List of historic places in Prince County, Prince Edward Island

This is a list of historic places in Prince County, Prince Edward Island entered on the Canadian Register of Historic Places, whether they are federal, provincial, or municipal. Places listed in Summerside are listed separately.

List of historic places

Name Address Coordinates IDF IDP IDM Image
Acadian Fishermen's Coop 8323 Rte. 11, Abrams Village, PE 46°26′21″N 64°06′40″W 21000
Chester Adams House 41 Reid Street, Alberton, PE 46°48′53″N 64°03′50″W 12724
Albany Little Zion Baptist Cemetery 22246 Trans Canada Highway - Route 1, Albany, PE 46°16′07″N 63°35′42″W 11851
Alberton Court House National Historic Site of Canada 457 Church Street, Alberton, PE 46°48′44″N 64°04′07″W 7343 1598
Alberton Museum's Heritage Centre 420 Church Street, Alberton, PE 46°48′42″N 64°04′15″W 9740
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Alberton Railway Station 10 Railway Street, Alberton, PE 46°48′48″N 64°04′06″W 1747
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Albion Street Inn 42 Albion Street, Alberton, PE 46°48′42″N 64°04′01″W 1774
Alexander Anderson House 267 Sherry Road, Fernwood, PE 46°19′56″N 63°48′52″W 20185
Allen Barn 5250 Rte. 11, Union Corner, PE 46°23′22″N 63°59′55″W 20999
Joseph-Felix Arsenault House 77 Mill Road, Wellington, PE 46°27′18″N 64°00′03″W 20994
Ashford Cottage 1494 Freetown Road, Freetown, PE 46°22′29″N 63°36′58″W 9700
Bell Haven 66 Bell Lane, Mill River East, PE 46°45′01″N 64°09′43″W 16409
Bideford Parsonage Museum 7 Bideford Road, Bideford, PE 46°36′37″N 63°54′56″W 13175
Briarwood 253 Matthews Lane, Union, PE 46°47′57″N 64°04′38″W 9901
Campbellton United Church 8797 Route 14, Campbellton, PE 46°47′31″N 64°18′10″W 9817
Cape Egmont Lighthouse 161 Phare du Cap Egmont Road, Cape Egmont, PE 46°24′07″N 64°08′03″W 11078 19206
Cape Wolfe Pioneer Roman Catholic Cemetery Route 14, Cape Wolfe, PE 46°43′40″N 64°23′13″W 10797
Cascumpec United Church 13724 Cascumpec Road - Route 12, Cascumpec, PE 46°45′48″N 64°06′30″W 1618
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Monsignor Jean Chiasson Birthplace 1323 Greenmount Road, Route 153, St. Felix, PE 46°55′39″N 64°01′21″W 2691
Captain John Champion House 342 - Route 152, Northport, PE 46°47′56″N 64°03′34″W 16463
Christ Church 17668 - Route 12, Kildare Capes, PE 46°53′16″N 63°58′38″W 9880
301 Church Street 301 Church Street, Alberton, PE 46°48′38″N 64°04′52″W 12621
Cold Comfort Farm 355 Matthews Lane, Union, PE 46°47′42″N 64°04′29″W 15262
Convent of Notre Dame-des-Anges 206 Maple Street, Tignish, PE 46°57′14″N 64°02′11″W 1904
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Corpus Christi Church 31 Glenwood Church Road, Glenwood, PE 46°38′22″N 64°19′04″W 15150
Sebastian Davidson House 19558 Route 12, Anglo Tignish, PE 46°57′51″N 64°00′38″W 1820
Doma 21363 Trans Canada Highway - Route 1, Tryon, PE 46°14′52″N 63°32′50″W 6062
The Dunn House 286 Ashley Road, Brooklyn, PE 46°47′49″N 64°06′29″W 9822
Eglise Notre Dame du Mont Carmel 5785 Route 11, Mont Carmel, PE 46°23′30″N 64°01′58″W 1627
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Essery House 1424 Route 152, Huntley, PE 46°50′40″N 64°04′59″W 9847
Fanning School 461 King Street, Malpeque, PE 46°33′32″N 63°42′18″W 20085
Former Fortune Cove Schoolhouse 165 Warren Road, Fortune Cove, PE 46°45′09″N 64°07′39″W 16443
The French Lane From Route 12 to Cascumpec Bay shore, Alberton, PE 46°48′59″N 64°03′07″W 9804
Gallant Barn 8977 Rte. 11, Abrams Village, PE 46°27′23″N 64°04′51″W 20998
Lemant Gallant House 8977 Rte. 11, Abrams Village, PE 46°27′23″N 64°04′49″W 20993
Gallant House 468 Church Street, Alberton, PE 46°48′44″N 64°04′05″W 12661
George Gard House 90 Prince William Street, Alberton, PE 46°49′00″N 64°04′23″W 16421
Samuel Gard House 1440 Mill River East Road - Route 145, Mill River East, PE 46°45′58″N 64°08′42″W 9884
Gaudet Lodge 197 Dalton Avenue, Tignish, PE 46°57′01″N 64°01′57″W 1942
Gillis Barn 32 Lady Slipper Drive, South, Miscouche, PE 46°25′50″N 63°52′15″W 20997
The Gordon Cemetery 1645 Route 152, Huntley, PE 46°51′13″N 64°04′52″W 9849
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Hudson Gordon House 1681 Route 152, Montrose, PE 46°51′18″N 64°04′48″W 1815
Gordon Memorial United Church 396 Church Street, Alberton, PE 46°48′40″N 64°04′22″W 9742
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Government of Canada Building, Tignish 289 Church Street, Tignish, PE 46°57′06″N 64°02′02″W 10533
Graham House 413 Church Street, Alberton, PE 46°48′42″N 64°04′17″W 12626
The Green 192 Founders Lane, Anglo Tignish, PE 46°57′39″N 64°00′01″W 1647
Hacker House 75 Blue Shank Road, Wilmot Valley, PE 46°23′29″N 63°44′08″W 19660
Halupa's Jewelry 480 Main Street, Alberton, PE 46°48′44″N 64°03′51″W 12703
Hamilton Hall 2282 Hamilton Road, Route 104, Hamilton, PE 46°29′47″N 63°41′59″W 1641
Handrahan's Cutting Handrahan's Cutting, Tignish, PE 46°33′49″N 64°02′25″W 1926
Holy Trinity Alma Anglican Church 40986 Western Road, Route 2, Alma, PE 46°51′50″N 64°06′28″W 8707
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Howard House 7160 Route 14, Cape Wolfe, PE 46°44′20″N 64°22′22″W 2013
The Hudson Homestead 13389 Cascumpec Road, Route 12, Cascumpec, PE 46°45′38″N 64°05′26″W 6298
Hunter House 1013 Route 152, Huntley, PE 46°49′38″N 64°04′25″W 9827
Immaculate Conception Parochial House - Brae 2877 Beaton Road, Route 138, Brae, PE 46°38′19″N 64°11′21″W 1900
Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church - Palmer Road 986 Palmer Road, Route 156, St. Louis, PE 46°54′48″N 64°09′26″W 1894
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7 Imperial Street 7 Imperial Street, Kensington, PE 46°26′16″N 63°38′28″W 18737
Indian Head Lighthouse End of Summerside Harbour Breakwater, Lower Bedeque, PE 46°22′47″N 63°49′02″W 19730
Indian River Pioneer Roman Catholic Cemetery Easter Road, Indian River, PE 46°28′18″N 63°41′22″W 16141
Institute Hall 524 Church Street, Alberton, PE 46°48′47″N 64°03′49″W 16482
Irving Barn 14751 Cascumpec Road - Route 12, Union, PE 46°48′13″N 64°05′21″W 20996
The Irving House 14751 Cascumpec Road - Route 12, Union, PE 46°48′13″N 64°05′22″W 3322
Pierre Jacques Pioneer Cemetery MacDonald Road, Route 176, Glenwood, PE 46°38′09″N 64°18′38″W 10767
Dr. Jonathon Jameson House 2133 Rte. 112, Bedeque, PE 46°20′13″N 63°43′29″W 19742
Jeffery House 1111 Centre Line Road - Route 151, Alma, PE 46°51′37″N 64°08′11″W 9808
Jeffery Homestead 948 Center Line Road, Rte. 151, Alma, PE 46°51′45″N 64°07′35″W 17781
John Keefe / Alfred Gionet House 251, Route 152, Northport, PE 46°47′43″N 64°03′42″W 15402
Keir House 140 Plug Street, Malpeque, PE 46°31′28″N 63°41′42″W 18765
Keir Memorial Museum 2214 Route 20, Malpeque, PE 46°31′44″N 63°41′12″W 1775
Kensington Railway Station (Prince Edward Island) National Historic Site of Canada , Kensington, PE 46°26′01″N 63°38′00″WKensington Railway Station (Prince Edward Island) National Historic Site of Canada) 7447 20380 19248
The Kirkham House 190 Fortune Road - Route 172, Fortune Cove, PE 46°45′29″N 64°06′59″W 9862
Knutsford School 2777 O'Leary Road, Route 142, Knutsford, PE 46°41′52″N 64°16′39″W 1673
La Petite France 441 Church Street, Alberton, PE 46°48′44″N 64°04′08″W 6296
Leard House 519 Church Street, Alberton, PE 46°48′48″N 64°03′48″W 9747
Cornelius Leard House 2904 Route 112, Lower Bedeque, PE 46°20′39″N 63°45′51″W 19168
Lot 7 Pioneer Roman Catholic Cemetery Route 14, Burton, PE 46°45′07″N 64°21′44″W 10806
Lyle House 5498 Rte. 12, Birch Hill, PE 46°33′05″N 63°52′25″W 20379
Malpeque Community Centre 2197 Route 20, Malpeque, PE 46°31′44″N 63°41′16″W 20379
Maple Grove Farm 333 Church Street, Tignish, PE 46°57′24″N 64°02′04″W 16365
Maplethorpe 2123 Rte. 112, Bedeque, PE 46°20′12″N 63°43′29″W 20974
Miminegash United Church 10710 Route 14, St. Lawrence, PE 46°51′17″N 64°13′29″W 9889
Miscouche Villa 20 Lady Slipper Drive North, Miscouche, PE 46°26′01″N 63°52′02″W 21001
Moase Blacksmith Shop 25578, Route 2, New Annan, PE 46°25′23″N 63°41′06″W 1679
Hugh Montgomery House 149 Montgomery Road, Malpeque, PE 46°32′41″N 63°43′06″W 19510
L.M. Montgomery Lower Bedeque School 14 New Road, Lower Bedeque, PE 46°20′36″N 63°45′57″W 3345
Morrison House 424 Church Street, Alberton, PE 46°48′42″N 64°04′12″W 12667
North Cape Lighthouse 2183 Rte. 12, Seacow Pond, PE 47°03′27″N 63°59′48″W 11477 19725
Northport Rear Range Lighthouse 224 Highway 152, Northport, PE 46°47′39″N 64°03′46″W 20730 20884
The Oaks 15483, Route 12, Alberton, PE 46°49′20″N 64°03′17″W 12761
O'Leary Railway Station 513 Main Street, O'Leary, PE 46°42′27″N 64°13′30″W 20441
Old Dock Cemetery Route 12, Union, PE 46°48′34″N 64°04′59″W 16464
Old St. James Anglican Church 5875 Route 12, Port Hill, PE 46°34′02″N 63°52′44″W 8722
Omnibus Cemetery 18968 Route 12, Tignish Shore, PE 46°56′27″N 64°00′32″W 1720
Orchard Brook Farm 91 Dunbar Road, Alma, PE 46°51′57″N 64°07′49″W 9811
The Oulton House 98 Princess Street, Alberton, PE 46°48′47″N 64°03′25″W 9781
Oulton's Island Oulton's Island, Northport, PE 46°47′16″N 64°02′42″W 10223
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PEI Shellfish Museum 154 Bideford Road, Ellerslie, PE 46°36′59″N 63°54′57″W 20440
Kenneth Poirier Apartments 107 Dufferin Street, Alberton, PE 46°48′50″N 64°03′48″W 9799
Price-Affleck House 3211 Rte. 112, Lower Bedeque, PE 46°21′09″N 63°46′39″W 20882
Primrose Lane 456 Main Street, Alberton, PE 46°48′42″N 64°03′51″W 12682
Princetown United Church 18 Malpeque Road, Princetown, PE 46°31′47″N 63°41′16″W 7435
Ramsay Stone House 590 Beech Point Road, Hamilton, PE 46°29′38″N 63°44′26″W 18616
Reilly Burial Plot Route 14, Cape Wolfe, PE 46°43′29″N 64°23′28″W 13052
William Richards Carriage Barn 63 MacKie Road, Ellerslie-Bideford, PE 46°36′49″N 63°54′45″W 20678
William Richards House 63 MacKie Road, Ellerslie-Bideford, PE 46°36′48″N 63°54′41″W 20883
Sacred Heart Parish House 341 Main Street, Alberton, PE 46°48′21″N 64°03′40″W 9751
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St. Anne's Roman Catholic Church 15 Eagle Feather Trail, Lennox Island, PE 46°36′02″N 63°51′21″W 16621 20381
St. Anthony's Pioneer Roman Catholic Cemetery Cemetery Road, Cascumpec, PE 46°45′21″N 64°04′48″W 16121
St. Anthony's Parish House 37947 Western Road - Route 2, Woodstock, PE 46°44′20″N 64°10′34″W 16401
St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church, Bloomfield 12 Howlan Road, Route 143, Woodstock, PE 46°44′18″N 64°10′34″W 15242
St. Brigid's Old Roman Catholic Cemetery Canadian Road - Route 168, Foxley River, PE 46°41′34″N 64°00′48″W 16128
St. Brigid's Roman Catholic Church 14 Canadian Road, Route 168, Foxley River, PE 46°41′34″N 64°00′45″W 1636
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St. John the Baptist R. C. Presbytery 9 Main Drive, Miscouche, PE 46°25′57″N 63°52′02″W 20878
St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church 10 Lady Slipper Drive North, Miscouche, PE 46°26′00″N 63°52′02″W 16622
St. John's Anglican Church, Ellerslie 7716 - Route 12, Ellerslie, PE 46°36′33″N 63°55′57″W 19165
St. Malachy's Roman Catholic Church 40 Anderson Road, Kinkora, PE 46°19′21″N 63°35′36″W 16585
St. Mary's Church, Indian River 1374 Hamilton Road, Indian River, PE 46°28′34″N 63°40′10″W 18823
St. Mark's Anglican Church 49 Victoria Street East, Kensington, PE 46°26′16″N 63°38′06″W 16561
St. Mary's Church, Indian River 1374 Hamilton Road, Route 104, Indian River, PE 46°28′35″N 63°40′08″W 15781
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church 4284 - Route 12, Bayside, PE 46°30′27″N 63°54′46″W 16541
St. Peter's Anglican Church 498 Main Street, Alberton, PE 46°48′45″N 64°03′53″W 9733
St. Simon and St. Jude Roman Catholic Church 208 Maple Street, Tignish, PE 46°57′12″N 64°02′10″W 1642
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Sea Rescue Station 296, Route 152, Northport, PE 46°47′48″N 64°03′33″W 15371
Seacow Head Lighthouse 198 Lighthouse Road, Fernwood, PE 46°18′58″N 63°48′37″W 11035 19528 19529
Sharpe House 512 MacIntyre Road, Kelvin Grove, PE 46°25′00″N 63°39′55″W 20484
South Shore United Church 85 Route 10, Tryon, PE 46°14′18″N 63°32′36″W 12207
Taylor House 171 Taylor Road, North Bedeque, PE 46°23′05″N 63°43′35″W 20876
Tryon Christian Church Cemetery 21290 Trans Canada Highway, Tryon, PE 46°14′42″N 63°32′44″W 10622
74 Victoria Street West 74 Victoria Street West, Kensington, PE 46°26′10″N 63°38′21″W 20086
West Cape Presbyterian Cemetery Route 14, West Cape, PE 46°40′33″N 64°24′40″W 16103
West Point Lighthouse 364 Cedar Dunes Park Road, West Point, PE 46°37′12″N 64°23′11″W 18794
J.C. Wilkinson's Store 4070 Rte. 142, Springfield West, PE 46°41′02″N 64°21′35″W 20875
Williams Barn 8579 Rte. 12, Poplar Grove, PE 46°38′39″N 63°56′55″W 20873
Little Harry Williams House 8655 Rte. 12, Poplar Grove, PE 46°39′08″N 63°57′08″W 20874
Woodbine Cottage 6049 Rte. 12, Port Hill, PE 46°34′35″N 63°52′49″W 19743
The Wright House 1214 Callbeck Street, Route 171, Bedeque, PE 46°20′18″N 63°43′12″W 5366
Jesse Wright House 295 Clark Road, North Bedeque, PE 46°21′43″N 63°44′18″W 20186
Yeo House 334 Green Park Road, Port Hill, PE 46°35′20″N 63°53′36″W 1259
Zetland Masonic Lodge No. 7 119 Poplar Street, Alberton, PE 46°48′42″N 64°03′49″W 9730
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