List of forms of racing

List of different forms of racing.


Running is defined in sporting terms as a gait in which at some point all feet are off the ground at the same time. This is in contrast to walking, where one foot is always in contact with the ground. The term running can refer to any of a variety of speeds ranging from jogging to sprinting. Competitive running grew out of religious festivals in various areas. The origins of the Olympics are shrouded in myth, though the first recorded game took place in 776 BCE.[1] In Gaelic Ireland the Tailteann Games, which featured footraces, are attested from the 6th century CE; medieval chroniclers gave founding dates as early as 1829 BCE.


Orienteering sports combine navigation with a specific method of travel.


  • Racewalking, a long-distance athletic event where one foot must be in contact with the ground at all times.



Bicycle racing:

Winter racing

Animal racing

Animal racing:

Air racing

Motor racing

Boat racing

Other types

Some races involve multiple modes of transport:

Other races may involve board or video games:


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