List of historic places in Madawaska County, New Brunswick

This is a list of historic places in Madawaska County, New Brunswick entered on the Canadian Register of Historic Places, whether they are federal, provincial, or municipal.

List of historic places

Name Address Coordinates IDF IDP IDM Image
Albert Cross Des Ormes Street, Baker Brook, NB 47°19′14″N 68°30′54″W 12506
Albert House 25 Canada Road, Edmundston, NB 47°21′47″N 68°19′36″W 4967
Maxime Albert Complex 2167 Centrale Street, Saint-Hilaire, NB 47°17′26″N 68°23′47″W 12406
Atelier RADO 85 Victoria Street, Edmundston, NB 47°21′55″N 68°19′17″W 4963
Baker Brook Presbytery 3785 Principale Street, Baker Brook, NB 47°17′56″N 68°30′59″W 12395
Jesse Baker House 2 Des Ormes Street, Baker Brook, NB 47°18′10″N 68°30′38″W 12422
Brunswick Résidence Funéraire 20, rue de l'Eglise, Edmundston, NB 47°22′01″N 68°19′30″W 5076
Café d'la vieille forge 223 Principale Street, Saint-Jacques, Edmundston, NB 47°25′41″N 68°23′05″W 5474
Caisse populaire de Saint-François-de-Madawaska 1982, Commerciale Street, Saint-Francois-de-Madawaska, NB 47°14′36″N 68°42′01″W 12466
Renaud Campagna Portes et fenêtres 783 St-Francois Street, Edmundston, NB 47°21′18″N 68°22′06″W 4982
Canadian National Railways Station 194 Saint Francois Street, Edmundston, NB 47°21′42″N 68°20′08″W 15804
Canadian Pacific Railways Station East of Victoria St. and 32nd Ave., Edmundston, NB 47°22′02″N 68°19′13″W 6730
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception 175 Eglise Street, Edmundston, NB 47°21′47″N 68°19′58″W 1271
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City Hall Square Park 5 Court Street, Edmundston, NB 47°21′46″N 68°19′39″W 8222
Collin Family Home 2396, Centrale Street, Saint-Hilaire, NB 47°17′24″N 68°24′45″W 12484
Robert Connors Church 3614 Route 205, Saint-Francois-de-Madawaska, NB 47°12′40″N 68°49′21″W 3195
Mgr. W. J. Conway Public Library 33 Irene Street, Edmundston, NB 47°21′48″N 68°19′04″W 9547
Alexis Cyr House De la Chapelle Street, Edmundston, NB 47°21′22″N 68°13′53″W 8765
Dr. Honoré Cyr House 373 Principale Street, Saint-Basile, Edmundston, NB 47°21′26″N 68°13′58″W 5473
René and Lillian Cyr House 137 Principale Street, Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska, NB 47°15′00″N 68°01′54″W 8160
Oscar Daigle and Sons Farm 3369 Principale Street, Baker Brook, NB 47°18′12″N 68°30′25″W 12425
Edmundston Cenotaph 7 Canada Road, Edmundston, NB 47°21′46″N 68°19′35″W 8158
Edmundston CPR Station 121 Victoria Street, Edmundston, NB 47°22′02″N 68°19′17″W 2852
Emmerson House 1 Canada Road, Edmundston, NB 47°21′46″N 68°19′31″W 8767
Épicerie R. H. Clavette 74 Principale Street, Rivière-Verte, NB 47°19′06″N 68°08′41″W 12523
Épicerie Le Roi du Bœuf 3736 Principale Street, Baker Brook, NB 47°18′00″N 68°30′47″W 12394
Former Mont Saint-Joseph Convent 8 Saint-Joseph Street, Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska, NB 47°14′48″N 68°01′35″W 8157
Former J. Frank Rice Store 54 Canada Road, Edmundston, NB 47°21′47″N 68°19′42″W 9545
Former L. H. Morneault Cie Ltée Hardware Store 24 St-Francois Street, Edmundston, NB 47°21′45″N 68°19′35″W 10395
Former York Hotel 181 St-Francois Street, Edmundston, NB 47°21′43″N 68°20′03″W 5901
Fraser Edmundston Golf Club 570 Victoria Street, Edmundston, NB 47°22′46″N 68°20′22″W 9469
Garderie Mont Ste-Marie 641 St-Francois Street, Edmundston, NB 47°21′33″N 68°21′39″W 10386
Government of Canada Building 22 Emerson Street, Edmundston, NB 47°21′50″N 68°19′33″W 13087
L'Hôtel-Dieu Saint-Joseph 429 Principale Street, Edmundston, NB 47°21′30″N 68°14′10″W 2351
Hutman's Store 45 Canada Road, Edmundston, NB 47°21′49″N 68°19′40″W 5985
Journal Le Madawaska Building 20 St-Francois Street, Edmundston, NB 47°21′45″N 68°19′33″W 9900
Lac Baker Grotto 5544 Centrale Street, Lac-Baker, NB 47°20′03″N 68°38′30″W 12482
Rodolphe Lajoie House 23 Principale Street, Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska, NB 47°14′33″N 68°01′08″W 8159
Lancaster KB822 Aircraft 17439 Trans-Canada Highway Route 2, Edmundston, NB 47°29′09″N 68°28′42″W 8726
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Madawaska Dam and Hydroelectric Generating Station 5 Ferry Avenue, Edmundston, NB 47°21′46″N 68°19′28″W 10359
Madawaska Regional Exhibition Building 275 Principale Street, Saint-Basile, Edmundston, NB 47°21′24″N 68°13′43″W 10391
Maison des filles de Marie de l'Assomption 25 22nd Street, Edmundston, NB 47°22′33″N 68°19′15″W 5495
Le Manoir des Lacs Inn 20 De la Pointe Street, Lac-Baker, NB 47°20′09″N 68°38′29″W 12481
Élizabeth Martin Building 4 De l'Eglise Street, Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska, NB 47°14′55″N 68°01′47″W 8368
Jos B. Michaud Blacksmith Shop 2056 Commerciale Street, Saint-Francois-de-Madawaska, NB 47°14′36″N 68°42′19″W 12504
Mont Farlagne 360 Mont-Farlagne Road, Edmundston, NB 47°24′44″N 68°22′53″W 10374
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Office of Lawyer Jean Cyr 10 Emmerson Street, Edmundston, NB 47°21′49″N 68°19′35″W 5465
Old Saint-Jacques Church Bell Monument 6, rue de l'Ecole, Saint-Jacques, Edmundston, NB 47°25′45″N 68°23′09″W 4993
Claude Picard Fresco: "La vie au Madawaska 1785-1985" 7 Canada Road, Edmundston, NB 47°21′48″N 68°19′34″W 9546
P'tit Sault Blockhouse 10 St-Jean Avenue, Edmundston, NB 47°21′48″N 68°19′22″W 2156
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Praga Hotel 127 Rue Victoria, Edmundston, NB 47°22′03″N 68°19′19″W 5899
97 Rice Street 97 Rice Street, Edmundston, NB 47°21′53″N 68°19′52″W 8771
101 Rice Street 101 Rice Street, Edmundston, NB 47°21′53″N 68°19′52″W 8772
Sacré-Cœur-de-Jésus Church 35 Principale Street, Rivière-Verte, NB 47°18′53″N 68°08′30″W 12524
Saint-Basile Cemetery Rue Principale, Saint-Basile, Edmundston, NB 47°21′21″N 68°13′52″W 5970
Saint-Basile Church 321, rue Principale, Saint-Basile, Edmundston, NB 47°21′24″N 68°13′50″W 6609
Saint-Cœur-de-Marie Church 3771 Principale Street, Baker Brook, NB 47°17′57″N 68°30′54″W 12424
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Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska Church 101 Principal Street, Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska, NB 47°14′51″N 68°01′43″W 8095
Saint-François-d'Assise Church 678 Principale Street, Clair, NB 47°15′18″N 68°36′07″W 12465
Saint-François-de-Madawaska Church 2019 Commerciale Street, Saint-Francois-de-Madawaska, NB 47°14′36″N 68°42′11″W 12505
Saint-François-de-Madawaska Religious and Institutional Site 20 Mgr Lang Street, Saint-Francois-de-Madawaska, NB 47°14′31″N 68°42′10″W 12502
Saint-Hilaire Church 2208 Centrale Street, Saint-Hilaire, NB 47°17′26″N 68°23′58″W 12407
Saint-Hilaire Presbytery 2200 Centrale Street, Saint-Hilaire, NB 47°17′25″N 68°23′56″W 12408
Saint-Jacques Sluice Victoria Street, Edmundston, NB 47°24′59″N 68°22′31″W 10342
Saint John the Baptist Anglican Church corner of Church and Costigan Streets, Edmundston, NB 47°21′52″N 68°19′40″W 2661
Saint Paul's United Church 82 Canada Road, Edmundston, NB 47°21′51″N 68°19′48″W 5877
Saint-Thomas-d'Aquin Church 45 De l'Eglise Road, Lac-Baker, NB 47°20′11″N 68°38′26″W 12483
Simon-Larouche Pavilion 165 Hebert Boulevard, Edmundston, NB 47°22′17″N 68°18′52″W 5321
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Smyth House 81 Principale Street, Riviere-Verte, NB 47°19′07″N 68°08′42″W 12501
Soucy Farm 683 Principale St., Saint-Basile, Edmundston, NB 47°21′39″N 68°14′52″W 5320
Spilly's Resto-Bar 22 Hill Street, Edmundston, NB 47°21′46″N 68°19′45″W 10600
Wolastoq National Historic Site of Canada Entire watershed of Saint John River, central and western New Brunswick, parts of southeastern Quebec, NB 47°17′59″N 68°30′34″W 18954
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