List of islands of Germany

This is a list of all offshore islands that belong to Germany, which are found in the North and Baltic Seas.

In addition, some islands in inland waters are also listed.

Largest islands

Largest islands of Germany
#IslandSeaFederal StateArea (km2)
2UsedomBalticMecklenburg-Vorpommern373 (445 km²[a])
4SyltNorth SeaSchleswig-Holstein99
5FöhrNorth SeaSchleswig-Holstein82
6PellwormNorth SeaSchleswig-Holstein37
8BorkumNorth SeaNiedersachsen31
9NorderneyNorth SeaNiedersachsen26
10AmrumNorth SeaSchleswig-Holstein20.46

^a 72 km² are part of Poland

Islands of the Baltic Sea

Islands of the North Sea

Islands of Elbe River

Islands of Weser River

  • Harriersand

Islands of Lake Constance

Islands of Chiemsee

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