List of fungal orders

This article lists the orders of the Fungi.[1] and "The Mycota: A Comprehensive Treatise on Fungi as Experimental Systems for Basic and Applied Research"[2]

Division Chytridiomycota

Class Neocallimastigomycetes

Class Hyaloraphidiomycetes

  • Order Hyaloraphidiales Doweld 2001

Class Monoblepharidomycetes

Class Chytridiomycetes

Division Blastocladiomycota

Class Blastocladiomycetes

Division Olpidiomycota

Class Olpidiomycetes

Division Entomophthoromycota

Class Neozygitomycetes

  • Order Neozygitales Humber 2012

Class Basidiobolomycetes

Class Entomophthoromycetes

Division Kickxellomycota

Class Zoopagomycetes

Class Kickxellomycetes

Division Mucoromycota

Class Mortierellomycetes

Class Mucoromycetes

Division Glomeromycota

Class Glomeromycetes

Subkingdom Dikarya

Division Entorrhizomycota

Class Entorrhizomycetes

Division Basidiomycota

Subdivision Pucciniomycotina

Class Tritirachiomycetes
Class Mixiomycetes
Class Agaricostilbomycetes
Class Cystobasidiomycetes
  • Order Cystobasidiales Bauer et al.
  • Order Erythrobasidiales Bauer et al.
  • Order Naohideales Bauer et al.
Class Microbotryomycetes
Class Classiculomycetes
Class Cryptomycocolacomycetes
Class Atractiellomycetes
  • Order Attractiellales Oberw. & Bandoni
Class Pucciniomycetes

Subdivision Ustilaginomycotina

Class Monilielliomycetes
  • Order Moniliellales Wang, Bai & Boekhout 2014
Class Malasseziomycetes
  • Order Malasseziales Moore 1980 emend. Begerow, Bauer & Boekhout 2000
Class Ustilaginomycetes
Class Exobasidiomycetes

Subdivision Agaricomycotina

Class Wallemiomycetes
Class Bartheletiomycetes
Class Tremellomycetes
Class Dacrymycetes
Class Agaricomycetes
Subclass Phallomycetidae
Subclass Agaricomycetidae

Division Ascomycota

Subdivision Taphrinomycotina

Class Archaeorhizomycetes
Class Neolectomycetes
Class Pneumocystidomycetes
Class Schizosaccharomycetes
Class Taphrinomycetes

Subdivision Saccharomycotina

Class Saccharomycetes

Subdivision Pezizomycotina

Class Orbiliomycetes
Class Pezizomycetes
Class Coniocybomycetes
Class Arthoniomycetes
Class Dothideomycetes
Subclass Dothideomycetidae
Subclass Pleosporomycetidae
Class Eurotiomycetes
Subclass Mycocaliciomycetidae
Subclass Chaetothyriomycetidae
Subclass Eurotiomycetidae
Class Lichinomycetes
Class Lecanoromycetes
Subclass Acarosporomycetidae
Subclass Ostropomycetidae
Subclass Lecanoromycetidae
Class Xylonomycetes
Class Geoglossomycetes
Class Leotiomycetes
Class Laboulbeniomycetes
Class Sordariomycetes
Subclass Meliolomycetidae
Subclass Xylariomycetidae
Subclass Hypocreomycetidae
Subclass Sordariomycetidae


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