List of highest paved roads in Europe

This is a list of the highest paved roads in Europe. It includes roads that are over 1 kilometre (0.62 miles) long and whose culminating point is over 2,000 metres (6,562 feet) above sea level. This height approximately corresponds to that of the highest settlements in Europe and to the tree line in several mountain ranges such as the Alps and the Pyrenees, where most of the highest roads are located. Some of the listed roads are closed to motorised vehicles, although they are normally all accessible to pedestrians and cyclists. These mountain roads are visited by drivers, motorcyclists, hikers, and bicyclists for their scenery and often feature in the routes of European bicycle races such as the Vuelta a España, the Tour de Suisse, the Tour de France and the Giro d'Italia.

Below the list of highest roads is a list of the highest motorways (controlled-access highways) in Europe. It includes motorways whose culminating point is over 1,000 metres (3,281 feet) above sea level.

Highest paved roads

Highest elevation Name Mountains Country Type Between Remarks Highest point
c. 3,300 m[1]VeletaSierra Nevada Spaindead endGranada and Pico VeletaAccess road from Granada.[2] Free access until Hoya de la Mora at 2526 m.[3] From Hoya de la Mora onwards, the road gets much narrower and access to motor vehicles is restricted to those previously authorized. Asphalt ends at around 3300 m but the road continues unpaved until reaching 3380 m.37°03′21″N 03°22′09″W
2,845 mIRAMSierra Nevada Spaindead endPrivate road serving a telescope.[4] Side road from Veleta road.37°03′57″N 03°23′35″W
2,829 mÖtztal Glacier RoadÖtztal Alps Austriadead endaccess road from Sölden to Rettenbachferner and Tiefenbachferner glaciers,
highest point at southern end of the tunnel[5][6]
46°55′29″N 10°56′40″E
2,802 mCime de la BonetteFrench Alps Franceloop roadOne-way loop road running from Col de la Bonette at 2715 m, and surrounding Cime de la Bonette (2862 m); the highest point on the road is at 2802 mHors catégorie climb in the Tour de France44°19′18″N 6°48′25″E
2,770 mCol de l'IseranGraian Alps FrancepassVal-d'Isère, Tarentaise and Bonneval-sur-Arc, Mauriennethe highest paved mountain pass in the Alps, Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France; the latest French IGN maps mark this pass as 2764 metres45°25′1″N 07°01′51″E
2,757 mStilfserjoch
Stelvio Pass
Ortler Alps
Eastern Alps
 ItalypassStilfs and Bormiothe highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps. Often designated the Cima Coppi in the annual running of the Giro d'Italia. The shield at the pass summit indicates a height of 2760 metres.46°31′43″N 10°27′10″E
2,750 mKaunertal Glacier RoadÖtztal Alps Austriadead endaccess road from Feichten to the Weißseeferner and a ski area,
the highest bus stop in Austria
46°51′51″N 10°42′48″E
2,744 mCol Agnel
Colle dell'Agnello
Cottian Alps France
passQueyras and Pontechianalehighest international paved pass of the Alps. Often designated the Cima Coppi in the annual running of the Giro d'Italia. Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France44°41′2″N 06°58′46″E
2,715 mCol de la BonetteFrench Alps FrancepassJausiers and Saint-Étienne-de-Tinée. A one-way loop road originates here and reaches higher up to a marble monument at 2802 m, (conventionally named Cime de la Bonette, although the real summit is still higher up at 2862 m, accessible on foot)Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France
2,645 mCol du GalibierDauphiné Alps FrancepassSaint-Michel-de-Maurienne and BriançonHors catégorie climb in the Tour de France45°03′50.4″N 06°24′28.8″E
2,641 mCol du Nivolet
Colle del Nivolet
Graian Alps Italydead endCeresole Reale (Piedmont)film location in The Italian Job, including the final bus crash.45°28′49″N 7°08′32″E
2,621 mGavia PassItalian Alps ItalypassBormio (Sondrio) and Ponte di Legno (Brescia)Often designated the Cima Coppi in the annual running of the Giro d'Italia46°20′37″N 10°29′17″E
2,571 mEdelweissspitzeHohe Tauern Austriadead endFusch (Salzburg) and Heiligenblut (Carinthia)Sideroad of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road47°07′25″N 12°49′53″E
2,552 mRoad to VintchetoRila Bulgariadead endKalin Reservoir and Karagyol ReservoirHighest concrete-paved road in the Balkans. The highest part is closed between late October to beginning of July due to snow
2,829 mÖtztal Glacier RoadÖtztal Alps Austriadead endaccess road from Sölden to Rettenbachferner and Tiefenbachferner glaciers,
highest point at southern end of the tunnel[7][8]
46°55′29″N 10°56′40″E
2,535 mMeghri PassZangezur Mountains ArmeniapassKajaran (Syunik Marz ) and Lichkvaz (Syunik Marz)Highest paved mountain pass in Armenia39°11′59″N 46°16′12″E
2,501 mUmbrail Pass
Giogo di Santa Maria
Ortler Alps
Eastern Alps
passSanta Maria Val Müstair, Stelvio Pass and Bormio46°32′35″N 10°26′02″E
2,481 mColle FaunieraCottian Alps ItalypassCastelmagno / Marmora, Piedmont and Demonte(also known as Colle dei Morti, "Hill of the Dead")44.3857°N 7.12189°E / 44.3857; 7.12189 (Colle Fauniera)
2,478 mNufenen PassLepontine Alps  SwitzerlandpassPizzo Gallina, Ulrichen, Valais and Nufenestock, Bedretto, Ticino, Brig, AiroloViews of the Finsteraarhorn and the Gries Glacier.46°28′41″N 08°23′35″E
2,474 mTimmelsjoch
Passo del Rombo
Ötztal Alps Austria
passOetz, Tyrol and St. Leonhard in Passeier, South TyrolPaved road projected before WW II but completed only in 1967. Closed to lorries and vehicles with trailers. Toll station on Austrian side.46°54′19″N 11°05′50″E
2,469 mGreat St Bernard PassValais Alps  Switzerland
passMartigny, Valais and Aosta, Aosta Valleythe third highest road pass in Switzerland.45°52′08″N 7°10′14″E
2,454 mCol de la MoutièreAlps Francedead endSaint-Dalmas-le-Selvage and Uvernet-Fours or Jausiers via the Col de RestefondThe west side is not a paved road
2,432 mMölltaler Gletscherstrasse/HochwurtenspeicherAlps Austriadead endAusserfragant[9]
2,429 mFurka PassUri Alps
Lepontine Alps
  SwitzerlandpassGletsch, Valais and Realp, Canton of Uriused as a location in the James Bond film Goldfinger. Site of the Rhone Glacier, source of river Rhone. In-glacier prepared Ice Cave accessible from the road at 2300 m46°34′22″N 08°25′00″E
2,420 mMölltaler Gletscherstrasse/HochwurtenspeicherAlps Austriadead endDöllach[10]
2,413 mCol du GranonAlps FrancepassSaint-Chaffrey, La Salle-les-AlpesHors catégorie climb in the Tour de France, paved only on the west side44°57′46″N 06°36′40″E
2,409 mRoque de los MuchachosLa Palma Spaindead endSanta Cruz de La PalmaHighest point on La Palma island and highest road in the Canary Islands. Road leads to Roque de los Muchachos Observatory.28°45′15.99″N 17°53′6.56″W
2,408 mEnvalira PassPyrenees AndorrapassSoldeu and El Pas de la Casa (Andorra) and L'Hospitalet-près-l'Andorre (France)Highest road pass in the Pyrenees. The pass is bypassed by the Envalira Tunnel. It is heavily trafficked by duty free day trippers from France.42°32′24.2″N 1°43′10.58″E
2,394 mRoad to Kalin ReservoirRila Bulgariadead endPastra village and Kalin ReservoirConcrete-paved road to the highest reservoir in the Balkans[11][12]42°10′21″N 23°15′3″E
2,390 mOberaarseeBernese Alps  Switzerlanddead endGrimsel Pass-Oberaarsee (canton of Bern)Highest point north of Oberaarsee46°33′08″N 08°16′48″E
2,389 mLac de MoiryValais Alps  Switzerlanddead endGrimentz-Lac de Moiry-Lac de Châteaupré (canton of Valais)46°06′24″N 07°34′44″E
2,387 mGriesseeAlps  Switzerlanddead endNufenen Pass road-Griessee46°27′44″N 08°22′22″E
2,383 mFlüela PassAlbula Alps  SwitzerlandpassDavos and Susch, (Graubünden)46°45′01″N 09°56′52″E
2,379 mGeorgian Military Road, Jvari PassCaucasus Mountains GeorgiapassVladikavkaz (Russia) and Tbilisi (Georgia)42.5042°N 44.4538°E / 42.5042; 44.4538 (Georgian Military Road, Jvari Pass)
2,370 mLe Plan du LacAlps Francedead endTermignonIn the Vanoise National Park
2,370 mColle dell'EsischieCottian Alps ItalypassPonte Marmora and PradlevesAlong the road of Colle Fauniera, at 1.5 km. distance
2,361 mCol d'IzoardCottian Alps FrancepassBriançon, and Guil, Queyras, GuillestreHors catégorie climb in the Tour de France44°49′12″N 06°44′07″E
2,356 mTeideIslas Canarias SpainpassLos CristianosNot located in Europe. The Canary Islands belong to Spain but are located off the coast of West Africa.
2,350 mCol de la LombardeMaritime Alps France
passIsola 2000 and VinadioHors catégorie climb in the Tour de France44°12′8″N 07°09′1″E
2,350 mVal ThorensFrench Alps Francedead endSaint-Martin-de-Belleville, (Tarentaise Valley Savoie), near ChambéryHors catégorie climb in the Tour de France
2,347 mFort du GondranAlps Francedead endBriançon and MontgenèvreThe north side of this pass is not a paved road; on the other side the road is closed to general traffic
2,346 mDzhanka SaddleRila BulgariapassSamokov, Sofia Province and Yakoruda, Blagoevgrad ProvinceIn Rila National Park; Macadam road, closed for general traffic42°07′38″N 23°35′05″E
2,340 mTre Cime di LavaredoSexten Dolomites Italydead endnear Cortina d'Ampezzo, Lake MisurinaSometimes designated the Cima Coppi in the annual running of the Giro d'Italia,46°37′07″N 12°18′20″E
2,340 mTgumaAlps  Switzerlanddead endWergenstein-Tguma Parkplatz46°37′26″N 09°21′51″E
2,328 mBernina PassBernina Range
  SwitzerlandpassSt. Moritz, Engadin and Tirano, Valtellina46°24.744′N 10°1.71′E
2,326 mCol de la CayolleMaritime Alps
 FrancepassBarcelonnette, (Ubaye Valley) and Saint-Martin-d'EntraunesThe road leads to the red-rock Gorges de Daluis at Daluis44°15′32″N 6°44′38″E
2,315 mLivigno PassLivigno Alps  Switzerland
passBernina Diavolezza / Val Poschiavo, Graubünden and Livigno, Sondrio46°26′33″N 10°03′25″E
2,314 mAlbula PassAlbula Range  SwitzerlandpassThusis, Bergün and La Punt and Inn Valley, (Engadin).46°35′N 09°53′E
2,311 mLago del NarètLepontine Alps  Switzerlanddead endFusio and Lago del Narèt, Ticino46°28′47″N 8°34′31″E
2,310 mLago dei CavagnööLepontine Alps  Switzerlanddead endRobièi and Lago dei Cavagnöö, TicinoOnly accessible by aerial tramway from San Carlo (lowest point of the road: 1856 m)46°27′19″N 8°30′30″E
2,302 mPort de CabúsPyrenees Andorra
passErts and Llavorsí2302m[13] Tarmac road surface on the Andorra side, but not paved on the Spanish side.42°32′47″N 1°25′11″E
2,291 mFoscagno PassLivigno Range ItalypassLivigno and Bormio46°29′42″N 10°12′32″E
2,284 mJulier PassAlbula Range  SwitzerlandpassEngadin valley and Graubündenwatershed / drainage divide between the basins of the Rivers Rhine and Danube46°28.32′N 09°43.74′E
2,284 mColle di SampeyreCottian Alps ItalypassElva and Sampeyre44°33′4″N 7°7′8″E
2,280 mSaut DamAlps Francedead endTignesRoad to Sassière Lake45°29′N 06°58′E
2,264 mSusten PassUrner Alps  SwitzerlandpassInnertkirchen, (Canton of Bern) and Wassen, Canton of Uriviews of the Stein Glacier46°43.8′N 08°26.94′E
2,257 mBola del MundoSierra de Guadarrama Spaindead endSideroad of the Puerto de Navacerrada. Paved with rough cement and not open to regular road traffic.[14][15]40°47′N 03°58′W
2,257 mLago della SellaAlps  Switzerlanddead endGotthard Pass-Lago della Sella46°33′33″N 08°35′34″E
2,252 mSanetsch PassBernese Alps  Switzerlanddead endSavièse-Lac de Sanetsch (Valais)[16]Road ends at the Lac de Sanetsch on the north side of the pass
2,250 mCol d'AllosAlps FrancepassBarcelonnette, (Ubaye Valley) and Colmars, Col des Champs
2,244 mSella PassTrentino
South Tyrol
 ItalypassVal Gherdëina, South Tyrol and Canazei, Fascia Valley
2,242 mPasso ScimfussAlps  Switzerlanddead endGotthard Pass-Passo Scimfuss46°32′35″N 08°35′28″E
2,240 mAndorra ArcalisPyrenees Andorradead endVallnordHors catégorie climb in the Tour de France
2,239 mPordoi PassDolomites ItalypassCanazei and Livinallongo del Col di Lanathe highest road pass in the Dolomites. Often designated the Cima Coppi in the annual running of the Giro d'Italia
2,239 mDosso dei GalliAlps ItalypassSide road from Sella dell'Auccia. Military road. Access restricted.
2,236 mGiau PassDolomites ItalypassCortina d'Ampezzo and Selva di Cadore / Livinallongo del Col di Lana46°29.05′N 12°5.1′E
2,231 mAlpe GalmAlps  Switzerlanddead endGuttet-Oberu-Galm46°21′23″N 07°40′52″E
2,225 mErr-Puigmal Jaça del Prat de TossaPyrenees Francedead endErr
2,220 mMännlichenBernese Oberland  SwitzerlandpassGrindelwaldGood surface to top of cable car at 2220 metres
2,215 mCol de PortetPyrenees Francedead endSaint-Lary-SoulanHors catégorie climb in the Tour de France42°49′59″N 0°14′12″E
2,211 mPenserjoch / Passo di PennesTrentino Alto Adige Italypass
2,208 mCol des TentesPyrenees Francedead endaccess road from GavarnieA narrow paved road continues to Port de Boucharo at roughly 2270 but access to it is blocked with stones42°42′49″N 0°3′4″E
2,208 mPasso d'EiraLivigno Range ItalypassLivigno and TrepalleA modest elevation between Livigno and Trepalle
2,206 mEmossonAlps  Switzerlanddead endFinhaut-Lac d'Emosson-Lac du Vieux EmossonPublic access to Emosson dam (1965m), restricted access to Vieux Emosson dam46°03′47″N 06°53′56″E
2,205 mCim de Coma MoreraPyrenees Francedead endOssèja
2,205 mTäschalpAlps  Switzerlanddead endTäsch-Täschalp46°03′30″N 07°48′45″E
2,203 mMattmarkseeValais Alps  Switzerlanddead endSaas-Almagell-Mattmarksee46°03′01″N 07°57′50″E
2,200 mLac d'AumarPyrenees Francedead endAragnouet
2,192 mValparola PassDolomites ItalypassCorvara, South Tyrol / Badia, South Tyrol and Falzarego Pass and Cortina d'Ampezzo (Belluno)46°31′59.88″N 11°58′59.88″E
Circa 2,190 mPresa de LlausetPyrenees Spaindead endAccess road from Senet42.57279°N 0.712757°E / 42.57279; 0.712757 (Llauset)
2,188 mLittle St Bernard PassValais Alps
Mont Blanc Massif
passTarentaise, (Savoie) and Aosta Valley45°40′49″N 6°53′2″E
2,183 mCol du Petit Mont CenisAlps Francedead endLanslebourgThis road starts on the right of Col du Mont Cenis
2,178 mColle delle FinestreCottian Alps ItalypassSusa Valley and Val ChisoneA section of this road may not be 'paved' with asphalt, although it is used by both motorists and cyclists in the Giro d'Italia45°04′18.49″N 7°03′12.48″E
2,176 mRifugio Ghiacciaio dei ForniAlps Italydead endBormio-Rifugio Ghiacciaio dei Forni46°25′13″N 10°31′19″E
2,175 mLac de Cap-de-LongPyrenees Francedead endAragnouet
2,173 mCroix de CoeurAlps  Switzerlanddead endVerbier6.5 km stretch above Verbier only became fully paved recently. It is a road pass but La Tzoumaz side is gravel46°07′18″N 07°13′57″E
2,168 mTikmataji PassLesser Caucasus GeorgiapassTbilisi Tsalka and Ninotsminda AkhalkalakiBaku–Tbilisi–Kars railway also goes via this pass41°29′46″N 43°52′18″E
2,165 mGrimsel PassAlps  SwitzerlandpassInnertkirchen, Bern and Gletsch, Valais46°33.72′N 8°20.34′E
2,155 mCalar AltoSierra de los Filabres SpainpassGérgal and Tíjola
2,150 mLes Arcs 2000Alps Francedead endBourg-Saint-MauriceTarentaise, (Savoie)
2,149 mFuorn PassAlps  SwitzerlandpassZernez, Engadin and Val Müstair46°38.472′N 10°17.598′E
2,145 mTransalpina
Urdele pass
Carpathian Mountains RomaniapassNovaci, Romania and SebesHighest paved road in Romania[17]
Widening and asphalting works started in 2010, but were not yet finished (cca. 2–3 km of roadbed-only - alternating with asphalted areas -, several viaducts with only one-lane accessible and tens of unfinished ditches across the road for collection of slopes' water, which require slowing down to 5–10 km/h. It also lacks safety elements - parapets, reflective aids, road marks, road signs).
45.345°N 23.657°E / 45.345; 23.657 (Transalpina Pass, Urdele pass)
2,144 mVallter 2000Pyrenees Spaindead endSetcases42°25′37″N 2°15′54″E
2,141 mGrande Dixence DamValais Alps  Switzerlanddead endHérémence-Le Chargeur46°05′03″N 07°24′13″E
2,136 mCollado de las SabinasSierra Nevada SpainpassGüejar Sierra and kilometer point 33.4 of the Veleta Road
2,134 mNagensAlps  Switzerlanddead endLaax-Nagens46°51′42″N 09°13′50″E
2,133 mGardena PassDolomites ItalypassSëlva, Val Gardena and Corvara, South Tyrol, Val Badia
2,133 mLac d'AllosAlps Francedead endColmars[18]44.245437°N 6.698065°E / 44.245437; 6.698065 (Lac d'Allos)
2,130 mCampo ImperatoreApennines ItalyDead EndGran Sasso and Campo ImperatoreLeads to hotel used by Italian army to imprison Benito Mussolini. It is often a stage in the "Giro d'Italia" bike race[19][20][21]42°28′N 13°33′E
2,130 m[22]Roki TunnelCaucasus Mountains Georgia/ RussiapassTskhinvali Region(Samachablo)/North Ossetia–Alania42°36′03″N 44°06′54″E
2,130 mTignes Val ClaretAlps Francedead endTarentaise (Savoie)
2,124 mAvers valleyAlps  Switzerlanddead endAusserferrera-Juf46°26′45″N 09°34′45″E
2,117 mSplügen PassLepontine Alps
Rhaetian Alps
passMontespluga, Lombardy and Splügen, Graubündendescribed by Mary Shelley46°30.36′N 09°20.22′E
2,115 mCol du TourmaletPyrenees FrancepassSainte-Marie-de-Campan and Luz-Saint-SauveurHors catégorie climb in the Tour de France42°54′29.50″N 0°8′42.40″E
2,108 mCol de VarsCottian Alps FrancepassSaint-Paul-sur-Ubaye and Vars, Hautes-Alpes and Guillestre44°32′20″N 6°42′10″E
2,107 mArollaValais Alps  Switzerlanddead endLes Haudères-Arolla (canton of ValaisHighest point above Arolla46°01′33″N 07°28′39″E
2,106 mGotthard Pass (main road)Lepontine Alps  SwitzerlandpassAirolo, Ticino and Göschenen, Canton of Uri46.559167°N 08.561389°E / 46.559167; 08.561389 (Gotthard Pass (2106m))
2,106 mGotthard Pass (Tremola)Lepontine Alps  SwitzerlandpassMotto Bartola, Ticino and Brüggloch, Canton of UriHistorical road paved with granite stones46.559167°N 08.561389°E / 46.559167; 08.561389 (Gotthard Pass (2106m))
2,105 mFalzarego PassDolomites ItalypassAndráz and Cortina d'Ampezzo46°31′8″N 12°0′34″E
2,105 mSkihaus SchönhebenEastern alps Italydead endRoia and San Valentino alla Muta
2,103 mSella dell'AucciaAlps ItalypassGiogo del Maniva and Passo di Croce DominiPaved from Giogo del Maniva. Unpaved (at least partly) from Passo di Croce Domini. Not the highest point of the road but access to slightly higher points may be unpaved45°51′34″N 10°22′35″E
2,102 mLauchernalpAlps  Switzerlanddead endWiler-Lauchernalp46°24′54″N 07°46′15″E
2,100 mLa PlagneAlps Francedead endTarentaise, (Savoie)Ski area. Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France
2,100 mCol du SabotAlps Francedead endVaujany
2,100 mCirque de TroumousePyrenees Francedead endGèdre
2,099 mWeritzalpAlps  Switzerlanddead endWiler-Weritzalp46°25′18″N 07°47′33″E
2,095 mThyonAlps  Switzerlanddead endHérémence-Thyon46°10′55″N 07°22′21″E
2,094 mJaufenpassDolomites ItalypassMeran and Sterzing46.84°N 11.3075°E / 46.84; 11.3075 (Jaufenpass (2094m))
2,090 mStein GlacierAlps  Switzerlanddead endHotel Steingletscher-ParkplatzStarting point on the Susten Pass road (1,865 m), end at the foot of the western Stein Glacier tongue46°42′48″N 08°24′58″E
2,089 mCol des ChampsAlps FrancepassSaint-Martin-d'Entraunes and Colmars
2,083 mEls Cortals d'EncampPyrenees Andorradead endaccess road from Encamp
2,081 mMont CenisCottian Alps
Graian Alps
 FrancepassLanslebourg-Mont-Cenis and Moncenisio, Susa, (Italy)possibly used by Hannibal. Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France45.260278°N 6.900833°E / 45.260278; 6.900833 (Mont Cenis)
2,080 mLac BessonAlps Francedead endLe Bourg-d'OisansAfter l'Alpe d'Huez
2,080 mMartelltalAlps Italydead endMartell-Hotel Paradiso del Cevedale46°29′11″N 10°41′03″E
2,072 mPort de la BonaiguaPyrenees SpainpassVielha and Esterri d'Aneu42°39′50″N 0°58′55″E
2,071 mBielerhöhe PassAlps AustriapassMontafon Vorarlberg) and Paznaun (Tyrol)46.918056°N 10.095556°E / 46.918056; 10.095556 (Bielerhöhe Pass (2071m))
2,070 m[23]Coll de PalPyrenees Spaindead endAccess road from Bagà 42.3039°N 1.9223°E / 42.3039; 1.9223 (Coll de Pal (2070m))
2,070 mR-285 Zelenchuksky DistrictCaucasus Mountains Russiadead end (to BTA-6 telescope)Arkhyz (Russia)43.6462°N 41.4412195°E / 43.6462; 41.4412195 (R-285)
2,068 mMandelonAlps  Switzerlanddead endHérémence-Mandelon46°07′52″N 07°24′41″E
2,067 mCol de la Croix de FerDauphiné Alps FrancepassLe Bourg-d'Oisans and Saint-Jean-de-MaurienneHors catégorie climb in the Tour de France45.2275°N 6.203333°E / 45.2275; 6.203333 (Col de la Croix de Fer (2067m))
2,065 mSan Bernardino PassPennine Alps  SwitzerlandpassThusis (Graubünden) and Bellinzona (Ticino)46.496111°N 9.170833°E / 46.496111; 9.170833 (San Bernardino Pass)
2,064 mAlpe CampoAlps  Switzerlanddead endSfazù-Alpe Campo46°24′05″N 10°07′07″E
2,058 mBelmeken Dam RoadRila Mountain BulgariapassSestrimo village and Belmeken Dama part of the 2010 WRC Rally Bulgaria
2,058 mCol du LautaretDauphiné Alps FrancepassLe Bourg-d'Oisans and Briançona famous climb on the Tour de France45.035278°N 6.405556°E / 45.035278; 6.405556 (Col du Lautaret (2058m))
2,057 mPasso FedaiaDolomites ItalypassCanazei and Rocca Pietore and Marmoladaa famous climb on the Giro d'Italia46°27′12.60″N 11°53′20.40″E
2,055 mMangart roadJulian Alps Sloveniadead endLog pod Mangrtomhighest paved climb in Slovenia
2,052 mStaller SattelAlps Austria
passSankt Jakob in Defereggen valley, (Tyrol) and Rasen-Antholz valley, (South Tyrol)46.888056°N 12.200556°E / 46.888056; 12.200556 (Staller Sattel (2052m))
2,050 mSaint-VéranAlps Francedead endChâteau-Ville-Vieille and Saint-Véran
2,050 mPlateau de la CalmePyrenees Francedead endOdeillo
2,049 mNockalmstrasse, EisentalhöheAlps AustriapassInnerkrems and Ebene Reichenau
2,049 mSteinigbodaAlps  Switzerlanddead endNufenen-Steinigboda46°33′17″N 09°14′31″E
2,048 mMoosalpAlps  SwitzerlandpassBürchen-Törbel46°15′05″N 07°49′47″E
2,048 mSalastrainsAlps  Switzerlanddead endSt. Moritz-Salastrains46°29′58″N 09°49′43″E
2,047 mLes FondsAlps Francedead endCervières
2,047 mManghen PassDolomites Alps ItalypassBorgo Valsugana and Molina di Fiemme
2,046 mOberalp PassSwiss Alps  SwitzerlandpassDisentis, Graubünden and Andermatt, Canton of UriThe Rhine springs from a source nearby (Tomasee)46.659°N 8.671°E / 46.659; 8.671 (Oberalp Pass)
2,041 mPuerto de la RaguaSierra Nevada SpainpassCherín and La Calahorra
2,040 mParking des MillefontsAlps Francedead endValdeblore
2,040 mPuig de la TossaPyrenees Francedead endMont-Louis
2,040 mMargunsAlps  Switzerlanddead endSt. Moritz-Suvretta-Marguns46°29′23″N 09°48′59″E
2,039 mCurneraAlps  Switzerlanddead endSurpalits-Lai da CurneraHighest point west of Lai da Curnera dam46°38′16″N 08°42′25″E
2,037 mRiederalp-Bettmeralp roadAlps  Switzerlanddead endRiederalp-BettmeralpRestricted access (both Riederalp and Bettmeralp are car-free resorts accessible only by aerial tramway), culminating point above Bettmersee46°23′45″N 08°03′56″E
2,037 mLa RabassaPyrenees Andorradead end
2,036 mPuerto de EscúllarSierra de Baza SpainpassCaniles and Abla
2,035 mColle SestriereCottian Alps ItalypassSestriere. Pinerolo and Cesana TorineseA starting and arrival point in the Tour de France and the Giro d'Italia.
2,034 mTransfăgărășanCarpathian Mountains RomaniapassCârțișoara, Sibiu (Transylvania) and Arefu, Argeș (Wallachia)Best Driving Road in the world (Top Gear) 45°36′44″N 24°36′50″E
2,032 mPasso VallesDolomites Alps ItalypassPaneveggio and Falcade
2,031 mBoí Taüll ResortPyrenees Spaindead endBoí and Taüll
2,030 mCourchevel AirportAlps Francedead endCourchevel
2,030 mRefuge de LavalAlps Francedead endNévache
2,027 ml'EcotAlps Francedead endBonneval-sur-Arc
2,022 mBussalpAlps  Switzerlanddead endGrindelwald-Oberläger46°39′24″N 07°59′22″E
Circa 2,020 mZillertaler Höhenstrasse[24]Alps AustriapassHippach and either Zellberg, Aschau in Zillertal, Ried in Zillertal or Kaltenbach depending on the variant you chooseI quoted the name of the road because I'm not sure of the name of the pass
2,017 mKühtai SaddleAlps AustriapassOetz and Gries im Sellrain47.2161°N 11.0303°E / 47.2161; 11.0303 (Kühtai Saddle)
2,016 mLac des BouillousesPyrenees Francedead endLa Llagonne
2,012 mPian GeirettAlps  Switzerlanddead endCampo Blenio-Pian Geirett46°36′16″N 08°56′04″E
2,012 mPlan-d'Amont DamAlps Francedead endAussois
2,010 mMittler HütteAlps  Switzerlanddead endArosa-Mittler Hütte46°47′11″N 09°39′45″E
2,009 mRoute de la Vallée du CristillanAlps Francedead endCeillac
2,007 mDischmaAlps  Switzerlanddead endDavos-Dürrboden46°43′17″N 09°55′19″E
2,006 mValtournencheAlps Italydead endChâtillon-Breuil-CerviniaSeveral streets in Breuil-Cervinia45°56′54″N 07°37′52″E
2,005 mSimplon PassPennine Alps
Lepontine Alps
passBrig, Switzerland and Domodossola, PiedmontRoad E62, the highest point of the European route network in Europe.46.251667°N 8.033333°E / 46.251667; 8.033333 (Simplon Pass (2005m))
2,005 mAlpe di CavaAlps  Switzerlanddead endMalvaglia-Alpe di Cava46°21′35″N 09°02′01″E
2,001 mPort de PailhèresPyrenees FrancepassMijanès and Ax-les-ThermesHors catégorie climb in the Tour de France
2,000 mFideriser HeubergeAlps  Switzerlanddead endFideris-Berghaus Arflina46°51′59″N 09°43′32″E

Highest motorways

Elevation Name Mountains Country Type Between Remarks Highest point
1,631 mA13 San Bernardino TunnelAlps  SwitzerlandtunnelChur-Bellinzonanot a motorway, only one lane in each direction, both lanes in one tube46°27′53″N 09°11′08″E
1,440 mA-1 Puerto de SomosierraCentral System SpainpassMadrid-Burgos
1,395 mMont Blanc TunnelAlps France
tunnelChamonix-Courmayeurnot a motorway, only one lane in each direction, both lanes in one tube45.854°N 6.914°E / 45.854; 6.914 (Mont Blanc Tunnel)
1,370 mBrenner motorwayAlps Austria
passInnsbruck-Bolzano47°00′12″N 11°30′27″E
1,340 mA10 Tauern TunnelAlps AustriatunnelSalzburg-Villach47°10′55″N 13°26′19″E
Circa 1,340 mA-52 es:Puerto de PadorneloGalician Massif SpainpassVerín-Benavente
1,320 mS16 Arlberg TunnelAlps AustriatunnelBregenz-Innsbrucknot a motorway, only one lane in each direction, both lanes in one tube47°07′22″N 10°15′23″E
Circa 1,300 mAP-6 es:Túnel de carretera de GuadarramaCentral System SpaintunnelCollado Villalba and Villacastín
1,297 mFrejus TunnelAlps France
tunnelModane-Bardonecchianot a motorway, only one lane in each direction, both lanes in one tube
Circa 1,250 mAP-61Central System SpainSegovia and San Rafael
1,229 m[25]AP-66 Negrón TunnelCantabrian Mountains SpaintunnelCampomanes and León
1,222 mA-6 Puerto de ManzanalGalician Massif SpainpassAstorga-Ponferrada
Circa 1,200 mAP-51Central System SpainÁvila and Villacastín
1,175 mA2 Gotthard TunnelAlps  SwitzerlandtunnelAltdorf-Airolonot a motorway, only one lane in each direction, both lanes in one tube46°31′40″N 08°36′01″E
1,121 mA75 fr:Col des IssartetsMassif Central FrancepassSaint-Flour and MassiacHighest motorway pass in France
1,070 mA24 near Vila Pouca de AguiarSerra do Marão PortugalVila Pouca de Aguiar and Vila Real, PortugalHighest motorway in Portugal
1,060 mA2 Kalcherkogeltunnel (near Pack Saddle)Lavanttaler Alps AustriatunnelKlagenfurt-Graz
1,050 mJ20 Vue des Alpes TunnelJura Mountains  SwitzerlandtunnelNeuchâtel-La Chaux-de-Fondsnot a motorway, only one lane in each direction, both lanes in one tube47°05′03″N 06°51′55″E

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