List of former Royal Air Force stations

This list of former RAF stations is a list of all stations, airfields and administrative headquarters previously used by the Royal Air Force.

The stations are listed under any former county or country name which was appropriate for the duration of operation. Stations initially took their station name from the nearest railway station or halt to the airfield, e.g., RAF Abingdon from Abingdon railway station. It has also been stated that RAF stations took their name from the parish in which the station headquarters was located (e.g., Binbrook has never had a railway station).[1]

British Isles

Station Pundit Code[2]/USAAF Station Code Country County Year opened Year closed Notes
RAF Abbots Bromley England Staffordshire 1940 1949 Returned to agricultural use, small number of buildings remain.
RAF Abbots Ripton England Huntingdonshire 1938 1942 Became part of RAF Alconbury.
RAF Abbotsinch Scotland Renfrewshire 1933 1943 Passed to Royal Navy / Fleet Air Arm in 1943, now Glasgow International Airport
RAF Aberporth Wales Ceredigion 1941 1984 Now West Wales Airport
RAF Abingdon AB England Oxfordshire[lower-alpha 1] 1932 1992 Transferred to the British Army and became Dalton Barracks. Airfield continued to be used for RAF helicopter training and gliding.
RAF Acaster Malbis AM England West Riding of Yorkshire 1942 1957
RAF Acklington AI England Northumberland 1916
Formerly a World War I landing ground known as Southfields. Now Her Majesty's Prison Northumberland (formerly Acklington and Castington)
RAF Akeman Street England Oxfordshire 1940 1947
RAF Aldergrove JV Northern Ireland County Antrim 1918 2009 Became Joint Helicopter Command Flying Station Aldergrove – now without any permanent RAF lodger units. Incorporates Belfast International Airport.
RAF Aldermaston AM England Berkshire 1942 1950 Became part of the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment (AWRE), now Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE)
RAF All Hallows England Kent 1916 1935 WWI Class 3 Landing Ground
RAF Alness YS Scotland Ross and Cromarty 1920 1986 Named RAF Invergordon until 1943. Flying boat station, subsequently RAF Marine Branch No. 1100 MCU until disbandment.
RAF Anderby Creek England Lincolnshire c.1939 c.1945 Second World War battle training school of the RAF Regiment; at or near Anderby Creek; no visible remains on satellite images
RAF Andrews Field GZ England Essex 1943 1948 Originally known as RAF Great Saling
RAF Andover AV England Hampshire 1917 1976 Now Marlborough Lines home to the HQ of the British Army
RAF Andreas VS Isle of Man 1941 1947
RAF Angle AE Wales Pembrokeshire 1941 1950
RAF Annan AG Scotland Dumfriesshire 1942 1945 Since 1955 the site of Chapelcross nuclear power station, which is being decommissioned
RAF Ansty England Warwickshire 1936 1953
RAF Anwick England Lincolnshire 1916 1918
RAF Appledram AO (day) England Sussex 1943 1944 (ALG)
RAF Ascot England Berkshire 1916 1919
RAF Ashbourne AS England Derbyshire 1942 1954
RAF Ashford England Kent 1943 1944 ALG, near Egerton
RAF Aston Down AD England Gloucestershire 1938 1976
RAF Atcham AP England Shropshire 1941 1946
RAF Atherstone England Warwickshire 1941 1942 Renamed RAF Stratford.
RAF Attlebridge AT England Norfolk 1941 1956
RAF Atwick England East Riding of Yorkshire July 1915 1919 Hornsea Mere
RAF Ayr I Scotland Ayrshire 1917 1919 Originally and now Ayr Racecourse
RAF Ayr II AR Scotland Ayrshire 1941 1957 Also known as RAF Heathfield. Passed to Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm 1944-46 as "HMS Wagtail". Reopened 1951 as storage annexe to RAF Prestwick.
RAF Babbacombe England Devon 1940 1945 No. 1 Air Crew Receiving Centre, originally and now Babbacombe Theatre.
RAF Babdown Farm BF England Gloucestershire 1940 1948 (Relief Landing Ground – RLG)
RAF Bacton England Norfolk 1015 1919 First World War "Landing Ground"
RAF Baginton NG England Warwickshire 1939 1943 Originally and now Coventry Airport
RAF Balado Bridge Scotland Kinross-shire 1942 1944 Transferred to War Department 1944. Civil airfield 1946-1957.
RAF Balderton BN England Nottinghamshire 1941 1954
RAF Baldonnel Republic of Ireland County Dublin 1917 1965 now Casement Aerodrome
RAF Ballyhalbert YB Northern Ireland County Down 1941 1947 Briefly transferred to Royal Navy during 1945
RAF Ballykelly IY Northern Ireland County Londonderry 1941 1971 Site transferred to Army as Shackleton Barracks
RAF Ballywater Northern Ireland County Down 1941 1945 No. 16 Satellite Landing Ground
RAF Bampton Castle England Oxfordshire 1939 2003 established by Royal Signals Regiment, transferred to RAF Signals Command in 1965
RAF Banff AF Scotland Banffshire 1943 1946
RAF Bardney BA England Lincolnshire 1943 1963 Built as a satellite to RAF Waddington
RAF Barkway England Hertfordshire 1942 2011 Communications Station
RAF Barnwood England Gloucestershire RAF Record Office
RAF Barton Bendish England Norfolk 1939 1942 Second World War Landing Ground, as a satellite station to RAF Marham
RAF Barton Hall England Lancashire 1940 1975 During WWII: Operations Centre of No. 9 Group RAF. Post-war: Preston Air Traffic Control Centre.
RAF Bassingbourn BS England Cambridgeshire 1938 1969 now Bassingbourn Barracks
RAF Bawdsey England Suffolk 1936 1990 Once home to the Telecommunications Research Establishment (TRE) – radar research. Now still home to the RAF Sailing Association (Safety Division). Some preservation of the remaining WW2 radar site and museum can be found on site.[3]
RAF Bawtry England South Yorkshire 1941 1986 No. 1 Group Bomber Command H.Q. (during WWII), RAF Strike Command H.Q. & eventually RAF Meteorological Service H.Q. (post-war)
RAF Beaulieu BL England Hampshire 1915 1947
RAF Beccles BE England Suffolk 1943 1945
RAF Bekesbourne England Kent 1916 1919


Became Bekesbourne Aerodrome post-WWI, closed in July 1939. Used during May and June 1940 by No 2 and No 13 Squadrons.
RAF Belton Park England Lincolnshire 1942 1946 Birthplace and original headquarters / training facility of the Royal Air Force Regiment
RAF Bembridge England Isle of Wight 1915 1920 Seaplane base. Also known as RNAS Bembridge Harbour
RAF Benbecula BB Scotland Inverness-shire 1941 1947 Airfield now Benbecula Airport. Nearby radar station now RRH Benbecula, an unmanned Remote Radar Head controlled by RAF Boulmer
RAF Bentley Priory England Middlesex 1926 2008 Converted to residential use. Former Officers' Mess now the Bentley Priory Museum.[4]
RAF Bentwaters BY England Suffolk 1944 1993 Site sold and became a business park and TV/film location known as Bentwaters Parks with airfield infrastructure and buildings remaining. Bentwaters Cold War Museum opened in 2007.[5]
RAF Berrow England Worcestershire 1941 1945 No. 5 SLG also known as Pendock Moor
RAF Bibury BI England Gloucestershire 1940 1945 built as a relief landing ground for RAF South Cerney
RAF Bicester BC England Oxfordshire 1917 1976 now Bicester Airfield and home to Bicester Heritage
RAF Biggin Hill England Kent 1917 1992 now Biggin Hill Airport (formerly the Officer and Aircrew Selection Centre before moving to Cranwell in the early 90s)
RAF Binbrook BK England Lincolnshire 1940 1988
RAF Birch BR England Essex 1942 1945
RAF Bircham Newton England Norfolk 1918 1966 Technical site now the Construction Industry Training Board School
RAF Bircotes BH England South Yorkshire 1941 1948 Satellite airfield for RAF Finningley.
RAF Bishopbriggs Scotland Dunbartonshire 1939 1966 Originally a barrage balloon depot, later used for other non-flying purposes. Site now HM Prison Low Moss
RAF Bishops Court IC Northern Ireland County Down 1943 1990 Originally an airfield but latterly a radar site.
RAF Bisterne BS England Hampshire 1943 1945 USAAF ALG
RAF Bitteswell BT England Leicestershire 1940 1947
RAF Blaenanerch Wales Ceredigion 1939 1941 Renamed RAF Aberporth, now West Wales Airport
RAF Black Isle Scotland Ross and Cromarty 1941 1945 No. 42 Satellite Landing Ground.
RAF Blackbushe England Hampshire 1944 1960
RAF Blackpool England Lancashire 1940 1945 HQ was located at the Lansdowne Hotel on the North Shore
RAF Blakehill Farm XF England Wiltshire 1944 1952 Also known as RAF Cricklade
RAF Blakelaw England Northumberland 1940 1943 HQ No. 13 Group RAF also known as RAF Newcastle
RAF Blankney Hall England Lincolnshire 1940
RAF Digby Sector operations room. Now demolished & site of a golf club.
RAF Blyton AL England Lincolnshire 1942 1954 Now known the site of Blyton Park Driving Centre and is used for motorsport and track days.
RAF Boa Island Northern Ireland County Fermanagh 1944 1945 Satellite to RAF Killadeas flying boat station. Also known as Rock Bay.
RAF Bobbington England Staffordshire 1941 1956 Renamed RAF Halfpenny Green in 1943, now Wolverhampton Airport
RAF Boddington England Gloucestershire 1940 2007 Transferred to Defence Communication Services Agency (now Information Systems & Services) as ISS Boddington
RAF Bodney BO England Norfolk 1940 1945 USAAF from 1943
RAF Bodorgan Wales Anglesey 1940 1945 No. 15 SLG, originally called Aberffraw until 15 May 1941
RAF Bognor England Sussex 1943 1944 ALG
RAF Bolt Head OH England Devon 1941 1945 Second World War satellite airfield to RAF Exeter
RAF Booker England Buckinghamshire 1939 1951 near (High Wycombe), now Wycombe Air Park
RAF Boreham JM England Essex 1944 1945
RAF Boscombe Down BD England Wiltshire 1917 2001 Airfield retained by the Ministry of Defence but operated by private contractor QinetiQ as MOD Boscombe Down. Home to the Aircraft Test and Evaluation Centre and Empire Test Pilots School (ETPS).
RAF Bottesford AQ England Leicestershire 1941 1945
RAF Bottisham IM England Cambridgeshire 1940 1946
RAF Boulmer England Northumberland 1940 RAF Boulmer remains open, but the present radar control station is at a different location from the wartime airfield (which closed in the late 1960s). During the 1970s the former airfield communal site was redeveloped as an air-sea rescue helicopter base, which closed in 2015.
RAF Bourn AU England Cambridgeshire 1941 1948
RAF Bovingdon BV England Hertfordshire 1942 1972
RAF Bowmore Scotland Argyllshire 1940 1945 Flying boat base, satellite to RAF Oban
RAF Boxted BX England Essex 1943 1947 A small museum is located on side of airfield.[6]
RAF Bracebridge Heath England Lincolnshire 1916 1920 Adjacent to RAF Waddington. Site used to for the recovery and restoration damaged Lancaster bomber parts for reuse in WWII & construction site of Avro 707 prototype aircraft.
RAF Brackla Scotland Nairnshire 1941 1947
RAF Staff College Bracknell England Berkshire 1945 1997 Joint Services Command and Staff College established at the site, which later moved to MOD Shrivenham. The site was subsequently sold for redevelopment in 2004.
RAF Bradwell Bay England Essex 1941 1945
RAF Bramcote RT England Warwickshire 1940 1946 Transferred to the Royal Navy in 1947 and became HMS Gamecock and in 1959 was transferred to the Army as Gamecock Barracks
RAF Brampton England Huntingdonshire 1942 2012 Transferred to Joint Forces Command and became Brampton Camp RAF Wyton. Site subsequently sold for redevelopment and station buildings demolished.
RAF Brampton Wyton Henlow England Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire 2001 2012 Tri-base area (also RAF Stanbridge not formally noted in name)
RAF Bratton England Shropshire 1940 1945 Relief landing ground of RAF Shawbury & Home of RAF Training Command, 25 Group Advanced Flying Unit
RAF Brawdy BW Wales Pembrokeshire 1944 1992 Transferred to the British Army in 1995 and became Cawdor Barracks.
RAF Breighton AC England Yorkshire 1942 1946
RAF Brenzett England Kent 1943 1944 ALG, also known as Ivychurch
RAF Bridgnorth England Shropshire 1940
RAF Bridlington England East Riding of Yorkshire 1929 1980 Air gunnery and wireless operator courses held during the Second World War; No. 1104 MCU operated between 1929 and 1980[7]
RAF Brizlee Wood England Northumberland 1968 1969 NATO forward Scatter Unit. transferred to the Royal Signals Regiment in 1969.
RAF Broadwell JR England Oxfordshire 1943 1947
RAF Brough England East Riding of Yorkshire
RAF Bruntingthorpe BP England Leicestershire 1942 1962 now Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome and Proving Ground
RAF Brunton BN England Northumberland 1942 1945 Built as satellite to RAF Milfield. Post-war use as GA field and parachute club base ceased by 2004. Disused apart from a small air defence radar outstation of RAF Boulmer.[8]
RAF Buckminster England Lincolnshire 1916 1919 First World War Royal Flying Corps base
RAF Bungay JO England Suffolk 1942
Locally known as RAF Flixton. Allocated to USAAF & designated Station 125 during the Second World War. Following the war the station was transferred to the Royal Navy in 1945 to become HMS Europa, before control being returned returned to RAF in 1946.
RAF Burgh Castle England Norfolk 1915 1919 First World War Landing Ground (Royal Naval Air Service)
RAF Burnaston England Derbyshire 1939 1953 Previously and later Derby Airport. Now a Toyota car plant.
RAF Burtonwood England Cheshire 1940 1994 Buildings demolished and site sold for redevelopment, including Omega Business Park and junction 8 of the M62 motorway.
RAF Burn AZ England Yorkshire 1942 1945
RAF Bury St Edmunds BU England Suffolk 1942 1948 Also designated to USAAF Station 468 at some point in WWII
RAF Butley England Suffolk 1942 1943 Former name for RAF Bentwaters
RAF Buttergask Scotland Perthshire 1941 1945 Relief landing ground for RAF Perth
RAF Bylaugh Hall England Norfolk 1943 1945 No. 100 (Bomber Support) Group H.Q. & Second World War Landing Ground
RAF Caerau Wales Cardiff 1939 1944 HQ No. 14 Balloon Unit (and HQ Cardiff Group Royal Observer Corps from 1953 to 1968). Name changed to RAF Llandaff in 1946.
RAF Caerwent Wales Monmouthshire 1967 1993 Transferred to the Defence Training Estate and became the Caerwent Training Area, predominately used by the British Army.
RAF Caistor England Lincolnshire 1940 1963 Now returned to agricultural use
RAF Calshot KT England Hampshire 1913 1961 Was No. 238 Maintenance Unit (238MU). Maintained Air Sea Rescue launches. RAF Mount Batten took over this work upon closure.
RAF Calveley KY England Cheshire 1942 1946
RAF Cambridge England Cambridgeshire 1938 1954 RAF use of Marshalls airfield at Teversham, now Cambridge Airport
RAF Cammeringham England Lincolnshire 1942 1945 (previously RAF Ingham)
RAF Cardington England Bedfordshire 1915 2000 Sold for residential redevelopment and various private uses. Former airship sheds remain and are designated as listed buildings. Part of the site is retained by the Ministry of Defence and leased to the Met Office.
RAF Carew Cheriton Wales Pembrokeshire 1939 1945
RAF Cark KA England Lancashire 1941 1945
RAF Carnaby KQ England Yorkshire 1944 1963
RAF Castle Archdale QA Northern Ireland County Fermanagh 1941 1946 Flying boat station. Briefly known as RAF Loch Erne between 1941 – 1943.
RAF Castle Bromwich England Warwickshire 1915 1958 was the Castle Bromwich Aerodrome until 1958
RAF Castle Camps CC England Cambridgeshire 1940 1946
RAF Castle Combe England Wiltshire 1941 1948 Second World War Practice Landing Ground for RAF Hullavington. Now Castle Combe Circuit
RAF Castle Donington CD England Leicestershire 1943 1946 Satellite airfield to RAF Wymeswold. Now East Midlands Airport
RAF Castle Kennedy QK Scotland Wigtownshire 1941 1945 Since 2004, Castle Kennedy has been made available for use General Aviation and commercial use within the applicable regulations. The airfield is unlicensed, and used at the pilots own risk and discretion. The airfield is strictly PPR.
RAF Castletown AX Scotland Caithness 1940 1945
RAF Catfirth Scotland Shetland 1917 1919
RAF Catfoss CA England Yorkshire 1932 1963
RAF Catterick AK England Yorkshire 1914 1994 Transferred to the British Army and became Marne Barracks.
RAF Cattewater England Devon 1918 1923 Formally Royal Naval Air Station Cattewate (1913-18). Re-opened in 1928 at RAF Mount Batten
RAF Caxton Gibbet England Cambridgeshire 1940 1944 RLG
RAF Chailey England Sussex 1943 1945 ALG
RAF Chalgrove England Oxfordshire 1943 1947 Leased to ejection seat manufacturer Martin-Baker and known as Chalgrove Airfield. Ownership transferred to Homes England in 2016 with intention of redeveloping for 3,000 homes.
RAF Charlton Horethorne England Somerset 1941 1942 later RNAS Charlton Horethorne (HMS Heron II)
RAF Charmy Down CH England Somerset 1940 1946
RAF Charterhall KH Scotland Berwickshire 1942 1946
RAF Chattis Hill England Hampshire 1917 1919
RAF Cheadle England Staffordshire 1939 1964 Operations transferred to Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and station became known as GCHQ Cheadle.
RAF Chedburgh CU England Suffolk 1942 1952 Near Bury St Edmunds
RAF Cheddington CZ England Buckinghamshire 1942 1952 USAAF from 1944
RAF Chedworth YW England Gloucestershire 1942 1950 Primarily used for training. Now primarily agricultural land.
RAF Chelveston CV England Northamptonshire 1941 1962 USAAF from 1944
RAF Cherhill England Wiltshire 1954 1958 Formerly and later RAF Yatesbury.
RAF Chesil Bank England Dorset Second World War Bombing Ranges Unit with an Emergency Landing Ground
RAF Chessington England Surrey 1938 1985 Formerly a Balloon station, latterly a research Hospital
RAF Chicksands England Bedfordshire 1936 1997 Transferred to the British Army and became the Defence Intelligence and Security Centre (DISC) and the headquarters of the Intelligence Corps. Now the Joint Intelligence Training Group (JITG).
RAF Chigwell England Essex 1933 1958 Barrage balloon site
RAF Chilbolton CI England Hampshire 1940 1945
RAF Chilmark England Wiltshire 1937 1995 Retained by the Ministry of Defence and later sold for various civilian uses.
RAF Chipping Norton England Oxfordshire 1940 1945 Satellite station primarily used for training
RAF Chipping Ongar JC England Essex 1943 1946 USAAF from 1944
RAF Chipping Warden CW England Oxfordshire 1941 1946
RAF Chivenor IV England Devon 1940 1995 Transferred to the Royal Marines and became RMB Chivenor.
RAF Christchurch CH England Hampshire 1940 1945 known as Christchurch Airfield in peacetime between 1926 and 1966.
RAF Church Broughton CB England Derbyshire 1942 1963 Opened as a satellite station of RAF Lichfield
RAF Church Fenton CF England North Yorkshire 1937 2013 Site sold and became Leeds East Airport.
RAF Church Lawford CL England Warwickshire 1941 1955
RAF Church Stanton England Somerset 1941 1943 renamed RAF Culmhead
RAF Cleave England Cornwall 1939 1945 (GCHQ CSO Morwenstow)
RAF Cluntoe UK Northern Ireland County Tyrone 1942 1955 near Ardboe
RAF Clyffe Pypard England Wiltshire 1941 1947 used as accommodation for by RAF Lyneham and later used by the British Army for battle practice until 1961. Now reclaimed as agricultural land.
RAF Coal Aston England Yorkshire 1918 1920 Opened as a Royal Flying Corps airfield in 1916
RAF Coleby Grange CG England Lincolnshire 1940 1946
RAF Colerne CQ England Wiltshire 1940 1976 Transferred to the British Army and became Azimghur Barracks. Airfield retain for occasional flying.
RAF Collinstown Republic of Ireland County Dublin 1918 1922
RAF Collyweston England Northamptonshire 1918 1941 Landing ground, subsumed when absorbed by the westerly runway extension at RAF Wittering
RAF Coltishall CS England Norfolk 1938 2006 Site sold for redevelopment including construction of HM Prison Bure and a solar farm. Majority of the station now designated as a conservation area.
RAF Compton Basset England Wiltshire 1940 1947
RAF Condover DV England Shropshire 1942 1945 Satellite station of RAF Shawbury & Relief Landing Ground for RAF Ternhill. Primarily use for fighter pilots training by both RAF & USAAF.
RAF Connel KO Scotland Argyllshire 1945 Now Oban Airport.
RAF Coolham England Sussex 1943 1944 ALG
RAF Copmanthorpe England Yorkshire 1918 1919 Opened as a Royal Flying Corps airfield in 1916
RAF Corsewall Scotland Wigtownshire 1942 1947 Marine Craft Training School
RAF Cottam CM England Yorkshire 1939 1934 Satellite station to RAF Driffield
RAF Cottesmore CT England Rutland 1938 2012 Transferred to the British Army and became Kendrew Barracks.
RAF Cottenham England Cambridgeshire 1918 1919 Former Royal Flying Corps airfield opened in 1916 and used as a night landing ground
RAF Covehithe England Suffolk 1918 1919 Former Royal Naval Air Service airfield opened in 1915
RAF Cowden England Yorkshire 1950 1998 Bombing range
RAF Crail Scotland Fife 1918 1919 Reopened by Royal Naval Fleet Air Arm in 1940
RAF Cramlington England Northumberland 1918 1919 Opened as a Royal Flying Corps airfield in 1915
RAF Cranage RG England Cheshire 1940 1945
RAF Cranfield CX England Bedfordshire 1937 1952 Now Cranfield University and Cranfield Airport
RAF Credenhill England Herefordshire 1940 1994 Transferred to the British Army and became Stirling Lines.
RAF Croft CR England Yorkshire 1941 1956 Now Croft Circuit
RAF Croft England Cheshire 1956 1959 originally accommodation for Fleet Air Arm base HMS Gosling (1942-1950s), the station was used as a processing & billeting centre for personnel traveling between the UK and US by USAF Burtonwood.
RAF Crosby on Eden KX England Cumbria 1941 1944 Now Carlisle Lake District Airport
RAF Croydon England Surrey 1916 1946 Later Croydon Airport, now a retail/industrial estate
RAF Culham England Oxfordshire 1940 1953 as RNAS Culham
RAF Culmhead UC England Somerset 1941 1946
RAF Dalcross DZ Scotland Inverness-shire 1941 1953 Now Inverness Airport
RAF Dale Wales Pembrokeshire 1942 1943 became RNAS Dale (HMS Goldcrest)
RAF Dallachy DI Scotland Banffshire 1943 1945
RAF Dalton DA England Yorkshire 1941 1945
RAF Darley Moor DM England Derbyshire 1942 1955 Now Darley Moor Airfield
RAF Davidstow Moor DD England Cornwall 1942 1945
RAF Daws Hill England Buckinghamshire 1944 2007 Site sold for residential redevelopment, most station buildings demolished, former bunker now listed.
RAF Deanland England Sussex 1943 1944 ALG
RAF Debach DC England Suffolk 1944 1945 (USAAF)
RAF Debden DB England Essex 1937 1975 Used by both US 8th Air Force and RAF Fighter Command in Second World War. Now home to HQ Essex Wing RAF Air Cadets and Carver Barracks (Army).
RAF Deenethorpe DP England Northamptonshire 1943 1946
RAF Defford DF England Worcestershire 1941 1957 RAF Defford museum is now housed within the National Trust property of Croome.
RAF Denham England Buckinghamshire 1915 1940s Flight Training Base. Now Denham Aerodrome
RAF Deopham Green DG England Norfolk 1944 1948 Assigned to USAAF & designated Station 142
RAF Desborough DS England Northamptonshire 1944 1948 Assigned to USAAF
RAF Desford England Leicestershire 1916 1953 Owned by Caterpillar Inc. since 1953, now an industrial site
RAF Detling England Kent 1916 1959
RAF Digby DJ England Lincolnshire 1918 1953 Known as RAF Scopwick (1918–1920), Joint Service Signals Organisation Digby from 1998
RAF Dishforth DH England North Yorkshire 1936 1992 Transferred to the British Army's Army Air Corps and became Dishforth Airfield.
RAF Docking DK England Norfolk 1940 1958 Satellite station of RAF Bircham Newton
RAF Doncaster England Yorkshire 1916 1954 formerly RFC Doncaster (1914) Royal Flying Corps
RAF Donibristle Scotland Fife 1917 1939 Opened by Royal Naval Air Service in 1917 and returned to the Royal Navy (Fleet Air Arm) in 1939 as HMS Merlin RNAS Donibristle
RAF Donna Nook ZN England Lincolnshire 1927 1945 Now an offshore bombing range
RAF Dornoch Scotland Sutherland 1941 1945 No. 40 Satellite Landing Ground.
RAF Dounreay DN Scotland Caithness 1944 1954 Airfield built for RAF but not used. Transferred to Royal Navy later in 1944 but never commissioned, and subsequently returned to Air Ministry. Never having become operational, it closed in 1954 and was redeveloped as the Dounreay Nuclear Power Development Establishment.
RAF Dover England Kent 1918 1919 Airship and seaplane base
RAF Down Ampney XA England Gloucestershire 1944 1946
RAF Downham Market DO England Norfolk 1942 1946
RAF Drem DE Scotland East Lothian 1916 1946 World War I landing ground known as "West Fenton" and subsequently "RAF Gullane", which closed in 1919. Reopened as "RAF Drem" in 1939. Passed to Royal Navy as "HMS Nighthawk" in 1945-46.
RAF Driffield DR England East Yorkshire 1918 1977 Formerly RAF Eastburn. Now British Army, "Alamein Barracks"
RAF Dumfries DU Scotland Dumfriesshire 1940 1957 aka RAF Tinwald Downs, now Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum
RAF Dundee Scotland Angus 1914 1919 Seaplane base inherited from Royal Naval Air Service in 1918, also known as "Stannergate". Reopened by Royal Navy in 1940.
RAF Dundonald Scotland Ayrshire 1940 1945
RAF Dunholme Lodge DL England Lincolnshire 1943 1964
RAF Dunino Scotland Fife 1941 1942 became RNAS Dunino (HMS Jackdaw II) in 1942
RAF Dunkeswell DW England Devon 1943 1949 USN from 1944
RAF Dunsfold England Surrey 1942 1945 later BAE Systems Dunsfold, now Dunsfold Aerodrome, and Top Gear studio and race track
RAF Duxford DX England Cambridgeshire 1918 1963 Put on "Care and Maintenance" from end of First World War in 1918 until the formation of RAF Fighter Command. Used by Both RAF Fighter Command and the US 8th Air Force during the Second World War, then home to RAF Strike Command until closure. Now Imperial War Museum Duxford
RAF Dyce DY Scotland Aberdeenshire 1937 1957 Opened in 1934 as Aberdeen Airport, which it remains.
RAF Dymchurch England Kent 1915 1920 Balloon station, also aircraft. Site considered for WWII ALG
RAF Earls Colne EC England Essex 1943 1947 now Earls Colne Airfield
RAF Eastbourne England Sussex 1914 1920
RAF East Fortune EF Scotland East Lothian 1916 1960 Former Royal Naval Air Service station. Closed 1920 but reopened 1940.
RAF East Kirkby EK England Lincolnshire 1943 1970
RAF East Moor EM England Yorkshire 1942 1946 RCAF from 1944
RAF East Wretham UT England Norfolk 1940 1946 USAAF from 1944
RAF Eastchurch England Kent 1912 1947 Now HMP Standford Hill
RAF Eastleigh England Hampshire 1910 1920


Reopened 1961, now Southampton Airport
RAF Edlesborough England Buckinghamshire c. 1939 2012 Communications site satellite of RAF Stanbridge
RAF Edgehill EH England Oxfordshire now Shenington Gliding Club
RAF Edzell EZ Scotland Angus 1940 1997 World War 1 airfield nearby operated 1918-19. New airfield opened 1940. Flying ceased 1957, thereafter to United States Navy for electronic surveillance.
RAF Eglinton QM Northern Ireland County Londonderry 1941 1943 To Fleet Air Arm in 1943 as "HMS Gannet". Now City of Derry Airport, Derry
RAF Elgin Scotland Morayshire 1940 1947
RAF Elsham Wolds ES England Lincolnshire 1941 1947
RAF Elvington EV England Yorkshire 1942 1958 Airfield retained until 1992 as a relief landing ground for RAF flying training schools at Church Fenton and Linton-on-Ouse, later sold in 1999. Technical site preserved as Yorkshire Air Museum, which opened in 1986.
RAF Ely Wales South Glamorgan (No 14 Balloon Centre Cardiff)
RAF Hospital Ely England Cambridgeshire 1939 1992
RAF Elmdon England Warwickshire 1939 1946 Previously and now Birmingham Airport
RAF Enstone EN England Oxfordshire now Enstone Airfield
RAF Errol ER Scotland Perthshire 1942 1948
RAF Eshott England Northumberland 1942 1945
RAF Evanton ET Scotland Ross and Cromarty 1922 1944 Known as "RAF Novar" until 1937. Transferred to Royal Navy as HMS Fieldfare
RAF Exeter EX England Devon 1937 1946 Previously and now Exeter International Airport
RAF Eye EY England Suffolk 1944 1945 USAAF
RAF Fairoaks England Surrey 1937 1967 Now Fairoaks Airport
RAF Fairlop England Essex 1941 1945
RAF Fairwood Common FC Wales West Glamorgan 1941 1946 Now Swansea Airport
RAF Faldingworth FH England Lincolnshire 1943 1972
RAF Farnborough England Hampshire 1911 1996 Former Royal Aircraft Establishment Farnborough, now Farnborough Airport
RAF Fauld England Staffordshire see RAF Fauld Explosion
RAF Fazakerley England Lancashire
RAF Fearn Scotland Ross and Cromarty 1941 1942 Transferred to Royal Navy in 1942 as "HMS Owl".
RAF Felixstowe England Suffolk 1913 1962
RAF Fersfield WF England Norfolk 1944 1945 (USAAF)
RAF Filey Town England Yorkshire
RAF Filton England Gloucestershire 1916 1957 Now Bristol Filton Airport
RAF Findo Gask FG Scotland Perthshire 1941 1948 Originally no. 25 Satellite Landing Ground, but later developed into full aerodrome.
RAF Finmere FI England Buckinghamshire 1941 1945
RAF Finningley FB England Yorkshire 1915 1996 Now Doncaster Sheffield Airport
RAF Firbeck England Yorkshire 1940 1945
RAF Fiskerton FN England Lincolnshire 1943 1945
RAF Flowerdown England Hampshire 1919 1929 Later HMS Flowerdown until 1956 and GCHQ until 1979. One of the Y-stations. Now Sir John Moore Barracks, Army Training Regiment
RAF Folkestone England Kent 1915 1918 Airship station, previously RNAS Capel-le-Ferne. Site used for a wireless station during WWII
RAF Folkingham FO/FK (USAAF) England Lincolnshire 1943 1963 (USAAF 1944–1945)
RAF Ford England Sussex 1918 1920


Became HMS Peregrine in 1940, now Ford Open Prison
RAF Fordoun FR Scotland Kincardineshire 1942 1950
RAF Foreland England Isle of Wight 1918 1919 Seaplane base
RAF Forres Scotland Morayshire 1940 1944 Transferred to War Department in 1944.
RAF Foulsham FU England Norfolk 1942 1945
RAF Fowlmere FW England Cambridgeshire 1918 1945 Returned to agriculture following the end of First World War. Reactivated at the outbreak of Second World War in 1939. Used by US 8th Air Force and RAF Fighter Command during Second World War. Returned to agriculture at the end of hostilities.
RAF Framlingham FM England Suffolk 1943 1945 USAAF. Also known as RAF Parham. Returned to agriculture and small industrial estate; control tower now Parham Airfield Museum.[9]
RAF Fraserburgh FB Scotland Aberdeenshire 1941 1945
RAF Freckleton England Lancashire 1953 1962 Operated as a Medical Training Unit. Originally part of RAF Warton, but, in 1947, following the sale of the main Warton Airfield site to the English Electric Company, the site used as a Medical Training Unit became part of RAF Lytham. When RAF Lytham closed in 1956, the site continued to offer Medical Training and was designated as RAF Freckleton.
RAF Freiston England Lincolnshire (formerly RNAS Freiston – became an RAF station in 1918)
RAF Friston England Sussex 1936 1945
RAF Frost Hill Farm[10] England Hampshire 1940 1945 ALG
RAF Fulbeck FK/FB (USAAF) England Lincolnshire 1941 1970 (USAAF 1943–1944)
RAF Full Sutton FS England Yorkshire 1944 1963 private flying and HM Prison Full Sutton
RAF Funtington England Sussex 1943 1944 ALG
RAF Gamston GB England Nottinghamshire 1942 1957 now Retford Gamston Airport
RAF Gatwick England Surrey 1937 1946 Now London Gatwick Airport
RAF Gaydon England Warwickshire 1942 1974 Part of the site is now the Heritage Motor Centre
RAF Glatton GT England Cambridgeshire 1943 1946 (USAAF)
RAF Gormanston Republic of Ireland County Meath 1917 Feb 1920 Now the Irish Army Gormanston Camp
RAF Gosfield England Essex 1943 1945
RAF Gosport England Hampshire 1915 1945 Became HMS Siskin in 1945
RAF Goxhill GX England Lincolnshire 1941 1953 (USAAF)
RAF Grafton Underwood GU England Northamptonshire 1943 1959 (USAAF)
RAF Grain England Kent 1916 1924 Airship and seaplane base, also known as RAF Port Victoria
RAF Grangemouth Scotland Stirlingshire 1939 1955 Also known as "Central Scotland Airport"
RAF Gransden Lodge GD England Bedfordshire 1942 1955
RAF Grantham England Lincolnshire (renamed RAF Spitalgate) – now a Territorial Army establishment
RAF Graveley GR England Huntingdonshire 1942 1968
RAF Gravesend England Kent 1937 1956
RAF Great Ashfield GA ? England Suffolk 1943 1960 (USAAF)
RAF Great Dunmow GD England Essex 1943 1958 (USAAF)
RAF Great Massingham GM England Norfolk 1940 1958
RAF Great Sampford England Essex 1942 1948 (USAAF)
RAF Great Witcombe England Gloucestershire
RAF Great Yarmouth England Norfolk First World War landing ground
RAF Greatham England County Durham Also known as RAF West Hartlepool
RAF Greatworth England Northamptonshire 1943 1992 Sold for civilian uses and became Greatworth Park Business Park, utilising station buildings.
RAF Greencastle Northern Ireland County Down 1942 1945 (USAAF)
RAF Greenham Common England Berkshire 1942 1991 (USAAF 1943–1964)
RAF Greenland Top England Lincolnshire (Also known as RAF Stallingborough)
RAF Greenock Scotland Renfrewshire 1940 1945 Flying boat maintenance facility
RAF Grimsby GY England Lincolnshire 1941 1946 (aka RAF Waltham)
RAF Grimsetter Scotland Orkney 1940 1943 Also known as RAF Kirkwall. Transferred to Royal Navy in 1943 as "HMS Robin". Now Kirkwall Airport.
RAF Grimsthorpe Park England Lincolnshire
RAF Grove England Berkshire 1942 1946 (USAAF)
RAF Guston Down England Kent 1914 1919
RAF Hack Green England Cheshire now Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker
RAF Halesworth HA England Suffolk 1942 1946 (USAAF)
RAF Halfpenny Green England Staffordshire 1941 1953 Formerly RAF Bobbington (now Wolverhampton Airport)
RAF Hall Caine Isle of Man Formerly Hall Caine Airport, now farmland
RAF Hospital Halton England Buckinghamshire 1927 1995 Demolished in 2008, site sold and redeveloped for housing.
RAF Hamble England Hampshire 1931 1978
RAF Hammerwood England Sussex 1943 1944 ALG
RAF Hampstead Norris HN England Berkshire
RAF Hamworthy England Dorsetshire
RAF Handforth England Cheshire
RAF Hanworth England Surrey
RAF Hardwick HC England Norfolk 1942 1962 (USAAF)
RAF Harlaxton England Lincolnshire
RAF Harling Road England Norfolk 1918 1920 First World War "Landing Ground" opened in 1916 and used by the Royal Flying Corps and the United States Army Air Corps
RAF Harpswell England Lincolnshire (later renamed as RAF Hemswell)
RAF Harpur Hill England Derbyshire Munitions storage depot
RAF Hartford Bridge England Hampshire 1941 1953 Later renamed RAF Blackbushe, now Blackbushe Airport
RAF Harrington England Northamptonshire 1943 1963 (USAAF)
RAF Harrogate England Yorkshire 1940 1994 Sold, buildings demolished and site redeveloped for housing.
RAF Harrowbeer HH England Devon 1941 1950
RAF Harwell HW England Oxfordshire 1937 1945
RAF Hatfield England Hertfordshire 1939 1956 RAF/ATA use of de Havilland's Hatfield Aerodrome
RAF Haverfordwest Wales Pembrokeshire 1943 1956
RAF Hawarden Wales Flintshire 1939 1957 48 MU Aircraft Storage Unit, now Hawarden Airport
RAF Hawkinge England Kent 1914 1963
RAF Haydock England Lancashire Also known as RAF Blackbrook
RAF Headcorn HC England Kent 1943 1945 (USAAF ALG)
RAF Headley Court England Surrey 1946 1985 Now the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre operated by Defence Medical Services, part of Joint Forces Command.[11]
RAF Hednesford England Staffordshire 1938 1956
RAF Heigham Holmes England Norfolk fictional airfield location
RAF Helensburgh Scotland Dunbartonshire 1939 1945 Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment
RAF Hell's Mouth Wales Gwynedd
RAF Hemswell HL England Lincolnshire 1937 1967
RAF Hendon England Middlesex 1910 1957 Airfield redeveloped into Graham Park housing estate (early 1970s-on) and RAF Museum.
RAF Henley-on-Thames England Oxfordshire
RAF Hereford England Herefordshire 1940 1994 Transferred to the British Army and became Stirling Lines.
RAF Heston England Middlesex
RAF Hethel HL England Norfolk 1942 1947 now owned by Lotus Cars
RAF Heywood England Lancashire Maintenance Unit
RAF Hibaldstow England Lincolnshire 1941 1945
RAF High Ercall England Shropshire 1941 1962
RAF Highgate England Middlesex 1942 1948 Home to RAF Intelligence training during WW2. In former Caen Wood Towers (now Athlone House)
RAF High Halden HH England Kent 1943 1944 (USAAF ALG)
RAF Hingham England Norfolk First World War "Landing Ground"
RAF Hinstock England Shropshire 1941 1947 Co-located with RN Fleet Air Arm station HMS Godwit. Specialised in instrument and blind landing technologies.
RAF Hinton-in-the-Hedges HI England Northamptonshire 1940 1945 now Hinton-in-the-Hedges Airfield
RAF Hixon HX England Staffordshire 1942 1957
RAF Hockley Heath England Warwickshire
RAF Holbeach England Lincolnshire Air Weapons Range
RAF Holme-on-Spalding Moor HM England Yorkshire 1941 1953
RAF Holmsley South HM England Hampshire 1942 1946
RAF Holt England Norfolk First World War "Landing Ground"
RAF Holyhead Wales Isle of Anglesey
RAF Honeybourne HQ England Worcestershire 1941 1946
RAF Honiley England Warwickshire 1941 1958
RAF Hooton Park England Cheshire 1917 1957
RAF Hopton England Suffolk
RAF Horham JH England Suffolk 1942 1963 (USAAF)
RAF Hornby Hall England Westmorland 1941 1945 No. 9 SLG
RAF Hornchurch England Essex 1928 1962 Formerly RAF Sutton's Farm
RAF Horne England Surrey 1943 1944 ALG
RAF Horsham St Faith HF England Norfolk 1940 1963 Now Norwich Airport
RAF Hucknall England Nottinghamshire 1916 1957
RAF Hullavington England Wiltshire 1937 1993 Technical site transferred to the British Army and became Hullavington Barracks, later renamed Buckley Barracks in 2003. Airfield retained by the RAF for gliding operations and known as Hullavington Airfield, with flying ceasing in 2016 and the site sold to technology company Dyson.
RAF Hunmanby Moor England Yorkshire 1939 1945 Also known as RAF Filey Camp, later Butlin's Filey
RAF Hunsdon England Hertfordshire 1941 1947
RAF Hurn KU England Hampshire 1941 1944 Now Bournemouth Airport
RAF Husbands Bosworth HZ England Leicestershire 1943 1956
RAF Hutton Cranswick England Yorkshire 1942 1946
RAF Hythe England Hampshire 1915 1919
RAF Ibsley IB England Hampshire 1941 1947
RAF Immingham England Lincolnshire (formerly RNAS Immingham – transferred to RAF in 1918)
RAF Ingham England Lincolnshire (later named RAF Cammeringham)
RAF Innsworth England Gloucestershire 1940 2008 Transferred to British Army and became Imjin Barracks
RAF Isle of Grain England Kent (pre-RAF) RNAS Airship station, then RAF Isle of Grain
RAF Joyce Green England Kent 1914 1919 Coincidentally Vickers testing aerodrome 1910–1919
RAF Jurby Isle of Man 1939 1972
RAF Jurby Head Isle of Man 1939 1993 Former inshore air weapons range. Ordnance periodically continues to be washed ashore onto adjacent beaches or brought up in fishing nets.
RAF Keevil England Wiltshire 1942 1965
RAF Kelstern KS England Lincolnshire 1943 1945
RAF Kemble England Gloucestershire 1938 1984
RAF Kenley England Croydon 1917 1974 Airfield retained by the Ministry of Defence and used for gliding. Some parts of former station sold for residential redevelopment.
RAF Kidbrooke England London 1917 1965
RAF Kidlington England Oxfordshire 1938 1951 now Oxford Airport
RAF Kidsdale Scotland Wigtownshire 1937 1943 Joint RAF/Army gunnery range – also known as Burrow Head. To War Department in 1943.
RAF Killadeas Northern Ireland County Fermanagh 1942 1947
RAF Kimbolton KI England Huntingdonshire 1941 1946 (USAAF)
RAF Kings Cliffe England Northamptonshire 1941 1959 (USAAF)
RAF Kingsnorth England Kent 1914 1919 WWI formerly RNAS Kingsnorth, Isle of Grain, 51° 22' 25" N 0° 36' 07" E, Airship station on the Isle of Grain. Not to be confused with RAF Isle of Grain 51° 26' 21" N 0° 42' 46" E
RAF Kingsnorth KN England Kent 1943 1943 (WWII ALG) near Ashford
RAF Kingstown
RAF Carlisle
England Cumbria 1938 1996 Sites sold for civilian use including residential development and Kingmoor Business Park.
RAF Kinloss KW Scotland Morayshire 1939 2012 Transferred to the British Army and became Kinloss Barracks. Maintained as a Relief Landing Ground (RLG) for RAF Lossiemouth.
RAF Kinnell Scotland Angus 1942 1948
RAF Kirkbride England Cumbria
RAF Kirkham England Lancashire 1940 1957 Part of the site is now HM Prison Kirkham
RAF Kirkistown Northern Ireland County Down 1941 1946 On loan to Royal Navy 1945-46 as "HMS Corncrake II"
RAF Kirknewton Scotland Midlothian 1941 Since 1967 the airfield has been used by No. 661 Volunteer Gliding School
RAF Kirkpatrick Scotland Dumfriesshire 1940 1945 Relief Landing Ground for RAF Kingstown
RAF Kirkton Scotland Sutherland 1941 1945 No. 41 Satellite Landing Ground.
RAF Kirmington KG England Lincolnshire 1942 1953 Now Humberside Airport
RAF Kirton in Lindsey KL England Lincolnshire 1940 1966


RAF Knettishall KN England Suffolk 1943 1959 (USAAF)
RAF Langar LA England Nottinghamshire
RAF Langford Lodge Northern Ireland County Antrim 1942 1953 Intended as no. 20 Satellite Landing Ground but completed as a full airfield.
RAF Langham England Norfolk 1940 1961
RAF Larkhill England Wiltshire 1918 1942 Also known as RAF Knighton Down
RAF Lasham England Hampshire 1942 1948 now Lasham Airfield
RAF Lashenden England Kent 1943 1945 (ALG), now Lashenden (Headcorn) Airfield
RAF Lavenham LV England Suffolk 1943 1948 (USAAF)
RAF Leadenham England Lincolnshire
RAF Leanach Scotland Inverness-shire 1941 1945 No. 43 Satellite Landing Ground
RAF Leconfield LC England East Yorkshire 1936 1977 Transferred to British Army and became the Army School of Mechanical Transport, subsequently the Defence School of Transport.
RAF Lee-on-Solent England Hampshire 1917 1939 Transferred to Navy as RNAS Lee-on-Solent (HMS Daedalus) in 1939
RAF Leicester East England Leicestershire Now Leicester Airport
RAF Leiston England Suffolk 1943 1953 Also known as RAF Yoxford (USAAF)
RAF Lennoxlove Scotland East Lothian 1941 1945 No. 27 Satellite Landing Ground.
RAF Leuchars Scotland Fife 1920 2015 Transferred to the British Army and became Leuchars Station. Maintained as a Relief Landing Ground (RLG) for RAF Lossiemouth.
RAF Lichfield LF England Staffordshire 1940 1958
RAF Limavady Northern Ireland County Londonderry 1940 1945
RAF Lindholme LB England Yorkshire 1940 1985 (previously called RAF Hatfield Woodhouse), now HM Prison Lindholme
RAF Lissett LT England Yorkshire 1943 1945
RAF Little Horwood LH England Buckinghamshire
RAF Little Rissington England Gloucestershire
RAF Little Snoring LS England Norfolk 1943 1958
RAF Little Staughton LX England Cambridgeshire 1942 1945
RAF Little Walden LL England Essex 1944 1945 (USAAF)
RAF Llanbedr Wales Gwynedd
RAF Llandaff Wales Cardiff 1946 1980 Formerly RAF Caerau
RAF Llandow Wales South Glamorgan 1940 1957 now Llandow Circuit
RAF Llandwrog Wales Gwynedd
RAF Locking England Somerset 1937 1998 Site sold and station buildings demolished, redeveloped for commercial and residential use.
RAF Long Kesh Northern Ireland County Antrim 1941 1948 subsequently HM Prison Maze
RAF Long Marston JS England Warwickshire
RAF Longbenton England Northumberland vehicle storage unit
RAF Longman Scotland Inverness-shire 1940 1946 Also known as "RAF Inverness". Opened as Inverness Airport in 1933, but replaced by present Inverness Airport (former RAF Dalcross) in 1947.
RAF Longley Lane England Lancashire
RAF Loughborough England Leicestershire
RAF Low Eldrig Scotland Wigtownshire 1941 1944 No. 11 Satellite Landing Ground. Only used during summer months of 1941 and 1942.
RAF Ludford Magna LM England Lincolnshire 1943 1963
RAF Ludham England Norfolk 1941 1946 Also RNAS Ludham/HMS Flycatcher, now private landing strip
RAF Lulsgate Bottom England Somerset 1940 1946 Now Bristol Airport
RAF Luton England Bedfordshire 1938 1946 Now London Luton Airport
RAF Lydd (WWII) England Kent 1943 1944 WWII ALG – not the current Lydd Airport
RAF Lymington LY England Hampshire 1942 1944 ALG
RAF Lympne England Kent 1916 1946 Also served as Lympne Airport between the wars and post WWII, and as HMS Buzzard / HMS Daedalus II 1938–40
RAF Lyneham England Wiltshire 1940 2012 Transferred to British Army and became MOD Lyneham.
RAF Lytham England Lancashire 1947 1956 Originally part of RAF Warton, but when the main Airfield site was sold to the English Electric Company in 1947, one of the outlying sites was designated as RAF Lytham, and was used as a Transit Camp and for Medical Training. This site closed in 1956, with the Medical Training Unit moving to another nearby site with the designated name of RAF Freckleton.
RAF Machrihanish Scotland Argyllshire 1918 1996 Briefly used as an airfield during 1918. Reopened by Royal Navy in 1941 as "HMS Landrail". Transferred to RAF in 1963. Since 1996, part of the site has been leased to Highlands and Islands Airports Ltd. and is known as Campbeltown Airport. The remainder of the site was retained by the MOD until 2012 when it was sold to the Machrihanish Airbase Community Company under community right-to-buy legislation.
RAF Macmerry Scotland East Lothian 1941 1946 Also (unofficially) known as RAF Tranent and RAF Penston, and briefly transferred to Royal Navy as "HMS Nighthawk II" during 1945. Operated as civil airfield 1929-53.
RAF Madley England Herefordshire 1941 1946 Now a BT Group earth station - Madley Communications Centre
RAF Maghaberry Northern Ireland County Antrim 1941 1946 Now HM Prison Maghaberry
RAF Manby England Lincolnshire 1938 1974
RAF Manorbier Wales Pembrokeshire 1933 1946
RAF Manston England Kent 1917 1999 Became Kent International Airport (closed 2014) and Defence Fire Training and Development Centre
RAF Manywells Height England Yorkshire 1916 1919 No trace remains – returned to farmland
RAF Marden England Kent 1917 1919 Class 2 Airfield, near Staplehurst, housed a RAF wireless transmitter station during WW2
RAF Market Deeping England Lincolnshire
RAF Market Drayton England Shropshire (Buntingsdale Hall)
RAF Market Harborough MB England Leicestershire 1943 1947
RAF Market Stainton England Lincolnshire
RAF Marston Moor MA England Yorkshire 1941 1945 originally named RAF Tockwith and sometimes incorrectly RAF Marsden Moor
RAF Martlesham Heath MH England Suffolk 1917 1963 Pre 1939 was home to Royal Aircraft Establishment, in 1939 RAE moved to Farnborough and airfield became a Fighter Station as part of 11 Group. In 1943 RAF Moved out and USAAF moved in. Post war the Airfield had numerous roles until 1959 when it became home to Headquarters 11 Group Fighter Command, and that same year the Original Battle of Britain Flight as it was then known moved from North Weald where it had been formed to Martlesham Heath. In 1961 however it was decided that the close proximity of Martlesham's circuit to the fast Jets of the bases of nearby Woodbridge and Bentwaters was becoming a problem and Martlesham was declared surplus to requirements and the Royal Air Force moved out. Now mostly redeveloped into housing, retail park and light industrial development but an aviation museum is located in the former control tower.[12]
RAF Marwell Hall England Hampshire 1941 1945 Now the site of Marwell Zoo
RAF Matching MT England Essex 1943 1945
RAF Matlaske England Norfolk
RAF Mattishall England Norfolk First World War "Landing Ground"
RAF Maydown Northern Ireland County Londonderry 1942 1945 Transferred to Royal Navy as "HMS Gannet II".
RAF Medmenham England Buckinghamshire 1941 1977
RAF Meikle Ferry Scotland Ross and Cromarty 1942 1946 Marine craft unit
RAF Meir England Staffordshire
RAF Melbourne ME England Yorkshire 1940 1945
RAF Melksham England Wiltshire 1940 1965 Training schools
RAF Melton Mowbray England Leicestershire 1943 1964
RAF Membury ME England Berkshire 1942 1947 (USAAF)
RAF Mendlesham MD England Suffolk 1944 1954 (USAAF)
RAF Mepal MP England Cambridgeshire 1943 1963 now Mepal Airfield
RAF Merston England Sussex 1941 1944 USAAF 1942–43 (Satellite of RAF Tangmere). Used by French RAF pilots during D-Day[13]
RAF Merryfield HI, MF England Somerset 1944 1946 USAAF 1944–45, now RNAS Merryfield HMS Heron II from 1971. Formerly known as RAF Isle Abbots
RAF Metfield England Suffolk 1943 1945 (USAAF)
RAF Metheringham MN England Lincolnshire 1943 1946
RAF Methven Scotland Perthshire 1941 c.1945 No. 24 Satellite Landing Ground.
RAF Methwold ML England Norfolk 1939 1958
RAF Middle Wallop England Hampshire 1940 1958 now used by the British Army, AAC Middle Wallop
RAF Middleton St. George MG England County Durham 1941 1965 Formerly RAF Goosepool, now Durham Tees Valley Airport
RAF Milfield England Northumberland 1942 1946 Previously used as landing ground known as "Woodbridge" during 1917.
RAF Mill Green England Hertfordshire 1943 1948
RAF Millom England Cumbria 1941 1945 Now HM Prison Haverigg
RAF Milltown Scotland Morayshire 1943 To Royal Navy as "HMS Fulmar II" in 1946. Returned to RAF in 1972. Closed to flying in 1977 and became a communications site. Since closed.
RAF Minchinhampton England Gloucestershire 1918 1919
RAF Misson England Nottinghamshire
RAF Montford Bridge England Shropshire 1941 1945 Satellite station of RAF Rednal
RAF Montrose Scotland Angus 1912 1952 First military airfield in Scotland.
RAF Morecambe England Lancashire The Midland Hotel requisitioned as an RAF Hospital
RAF Moreton-in-Marsh MO England Gloucestershire 1941 1955 Now the site of the Fire Service College
RAF Moreton Valence England Gloucestershire 1939 1962 The runway is now buried under the M5 motorway! The station was adjacent to 7MU Quedgeley.
RAF Morpeth England Northumberland 1942 1948 Also known locally as Tranwell.
RAF Mount Batten England Devon 1918 1986 formerly RAF Cattewater
RAF Mount Farm MF England Oxfordshire 1940 1946 (USAAF)
RAF Mousehold Heath England Norfolk 1914 under RFC, became first Norwich Airport in 1933
RAF Mullaghmore Northern Ireland County Londonderry 1942 1945
RAF Murlough Northern Ireland County Down 1941 1945 No. 19 Satellite Landing Ground.
RAF Narborough England Norfolk 1915 1919 Sited to the NE of present day RAF Marham
RAF Needs Oar Point England Hampshire 1943 1944 ALG
RAF Nether Wallop England Hampshire 1945 1946 HQ Southern Sector
RAF Netheravon England Wiltshire 1919 1957 AAC Netheravon (Army Air Corps) 1963–2012
RAF Newchurch England Kent 1943 1944 ALG
RAF Newhaven England Sussex 1917 1919 Newhaven Seaplane Base
RAF Newmarket NM England Suffolk 1939 1945
RAF New Romney England Kent 1917 1919 (WWI) Became Littlestone Airfield post-war, used as an Emergency Landing Ground
RAF New Romney England Kent 1942 1944 (WWII) Also known as RAF Honeychild
RAF Newton NA England Nottinghamshire 1937 1955
RAF Newtownards Northern Ireland County Down 1939 1945 Opened as Ards Airport in 1934, now Newtownards Airport.
RAF Hospital Nocton Hall England Lincolnshire 1947 1995 Sold and converted to residential care home, later became derelict.
RAF North Coates England Lincolnshire 1935 1990
RAF North Creake NO England Norfolk 1943 1945
RAF North Killingholme NK England Lincolnshire 1943 1945
RAF North Luffenham NL England Rutland 1940 1997 Transferred to the British Army and became St George's Barracks.
RAF North Pickenham NP England Norfolk 1944 1965 Now a turkey farm and karting circuit
RAF North Weald England Essex 1916 1964 This is where the VE-Day celebration flypast took off from, with Group Captain Douglas Bader taking the role of "Lead Fighter". Now North Weald Airfield
RAF North Witham NW England Lincolnshire
RAF Northleach England Gloucestershire 1942 1944
RAF Norton England Yorkshire
RAF Norton Disney England Lincolnshire Originally named RAF Swinderby (but on different site to later flying station)
RAF Nuneaton NU England Leicestershire also known as RAF Lindley
RAF Nuneham Park England Oxfordshire
RAF Nuthampstead NT England Hertfordshire 1943 1954 (USAAF)
RAF Nutts Corner Northern Ireland County Antrim 1941 1946 Subsequently, Belfast Airport until 1963.
RAF Oakham England Leicestershire
RAF Oakhanger England Hampshire 1966 2003 Satellite communications station now operated by Airbus Defence and Space under a private finance initiative contract for the Ministry of Defence.
RAF Oakington OA England Cambridgeshire 1940 1970 Being developed into Northstowe new town.
RAF Oakley OY England Buckinghamshire 1942 1945
RAF Oban Scotland Argyllshire 1939 1945 Flying boat station. Not to be confused with the present Oban Airport (ex RAF Connel).
RAF Okehampton England Devon Also known as "Folly Gate"
RAF Old Buckenham OE England Norfolk 1943 1945 (USAAF)
RAF Old Sarum England Wiltshire 1917 1971 now Old Sarum Airfield
RAF Ossington ON England Nottinghamshire 1942 1946
RAF Oulton OU England Norfolk 1940 1947
RAF Ouston England Northumberland 1941 1974 Now Albemarle Barracks (British Army) near Heddon on the Wall.
RAF Padgate England Lancashire
RAF Pembrey Wales Carmarthenshire 1940 1957
RAF Pembroke Dock Wales Pembrokeshire 1930 1957
RAF Pengam Moors Wales South Glamorgan 1937 1953 (aka RAF Cardiff)
RAF Penshurst England Kent 1916 1919


Became Penshurst Airfield, in operation 1919–36, reopened during WWII
RAF Penrhos Wales Caernarvonshire 1937 1947 Established as the Polish Resettlement Centre post-WW2
RAF Peplow CE England Shropshire 1940 1947 Also known for a short period as RAF Childs Ercall. Later renamed HMS Godwit as a Fleet Air Arm instrument landing school
RAF Perranporth England Cornwall 1941 1945
RAF Pershore PR England Worcestershire 1941 1978 also known as RAF Throckmorton, became Royal Radar Establishment RRE Pershore
RAF Perth Scotland Perthshire 1936 1954 Now Perth (Scone) Airport
RAF Perton England Staffordshire 1941 1945
RAF Peterhead Scotland Aberdeenshire 1941 1945
RAF Peterborough England Northamptonshire 1932 1964
RAF Pevensey England Sussex
RAF Pitreavie Castle Scotland Fife 1938 1996 Main building converted to residential use, others demolished.
RAF Pocklington OC England Yorkshire 1941 1946
RAF Podington England Bedfordshire 1942 1946 Now Santa Pod Raceway drag strip
RAF Polebrook PK England Northamptonshire 1941 1963 (USAAF)
RAF Polegate England Sussex 1915 1919 Airship base
RAF Port Ellen Scotland Argyllshire 1940 1947 Also known as RAF Glenegedale and RAF Islay, now Islay Airport
RAF Portreath England Cornwall After the War part of the airfield became Chemical Defence Establishment Nancekuke (CDE Nancekuke, a Chemical weapons manufacturing facility for VX gas and Sarin gas, (closed in the 1950s). Now RRH Portreath, a remote Radar Head
RAF Portsmouth England Hampshire 1939 1949
RAF Poulton England Cheshire 1943 1945 Used as a satellite of RAF Hawarden.
RAF Prawle Point England Devon 1917 1919 Formerly RNAS Prawle Point
RAF Prestatyn Wales Denbighshire
RAF Prestwick Scotland Ayrshire 1936 2013 Operations transferred to RAF (U) Swanwick. Now Glasgow Prestwick Airport.
RAF Pucklechurch England Gloucestershire 1939 1959 Now HM Prison Ashfield
RAF Pulborough England Sussex 1940 1945 Emergency Landing Ground
RAF Pulham England Norfolk used for the development of British airships between the wars
RAF Quedgeley England Gloucestershire 1939 1995 Site sold and redeveloped as Kingsway Village.
RAF Rackheath RK England Norfolk 1943 1945 (USAAF)
RAF Radlett England Hertfordshire 1940 1945 Aldenham Lodge Hotel requisitioned as the headquarters of No. 80 (Signals) Wing, not the Handley Page Airfield
RAF Ramsbury RY England Wiltshire 1942 1945 (USAAF)
RAF Ramsgate England Kent 1940 1940 Also Ramsgate Airport, temporary requisition during the Battle of Britain as dispersals for RAF Manston, re-opened as civil airfield in 1953 and closed in 1968
RAF Ratcliffe England Leicestershire ATA use of Ratcliffe Aerodrome
RAF Rattlesden RS England Suffolk 1942 1945 (USAAF)
RAF Rauceby England Lincolnshire No 4 RAF Hospital between 1940 and 1947 – became Rauceby Mental Hospital
RAF Raydon RA England Suffolk 1942 1958 (USAAF)
RAF Reading England Berkshire
RAF Rearsby England Leicestershire A former flying club airfield was the base for Taylorcraft Aeroplanes (England) Ltd changed its name to The Auster Aircraft Company Ltd.
RAF Redhill England Surrey 1937 1954 now Redhill Aerodrome
RAF Rednal England Shropshire 1942–1945 1945 now Rednal Airfield
RAF Regents Park England City of Westminster No. 1 Air Crew Reception Centre
RAF Renfrew Scotland Renfrewshire 1925 Opened 1915 as manufacturer's airfield, subsequently a civil airfield (Renfrew Airport) until closure in 1966. RAuxAF 602 Squadron formed 1925. RAF use ceased after WW2.
RAF Rhoose Wales South Glamorgan 1942 1952 Now Cardiff Airport
RAF Riccall RC England Yorkshire 1942 1946
RAF Ridgewell RD England Essex 1942 1957 (USAAF)
RAF Ringway England Cheshire Formerly and now Manchester Airport
RAF Ripon England North Yorkshire 1916 1919 After 1919, reverted to Ripon Racecourse, but was used sporadically throughout the 1920s for civilian flights
RAF Rivenhall RL England Essex 1943 1945
RAF Roborough England Devon 1938 1945 Formerly Plymouth Municipal Aerodrome, now Plymouth City Airport
RAF Rochester England Kent 1938 1953 1938 location of No 23 Elementary and Reserve Flying Training School.[14]
RAF Rochford England Essex 1916 1944 started in WW1 as RFC Rochford, title changed to 'RAF' in April 1918
RAF Ronaldsway Isle of Man 1943 (HMS Urley, RNAS Ronaldsway)
RAF Rudloe Manor England Somerset 1940 2000 Formerly RAF Box, also known as RAF Corsham, now MoD Corsham
RAF Rufforth RU England Yorkshire 1942 1954
RAF Rustington England Sussex 1917 1919
RAF Saltby SY England Leicestershire
RAF Samlesbury England Lancashire now Samlesbury Aerodrome
RAF Sandtoft England Lincolnshire 1943 1955
RAF Sandy Bay Northern Ireland County Antrim flying boat base on Lough Neagh near Ram's Island
RAF Sawbridgeworth ZH England Hertfordshire 1916 1946 Originally established in WW1 as a Night Landing Ground for 39 (Home Defence) Sqn of the RFC it was operational from April 1916 to November 1918. The location was reused in an enlarged state as an airfield in October 1940 and operational until mid-1946, whence it returned to agriculture.
RAF Scarnish Scotland Argyllshire Ground Control Intercept radar station
RAF Scatsta Scotland Shetland 1940 1946 Now Scatsta Airport
RAF Scorton England Yorkshire 1939 1945
RAF Sculthorpe SP England Norfolk 1943 1992 Airfield retained in military use by the MOD and known as the Sculthorpe Training Area. Technical and administrative buildings sold for civilian use and now form Tattersett Business Park. Former military housing refurbished to create Wicken Green Village
RAF Sealand Wales Flintshire 1916 2006 Transferred to the Defence Aviation Repair Agency (DARA), now Defence Electronics and Components Agency (DECA). Part of site sold for redevelopment.
RAF Sedgeford England Norfolk WW1 night landing ground, site used as airfield decoy during WW2
RAF Seething England Norfolk 1943 1945
RAF Seighford YD England Staffordshire
RAF Selsey England Sussex 1943 1945 ALG, previously Selsey Airfield
RAF Sharnbrook England Bedfordshire Munitions Storage Depot
RAF Sheerness (Aerodrome) England Kent 1918 1918 Emergency Landing Ground
RAF Sheerness England Kent 1919 1919 Balloon station
RAF Shellbeach England Kent 1918 1981 WWI Emergency Landing Ground
RAF Shellingford England Oxfordshire
RAF Shepherds Grove England Suffolk
RAF Sherburn-in-Elmet England Yorkshire 1917 1945 Now Sherburn-in-Elmet Airfield
RAF Shipdham SJ England Norfolk 1942 1945 (USAAF)
RAF Shobdon England Herefordshire 1940 1946 Now Shobdon Aerodrome
RAF Shoreham (WWI) England Sussex 1914 1921
RAF Shoreham (WWII) England Sussex 1940 1946 Wartime requisition of Shoreham Airport
RAF Shrewton England Wiltshire
RAF Sidmouth England Devon 1943 1945 Various hotels requisitioned as The Air Crew Officers School, a convalescent home and a Medical Training Establishment and Depot
RAF Silloth England Cumbria 1939 1960
RAF Silverstone SV England Northamptonshire 1943 1947 Straddles Buckinghamshire border. Now Silverstone International Motor Racing Circuit.
RAF Skaebrae Scotland Orkney 1940 1957
RAF Skellingthorpe FG England Lincolnshire 1941–1952 1952
RAF Skipton-on-Swale SK England Yorkshire 1942 1945
RAF Skitten Scotland Caithness 1940 1945
RAF Skewjack England Cornwall
RAF Sleap England Shropshire 1943 1964 now Sleap Airfield
RAF Snailwell England Cambridgeshire 1941 1946
RAF Snaith SX England Yorkshire 1941 1946
RAF Snetterton Heath SN England Norfolk 1943 1948 airfield now Snetterton Motor Racing Circuit
RAF Snettisham England Norfolk USAAF Gunnery School/Range
RAF Snitterfield England Warwickshire 1943 1946
RAF Soberton England Hampshire 1940 Emergency Landing Ground
RAF Somerton England Isle of Wight 1916 1919 Became civil airfield for Saunders-Roe post-war, closed 1951
RAF South Cerney England Gloucestershire 1937 1971 Transferred to British Army and became Duke of Gloucester Barracks.
RAF South Witham England Lincolnshire
RAF Southam England Warwickshire 1940 1944
RAF Southend England Essex 1944 1945 Now London Southend Airport
RAF Southrop England Gloucestershire 1940 1947
RAF Spanhoe UV England Northamptonshire 1944 1946 Also known as Wakerley or Harringworth
RAF Speke England Lancashire Now Liverpool John Lennon Airport
RAF Spilsby SL England Lincolnshire
RAF Spitalgate England Lincolnshire 1916 1975 (sometimes incorrectly spelled RAF Spittlegate) (formerly RAF Grantham), now Prince William of Gloucester Barracks
RAF Squires Gate England Lancashire Now Blackpool Airport
RAF St Angelo Northern Ireland County Fermanagh 1941 1947 Originally no. 18 Satellite Landing Ground, but subsequently a full aerodrome. Now Enniskillen/St Angelo Airport.
RAF St Athan Wales Vale of Glamorgan 1938 2006 Renamed MOD St Athan, home to the RAF's No. 4 School of Technical Training, units flying the Grob Tutor and the Special Forces Support Group.
RAF St Davids Wales Pembrokeshire 1943 1958
RAF St Eval England Cornwall 1939 1959
RAF Stafford England Staffordshire 1938 2006 Was No. 16 Maintenance Unit (16MU). Transferred to British Army and became Beacon Barracks and MOD Stafford.
RAF Stanbridge England Bedfordshire 1939 2013 Also known as RAF Leighton Buzzard. Site sold for redevelopment, station buildings demolished.
RAF Stanley Park England Lancashire Now Blackpool Zoo
RAF Stanmore Park England Middlesex
RAF Stannington England Northumberland
RAF Stansted Mountfitchet KT England Essex 1943 1958 Now London Stansted Airport
RAF Stanton Harcourt ST England Oxfordshire
RAF Stapleford Tawney England Essex 1939 1945 now Stapleford Aerodrome
RAF Staplehurst SH England Kent 1943 1944 Prototype ALG/USAAF
RAF Staverton England Gloucestershire 1936 1951
RAF Steeple Morden KR England Cambridgeshire 1940 1946
RAF Stoke Hammond England Buckinghamshire 1974
RAF Stoke Orchard England Gloucestershire 1941 1945
RAF Stoney Cross England Hampshire 1942 1948
RAF Stormy Down Wales Glamorganshire 1940 1945
RAF Stornoway Scotland Ross and Cromarty 1941 1998 Opened as civil airport in 1934. Returned to civilian use and became Stornoway Airport.
Stow Maries Aerodrome England Essex 1917 1940 Originally opened as an RFC station in 1914 (all titles changed to 'RAF' after 1 April 1918), not used in WW2, now a Heritage Centre and private airfield
RAF Stracathro Scotland Angus 1941 1948
RAF Stradishall NX England Suffolk 1938 1970 now HMP Highpoint prison.
RAF Stratford NF England Warwickshire 1942 1945 Formerly RAF Atherstone
RAF Stravithie Scotland Fife 1941 1945 Bo. 26 Satellite Landing Ground.
RAF Strubby NY England Lincolnshire 1943 1972
RAF Sturgate England Lincolnshire 1944 1964 now Sturgate Airfield
RAF Sudbury SU England Suffolk 1944 1945
RAF Sullom Voe Scotland Shetland 1939 1952 Flying boat station.
RAF Sumburgh Scotland Shetland 1940 1946 Opened as civil airport in 1936, now Sumburgh Airport
RAF Sutton Bridge England Lincolnshire 1926 1958 Formerly an Armament Practice Camp established 1 September 1926, from 1932 renamed RAF Sutton Bridge, closed 1958, airfield landsite transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture and continues to be used by the Potato Council as an agricultural experiment station.
RAF Sutton on Hull England Yorkshire 1938 1961
RAF Swannington NG England Norfolk 1944 1947
RAF Swanton Morley SM England Norfolk 1940 1995 Transferred to the British Army and became Robertson Barracks.
RAF Swinderby SN England Lincolnshire 1940 1993 Sold in 1995, the technical site is now an industrial estate and domestic site became the village of Witham St Hughs. The airfield remains and is disused.
RAF Swingfield England Kent 1916 1945 WWII ALG
RAF Sydenham Northern Ireland County Down 1939 1978 Opened as civil airfield in 1933. Also known at various times as RAF Belfast, HMS Gadwall, HMS Gannet III, Belfast Harbour Airport, Belfast City Airport, now George Best Belfast City Airport
RAF Sywell England Northamptonshire Now Sywell Aerodrome
RAF Tain Scotland Ross and Cromarty 1941 1946 Disused airfield within boundaries of the current bombing range.
RAF Talbenny Wales Pembrokeshire 1942 1946
RAF Tallaght Ireland Co Dublin 1918
RAF Tangmere England Sussex 1917 1979
RAF Tarrant Rushton England Dorsetshire 1943 1947
RAF Tatenhill VL England Staffordshire 1941 1947 (initially called RAF Crossplains) – see also Tatenhill Airfield
RAF Tealing Scotland Angus 1942 1945
RAF Teddington England Greater London 1942 1963 See Camp Griffiss
RAF Telscombe Cliffs England Sussex 1916 1919
RAF Templeton Wales Pembrokeshire 1942 1945
RAF Tempsford England Bedfordshire 1941 1947
RAF Ternhill England Shropshire 1916 1976 Technical and administrative site transferred to the British Army and became Borneo Barracks, later renamed Clive Barracks. Airfield retained by the RAF for use as a relief landing ground, now used by the Defence Helicopter Flying School.
RAF Thatcham England Berkshire 2001
RAF Thame England Buckinghamshire Now Haddenham Airfield
RAF Theddlethorpe England Lincolnshire (former bombing range)
RAF Thetford England Norfolk
RAF Tholthorpe TH England Yorkshire 1940 1948
RAF Thornaby TB England Yorkshire 1929 1958
RAF Thorney Island England Hampshire 1938 1976 Transferred to the British Army in 1984 and became Baker Barracks.
RAF Thorpe Abbotts TA England Norfolk 1943 1956 (USAAF)
RAF Throwley England Kent 1916 1919 Allocated as a WWII Emergency Landing Ground, but not used.
RAF Thruxton TX England Hampshire 1942 1946 now Thruxton Motor Racing Circuit
RAF Thurleigh England Bedfordshire 1936 1946 Converted to RAE Bedford and is now Bedford Autodrome
RAF Tibenham England Norfolk 1942 1959 (USAAF)
RAF Tilshead England Wiltshire 1925 1941
RAF Tilstock OK England Shropshire 1942 1946
RAF Tipnor England Hampshire 1917 1919 Balloon station
RAF Tiree Scotland Inverness-shire 1941 1946 Now Tiree Airport, used as civil airport since 1937.
RAF Toome Northern Ireland County Antrim 1943 1954
RAF Torquay England Devon
RAF Towyn Wales Merionethshire 1940 1945
RAF Trebelzue England Cornwall Subsumed by RAF St Mawgan during WWII
RAF Truleigh Hill England Sussex
RAF Tuddenham TD England Suffolk 1943 1963
RAF Turnberry Scotland Ayrshire 1917 1945 Used 1917-18 and as a landing ground in the 1930s. Full aerodrome reopened in 1942.
RAF Turnhouse Scotland Midlothian 1916 1997 Now Edinburgh Airport
RAF Turweston TU England Buckinghamshire 1942 1945 Now Turweston Aerodrome
RAF Twinwood Farm England Bedfordshire 1941 1945 (USAAF from 1944)
RAF Tydd St Mary England Lincolnshire (former RFC Aerodrome Tydd St Mary – transferred to RAF in 1918)
RAF Upavon UA England Wiltshire 1912 1993 Transferred to the British Army and became Trenchard Lines.
RAF Upottery England Devon 1944 1948 Although the runways remain the land and remaining buildings are in private ownership.
RAF Upper Heyford UH England Oxfordshire 1918 1994 Site sold, several buildings now in various civilian uses and other areas redeveloped for housing. Several areas and buildings given scheduled or listed status.
RAF Upwood UD England Cambridgeshire 1917 2012 Sold for various civilian uses.
RAF Usworth England County Durham 1916 1958 Sunderland Airport from 1963, redeveloped as Nissan car plant from 1984
RAF Uxbridge England London 1918 2010 Closed as a result of the MOD's Project MoDEL, site sold for redevelopment and majority of station buildings demolished. Operations room now Battle of Britain Bunker museum.
RAF Wainfleet England Lincolnshire Bombing range.
RAF Walmer England Kent 1918 1919
RAF Walney Island England Lancashire
RAF Wanborough England Wiltshire 1941 1945 Relief Landing Ground
RAF Warboys WB England Cambridgeshire 1941 1963
RAF Warmwell XW England Dorsetshire 1937 1945 Airfield site now quarried, technical site now Crossways village
RAF Warton England Lancashire Originally Warton Aerodrome but, following the extension of two runways in 1940, the site became a satellite station of the RAF Coastal Command located at RAF Squires Gate. During WW2 the Airfield was used by the USAAF as BAD2. Following the war the Airfield was designated as RAF Warton. In 1947 the main Airfield site was purchased and developed by the English Electric Company. two outlying parts of the Warton site became RAF Lytham and RAF Freckleton. The main site has evolved over many years and is currently known as BAE Systems Warton.
RAF Warwick England Warwickshire 1941 1945 Relief Landing Ground
RAF Watchet England Somerset 1937 1940
RAF Watchfield England Oxfordshire 1940 1950
RAF Waterbeach WJ England Cambridgeshire 1941 1963 From 1966 to 2013 called Waterbeach BarracksBritish Army, Royal Engineers. Closed in March 2013.
RAF Wath Head England Cumberland 1941 1945
RAF Watnall England Nottinghamshire
RAF Wattisham WT England Suffolk 1939 1993 Transferred to the British Army's Army Air Corps and became Wattisham Airfield.
RAF Watton WN England Norfolk 1939 1976
RAF Weeton England Lancashire 1940 1970 Now Weeton Barracks
RAF Hospital Weeton England Lancashire
RAF Warrington England Lancashire
RAF Wellesbourne Mountford WM England Warwickshire 1941 1963 Wellesbourne Mountford Airfield since 1965.
RAF Wellingore England Lincolnshire 1937 1946
RAF Wendling England Norfolk 1943 1945 USAAF from 1944
RAF West Ayton England Yorkshire 1918 1919
RAF West Drayton England Middlesex 1924 1944
RAF West Freugh Scotland Wigtownshire 1937 2001 Became RAE West Freugh when taken over by the Royal Aircraft Establishment in 1956, now MoD West Freugh with bombing and weapon test Ranges, also training area for maritime/landing operations.
RAF West Kirby England Merseyside 1940 1957 training camp on the Wirral Peninsula
RAF West Malling VG England Kent 1917 1969 Became Maidstone Airport in 1930
RAF West Raynham WR England Norfolk 1939 1944
RAF Westcott WX England Buckinghamshire 1942 1945 Became the Rocket Propulsion Establishment (RPE Westcott)
RAF Westenhanger England Kent 1944 Folkestone Racecourse
RAF Westgate England Kent 1918 1920
RAF Westhampnett WQ England Sussex 1940 1946 Satellite of RAF Tangmere, Emergency Landing Ground, now Chichester/Goodwood Airport
RAF Weston-on-the-Green England Oxfordshire
RAF Weston-super-Mare England Somerset 1939 1955 Opened as civilian airport, now mostly housing, also a heliport and (since 1978) The Helicopter Museum
RAF Weston Zoyland England Somerset 1926 1969
RAF West Ruislip England Middlesex 1917 1955 Later USAF/USN, closed 2006
RAF Wethersfield England Essex 1941 1970 USAAF from 1944. Now MDP Wethersfield – MoD Police training base
RAF Weybourne England Norfolk 1939 1942
RAF Wheaton Aston WH England Staffordshire 1941 1947 Post war was used as a camp for Polish immigrants. Now used for pig farming.
RAF Whitchurch England Somerset
RAF White Waltham England Berkshire 1938 1982 Now White Waltham Airfield
RAF Whitefield Scotland Perthshire 1939 1945 Relief Landing Ground for RAF Perth.
RAF Whitley Bay England Northumberland
RAF Wick Scotland Caithness 1939 1946 Now Wick John O'Groats Airport
RAF Wickenby UI England Lincolnshire 1942 1956
RAF Wig Bay Scotland Wigtownshire 1940 1957 Flying boat base (Sunderlands) on West side of Loch Ryan, also known as "RAF Stranraer".
RAF Wigsley UG England Lincolnshire 1942 1958 Site straddled the border between Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. Satellite of RAF Swinderby.
RAF Wigtown Scotland Wigtownshire 1941 1948
RAF Willingale JC England Essex 1946 1959 See also RAF Chipping Ongar
RAF Wilmslow England Cheshire
RAF Winfield Scotland Berwickshire 1942 1945
RAF Windrush UR England Gloucestershire
RAF Wing UX England Buckinghamshire 1942 1958
RAF Winkton XT England Hampshire 1943 1944 ALG
RAF Winkleigh England Devon 1943 1958
RAF Winterseugh Scotland Dumfriesshire 1941 1944 No. 37 Satellite Landing Ground.
RAF Winthorpe WE England Nottinghamshire 1940 1958 Now Newark Air Museum and Newark Showground
RAF Witchford EL England Cambridgeshire 1943 1946
RAF Wombleton UN England Yorkshire 1943 1949
RAF Woodbridge OZ England Suffolk 1943 1993 Transferred to the British Army in 2006 and became MOD Woodbridge, incorporating Rock Barracks and Woodbridge Airfield.
RAF Woodchurch XO England Kent 1943 ALG
RAF Woodcote England Oxfordshire 1941 1959
RAF Woodhall Spa WS England Lincolnshire 1942 1964
RAF Woodhaven Scotland Fife 1942 1945 Flying boat annexe to RAF Leuchars
RAF Woodley England Berkshire
RAF Woolfox Lodge WL England Rutland 1940 1964
RAF Woolsington England Northumberland 1940 1945 Previously RAF Station Newcastle, now Newcastle International Airport
RAF Worcester England Worcestershire
RAF Worksop WP England Nottinghamshire 1943 1960
RAF Wormingford England Essex 1943 1947 USAAF from 1944
RAF Worthy Down England Hampshire 1918 1938 Transferred to Royal Navy in 1939 as HMS Kestrel/HMS Ariel II. Now Worthy Down Barracks
RAF Wortley England Yorkshire
RAF Wratting Common WW England Cambridgeshire 1943 1946
RAF Wrexham Wales Denbighshire 1941 1945 Also known as RAF Borras
RAF Wroughton England Wiltshire 1940 1972 Became a Royal Navy Air Yard (RNAY) in 1972, now a depository of the Science Museum
RAF Hospital Wroughton England Wiltshire 1941 1996 Demolished in 2004, site sold for redevelopment.
RAF Wye England Kent 1916 1919
RAF Wymeswold WD England Leicestershire 1942 1957
RAF Wythall England Worcestershire 1939 1959
RAF Yatesbury England Wiltshire 1917 1969
RAF Yeadon England Yorkshire 1939 1947 now Leeds Bradford Airport
RAF York England Yorkshire 1939 1946 Also known as RAF Clifton and RAF Rawcliffe
RAF Zeals England Wiltshire 1942 1946

Bentley Priory Chain Home, Chain Home Low, Chain Home Extra Low, ROTOR and tropo-scatter stations

Notes: Some of the Chain Home Low sites were co-located with the larger Chain Home radars. Chain Home Extra Low equipment was co-located with "Chain Home" and "Chain Home Low" as well as at separate sites, but were of a less permanent nature, usually with mobile equipment.

ROTOR was the post war Radar interception system created from existing radar installations.[15]

NARS, the North Atlantic Radio System, was an extension of the US Distant Early Warning system tropo-scatter communications network.

ACE High provided long-range communications for NATO

Station Country County Ordnance Survey National Grid Notes
RAF Aird Uig Scotland Outer Hebrides (NB 047390) ('WIU') CEW R10 ROTOR Radar Station[16] on the Isle of Lewis.
RAF Anstruther[17][18] Scotland Fife (NO568808) ('FAT') R3 ROTOR Radar Station near Anstruther, Fife.
RAF Ash England Kent (TR320586) Near Woodnesborough
RAF BallymartinNorthern Ireland County Down Chain Home Low (CHL)
RAF BamburghEngland Northumberland CHL 41A/CEW/CHEL Site K157[19]
RAF Bard HillEngland Norfolk (TG075428) Coast defence (CD)/Chain Home Low radar station near Holt
RAF Barnton QuarryScotland Lothian (NT203748 ('MHA') Rotor SOC and RSG near Edinburgh
RAF BawburghEngland Norfolk (TG165080) ('WRK') former RAF Eastern Sector Control HQ, ROTOR Station and SOC near Norwich
RAF BawdseyEngland Suffolk (TM 347388) CH, CHEL, ('PKD') R3 GCI (E) ROTOR Radar Station[20]
RAF Beachy HeadEngland Sussex (TV 590959) Chain Home Low (CHL)/CD M10, then (('HEB') CEW R1 ROTOR Radar Station)[21]
RAF Beer HeadEngland Devon (SY 223882) CHL 13A/CHEL K165[22]
RAF BemptonEngland Yorkshire (TA 192736) near Bridlington, formerly RAF Flamborough Head – later developed as ('RMF') ROTOR R1 CEW station
RAF Ben HoughScotland Tiree (NL94874635) Chain Home Low radar station on summit of Beinn Hough
RAF BinbrookEngland Lincolnshire (UBIZ) – NATO ACE High Tropo-scatter LOS microwave terminal
RAF BlackheadNorthern Ireland County Antrim Chain Home Low
RAF Blackpool TowerEngland Lancashire (SD306357) Blackpool – AMES No. 64
RAF BlackgangEngland Isle of Wight (SZ505766) GCI station near Niton
RAF Bolt TailEngland Devon R6 ROTOR Radar Station adjacent to RAF Bolt Head
RAF Boniface DownEngland Isle of Wight
RAF Botley Hill FarmEngland Surrey NATO ACE High Tropo-scatter site
RAF BoulmerEngland Northumberland (NU 240125) ('EZS') GCI R3 Type 80 ROTOR Radar Station & Control and Reporting Centre in the UK Air Surveillance and Control System
RAF Brandy BayEngland Dorsetshire (SY 8766479827) Radar and GEE site near Tyneham
RAF BranscombeEngland Devon (SY1988) Chain Home Station CH13[23]
RAF Brenish[24] Scotland Western Isles (NA9910024250) Chain Home Radar Station. AMES No. 97[25]
RAF Bride[26] Isle of Man (SC463031)
RAF Brizlee WoodEngland Northumberland (UBOZ) – NATO ACE High Tropo-scatter site
RAF Broad BayScotland Western Isles (NB5314034470) Chain Home Radar Station
RAF BuchanScotland Aberdeenshire (NK 113408) (former ROTOR R3 GCI Radar Station 'GBU')
RAF CalvoEngland Cumbria (NY 144545) ('CAL' ROTOR R8 GCI Radar Station)
RAF CanewdonEngland Essex (TQ9094) Chain Home Radar Station CH22
RAF CarsaigScotland Isle of Mull CHL
RAF Cape GrecoCyprus NATO ACE High Tropo-scatter site
RAF Castell MawrWales Anglesey (SN5369) Chain Home Station AMES No. 67
RAF CheniesEngland Buckinghamshire (TQ 015997) ('HAM' R8 GCI ROTOR Station)
RAF CrosslawScotland Berwickshire (CHEL R2 ROTOR Radar Station)[27]
RAF CleadonEngland County Durham Chain Home Low and OBOE Station
RAF ClettScotland Shetland Islands GCI Station
RAF CockburnspathScotland Borders CHL
RAF CocklawScotland Aberdeenshire Chain Home Low Radar Station AMES No. 47B, near Peterhead
RAF Cold HesledonEngland Co. Durham (NZ 417468) ROTOR R1 CEW/CHEL Station
RAF Coldblow LaneEngland Kent (TQ824584) (UMAZ) – NATO Ace High Tropospheric scatter site, near Detling
RAF Collafirth HillScotland Shetland LOS (line of sight) microwave site for NATO ACE High.
RAF CombertonEngland Worcestershire (SO 968461) ('COB' R8 GCI ROTOR Station)
RAF Crannoch HillScotland Banffshire CD/CHL
RAF CrasterEngland Northumberland CD/CHL
RAF CreignishIsle of Man CHL[26]
RAF CresswellEngland Northumberland (NZ2974892445)
RAF CrickladeEngland Gloucestershire (SU10459505) GCI ("Happidrome") Radar Station[28]
RAF CromartyScotland Ross and Cromarty Chain Home Low Radar Station – AMES No. 48A
RAF CrustanScotland Orkney Islands CHL
RAF Dalby[26]Isle of Man (SC2178)
RAF Danby Beacon England North Yorkshire (NZ732097) CH/ROTOR station near Lealholm
RAF DeernessScotland Orkney Islands CHL
RAF Donna NookEngland Lincolnshire Chain Home Extra Low (CHEL) radar station, now offshore bombing range.
RAF Doonies HillScotland Aberdeen (NJ 9666 0383) Chain Home Low Station near Gregness
RAF Douglas WoodScotland Angus (NO4862041515) Chain Home Radar Station near Monikie
RAF DoverEngland Kent (TR335429) Chain Home Station CH04[29]
RAF DownderryEngland Cornwall CH15 Radar Station
RAF DownhillNorthern Ireland County Londonderry
RAF Drone HillScotland Borders (NT8447066535) Chain Home radar station near Coldingham
RAF Dry TreeEngland Cornwall (SW723218) CH Station Goonhilly Downs
RAF Dunderhole PointEngland Cornwall Coastal Defence/Chain Home Low station near Tintagel
RAF DunkirkEngland Kent (TR076595) Chain Home station[30] near Faversham
RAF Dunnet HeadScotland Caithness Coast Defence U-Boat (CDU) Radar Station near Thurso
RAF Dunwich England Suffolk Chain Home Low Station CHL28A[31]
RAF EasingtonEngland Yorkshire CHEL (Chain Home Extra Low) near Easington
RAF EorodaleScotland Isle of Lewis (NB53196268) Chain Home Low Radar Station
RAF Fair IsleScotland Shetland CDU station
RAF Fairlight England Sussex (TQ 862113) Chain Home Low Station CHL03A,[32] later 'GWB' R2 CHEL(A) ROTOR Station
RAF Faraid HeadScotland Sutherland (NC 389714) ('RAI' R10 CEW Rotor Radar Station)
RAF FollyWales Pembrokeshire (SM858195) CFP Combined filter plot near Nolton
RAF Foreness Point[33] England Kent (TR 385710) Chain Home Low Station CHL05A, later 'WJW' ROTOR R2 CHEL
RAF Formby England Lancashire
RAF FullartonScotland Ayrshire (R8 GCI ('FUL') Rotor Radar Station). Later RAF Gailes
RAF GlenarmNorthern Ireland County Antrim
RAF GoldsboroughEngland Yorkshire (NZ 830138) near Whitby – 'JEX' R2 CHEL(A) ROTOR Radar Station
RAF Great Bromley England Essex (TM104265)
RAF Great OrmeWales Conwy near Llandudno
RAF Greian HeadScotland Barra
RAF GreystoneNorthern Ireland County Down AMES No. 61
RAF GrutnessScotland Shetland Islands near Sumburgh
RAF Hack GreenEngland Cheshire (SJ 647483) 'HAK' R6 GCI ROTOR Station
RAF HappisburghEngland Norfolk
RAF Hartland PointEngland Devon (SS 237277) 'HAT' R8 GCI ROTOR Station
RAF HawcoatEngland Lancashire near Barrow in Furness
RAF Hawks TorEngland Devon near Plymouth
RAF Hayscastle CrossWales Pembrokeshire (SM920256) CH Type 80
RAF High StreetEngland Suffolk (TM411720) Chain Home Station CH28[34] in Darsham, near Saxmundham IP17 3QD
RAF Highdown HillEngland Sussex Chain Home Low station near Angmering
RAF Hillhead Scotland Aberdeenshire (NJ9430061700) CH Station near Memsie
RAF HolmptonEngland Yorkshire (TA365227) Radar – Support Command – UK Air CCIS – Now open to visitors
RAF Hope CoveEngland Devon (SX 716374) 'HOP' R6 Rotor GCI Control Bunker
RAF HoptonEngland Norfolk (TM 540990) ('TOH' CHEL(B) R2 ROTOR Radar Station)
RAF HumberstoneEngland Lincolnshire
RAF HytheEngland Kent
RAF IngoldmellsEngland Lincolnshire
RAF InverbervieScotland Aberdeenshire (NO 841734) 'LGZ' CEW R1 ROTOR Radar Station
RAF IslivigScotland Isle of Lewis
RAF JackaEngland Cornwall Chain Home Low station near Portloe
RAF Kelvedon HatchEngland Essex (TQ 561995) 'XSL' R4 SOC Metropolitan Sector, later a regional Civil Defence HQ, then a Cold War Government Command Post. Now the Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker
RAF Kendrom Scotland Isle of Skye Chain Home Low station near Kilmaluag
RAF KeteWales Pembrokeshire Also RNAS Kete near Dale
RAF KilchiaranScotland Islay (NR207616) ('ECK') CHEL R11 ROTOR Radar Station[35]
RAF KilkeelNorthern Ireland County Down AMES No. 78
RAF Kilkenneth[36] Scotland Argyll and Bute (NL9408045570) Chain Home radar station near Tiree
RAF Killard PointNorthern Ireland Islay GCI Station, subsite of RAF Bishops Court
RAF KingswearEngland Devon Chain Home Low
RAF Kinley HillEngland County Durham Chain Home Low station near Seaham
RAF Langley LaneEngland Lancashire near Goosnargh – ROC Group HQ No 21, UKWMO National War HQ & Rotor SOC. Langley Lane Sector Operation Centre & Filter Room
RAF LangtoftEngland Lincolnshire (('LAT'): R6 GCI ROTOR Radar Station)
RAF Loth[37][38] Scotland Sutherland (NC9590009600) Chain Home radar station near Helmsdale
RAF Mark's CastleEngland Cornwall CHL17A, near Land's End
RAF MineheadEngland Somerset
RAF Mormond HillScotland (UMOZ) – LOS microwave TxRx site for NATO ACE High
RAF Mossy BottomEngland Sussex Chain Home Low station near Shoreham
RAF Mossy HillScotland Shetland NATO Ace High Tropo-scatter site
RAF NavidaleScotland Sutherland (ND 03750 15800) CHL and CHEL Radar Station near Helmsdale
RAF NeedlesEngland Isle of Wight CHL/CD
RAF Nefyn[39][40] Wales Gwynedd (SH2704037575) AMES No. 66
RAF Netherbutton[41] Scotland Orkney (HY4621104396) Chain Home radar station[42] near Holm
RAF NewchurchEngland Kent (TR0531) CHL/CD
RAF North CairnScotland Dumfries (NW97107074) Near Stranraer – AMES No. 60
RAF North ForelandEngland Kent Chain Home Low
RAF NorthamEngland Devon (SS4529) Chain Home Low radar station
RAF NortholtMiddlesex
RAF Noss HilScotland Shetland Islands (HU3613015575) Chain Home, AMES No. 54
RAF OrbyEngland Lincolnshire GCI station
RAF Ottercops MossEngland Northumberland (NY944896) near Otterburn, Northumberland
RAF Oxenhope MoorEngland Yorkshire (SE 0141437082) Radar and GEE site near Halifax
RAF OxwichWales South Glamorgan (CD/CHL) radar station near Swansea
RAF PatringtonEngland Yorkshire see RAF Holmpton
RAF Pen OliverEngland Cornwall Chain Home Low station near The Lizard
RAF Pen y BrynWales Caernarfonshire Chain Home Low station
RAF PevenseyEngland Sussex (TQ644073) Chain Home radar station[43]
RAF Point of StoerScotland Sutherland Chain Home Low Radar Station
RAF Poling England Sussex (TQ043052) Chain Home Station CH08,[44] CHEL
RAF Port Mor[45] Scotland Argyll and Bute (NL9442) Advanced Chain Home radar station on Tiree
RAF Portland England Dorsetshire (CEW R1 ROTOR Radar Station ('NIB'))
RAF PrestatynWales Denbighshire (SJ079819) (('SYP') CHEL R11 ROTOR Radar Station)[46]
RAF Rame HeadEngland Cornwall Chain Home Low station CHL15A[47]
RAF RavenscarEngland North Yorkshire Chain Home Low Radar Station, later CEW
RAF RhuddlanWales Denbighshire (SJ012764) AMES No. 65
RAF RingsteadEngland Dorsetshire (SY751817) NATO Ace High Tropospheric scatter site near Ringstead Bay
RAF Roddans PortNorthern Ireland County Down Chain Home Low
RAF Rodel ParkScotland Western Isles Chain Home Low station near Rodel, Harris
RAF RoseheartyScotland Aberdeenshire CHL and 10 cm Radar Station, also Bombing Range
RAF RyeEngland Kent (TQ968232) Chain Home radar station – misleadingly located in Brookland, Kent (place named-for, Rye, just across border in Sussex)
RAF Saligo BayScotland Argyll and Bute (NR2116066740) Islay
RAF SandwichEngland Kent ('YTM') R3 GCI ROTOR[48] near Ash
RAF Sango[49] Scotland Sutherland (NC4170067500) near Durness
RAF Saxa VordScotland Shetland Islands near Unst – (R10 CEW Rotor Radar Station)
RAF ScarinishScotland Tiree (NM032456) ('FLY') GCI R8 ROTOR Radar Station[50]
RAF Scarlett[26] Isle of Man (SC2566)
RAF SchoolhillScotland Aberdeenshire (NO9086098180) Chain Home station[51] near Portlethen
RAF Seaton SnookEngland Co. Durham (NZ 519280) ('DYR') GCI R3 ROTOR Radar Station[52]
RAF SennenEngland Cornwall (SW376246) Chain Home Low and GEE Station
RAF SkawScotland Shetland Islands (HP6634016805) Chain Home and LORAN station near Unst
RAF SouthbourneEngland Dorsetshire (SZ1591) Chain Home station
RAF ShiptonEngland Yorkshire ('KFY') R4 ROTOR Sector Operations Centre & SRHQ 21 / RGHQ 2.1)[53]
RAF Shotton England County Durham Chain Home Low station
RAF SkendlebyEngland Lincolnshire Chain Home Overseas Low (COL 161), later Chain Home Extra Low Station CHL34A, then 'UPI' ROTOR R3 GCI[54]
RAF Snaefell Isle of Man (SC397869) ('MOI') CHEL R11 ROTOR Radar Station[55]
RAF SopleyEngland Hampshire (('AVO') 'R3' GCI ROTOR Station)
RAF South RonaldsayScotland Orkney CHL / CHEL Radar Station ) AMES No. 50A
RAF South StackWales Anglesey
RAF St Anne'sEngland Lancashire ROTOR site[56] near Blackpool
RAF St Bees HeadEngland Cumbria Chain Home Low No. 87A[57]
RAF St CyrusScotland Aberdeenshire CHL/CD Radar Station -AMES No. 45A
RAF St LawrenceEngland Isle of Wight (SZ530760) Chain Home station[58]
RAF St Margaret's BayEngland Kent ROTOR site
RAF St TwynnellsWales Pembrokeshire (SR94189741) ('TWY') GCI R6 ROTOR Radar Station
RAF Staxton WoldEngland Yorkshire (TA023778) Chain Home station
RAF StenigotEngland Lincolnshire (TF256827) near Louth, Lincolnshire – (Chain Home (CH) and ACE High tropo-scatter), still in use for training aerial erectors.
RAF Stoke Holy CrossEngland Norfolk (TG257028) Chain Home station
RAF Strumble HeadWales Pembrokeshire (SM 887 394) Chain Home Low radar station
RAF Swansea BayWales Glamorgan Operations/plotting Room
RAF Swingate DownEngland Kent CH station near Dover. Also called RAF St Margarets
RAF TannachScotland Caithness (ND3200046900) Chain Home radar station near Wick
RAF The Law Scotland Angus Chain Home Low station near Carnoustie
RAF TrelanveanEngland Cornwall (SW762193) Goonhilly Downs
RAF TreleaverEngland Cornwall (SW766174) (ROTOR: GCI Station)[59]
RAF TrerewEngland Cornwall (SW812585) Newquay – (Chain Home CH18 & ROTOR Radar Station)
RAF Trevose HeadEngland Cornwall Chain Home Low
RAF Trewan SandsEngland Cornwall (SH322754) ('TES') R8 GCI ROTOR Radar Station[60]
RAF TriminghamEngland Norfolk (TG289382) Chain Home Extra Low (CHEL)/CD, then 'QLE' CEW R1 ROTOR Radar Station[61]
RAF Truleigh Hill England Sussex (TQ 226 107) Chain Home Low Station CHL07B[62] later ROTOR R2 bunker near Bramber
RAF UlbsterScotland Caithness near Wick
RAF UxbridgeEngland Greater London NATO ACE High Tropo-scatter site
RAF Ventnor[63] England Isle of Wight (SZ568785) Chain Home CH10, CHL M86, ROTOR Station 'OJC'[64]
RAF Walton on NazeEngland Essex Chain Home Low
RAF Warden PointEngland Kent Chain Home Low station on the Isle of Sheppey
RAF Wartling England Sussex (TQ653074) (('ZUN') R3 GCI ROTOR Radar Station) near Bexhill-on-Sea
RAF WatsnessScotland Shetland Chain Home Low station near Walls. AMES No. 55A
RAF WarrenWales Pembrokeshire (SR92459757) Chain Home station
RAF West BeckhamEngland Norfolk Chain Home Radar station
RAF West PrawleEngland Devon (SX771374) CH 14/CHL 14A[65]
RAF WestburnScotland Aberdeenshire CD/CHL. AMES No M23
RAF WestcliffEngland Dorsetshire near Isle of Portland
RAF West MyneEngland Somerset (SS928486) ('ZEM') CHEL R11 ROTOR Radar Station[66]
RAF Whale HeadScotland Orkney Islands (HY7590546125) Chain Home AMES No. 51 on Sanday
RAF WhitehawkEngland Sussex Chain Home Low and 10 cm Radar Station near Brighton
RAF WhitstableEngland Kent Chain Home Low
RAF WickScotland Highland (R8 GCI Rotor Radar Station)
RAF Worth MatraversEngland Dorsetshire (SY967777) Chain Home and GEE site near Swanage
RAF WylfaWales Isle of Anglesey (SH3522093385) AMES No. 76


RAF Hiswa Aden Protectorate aka RNAS Hiswa / HMS Rapax
RAF Khormaksar Aden Protectorate The largest RAF station in Arabia and a major staging post for aircraft travelling between the UK and India or the Far East. Closed upon the withdrawal from Aden in 1967 and now Aden International Airport.
RAF Riyan Aden Protectorate Situated 3 miles south-west of current Riyan Airport, this was a small route station for the refuelling of aircraft in transit which opened in 1945 and closed in the 1960s due to the withdrawal from Aden.
RAF Sheikh Othman Aden Protectorate
RAF Steamer Point Aden Protectorate headquarters / administrative facility
RAF Hospital Steamer Point Aden Protectorate
RAF Hospital Khormaksar Beach Aden Protectorate
RAF Kandahar Afghanistan Main operating airfield in Afghanistan for the RAF
RAF Blida Algeria 1942–46
RAF Bone Algeria (1942–45) now Rabah Bitat Airport
RAF Jemappes Algeria
RAF Maison Blanche Algeria (1942–43) now Houari Boumediene Airport
RAF Setif Algeria possibly Ain Arnat Airport
RAF Tingley Algeria
RAF Klagenfurt Austria Now Klagenfurt Airport
RAF Lagens Azores
RAF Muharraq
RAF Bahrain
Bahrain (1943–71) now Bahrain International Airport
RAF Ursel Belgium (?-1957) 609 (West Riding) Squadron
RAF Belize Belize Headquarters at Airport Camp, Ladyville
RAF Darrell's Island Bermuda Royal Air Force, Bermuda, 1939–1945
Kindley Air Force Base Bermuda Joint RAF Transport Command/USAAF base
RAF Kuching British North Borneo Now Kuching International Airport
RAF Labuan British North Borneo Now Labuan Airport
RAF Tawau British North Borneo Now Tawau Airport
RAF Akyab Burma (1941–46)
RAF Dabaing Burma
RAF Hmawbi Burma Hmawbi Air Base, Myanmar Air Force
RAF Meiktila Burma Meiktilla Air Base, Myanmar Air Force Central Command
RAF Mergui Burma
RAF Mingaladon Burma Mingaladon Air Base HQ, Myanmar Air Force
RAF Pegu Burma Taungoo Air Base, Myanmar Air Force
RAF Charlottetown Canada (1941–1944) to RCAF Station Charlottetown
RAF Dorval Canada (1941–1946) to RCAF Station Lachine. Now Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport
RAFU Goose Bay Canada (1949–2005) now CFB Goose Bay
RAF China Bay Ceylon (1930–1957) – now SLAF China Bay[67]
Colombo Racecourse Airstrip Ceylon Re-converted back to racecourse following World War II
RAF Ekala Ceylon
RAF Gangodawila Ceylon
RAF Kandy Ceylon (1941–1946)
RAF Kankesanturai Ceylon (1941–1945) now SLAF Palaly
RAF Koggala Ceylon (1940–1947) now SLAF Koggala
RAF Mawatagama Ceylon
RAF Minneriya Ceylon (1942–1945) now SLAF Hingurakgoda[68]
RAF Negombo Ceylon (1946–1957) – now the Bandaranaike International Airport & SLAF Katunayake
RAF Ratmalana
RAF Colombo
Ceylon (1941–1946) – now SLAF Ratmalana
RAF Sigiriya Ceylon (1942–1945) – now SLAF Sigiriya
RAF Trincomalee Ceylon See China Bay
RAF Vavuniya Ceylon (1942–1945) – now SLAF Vavuniya
RAF Cocos Islands Cocos (Keeling) Islands (1942–46)
RAF Cape Greco Cyprus ACE High tropo-scatter site
RAF Nicosia Cyprus 1930s–1966 still owned by the Ministry of Defence but used by the UN
RAF Aboukir Egypt 1916–47, home to the Central Depot of RAF Middle East until 1939, also known as LG-34
RAF Abu Sueir Egypt (1917–1956), also known as LG-205, now Abu Suwayr Air Base
RAF Abu Sultan Egypt (1942–1955)
RAF Almaza Egypt Also known as LG-245, now Almaza Air Base
RAF Cairo West Egypt (1942–46) also known as LG-224 and Kilo 26
RAF Deversoir Egypt (1942–53) also known as LG-209 and Kilo 61
RAF El Amiriya Egypt 1919–1947, also recorded as El Rimal (1917–18)
RAF El Ballah Egypt 1942–45, also known as LG-203 or RAF Ballah
RAF El Daba Egypt 1942–45, also known as LG-105
RAF El Hamra Egypt
RAF Fayid Egypt (1940–53) also known as LG-211
RAF Gianaclis Egypt also known as LG-226
RAF Heliopolis Egypt (1919–46) also known as LG-218
RAF Helwan Egypt (1918–44) also known as LG-221
RAF Idku Egypt (1941–45) also known as LG-229
RAF Ismailia Egypt Also known as LG-204, now Al Ismailiyah Air Base
RAF Kabrit Egypt (Canal Zone) 1941–1954, also known as LG-213. Now Kibrit Air Base
RAF Kasfareet Egypt Also known as LG-212
RAF Matruh West Egypt Also known as LG-07 and 'Z' LG.
RAF Mersa Matruh Egypt Also known as LG-87
RAF Shallufa Egypt (1918-9, 1940–8) Also known as LG-215
RAF Shandur Egypt (1941–43) Also known as LG-214
RAF Suez Egypt (1919–21, 1941–3) Also known as LGs-216 & 217
RAF Asmara British Military Administration (Eritrea) (1940–50). Now Asmara International Airport
RAF Stanley Falkland Islands
RAF Kelly's Garden Falkland Islands
RAF Navy Point Falkland Islands
RAF Eide Faroe Islands Radar station
RAF Nolsoy Faroe Islands Radar station
RAF Suduroy Faroe Islands Radar station
RAF Sandoy Faroe Islands Radar station
RAF Torshavn Faroe Islands Joint RAF/RN radar Control Centre [69]
RAF Vaagar Faroe Islands now Vágar Airport
France During the Great War (1914–1918), and for a short period afterwards, there were at least 250 recognised airfields in France that the Royal Flying Corps, Royal Naval Air Service, and Royal Air Force used at various times.[70]
RAF Ajaccio France (1943–46). Now Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport, Corsica. Formerly Campo dell’Oro airbase used by Vichy, then Free French Air Forces.
RAF Saint Inglevert France First World War airfield at Saint-Inglevert, Pas-de-Calais. A later civil airfield on a different site was used during the early part of the Second World War.
RAF Christmas Island Gilbert and Ellice Islands (1956–57) now Cassidy International Airport, Kiritimati
RAF Ahlhorn Germany (1945–58), initially designated "B.111 Ahlhorn"
RAF Bad Eilsen Germany Headquarters of the British Air Force of Occupation, 1945–1954
RAF Bruggen Germany Now a British Army Garrison, called "Elmpt Station, Javelin Barracks"
RAF Bückeburg Germany now Bückeburg Air Base
RAF Butzweilerhof Germany
RAF Celle Germany (1945–1957) now Celle Air Base
RAF Detmold Germany
RAF Fassberg Germany (1945–57) now Faßberg Air Base initially designated "B.152 Fassberg"
RAF Fuhlsbüttel Germany now Hamburg Airport
RAF Gatow Germany (1945–94)
RAF Geilenkirchen Germany (1953–68) now NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen
RAF Goch Germany
RAF Gütersloh Germany Originally Y.99, now a British Army Garrison, called "Princess Royal Barracks, Gutersloh"
RAF Hambühren Germany (1953–57)
RAF Hehn Germany ACE High site (abb – Moenchengladbach Tail (1) – Hehn) AHEZ – Hehn
RAF Hustedt Germany subsite of RAF Celle
RAF Husum Germany A remote radar station on the coast near Husum, Schleswig-Holstein – initially designated "B.172 Husum"
RAF Jever Germany (1952–61) now Jever Air Base
RAF Laarbruch Germany Initially designated "B.100 Goch". now in civilian use, under the name Weeze (or Niederrhein) Airport (NRN/EDLV)
RAF Lübeck also known as RAF Blankensee Germany (1945–49) Initially designated "B.158 Lübeck". Now Lübeck Airport
RAF Lüneburg Germany
RAF Nordhorn Germany Bombing Range
RAF Oldenburg Germany
RAF Plantlünne Germany
RAF Putlos Germany
RAF Rheindahlen Germany now occupied by the British Army, as HQ United Kingdom Support Command (Germany) (HQ UKSC(G))
RAF Hospital Rinteln Germany Under RAF command till opening of the new RAF Hospital Wegberg in 1953.[71]
RAF Hospital Rostop Germany Originally known as No 1 Mobile Field Hospital deployed following closure of BMH Oldenburg.[71]
RAF Scharfoldendorf Germany
RAF Schleswigland Germany (1945–58) Initially designated "B.164 Schleswigland"
RAF Sundern Germany Handed over to British Army Westfalen Garrison, called "Mansergh Barracks"
RAF Sylt Germany (1945-8,1949–61) now Sylt Airport. Initially designated "B.170 Westerland"
RAF Uetersen Germany (1945–55) now Uetersen Airfield and German Airforce NCO Training School
RAF Wahn Germany now Cologne Bonn Airport
RAF Hospital Wegberg Germany now occupied by the British Army, as HQ British Forces Germany Health Service (BFGHS)
RAF Hospital Westerland(Sylt)[71] Germany
RAF Wildenrath Germany (1952–93)
RAF Winterberg Germany GEE site – Master Winterberg AMES 7932
RAF Wunstorf Germany now Wunstorf Air Base
RAF Bathurst British Gambia 1941–45
RAF Half Die British Gambia 1941–45
RAF Jeswang British Gambia 1941–43
RAF Yundum British Gambia Now Banjul International Airport
RAF New Camp Gibraltar Now Devil's Tower Camp
RAF North Front Gibraltar Former name of RAF Gibraltar (1942–66)
RAF Accra Gold Coast (1941–46) Now Kotoka International Airport and Accra Air Force Station
RAF Takoradi Gold Coast Now Takoradi Airport main hub for Ghana Air Force
RAF Ho Mun Tin Hong Kong Equipment Depot, 1946-7
RAF Kai Tak Hong Kong (1927–1978) by RAF; transferred to Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force 1978–1993 and Government Flying Service 1993–1998; now being redeveloped as cruise ship terminal and other uses
RAF Little Sai Wan Hong Kong 1947-1980s by RAF and allies for intelligence gathering from China; demolished and now residential development. Also known as Siu Sai Wan
RAF Sek Kong Hong Kong (1950-1980s and 1992–1997 by RAF; now home to People's Liberation Army Air Force helicopter squadron (PLAAF Helicopter Regiment 39968) 1997–present
RAF Shatin Hong Kong 1949-1970s by RAF and Army Air Corps (United Kingdom) (1950s–1960s); redeveloped as residential housing
RAF Tai Mo Shan Hong Kong (Project Cabbage Leaf) – ex RAF and current Hong Kong Observatory weather radar station
RAF Kaldadarnes Iceland (1940–43)
RAF Olfus Iceland TRU radar station – later transferred to US becoming 'Camp Hughes'[69]
RAF Reykjavik Iceland
RAF Vik Iceland COL radar station [69]
RAF Agra British Indian Empire (1919–20, 1944–46) now Agra Air Force Station
RAF Alipore British Indian Empire
RAF Allahabad British Indian Empire now Bamrauli Air Force Station
RAF Amarda Road British Indian Empire 21°48′18″N 087°02′49″E
RAF Ambala British Indian Empire (1916–26 1939–47), now Ambala Air Force Station
RAF Agartala British Indian Empire now Agartala Air Force Station
RAF Arkonam British Indian Empire (1942–45); Now INS Rajali, a Naval Air Station under Indian Navy.
RAF Asansol British Indian Empire (1941–44); now Burnpur Airport
RAF Baigachi British Indian Empire 1942–46
RAF Barrackpore British Indian Empire now Barrackpore Air Force Station
RAF Bhopal British Indian Empire (1943–46) now Raja Bhoj Airport
RAF Car Nicobar British Indian Empire now Car Nicobar Air Force Base
RAF Chakeri British Indian Empire now Chakeri Air Force Station
RAF Chaklala British Indian Empire (1935–47) now Benazir Bhutto International Airport and PAF Base Nur Khan
RAF Chakulia British Indian Empire (1942–46); 22.467907°N 86.701441°E / 22.467907; 86.701441
RAF Chittagong British Indian Empire now Shah Amanat International Airport, Bangladesh
RAF Comilla British Indian Empire (1942–46); now Comilla Airport
RAF Cox's Bazaar British Indian Empire now Cox's Bazar Airport, Bangladesh
RAF Cholovaram British Indian Empire (1942–45); 13.210161°N 80.152304°E / 13.210161; 80.152304
RAF Din Jan British Indian Empire (1941–42); 27.537996°N 95.269702°E / 27.537996; 95.269702
RAF Dhubalia British Indian Empire 23.492985°N 88.454018°E / 23.492985; 88.454018
RAF Digri British Indian Empire 22.787447°N 87.361721°E / 22.787447; 87.361721
RAF Drigh Road
RAF Karachi
British Indian Empire Now Pakistan Air Force Base Faisal
RAF Dum Dum British Indian Empire (1940–47) now Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport
RAF Fatehjang British Indian Empire (1944–46); 33.548262°N 72.632119°E / 33.548262; 72.632119
RAF Gujrat British Indian Empire
RAF Hakimpet British Indian Empire Now Hakimpet Air Force Station
RAF Imphal British Indian Empire now Imphal Airport
RAF Jharsuguda British Indian Empire now Jharsuguda Airport
RAF Jessore British Indian Empire Now Jessore Airport
RAF Jiwani British Indian Empire Now Jiwani Airport
RAF Jodhpur British Indian Empire Now Jodhpur Air Force Station
RAF Kalyan British Indian Empire See Kalyan Airstrip
RAF Kanchrapara British Indian Empire See Kanchrapara Airfield
RAF Kohat British Indian Empire See Kohat Air Base
RAF Kolar British Indian Empire 13.187627°N 78.163979°E / 13.187627; 78.163979
RAF Korangi Creek British Indian Empire Now Pakistan Air Force Base Korangi
RAF Lahore British Indian Empire
RAF Maharajpur British Indian Empire now Maharajpur Air Force Station
RAF Mauripur British Indian Empire −1956 (used after partition by RAF) – now Pakistan Air Force Base Masroor
RAF Nagpur British Indian Empire Now Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport and AFS Nagpur
RAF Ondal British Indian Empire 23.594300°N 87.224377°E / 23.594300; 87.224377
RAF Palam
RAF Delhi
British Indian Empire (1943–47) now Indira Gandhi International Airport
RAF Peshawar British Indian Empire Now Pakistan Air Force Base Peshawar
RAF Poona British Indian Empire now Lohegaon Air Force Station
RAF Quetta British Indian Empire Now Pakistan Air Force Base Samungli
RAF Ranchi British Indian Empire now Birsa Munda Airport
RAF Redhills Lake British Indian Empire Flying boat and seaplane base
RAF Risalpur British Indian Empire Now PAF Base Risalpur/Pakistan Air Force Academy
RAF Salbani British Indian Empire 1942-1946;[72] 22°36′43″N 87°17′55″E
RAF Santacruz British Indian Empire now Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
RAF Sargodha British Indian Empire Now Pakistan Air Force Base Mushaf
RAF Secunderabad British Indian Empire now Hakimpet Air Force Station
RAF Srinagar British Indian Empire now Srinagar Air Force Station
RAF St Thomas Mount British Indian Empire now Chennai International Airport
RAF Tambaram British Indian Empire now Tambaram Air Force Station
RAF Trichinopoly British Indian Empire Also known as RAF Golden Rock/Kajamalai, now Tiruchirapalli International Airport
RAF Vizagapatam British Indian Empire now Visakhapatnam Airport
RAF Yelahanka
RAF Bangalore
British Indian Empire now Yelahanka Air Force Station, Bangalore, Karnataka
RAF Tehran Iran Now Mehrabad International Airport
RAF Basrah Iraq 1916–46, 2006–9 now Basra International Airport
RAF Dhibban Iraq 1936–1938 renamed to RAF Habbaniya in 1938)
RAF Habbaniya Iraq (1938–1959), renamed from RAF Dhibban in 1938
RAF Hinaidi Iraq
RAF Shaibah Iraq
RAF H1 Iraq (used as a relief landing ground during the 1920s to 1940s by 84 Squadron. Near Jordanian border)
RAF H2 Iraq (used as a relief landing ground during the 1920s to 1940s by 84 Squadron. Near Jordanian border)
RAF H3 Iraq (used as a relief landing ground during the 1920s to 1940s by 84 Squadron. Near Jordanian border)
RAF Augusta Italy 1945. Sicily
RAF Bari Italy 1943–46. Now Bari Karol Wojtyła Airport
RAF Brindisi Italy (1943–46) now Brindisi – Salento Airport
RAF Cagliari Italy (Sardinia)
RAF Catania Italy now Catania-Fontanarossa Airport (Sardinia)
RAFSU Decimomannu Italy (Sardinia)
RAF Elmas Italy (1943–46), now Cagliari Elmas Airport, Sardinia
RAF Pomigliano Italy
RAF Iwakuni Allied Occupied Japan (1946–51)
RAF Zerqa Jordan became Dawson's Field (Dawson's Field hijackings)
RAF Mafraq Jordan
RAF Eastleigh
RAF Nairobi
Kenya (1929–51) now Moi Air Base
RAF Kisumu Kenya
RAF Nakuru Kenya
RAF Port Reitz
RAF Mombasa
Kenya Now Moi International Airport
RAF Thika Kenya
RAF Beirut Lebanon 1941–45
RAF Benina Allied Occupation of Libya (1942–44) now Benina International Airport
RAF Castel Benito Allied Occupation of Libya later RAF Idris(1952) now Tripoli International Airport
RAF Derna Allied Occupation of Libya
RAF El Adem
RAF Tobruk
Allied Occupation of Libya Also LG-144, now Gamal Abdul El Nasser Air Base
RAF Gambut Allied Occupation of Libya also known as RAF Kambut and LG-139
RAF Mellaha Allied Occupation of Libya Also Wheelus Air Base, now Mitiga International Airport
RAF Butterworth British Malaya to 1957, thereafter RAAF Butterworth, now RMAF Butterworth
RAF Kota Bharu British Malaya – now Sultan Ismail Petra Airport
RAF Kuala Lumpur British Malaya now RMAF Kuala Lumpur
RAF Kuantan British Malaya now RMAF Kuantan
RAF Penang British Malaya
RAF Gan Maldives now Gan International Airport
RAF Hithadhoo Maldives (domestic site for RAF Gan)
RAF Hal Far Malta (1923–67) now an Armed Forces of Malta base – B Coy, 1st Regt
RAF Kalafrana Malta also known as RAF Calafrana
RAF Krendi Malta also known as RAF Qrendi
RAF Luqa Malta (1940–79), now the site of Malta International Airport
RAF Madalena Malta Radar Station (with Type 80 Radar)
RAF Safi Malta Support base for RAF Luqa
RAF Siggiewi Malta Home of No 840 Signals Unit
RAF Ta Kali Malta (Ta' Qali)
RAF Mauritius British Mauritius
RAF Oujda Morocco Now Angads Airport
RAF Rabat Sale Morocco Now Rabat–Salé Airport
RAF Eindhoven Netherlands (B.78) now Eindhoven Airport
RAF Woensdrecht Netherlands (B.79) now Woensdrecht Airbase
RAF Schijndel Netherlands (B.85)
RAF Twente Netherlands (B.106) now Enschede Airport Twente
RAF Volkel Netherlands (B.80) now Volkel Air Base
RAF Medan Netherlands East Indies Now Soewondo Air Force Base
RAFU Goose Bay  Newfoundland (1941–1949) now CFB Goose Bay
RAF Apapa British Nigeria (1941–1945). Nigeria gained independence in 1960
RAF Ikeja British Nigeria now Murtala Muhammed International Airport
RAF Kano British Nigeria now Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport
RAF Maiduguri British Nigeria Now Maiduguri International Airport
RAF Masirah Oman 1942–72. Largest RAF station in Oman, closed 31 March 1977
RAF Ras Al Hadd Oman
RAF Salalah Oman (1943–77). Route station for refuelling of aircraft in transit, now Salalah International Airport
RAF Aqir Mandatory Palestine (1941–47), now Tel Nof Israeli Air Force Base
RAF Beit Daras Mandatory Palestine also known as Kiryat Gat (Kiriat-Gat) & El Faluja.
RAF Ein Shemer Mandatory Palestine (1942–48) now Ein Shemer Airfield
RAF Gaza Mandatory Palestine
RAF Haifa Mandatory Palestine now Haifa Airport
RAF Hadera Mandatory Palestine
RAF Lydda Mandatory Palestine now Ben Gurion International Airport
RAF Magiddo Mandatory Palestine now Megiddo Airport
RAF Machanaim Mandatory Palestine now Rosh Pina Airport
RAF Muqeible Mandatory Palestine See Muqeible Airfield
RAF Petah Tiqva Mandatory Palestine now Kfar Sirkin Airfield
RAF Qastina Mandatory Palestine Now Hatzor Israeli Air Force Base
RAF Ramat David Mandatory Palestine now Ramat David Israeli Air Force Base
RAF Ramleh Mandatory Palestine
RAF St Jean Mandatory Palestine
RAF Al Udeid  Qatar Co-located at Qatar Emiri Air Force base Al Udeid Air Base
RAF Seychelles Seychelles
RAF Hastings Sierra Leone
RAF Jui Sierra Leone
RAF Waterloo Sierra Leone
RAF Amoy Quee Singapore Now Singapore Armed Forces Amoy Quee Camp (Seletar)
RAF Changi Singapore (1946–1971) now Changi Air Base and Singapore Changi Airport
RAF Chia Keng Singapore A GCHQ radio receiving station and a satellite station (closed down in 1971) affiliated to RAF Changi
RAF Gombak Singapore An RAF radar station affiliated to RAF Tengah
RAF Jurong Singapore A GCHQ radio receiving station and a satellite station (closed down in 1971) affiliated to RAF Tengah
RAF Kallang Singapore Old Kallang Airport (closed down in 1955)
RAF Seletar Singapore (1930–71), now Seletar Airport
RAF Sembawang Singapore Now Sembawang Air Base, also known as HMS Simbang in the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm service
RAF Tengah Singapore (1939–71) Now Tengah Air Base
RAF Heany Southern Rhodesia
RAF Kumalo Southern Rhodesia
RAF Thornhill Southern Rhodesia Now Gweru-Thornhill Air Base, Zimbabwe
RAF El Gedida Sudan Also known as RAF Wadi Halfa, now Wadi Halfa Airport
RAF Gordon's Tree
RAF Khartoum
Sudan now Khartoum International Airport
RAF Port Sudan Sudan
RAF Summit Sudan
RAF Wadi Saidna Sudan
RAF Dar-es-Salaam Tanganyika 1918, 1932–51
RAF Bangkok Thailand 1945–46, now Don Mueang International Airport
RAF Amman Transjordan The Transjordan was a British mandate territory until 1946 when it became the kingdom of Jordan. Now Amman Civil Airport
RAF Mafraq Transjordan The Transjordan was a British mandate territory until 1946 when it became the kingdom of Jordan.
Souk-el-Arba Tunisia 1942
Souk-el-Khemis Tunisia (1943) Made up of several dispersals, code-named after London railway stations (Paddington, Victoria, Marylebone, Waterloo, Euston and Kings Cross known)
RAF Sharjah United Arab Emirates (1932–71)
RAF Saigon Vietnam Now Tan Son Nhut Air Base

Overseas Royal Flying Corps (WWI) and British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (WWII) airfields

Long Branch AerodromeMississauga, Ontario Canada World War I training airfield 1917–1919; industrial land now a vacant brownfield
Leaside AerodromeToronto Canada World War I training airfield 1918–1919; later used by Toronto Flying Club and now industrial area
Armour Heights FieldToronto Canada World War I training airfield 1917–1919; now residential neighbourhood
Camp TaliaferroFort Worth, Texas United States World War I training airfield 1917–1918
Malton Airport – Mississauga Canada World War II British Commonwealth Air Training Plan facility (No. 1 Elementary Service Flying School) 1940–1942; now Toronto-Pearson International Airport
Mount Hope AirportHamilton, Ontario Canada World War II British Commonwealth Air Training Plan facility (No.10 Elementary Flying Training School and No.33 Air Navigation School) 1940–1945; now Hamilton International Airport
CFB GreenwoodGreenwood, Nova Scotia Canada British Commonwealth Air Training Plan RAF Station Greenwood built 1940–1942 and shared with RCAF 1942–1944; transferred to RCAF July 1944
CFB WinnipegWinnipeg, Manitoba Canada British Commonwealth Air Training Plan as RCAF Winnipeg during WWII
CFB BordenBorden, Ontario Canada British Commonwealth Air Training Plan airfield during WWII and No. 1 Service Flying Training School (SFTS) (until 1946)
CFB Moose JawMoose Jaw, Saskatchewan Canada British Commonwealth Air Training Plan airfield during WWII 1941–1946; home to RAF's No. 32 Service Flying Training School (SFTS) 1942–1946
CFB TrentonTrenton, Ontario Canada British Commonwealth Air Training Plan airfield during WWII – RCAF Central Flying School, No. 1 Air Navigation School (to 1942), No. 1 Flying Instructor School, and No. 1 Composite Training School.
CFB North BayNorth Bay, Ontario Canada British Commonwealth Air Training Plan airfield during WWII

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