List of historic places in Queens County, Prince Edward Island

This is a list of historic places in Queens County, Prince Edward Island entered on the Canadian Register of Historic Places, whether they are federal, provincial, or municipal. Places listed in Charlottetown are listed separately.

List of historic places outside Charlottetown

Name Address Coordinates IDF IDP IDM Image
Acadian-Scottish Ancient Burial Ground 142 Selkirk Park Road, Eldon, PE 46°05′36″N 62°54′46″W 14923 9701
Atwell House 14718 Trans Canada Highway, Route 1, Clyde, PE 46°13′32″N 63°15′09″W 1630
Back Range Light Tower , New London, PE 46°30′36″N 63°29′13″W 11290 19731
Bagnall House 22, Route 239, Hazel Grove, PE 46°22′01″N 63°22′31″W 10471
Balahan House Farm 66 Keppoch Road, Stratford, PE 46°12′30″N 63°06′30″W 10613
Barachois Inn 2193 Church Road, Anglo Rustico, PE 46°25′24″N 63°17′06″W 18473
Barton Lodge 948 Winsloe Road, Rte. 223, South Winsloe, PE 46°21′03″N 63°11′56″W 18698
Bayfield-Jaynes Property 42 Owen Lane, Stratford, PE 46°11′47″N 63°06′33″W 17923 1265
Belle River Pioneer Cemetery Factory Road, Belle River, PE 45°58′55″N 62°50′10″W 12204
Ben Bernard House 4296, Route 13, Hunter River, PE 46°21′18″N 63°20′55″W 10378
Bertram Home 4281 Hopedale Road, Route 13, Hunter River, PE 46°21′16″N 63°20′57″W 10321
Harvey and Velda Bertram House 24 Hazel Grove Road, Route 228, Hazel Grove, PE 46°22′06″N 63°22′52″W 10397
Binstead 300 Heartz Road, Stratford, PE 46°16′26″N 63°05′11″W 3681
Blockhouse Lighthouse 285 Blockhouse Road, Rocky Point, PE 46°11′27″N 63°07′48″W 10654 19726
Bonshaw Hall 9 Green Road, Bonshaw, PE 46°11′46″N 63°21′03″W 20266
Bonshaw Pioneer Cemetery Trans Canada Highway, Bonshaw, PE 46°11′40″N 63°21′06″W 1952
Boswell Home 98 Nelson Street, Victoria, PE 46°13′04″N 63°29′35″W 5642
The Brick House / William Mutch House 29 Stratford Road, Stratford, PE 46°13′36″N 63°06′08″W 10608
The Burke House 2 Glencove Drive, Stratford, PE 46°13′01″N 63°06′07″W 15212
Carlyle Cahill House 8 Bayside Drive, Stratford, PE 46°13′25″N 63°06′23″W 10611
R.H. Cameron House 60 Old Mill Road, Crapaud, PE 46°14′20″N 63°29′52″W 20444
Silver Bush Campbell Farm House 4542 Route 20, Park Corner, PE 46°31′50″N 63°32′12″W 19146
Canoe Cove School 1066 Canoe Cove Road, Route 19A, Canoe Cove, PE 46°09′18″N 63°17′43″W 1773
Christ Church Anglican 100 Cherry Valley Cove Road, Cherry Valley, PE 46°10′28″N 62°55′46″W 18701
D.E. Clarke's General Store 98 MacPhail Park Road, Orwell, PE 46°09′29″N 62°49′59″W 1623
Clifton Farm / William Mason House 75 Mason Road, Stratford, PE 46°14′21″N 63°05′16″W 10556
Clifton United Church 19 Clifton Road, Stratford, PE 46°14′11″N 63°05′25″W 6304
Clyde River Pioneer Cemetery South of Route 1 and East of Route 247, Clyde River, PE 46°12′50″N 63°15′26″W 11846
Covehead Harbour Lighthouse Gulf Shore Parkway, Covehead, PE 46°25′50″N 63°08′36″W 20729
Crane's Landing 10686 St. Peters Road, Route 2, Mount Stewart, PE 46°22′03″N 62°52′31″W 5367
Cross Roads Christian Church 15 Georgetown Road, Stratford, PE 46°12′57″N 63°04′25″W 10552
Dalvay-by-the-Sea Hotel Route 6, Prince Edward Island National Park of Canada, Stanhope, PE 46°24′50″N 63°04′33″W 4308
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Dalvay-by-the-Sea National Historic Site of Canada Route 6, Prince Edward Island National Park of Canada, Stanhope, PE 46°24′49″N 63°04′33″W 1859
Dewar House 27 Hopeton Road, Stratford, PE 46°13′51″N 63°05′54″W 10565
Dockendorff Pioneer Cemetery York Point Road, York Point, PE 46°13′30″N 63°10′01″W 11802
Doucet House 2188 Church Road, Route 243, Rustico, PE 46°25′24″N 63°17′03″W 1615
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Emerald Railway Station 1929 Nodd Road, Emerald, PE 46°21′41″N 63°32′55″W 20442
Eureka House 20 Water Street, Victoria, PE 46°12′49″N 63°29′26″W 5672
Farmers' Bank of Rustico National Historic Site of Canada , South Rustico, PE 46°25′00″N 63°18′00″W 7417 19167
William Farquharson House 156 Bunbury Road, Stratford, PE 46°14′05″N 63°04′54″W 10555
Flat River Pioneer Cemetery Beaton Lane, Flat River, PE 46°00′31″N 62°52′54″W 12210
The Forge 4377 Route 13, Hunter River, PE 46°21′31″N 63°20′50″W 10388
Former Hunter River Library 19792, Route 2, Hunter River, PE 46°21′20″N 63°21′01″W 10383
Former Noye House 4285 Hopedale Road, Route 13, Hunter River, PE 46°21′17″N 63°20′57″W 10392
Former St. Mary's of the People Catholic Church 19719, Route 2, Hunter River, PE 46°21′14″N 63°20′47″W 10501
Free Church of Scotland 8794 Rte. 19, DeSable, PE 46°11′32″N 63°24′48″W 18703
Geddie Memorial Church 5656 Rte. 20, Springbrook, PE 46°29′41″N 63°30′23″W 18700
Glasgow Road Cemetery Route 224, Ebenezer, PE 46°21′17″N 63°15′52″W 12915
Glenaladale House 257 Blooming Point Road, Tracadie Cross, PE 46°21′38″N 62°58′08″W 19511
Green Gables House , Cavendish, PE 46°29′30″N 63°23′06″W 11370
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The Grist Mill 4373, Route 13, Hunter River, PE 46°21′31″N 63°20′51″W 13944 11473
Harrington Pioneer Cemetery Brackley Point Road, Route 15, Harrington, PE 46°21′45″N 63°10′26″W 10777
Hazeldean 172 Rattenbury Road, Springfield, PE 46°23′33″N 63°30′28″W 19145
Howard Christian Cemetery Route 235, Kingston, PE 46°15′32″N 63°15′17″W 11816
2 Howard Street 2 Howard Street, Victoria, PE 46°12′55″N 63°29′25″W 5706
6 Howard Street 6 Howard Street, Victoria, PE 46°12′54″N 63°29′26″W 14931 5713
26 Howard Street 26 Howard Street, Victoria, PE 46°12′53″N 63°29′30″W 5715
Hunter River Presbyterian Church 19800, Route 2, Hunter River, PE 46°21′21″N 63°21′03″W 10340
Island Chocolates Company Building 7 Main Street, Victoria, PE 46°12′51″N 63°29′27″W 5643
Carter W. Jeffery Home 4367, Route 13, Hunter River, PE 46°21′30″N 63°20′52″W 10344
Jones House 720 Pownal Road, Pownal, PE 46°11′47″N 62°59′45″W 20995
Keppoch Farm House / Duncan House 22 Duncan Avenue, Stratford, PE 46°11′57″N 63°06′08″W 10585
The Landmark Café 12 Main Street, Victoria, PE 46°12′53″N 63°29′27″W 5678
Leards Range Front Lighthouse 2 Russell Street, Victoria, PE 46°12′51″N 63°29′20″W 19185
Long Pond Cemetery Prince Edward Island National Park, Stanhope, PE 46°25′00″N 63°05′37″W 12221
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5 Main Street 5 Main Street, Victoria, PE 46°12′51″N 63°29′26″W 5717
10 Main Street 10 Main Street, Victoria, PE 46°12′53″N 63°29′26″W 5719
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22 Main Street 22 Main Street, Victoria, PE 46°12′54″N 63°29′27″W 5726
24 Main Street 24 Main Street, Victoria, PE 46°12′55″N 63°29′28″W 6028
27 Main Street 27 Main Street, Victoria, PE 46°12′55″N 63°29′29″W 6027
28 Main Street 28 Main Street, Victoria, PE 46°12′56″N 63°29′28″W 6029
30 Main Street 30 Main Street, Victoria, PE 46°12′56″N 63°29′28″W 6033
31 Main Street 31 Main Street, Victoria, PE 46°12′56″N 63°29′30″W 6044
Marshfield Pioneer Cemetery 14576 St. Peters Road - Route 2, Marshfield, PE 46°17′37″N 63°05′02″W 10615
The Martin House 162 Newtown Road - Route 211, Lower Newtown, PE 46°06′37″N 62°51′29″W 2360
Sir Andrew Macphail Homestead 269 Macphail Park Road, Orwell, PE 46°09′33″N 62°49′22″W 5308
McArthur Family Cemetery Peter's Road, Route 244, Churchill, PE 46°13′37″N 63°19′34″W 10635
McEachern Family Plot 907 St. Catherines Road, St. Catherine's, PE 46°11′50″N 63°18′14″W 11854
Mill Brook Farm 40 Keppoch Road, Stratford, PE 46°12′42″N 63°06′20″W 10634
Senator Donald Montgomery House 4615 Rte. 20, Park Corner, PE 46°31′51″N 63°32′23″W 20523
Lucy Maud Montgomery Birthplace 6461 Route 20, New London, PE 46°27′55″N 63°30′40″W 17721
L.M. Montgomery's Cavendish National Historic Site of Canada Route 6, Cavendish, PE 46°29′17″N 63°22′42″W 5439
Lauchlin Morrison House 3412 Trans Canada Highway - Route 1, South Pinette, PE 46°02′17″N 62°54′27″W 15829
Murchison House 394 MacAulays Wharf Road, Mount Buchanan, PE 46°03′53″N 62°55′52″W 20973
Murphy House 4352 Rte. 19, Cumberland, PE 46°09′44″N 63°11′34″W 19904
8 Nelson Street 8 Nelson Street, Victoria, PE 46°12′50″N 63°29′29″W 8727
10 Nelson Street 10 Nelson Street, Victoria, PE 46°12′51″N 63°29′29″W 6053
31 Nelson Street / Dunrovin 31 Nelson Street, Victoria, PE 46°12′56″N 63°29′34″W 6230
88 Nelson Street / The Rowans 88 Nelson Street, Victoria, PE 46°13′02″N 63°29′35″W 6237
132 Nelson Street 132 Nelson Street, Victoria, PE 46°13′07″N 63°29′36″W 6243
New London Hall 10596 Rte 6, New London, PE 46°27′54″N 63°30′32″W 18678
Newson's Pioneer Cemetery Route 248 - Ferry Road, Cornwall, PE 46°13′35″N 63°12′36″W 11804
Alan and Mary Nisbet Home 4273 Hopedale Road - Route 13, Hunter River, PE 46°21′15″N 63°20′58″W 10460
North Rustico Lighthouse 383 Harbourview Drive, North Rustico, PE 46°27′19″N 63°17′30″W 11435 19724
Old Princetown Road Old Princetown Road, South Granville, PE 46°24′32″N 63°29′14″W 10672
The Orient Hotel 34 Main Street, Victoria, PE 46°12′57″N 63°29′29″W 5677
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Orwell Church RR #2 Vernon, Orwell, PE 46°09′25″N 62°50′05″W 4602
Orwell School RR #2 Vernon, Orwell, PE 46°09′24″N 62°50′02″W 4591
Park Corner Pioneer Roman Catholic Cemetery Route 20, Park Corner, PE 46°32′00″N 63°33′38″W 10762
Port-la-Joye–Fort Amherst National Historic Site of Canada Anchor Point, Rocky Point, PE 46°11′39″N 63°08′20″W 4301
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Portage Shore Pioneer Cemetery Portage Road, Route 6, Brackley Point, PE 46°24′33″N 63°13′02″W 10796
Profitt Barn 1000 Burlington Road, Rte. 234, Long River, PE 46°29′03″N 63°34′07″W 18474
Quintin Court Fish House 370 Harbourview Drive, North Rustico, PE 46°27′18″N 63°17′35″W 20879
Ramsay Barn - Gallery 18 10686 Rte. 6, New London, PE 46°27′50″N 63°30′51″W 20267
River Crest Acres Barn 188 Clyde River Road, Clyde River, PE 46°11′52″N 63°16′22″W 18702
Riverdale 157 Old Post Road, Crapaud, PE 46°13′54″N 63°29′20″W 20443
Major T.B. Rogers House 172 Stratford Road, Stratford, PE 46°13′02″N 63°05′37″W 15667
Roy House 20259 Route 2, Hazel Grove, PE 46°22′03″N 63°22′45″W 11475 13945
3 Russell Street 3 Russell Street, Victoria, PE 46°12′51″N 63°29′22″W 6254
9 Russell Street 9 Russell Street, Victoria, PE 46°12′52″N 63°29′23″W 5681
23 Russell Street 23 Russell Street, Victoria, PE 46°12′55″N 63°29′25″W 6255
St. Augustine's Roman Catholic Church 2190 Church Road, Route 243, South Rustico, PE 46°25′25″N 63°17′04″W 1831
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St. James United Church 3534 Black River Road, Covehead, PE 46°23′37″N 63°08′58″W 15182 18722
St. Joachim's Roman Catholic Church 5364 Rte. 3, Vernon River, PE 46°12′15″N 62°51′00″W 18477
St. Joachim's Waterside Pioneer Cemetery Waterside Road, Pownal, PE 46°11′34″N 62°57′24″W 16082
St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church 391 Nelson Street, Victoria, PE 46°13′44″N 63°29′48″W 6250
St. John's Presbyterian Church 2794 Garfield Road - Route 207, Belfast, PE 46°04′42″N 62°52′42″W 15790
St. Martin of Tours Roman Catholic Church 3961 Route 19, Cumberland, PE 46°10′06″N 63°10′06″W 20087
St. Mary's Acadian School 5511 Millvale Road - Route 231, St. Ann, PE 46°25′10″N 63°22′49″W 15186
St. Michael's Parish House 1963 Iona Road, Route 206, Iona, PE 46°05′45″N 62°49′00″W 1829
Scotchfort Pioneer Cemetery Highway 2, Scotchfort, PE 46°21′11″N 62°54′39″W 12282
The "Seagull" 27 Water Street, Victoria, PE 46°12′48″N 63°29′26″W 1616
Shaw's Hotel National Historic Site of Canada , Brackley, PE 46°25′29″N 63°11′00″W 12974
Simpson Farm, Main House , Cavendish, PE 46°29′33″N 63°23′27″W 10400
Margaret and Gordon Smith Home 4315, Route 13, Hunter River, PE 46°21′22″N 63°20′56″W 10381
Spurgeon Warren Field Cemetery North Yorke Road - Route 248, Warren Grove, PE 46°16′13″N 63°12′08″W 11876
Stanhope by the Sea 41 Point Pleasant Crescent, Stanhope, PE 46°25′26″N 63°08′42″W 5368
Stanley Bridge School 4889 St. Mary's Road, Stanley Bridge, PE 46°27′40″N 63°27′15″W 20524
John W. Stewart House 85 Stratford Road, Stratford, PE 46°13′22″N 63°06′18″W 10575
Strathgartney Homestead Cemetery Strathgartney Homestead, Strathgartney, PE 46°12′41″N 63°20′36″W 10633
Strathgartney Homestead National Historic Site of Canada , Bonshaw, PE 46°12′N 63°21′W 7764
Tower Point Prim Light Station, Point Prim, PE 46°03′21″N 63°01′44″W 2078
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Tower and Fog Alarm Wood Islands Provincial Park, Wood Islands, PE 45°56′59″N 62°44′47″W 9768 19722
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Townsend Burial Plot Campbell's Pond - Route 20, Park Corner, PE 46°32′07″N 63°32′36″W 13038
Tryon United Church National Historic Site of Canada Highway 10, Crapaud, PE 46°14′23″N 63°29′58″W 12010
Uigg Baptist Church 5193 Murray Harbour Road, Route 24, Uigg, PE 46°10′40″N 62°49′26″W 1633
Uigg Pioneer Cemetery Route 24 - Murray Harbour Road, Kinross, PE 46°09′37″N 62°48′38″W 12779
Uigg School 4894 Murray Harbour Road, Route 24, Uigg, PE 46°09′58″N 62°48′53″W 1758
Victoria Community Hall 20 Howard Street, Victoria, PE 46°12′54″N 63°29′28″W 7431
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Victoria Rose Farmstead 824, Route 116, Victoria, PE 46°12′54″N 63°30′01″W 10561
Victoria School 730 Victoria Road, Rte. 116, Victoria, PE 46°13′00″N 63°29′41″W 21014
Victoria United Church 106 Nelson Street, Victoria, PE 46°13′04″N 63°29′35″W 5682
The Victoria Village Inn 22 Howard Street, Victoria, PE 46°12′53″N 63°29′29″W 7432
The Walsh Home 19 Welsh's Lane, Mount Stewart, PE 46°21′50″N 62°51′53″W 12109
James Warren Field Cemetery 67 Mill Road, Warren Grove, PE 46°16′16″N 63°12′46″W 10621
22 Water Street 22 Water Street, Victoria, PE 46°12′49″N 63°29′27″W 6261
Wellington MacNeill House 95 Georgetown Road, Stratford, PE 46°12′42″N 63°04′02″W 15221
West River Petroglyph Site Wooded area off Green Road, Bonshaw, PE 46°12′20″N 63°21′09″W 20881
Winsloe South United Church 832 Winsloe Road, Route 223, South Winsloe, PE 46°19′33″N 63°11′18″W 1638
Wood Drying Kiln 4373, Route 13, Hunter River, PE 46°21′31″N 63°20′52″W 10363
Wood Islands Women's Institute Hall 822 Trans Canada Highway, Route 1, Wood Islands, PE 45°58′02″N 62°47′07″W 3356
Wood Islands Pioneer Cemetery Pioneer Cemetery Road, Wood Islands West, PE 45°57′44″N 62°46′55″W 12872
Wright's Back Range Light Birch Point Road, Victoria, PE 46°12′28″N 63°30′15″W 20480
Wright's Front Range Light Beach Light Road, Victoria, PE 46°12′16″N 63°29′47″W 20482
Yankee Hill Farm House 55 Straight Road, Park Corner, PE 46°30′36″N 63°29′23″W 18638
York Point Community Centre 346 York Point Road, Cornwall, PE 46°14′00″N 63°10′27″W 20668

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