List of historic places in Kings County, Prince Edward Island

This article is a list of historic places in Kings County, Prince Edward Island entered on the Canadian Register of Historic Places, whether they are federal, provincial, or municipal.

List of historic places

Name Address Coordinates IDF IDP IDM Image
The A.A. Building 577 Main Street, Montague, PE 46°09′48″N 62°38′43″W 8994
Aitken House 28 St. Andrews Point Road, Lower Montague, PE 46°10′11″N 62°33′33″W 12019
All Saints Roman Catholic Church 4279 Chapel Road - Route 321, Cardigan, PE 46°14′33″N 62°37′20″W 11344
Beck's Home Furniture, Gifts and Interiors 18 Water Street, Montague, PE 46°09′52″N 62°38′44″W 9051
Edward Blaisdell Home 591 Main Street, Montague, PE 46°09′47″N 62°38′37″W 9055
Blanchard Cottage 35 Burkes Lane, Fortune, PE 46°20′00″N 62°20′46″W 15126
Brehaut-Beck House 3611 Cape Bear Road - Route 18, Guernsey Cove, PE 45°58′33″N 62°31′13″W 15901
John and Jocelyn Brothers Home 341 Shore Road, Cardigan, PE 46°13′51″N 62°37′18″W 10745
Bruce Road Pioneer Grave Bruce Road - Route 349, Glenwilliam, PE 46°02′40″N 62°38′52″W 16061
Brudenell Community Centre 415 Brudenell Point Road - Route 319, Brudenell, PE 46°11′28″N 62°37′46″W 12098
Brudenell Island Pioneer Cemetery Brudenell Island, Georgetown Royalty, PE 46°11′48″N 62°34′45″W 11659
John Burck House 580 Main Street, Montague, PE 46°09′49″N 62°38′42″W 8863
Caledonia Presbyterian Church 2064 Murray Harbour Road, Rte. 24, Caledonia, PE 46°03′41″N 62°42′41″W 18704
Anna Campbell Home 5692 Sparrows Road, Route 320, Victoria Cross, PE 46°09′35″N 62°40′37″W 10742
The Cannery at Basin Head Fisheries Museum 336 Basin Head Road, Basin Head, PE 46°22′43″N 62°06′33″W 7436
Cape Bear Lighthouse 42 Black Brook Road, Beach Point, PE 46°00′13″N 62°27′28″W 11034
Cardigan Craft Centre 358 Shore Road, Cardigan, PE 46°13′50″N 62°37′14″W 10731
Chester's Barber Shop and Laurie's Beauty Salon 571 Main Street, Montague, PE 46°09′48″N 62°38′46″W 9151
Church of Christ 513 Main Street, Montague, PE 46°10′16″N 62°39′05″W 8841
Clow House 27 Mink River Road, Murray Harbour North, PE 46°02′59″N 62°31′13″W 19409
Edgar and Brenda Dewar Home 135 Dewars Road, Roseneath, PE 46°12′04″N 62°38′52″W 11973
Gordon Douglas House 13 Water Street, Georgetown, PE 46°10′48″N 62°32′13″W 11514
East Point Fog Alarm Building , East Point, PE 46°27′08″N 61°58′18″W 19205
Mary Elliot Home 11 Sunset Lane, Lower Montague, PE 46°10′08″N 62°33′46″W 10729
Elmira Railway Station 457 Elmira Road, Route 16A, Elmira, PE 46°26′24″N 62°03′52″W 4604
English Church Cemetery Murray Harbour Road - Route 18, Murray Harbour South, PE 46°00′14″N 62°31′14″W 12844
Former Murray River United Church 9328 Main Street North, Murray River, PE 46°00′59″N 62°36′54″W 16441
Garden of the Gulf Museum 564 Main Street, Montague, PE 46°09′50″N 62°38′50″W 9318
Karen and Ron Garrett Home 13 Parkman Avenue, Montague, PE 46°09′45″N 62°38′51″W 11503
Georgetown Inn 62 Richmond Street, Georgetown, PE 46°10′53″N 62°31′59″W 1662
The Goff House 5127 Launching Road, Route 311, Woodville Mills, PE 46°14′25″N 62°31′02″W 5307
Government of Canada Building, Montague 551 Main Street North, Montague, PE 46°09′56″N 62°38′57″W 11085 19432
The Graphic Office 567 Main Street, Montague, PE 46°09′49″N 62°38′50″W 8910
Francis Hebert Machine Shop 45 Victoria Street, Georgetown, PE 46°11′02″N 62°31′50″W 11328
Holy Trinity Anglican Church 93 Grafton Street, Georgetown, PE 46°10′59″N 62°31′49″W 12046
Dan and Janet Hughes Home 615 Main Street, Montague, PE 46°09′44″N 62°38′25″W 8958
The Hyndman Building 543 Main Street, Montague, PE 46°09′58″N 62°38′58″W 8978
The Jackson House 601 Main Street, Montague, PE 46°09′46″N 62°38′34″W 9662
Kings County Courthouse 60 Kent Street, Georgetown, PE 46°11′03″N 62°32′00″W 7442
Knox's Dam Route 320, Victoria Cross, PE 46°09′31″N 62°40′31″W 12038
Knox's Dam Bed and Breakfast 442 South Montague Road - Route 353, Victoria Cross, PE 46°09′31″N 62°40′27″W 12025
Launching 1790 Pioneer Cemetery St. Michael's Lane, Launching, PE 46°12′49″N 62°24′44″W 16021
Launching Pioneer Cemetery Primrose Road - Route 311, Launching, PE 46°13′15″N 62°25′52″W 12261
Lewis and Clara Ann Lavandier House 86 Grafton Street, Georgetown, PE 46°10′58″N 62°31′52″W 11401
Fred W. LeLacheur House 210 Route 18A, Murray Harbour, PE 45°59′39″N 62°31′42″W 15906
Lime Kiln - Zita Boudreault Property 651 Route 17, Lower Montague, PE 46°10′24″N 62°36′24″W 11369
Lime Kiln - Former Campbell Property 494 Route 17, Lower Montague, PE 46°09′52″N 62°36′53″W 15921
Little Sands United Church 11352 Shore Road, Route 4, Little Sands, PE 45°57′58″N 62°38′45″W 5255
Lubbert and Beaulieu Home 608 Main Street, Montague, PE 46°09′47″N 62°38′30″W 9136
The Mabon House 600 Main Street, Montague, PE 46°09′47″N 62°38′33″W 8937
Peter MacCallum House 89 Bay Shore Road, St. Peter's Bay, PE 46°25′08″N 62°35′01″W 1944
MacDonald House 65 Water Street, Georgetown, PE 46°10′51″N 62°31′55″W 11441
Dr. Gus MacDonald House 8 Church Avenue, Souris, PE 46°21′17″N 62°15′16″W 19661
Joe and Nora MacDonald Home 64 Pleasant Street, Cardigan, PE 46°14′02″N 62°37′03″W 11554
John A. MacDonald Store 4557 Wharf Road, Cardigan, PE 46°13′51″N 62°37′07″W 19169
Dr. Roddie MacDonald House 5707 St. Peters Road, Rte. 2, St. Peters Bay, PE 46°24′53″N 62°35′07″W 20485
MacEachern Barn 7737 Northside Road, Priests Pond, PE 46°28′33″N 62°09′09″W 19744
MacKay Pioneer Cemetery Cemetery Road, Murray Harbour, PE 46°00′22″N 62°30′48″W 16043
The MacLaren Building 514 Main Street, Montague, PE 46°10′11″N 62°39′02″W 9059
Shirley MacNeill Home 117 Chestnut Street, Montague, PE 46°09′46″N 62°38′46″W 8893
Charles and Vicky Mahar Home 126 Grafton Street, Georgetown, PE 46°11′01″N 62°31′39″W 10703
Therese Mair House 20 Kent Street, Georgetown, PE 46°10′54″N 62°31′56″W 11204
Timothy Mair House 12 Kent Street, Georgetown, PE 46°10′51″N 62°31′55″W 12071
Archibald Matheson House 142 Albion Road, Route 327, Albion Cross, PE 46°19′42″N 62°29′03″W 1661
Matthew House 15 Breakwater Street, Souris, PE 46°21′10″N 62°15′05″W 19170
Matthew and McLean Heritage Building 95 Main Street, Souris, PE 46°21′17″N 62°15′12″W 5983
McLean House Inn 16 Washington Street, Souris, PE 46°21′13″N 62°15′13″W 18476
McNichol-Best House 57 Owens Wharf Road, Cardigan, PE 46°13′50″N 62°36′54″W 20525
Harvey Moore Wildlife Centre 7096 Commercial Road - Route 4, Milltown Cross, PE 46°06′42″N 62°37′34″W 12361
David and Catherine Morrison Home 610 Main Street, Montague, PE 46°09′46″N 62°38′29″W 9103
Duncan Munn Property 11533 Shore Road - Route 4, Little Sands, PE 45°57′55″N 62°39′26″W 15817
The Munroe House 41 Riverside Drive, Montague, PE 46°09′46″N 62°39′15″W 9160
Kenneth A. Murphy House 892 Route 17, Lower Montague, PE 46°09′49″N 62°35′28″W 11297
Murray River Pioneer Cemetery Pioneer Cemetery Road, Murray River, PE 46°00′37″N 62°35′32″W 12834
Kent and Lyda Myers Home 2654 Route 3, New Perth, PE 46°12′41″N 62°40′36″W 12072
Manfred and Christian Ohlandt Property 58-62 Grafton Street, Georgetown, PE 46°10′56″N 62°32′00″W 11284
Panmure Island Lighthouse Lighthouse Road, Montague, PE 46°08′41″N 62°28′03″W 20731 19723
Panmure Island Pioneer Cemetery Lot 61, Panmure Island, PE 46°08′17″N 62°30′07″W 12205
Doug and Maureen Panting Home 625 Main Street, Montague, PE 46°09′43″N 62°38′14″W 9697
Terry Parker Home 13 Richmond Street, Georgetown, PE 46°10′51″N 62°32′14″W 10732
Perreault / Parent House 598 Main Street, Montague, PE 46°09′48″N 62°38′34″W 10736
The Pine's Bed and Breakfast 31 Riverside Drive, Montague, PE 46°09′49″N 62°39′08″W 9092
George Poole Home 430 Lower Montague Road, Lower Montague, PE 46°10′11″N 62°33′43″W 10725
Kenny and Annette Power House 612 Main Street, Montague, PE 46°09′46″N 62°38′27″W 9665
Samuel Prowse House 1278 Main Street, Murray Harbour, PE 46°00′20″N 62°31′29″W 15809
Red Bank Pioneer Cemetery 195 North Lake Harbour Road, North Lake, PE 46°28′00″N 62°04′22″W 16006
Silas Sewell Robertson Farm House 2937 East Point Road - Route 16, Kingsboro, PE 46°23′53″N 62°05′37″W 9288
Jean-Pierre Roma at Three Rivers National Historic Site of Canada , Brudenell, PE 46°10′54″N 62°33′36″W 8459
Alvin Roy House 619 Main Street, Montague, PE 46°09′44″N 62°38′21″W 9669
St. Alexis Mission Cemetery Road, Rollo Bay East, PE 46°21′06″N 62°19′04″W 1884
St. Andrew's Point Pioneer Cemetery St. Andrew's Point Road, Lower Montague, PE 46°09′32″N 62°31′37″W 11600
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 268 Shore Road, Cardigan, PE 46°13′57″N 62°37′30″W 10722
St. David's United Church 50 Grafton Street, Georgetown, PE 46°10′56″N 62°32′03″W 11965
St. Margaret of Scotland Pioneer Cemetery Bear Shore Road, St. Margarets, PE 46°28′01″N 62°23′02″W 13172
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church 1 Longworth Street, Souris, PE 46°21′34″N 62°15′11″W 19171
St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church 1133 Cambridge Road - Route 17A, Sturgeon, PE 46°06′26″N 62°32′01″W 11275
St. Peter's Bay United Church 5781 St. Peter's Road - Route 2, St. Peter's Bay, PE 46°24′50″N 62°35′25″W 9666
St. Peter's Courthouse 5697 St. Peters Road, Rte 2, St. Peter's Bay, PE 46°24′53″N 62°35′05″W 20877
St. Peters Harbour Lighthouse Lighthouse Road, St. Peter's Harbour, PE 46°26′33″N 62°44′51″W 21013
Sir Isaac's Restaurant and Mister Gabe's Pub 576 Main Street, Montague, PE 46°09′49″N 62°38′44″W 8877
Ruby Smith Home 2965 Route 3, New Perth, PE 46°12′42″N 62°41′48″W 12092
Trent Sorrey House 599 Main Street, Montague, PE 46°09′46″N 62°38′34″W 9146
Souris Historic Lighthouse 134 Breakwater Street, Souris, PE 46°20′47″N 62°14′47″W 10646 18696
Souris Town Hall 75 Main Street, Souris, PE 46°21′18″N 62°15′18″W 18705
The Station 1 Station Street, Montague, PE 46°09′53″N 62°38′54″W 9374
Donald B. Taylor and Arlene Smith Home 73 Water Street, Georgetown, PE 46°10′52″N 62°31′53″W 11492
Tír na nÓg Inn 5749 St. Peters Road, St. Peter's Bay, PE 46°24′51″N 62°35′18″W 6275
Tower East Point Light Station , East Point, PE 46°27′10″N 61°58′16″W 11479 19729
Underhay House 1610 Route 310, Eglington, PE 46°18′35″N 62°22′43″W 19147
Marc and Janice Vandaele, Maple Lane B&B 1540 Whim Road - Route 316, Commercial Cross, PE 46°07′30″N 62°38′41″W 11520
Elizabeth Watson Home 20 Wood Islands Road, Montague, PE 46°09′42″N 62°38′41″W 8853
Joan Watson and Jackie Lavers Home 614 Main Street, Montague, PE 46°09′46″N 62°38′25″W 9375
Windows on the Water Restaurant 558 Main Street, Montague, PE 46°09′54″N 62°38′55″W 8949
Yeo House 569 Main Street, Montague, PE 46°09′48″N 62°38′44″W 9373

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