List of historic places in Kent County, New Brunswick

This article is a list of historic places in Kent County, New Brunswick entered on the Canadian Register of Historic Places, whether they are federal, provincial, or municipal.

List of historic places

Name Address Coordinates IDF IDP IDM Image
Albert, Allain, Robitaille et Cormier House 8 Bellevue Street, Bouctouche, NB 46°28′25″N 64°43′13″W 7925
Télesphore Arsenault Residence 9446 Main Street, Richibucto, NB 46°41′14″N 64°51′49″W 15704
Ballast Heaps In the Richibucto River, Richibucto, NB 46°41′16″N 64°51′17″W 16346
MLA James Barnes's House 53 Acadie Avenue, Bouctouche, NB 46°27′59″N 64°42′35″W 5384
Birthplace of Louis J. Robichaud 4 Camille Avenue, Saint-Antoine, NB 46°21′43″N 64°45′09″W 7291
Bonar Law House 31 Bonar Law Avenue (Route 116), Rexton, NB 46°38′38″N 64°52′50″W 6215
Bordage General Store 10520 Principale Street, Saint-Louis-de-Kent, NB 46°44′11″N 64°58′20″W 5909
Camille Bordage Pharmacie 9382 Main Street, Richibucto, NB 46°40′56″N 64°51′46″W 15762
Bouctouche Seaport Irving Boulevard, Bouctouche, NB 46°28′21″N 64°43′09″W 5410
Bouctouche Train Station Site De la Riviere Street, Bouctouche, NB 46°28′15″N 64°43′17″W 8692
Bourque-Robichaud House 9398 Main Street, Richibucto, NB 46°41′01″N 64°51′44″W 15744
Brait House 1 School Street, Rexton, NB 46°38′33″N 64°52′13″W 5240
Brideau House 10 542 Principale Street, Saint-Louis-de-Kent, NB 46°44′15″N 64°58′26″W 7905
Burns Mill Site 44 Sunset Drive, Rexton, NB 46°38′29″N 64°52′41″W 5448
Camille Vautour Presbytery 24 de l'Eglise Avenue, Saint-Antoine, NB 46°21′48″N 64°45′18″W 7342
Carrefour de la culture acadienne de l'Eglise Avenue, Saint-Antoine, NB 46°21′48″N 64°45′15″W 7096
The Cedars 78 Main Street, Rexton, NB 46°39′08″N 64°52′40″W 4136
Church of the Immaculate Conception 8 School Street, Rexton, NB 46°38′29″N 64°52′15″W 4143
Church of the Immaculate Conception Cemetery 16 School Street, Rexton, NB 46°38′25″N 64°52′14″W 5541
Convent of the Immaculate Conception 150 du Couvent Road, Bouctouche, NB 46°28′50″N 64°41′57″W 2498
Cradle of the Acadian Flag Located at the corner of Principale Street and Cote Nord Road, Saint-Louis-de-Kent, NB 46°44′31″N 64°58′53″W 6156
Lestock DesBrisay House 9388 Main Street, Richibucto, NB 46°40′56″N 64°51′45″W 15705
First Stella-Maris Hospital 127 Du Couvent Road, Bouctouche, NB 46°28′44″N 64°42′07″W 8312
The Forge 10 610 Principale Street, Saint-Louis-de-Kent, NB 46°44′28″N 64°58′49″W 7904
Former Bouctouche Railway Route Yvon Street, Saint-Antoine, NB 46°21′48″N 64°45′01″W 7396
Former Home of MP Gilbert Girouard 20 Bellevue Street, Bouctouche, NB 46°28′27″N 64°43′13″W 5525
Former Railway Station 10617 Principale Street, Saint-Louis-de-Kent, NB 46°44′33″N 64°58′49″W 6635
Founders' Site 17 Caissie Street, Saint-Antoine, NB 46°21′42″N 64°45′50″W 7357
Grotto and Calvary Principale Street, Saint-Louis-de-Kent, NB 46°44′21″N 64°58′40″W 5960
Higho de Cocagne Institutional Centre 98 de l'Eglise Avenue, Saint-Antoine, NB 46°21′48″N 64°45′49″W 7358
Jardine's Inn 104 Main Street, Rexton, NB 46°38′57″N 64°52′35″W 4852
John Jardine House 30 King Street, Rexton, NB 46°38′44″N 64°51′53″W 4493
Kent Northern Hotel 125 Main Street, Rexton, NB 46°38′50″N 64°52′27″W 5415
Lanigan and Bowser Mill Site At the end of North Street, Rexton, NB 46°38′52″N 64°52′10″W 4489
LeBlanc House 4511 Principale Street, Saint-Antoine, NB 46°21′41″N 64°45′00″W 7364
Gilbert Léger Store 4543 Principale Street, Saint-Antoine, NB 46°21′47″N 64°45′09″W 7378
Léger Brothers Mill Site 7 Champ Dore Road, Saint-Antoine, NB 46°22′13″N 64°45′39″W 7393
The Lilacs 33 Sunset Drive, Rexton, NB 46°38′26″N 64°52′33″W 4491
Masonic Hall 9378 Main Street, Richibucto, NB 46°40′53″N 64°51′45″W 15745
Dr. Lawrence McLaren House 15 Acadie Street, Richibucto, NB 46°40′31″N 64°52′04″W 15703
McLeod-Mundle House 9420 Main Street, Richibucto, NB 46°41′04″N 64°51′44″W 15706
François-Xavier Michaud Manse 157 chemin du Couvent, Bouctouche, NB 46°28′21″N 64°43′20″W 5351
Monument to the Founding Families of Bouctouche between 70 and 76 Acadie Avenue, Bouctouche, NB 46°27′57″N 64°42′28″W 5405
Old Bouctouche Post Office 59 Irving Boulevard, Bouctouche, NB 46°28′17″N 64°43′20″W 5344
Old Kingston Hall 79 Main Street, Rexton, NB 46°39′07″N 64°52′35″W 4106
Daniel O'Leary Property 92 Acadie Street, Richibucto, NB 46°40′54″N 64°51′52″W 15748
Henry O'Leary House 9402 Main Street, Richibucto, NB 46°41′01″N 64°51′44″W 15761
de Olloqui House 12 Sunset Drive, Rexton, NB 46°38′32″N 64°52′20″W 4748
Palmer's Store 125 Main Street, Rexton, NB 46°38′49″N 64°52′29″W 5540
Picnic Grounds Corner of Principale Street and Cape Road, Saint-Louis-de-Kent, NB 46°44′12″N 64°58′17″W 5959
Pioneers' Cemetery 69 de l'Eglise Avenue, Saint-Antoine, NB 46°21′46″N 64°45′41″W 7361
Pointe-à-Jacquot Du Couvent Road, Bouctouche, NB 46°28′44″N 64°41′47″W 9470
Post Office of 1897 119 Main Street, Rexton, NB 46°38′51″N 64°52′27″W 5546
Presbyterian Church 59 Acadie Street, Richibucto, NB 46°40′45″N 64°51′57″W 15773
Renzetta Residence 21 Court Street, Richibucto, NB 46°40′49″N 64°51′51″W 15702
Rexton Bridge 135 Route 134, Rexton, NB 46°38′41″N 64°52′24″W 16145
Richibucto Marine Hospital 36 Indian Rock Lane, Rexton, NB 46°39′35″N 64°52′07″W 1943
Royal Bank 9393 Main Street, Richibucto, NB 46°40′57″N 64°51′44″W 15770
Sacré-Cœur Chapel 150 chemin du Couvent, Bouctouche, NB 46°28′50″N 64°42′01″W 5409
St. Andrew's United Church 21 Water Street, Rexton, NB 46°38′55″N 64°52′20″W 4740
St. Andrew's United Church Cemetery 22 North Street, Rexton, NB 46°38′56″N 64°52′17″W 5416
Saint-Antoine l'Ermite Church 28 de l'Eglise Avenue, Saint-Antoine, NB 46°21′47″N 64°45′18″W 7366
Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church 21 Irving Boulevard, Bouctouche, NB 46°28′25″N 64°43′14″W 5404
Saint-Jean-Baptiste Parish Manse 19 Irving Boulevard, Bouctouche, NB 46°28′24″N 64°43′15″W 6615
St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church 2 Queen Street, Rexton, NB 46°38′34″N 64°52′08″W 1968
St. Lawrence Anglican Church 42 Acadie Street, Bouctouche, NB 46°28′04″N 64°42′38″W 2574 6613
Saint-Louis College Site 8 Cote Nord Road, Saint-Louis-de-Kent, NB 46°44′30″N 64°58′53″W 6834
Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague Church 9440 Main Street, Richibucto, NB 46°41′14″N 64°51′49″W 15750
Sisters of the Congregation of Notre-Dame Convent 9 Soleil-Couchant Street, Saint-Louis-de-Kent, NB 46°44′15″N 64°58′33″W 7906
Site of the Former Agricultural Society Establishments 124 Irving Boulevard, Bouctouche, NB 46°28′08″N 64°43′33″W 9959
Site of the Old Butter Factory 10 575 Principale Street, Saint-Louis-de-Kent, NB 46°44′25″N 64°58′37″W 5910
Soy-Irving House 1 Water Street, Rexton, NB 46°38′56″N 64°52′35″W 10629
John Stevenson House 9336 Main Street, Richibucto, NB 46°40′42″N 64°51′49″W 15707
H. O. Stewart General Store 127 Main Street, Rexton, NB 46°38′49″N 64°52′27″W 5431
Tower Caissie Point, Dundas, NB 46°19′12″N 64°30′45″W 4668
Wolastoq National Historic Site of Canada Entire watershed of Saint John River, central and western New Brunswick, parts of southeastern Quebec, NB 46°19′43″N 65°37′08″W 18954
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The Yard 45,47,49 River Street, Rexton, NB 46°38′47″N 64°51′56″W 4668

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