert Mouawad
347.00 BotswanaKarowe Mine2016
342.5726th Congress of the CPSU[33][34][35] Russia /  Soviet UnionMir mine1980Diamond Fund, Moscow
341.9Queen of Kalahari [36] BotswanaKarowe Mine2015Bought by Chopard in partnership with Taché Diamonds
327.48 BotswanaKarowe Mine2018Sold for US$10.1m in June 2018
320.65Alexander Pushkin[33][34] Russia /  Soviet UnionUdachnaya pipe1989Diamond Fund, Moscow
314Letseng Destiny LesothoLetseng Mine2015Graff "The Graff Vendome"
300 (?)The Orlov India~1750Diamond Fund, Moscow
298.48The Creator[33][34] RussiaPlacer mining, Yakutia2004Government of the Sakha Republic; kept in the Diamond Fund, Moscow
296.66 BotswanaKarowe Mine2016
287.42Tiffany Yellow Diamond South AfricaPremier Mine1877Tiffany & Co.
271 CanadaVictor Mine
269.7 BotswanaKarowe Mine2015
256.6 BotswanaKarowe Mine2013
254.5Star of the South BrazilBagagem River1853Last known at Cartier, 2002
253.7The Oppenheimer South AfricaDutoitspan Mine1964Smithsonian Institution
249.89 BotswanaKarowe Mine2017
245.42 BotswanaKarowe Mine2016
241.88Free Russia[34] RussiaSytykanskaya pipe, Yakutia1991Diamond Fund, Moscow
242The Manami Star BotswanaJwaneng Mine2018?Cut into an 88.22 carat diamond; auctioned in Hong Kong by Sothebys and sold for US$13.8m to a Japanese collector.
240.8The Taylor Burton South AfricaPremier Mine1966
240.0 BotswanaKarowe Mine2019
239.0 BotswanaKarowe Mine2013
235.16The Town of Vilyuysk[35] RussiaYubileynaya mine2013Diamond Fund, Moscow
232.4 RussiaUdachnaya Mine2019
232.1 South AfricaCullinan Mine2014
232.05Star of Yakutia[34][35] Russia /  Soviet UnionMir mine1973Diamond Fund, Moscow
227.0 AngolaLulo Mine2017Lucapa Diamond
224.47 BotswanaKarowe Mine2016
223 BotswanaKarowe Mine2019
221.47Manhattan Lycos White South AfricaManhattan Diamonds2012
217.39The Angola Star AngolaLuarica Mine2007Diamond in the Rough, New York City
216.96 BotswanaKarowe Mine2017
214.65Boris Eifman RussiaNyurbinskoye mine2016Alrosa
210.55Premier[34] Russia /  Soviet UnionDiamond Fund, Moscow
207.29Children of Asia RussiaZarnitsa mine2016Alrosa
202 LesothoLetseng Mine2017Bought by Taché Diamonds & Samir Gems
200.7460th anniversary of the Komsomol[34][37] Russia /  Soviet UnionMir mine1978Diamond Fund, Moscow

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