List of former Australian rules football competitions in Tasmania

This is a list of former Australian rules football competitions in the Australian state of Tasmania.

Statewide competitions

Tasmanian State Premiership (1904–1978)

The Tasmanian State Premiership was an Australian rules football tournament which was competed originally between the reigning TFL/TANFL and NTFA premiers, with the NWFU joining in from 1954. The State Premiership was finally abandoned after 1978 in favour of sending a combined Tasmanian team to play interstate.

Winfield Statewide Cup (1980)

The Winfield Statewide Cup was a football tournament held in 1980 between the top twenty-one (21) major football clubs across Tasmania from the three major footballing bodies across the state (at the time), the TANFL, the NTFA and the NWFU.

Tasmanian Amateur Football League (1931–1995)

The Amateurs controlled the two competitions (one in Hobart, the other in Launceston).

Northern Division

Commenced in 1931 with three clubs, Old Launcestions, St Patricks and Associated Banks, in 1948 the competition became known as Northern Division.


Southern Division

Commenced in 1932 as Public Schools Old Boys Football Association it changed its name to TAFL Southern Division in 1947 when the two competitions merged administration.


Local Competitions

Associated Youth Clubs (1949–1975)

Clubs included Cambridge, Canes, Cascades, Chigwell, Lachlan, Metropolitan, Moonah, Nettlefolds, Newtown Methodist, Railways, South West, Warrane, West Hobart

This competition disbanded then reorganized themselves into the Southern Tasmanian Football Association (1976–1986)


Bellerive Football Association (1903)

Clubs included Bellerive and Union. Lasted one season


  • 1903 Bellerive

Beaconsfield Football Association (?-1914)

The Beaconsfield Football association began before the end of the 19th century and was made up of teams from the town of Beaconsfield. The league was forced into recess in 1915 because of the first world war. After the war the league was not resurfaced because of the demise of the towns goldmine and its population.

Teams in the competition included Stars, Rovers, and Battery


  • 1904 Stars 4.8.32 d Rovers 1.6.12
  • 1905 Imperial
  • 1906
  • 1907
  • 1908
  • 1909 Battery d Rovers by 12 Points
  • 1910
  • 1911

2 Stars 9.7.61 defeated Rovers 5.17.47

  • 1913 ?
  • 1914 Stars were premiers

Bothwell District Football Association

(Also known as the Southern Tasmanian Country Football Association)

Clubs included Montacute, Dennistoun, Ouse, Bothwell, and Ellendale.


  • 1934 Dennistoun defeated Montacute

Bream Creek Football Association

Competing Teams Unknown. A Bream Creek combined side played a combined Tasmanian Football Association side in 1927.

Brighton Football Association

Formed in 1922.[1] Clubs over the ensuing period included Bridgewater, Broadmarsh, Kempton, Brighton, Bagdad and Bothwell


  • 1922 Brighton declared premiers (on points)
  • 1929 Brighton 9.13.67 defeated Bothwell 5.8.38 (Brighton's captain/coach in the game was the legendary Tasmanian Footballer Horrie Gorringe)
  • 1930 Bothwell are premiers

Buckingham Football Association

The Buckingham football association was most likely based around the Hobart suburb of New Town.
Clubs included Newtown United, Fitzroy, and Maypole Rovers.

Central Association (1923–1949)


  • 1944 – Deloraine 7.7.49 def Westbury 7.6.48
  • 1945 – Bracknell 6.16.52 def Deloraine 7.8.50
  • 1946 – Meander 7.15.57 def Mole creek 7.12.54
  • 1947 – Meander 15.18.108 def Kimberley 10.8.68
  • 1948 – Mole Creek 9.17.71 def Meander 4.19.43
  • 1949 – Mole Creek 13.12.90 def Meander 4.6.30

Central Football Association

Clubs included Lefroy Juniors, Carlton, and Newtown Juniors.


  • 1934 Lefroy Juniors

Channel Football Association (1908–1928)

A forerunner to the Kingsborough Football Association Clubs included Gordon, Kettering, Kingston (1908), Margate, Sandfly and Woodbridge.

Premiers (Teams competed for the Warren shield)

  • 1908 Sandfly
  • 1920 Woodbridge 5.7.37 Vs Kettering 0.5.5
  • 1921 Gordon 4.10.34 Vs Woodbridge 3.6.24
  • 1922 Gordon 2.13.25 Vs Kettering 2.8.20
  • 1923
  • 1924 Sandfly 7.7.49 Vs Woodbridge 3.3.21
  • 1925 Woodbridge
  • 1926 Woodbridge
  • 1927 Woodbridge
  • 1928 Sandfly 7.7.49 Vs Kettering 5.3.33

Channel Junior Football Association

Clubs included Snug, Margate, and Kingston.

Chudleigh Football Association (1926–1939)

Clubs included Chudleigh, Cressy, Dairy Plains, Kimberley, Meander, Mole Creek, Red Hills.


City and Suburban Football Association

Clubs included Cressy Rovers, Timms Bridge, Blundstones and Newtown Gymnasium.

City Football Association

Clubs included Gray Brothers, Derwent United, Neptune Oils, Standfast, Maypole Rovers, Lindisfarne, and Bellerive Juniors.


  • 1933 Derwent United 8.5.53 defeated Gray Brothers 5.10.40
  • 1934 Gray Brothers 13.8.86 defeated Lindisfarne 7.5.47

Clare Street Football Association

Clubs included Carlton Rovers, Risdon Rovers, Union Rovers, IXL Juniors, Swan Street, North Hobart rovers, Newtown Wanderers, City Rovers, South United and YMCA.


  • 1921 South United 3.3.21 defeated YMCA 2.4.16
  • 1922 City Rovers defeated Union Rovers by 6 points
  • 1923 ?
  • 1924 Union Rovers 7.3.45 defeated Carlton Rovers 3.8.26
  • 1925 Carlton Rover 6.15.51 defeated Union Rovers 4.14.38
  • 1926 Carlton Rover 7.9.51 defeated Union Rovers 2.14.36

Clarence Football Association

Clubs included Lindisfarne (-1948), IXL, Bellerive, Cambridge and Aikens.

Clarence Sub District Football Association

Clubs included Canes, Gadsdens, Clarence Colts, Lindisfarne, Sandfly, South Hobart, Montagu Bay, Forcett, Sorell, Ralphs Bay and Warrane.

  • 1948 Sandfly v Canes (result unknown)
  • 1949 South Hobart defeated Sandfly
  • 1950 Forcett defeated South Hobart
  • 1951 South Hobart defeated Sorell
  • 1952 Sorell 11.12.78 defeated Forcett 5.15.45
  • 1953 to 1956 In recess
  • 1957 Warrane defeated Forcett
  • 1958 Canes defeated Ralphs Bay

Coastal Rovers Football Association

Clubs included Pioneer, Winnaleah, Weldborough, North Derby, Moorina and Gladstone.

  • 1934 Pioneer 9.18.72 defeated Moorina 8.7.55
  • 1935 pioneer 24.22.172 defeated North Derby 7.8.50
  • 1936 Pioneer 6.19.55 defeated Moorina 7.11.53

Cullenswood Football Association

Competing clubs included Mt Nicholas, Cornwall, Avcoa, Jubilee, St Marys, Fingal and Mangana.

  • 1932 Mt Nicholas
  • 1933 Mt Nicholas
  • 1934 Cornwall
  • 1935 St Marys

Deloraine Football Association (1950–1983)

Clubs included: Chudleigh, Elizabeth Town, Hagley, Meander, Mole Creek, Red Hills


Denison Football Association

Clubs included Derwent, Glebe Juniors, Lindisfarne and Rialannah (Mt Nelson).

  • 1914 Derwent

Derby Football Association

Clubs included North and City.
Premiers (Clubs played for the "Diggers Cup")

  • 1933 North 5.16.46 defeated City 5.12.42

Derwent Football Association

Clubs included Fitzroy, Cananore, Lefroy Juniors, Crescent, Bellerive, Imperials, Union, Newtown, Holebrook, Standfast, East Hobart and Trinity.

  • 1902 Fitzroy
  • 1903 Lefroy Juniors
  • 1904 Cananore
  • 1905 Crescent
  • 1906 Imperials
  • 1907 Bellerive
  • 1908 Crescent

Derwent Juniors Football Association

Clubs included Imperials, Lefroy Juniors, Cananore Juniors, and Bellerive.

Derwent Valley Football Association (1933–1954)

Clubs included: Australian Newsprint Mills, Bothwell, Bronte, Butler Gorge, Hamilton, Lachlan, Lower Derwent, Molesworth, Ouse, Plenty, Rosegarland, Upper Derwent, Westerway.

East Coast Football Association (1909–1958)

Clubs included Buckland, Nugent, Orford, Runnymede, Swansea, Spring Bay, Cranbrook, Triabunna, Sorell, Buckland-Orford, Woodsdale, Nugent, Copping, and Forcett.


The association folded after the 1958 season.

Best and Fairest

East Coast Union Football Association

Competing clubs included St Marys, St Helens and Union Rovers.

East Devon Football Association (1905-?)

Formed in 1905. Clubs included Moriarty, Sassafras, Harford and Latrobe.

East Tamar Football Association (1946–1969)

Clubs included George Town, Hillwood, Karoola, Lebrina, Lefroy, Lilydale, Newstead, Rocherlea, St Leonards.

Merged with the West Tamar FA after the construction of the Batman Bridge over the Tamar River in 1968.

Eastern Football Association

Competing clubs included Fingal and St Helens.

Emu Bay Football League (1942)

Formed in 1942 and lasted just that season.

  • 1942 Emu Bay

Esk Football Association (1926–1983)

Clubs included: Cressy, Bishopbourne, Deloraine, Evandale, Hagley, Poatina, Perth, Westbury


Merged with the Deloraine FA to form Esk-Deloraine Football Association.

Esk-Deloraine Football Association (1984–1997)

All clubs joined Northern Tasmanian Football Association in 1998.


Esperance Football Association(1930–1967)

Clubs included Dover, Raminea, Southport and Glendevie.

In 1967 Southport went into recess and Raminea struggled to field a side, the competition folded at the end of the season

Federal Football League (1902)

Formed in 1902 and lasted just that season. Clubs included Emu Bay and Penguin.

  • 1902 Emu Bay defeated Penguin

Fingal District Football Association

Clubs included Avoca, Campbell Town, Cornwall, Cullenwood, Fingal, Mathinna, Mt. Nicholas, Rossarden, St. Helens, St. Marys, and Swansea. A short history can be found here. [2]

Flinders Island Football Association

Teams comprised North Flinders Island and South Flinders Island. Games were played at Whitemark.

Forrest Hills Cup Football Association

Clubs included Tyenna, Westerway Upper Derwent Juniors and National Park.


  • 1922 – Tyenna
  • 1923 – Tyenna
  • 1924 – Westaway
  • 1925 – National Park
  • 1926 -
  • 1927 – Upper Derwent Jrs.

Franklin Football Association

Competing clubs unknown.

George Town Football League

Competing clubs included Georgetown, Hillwood and Lefroy.

  • 1932 Lefroy 15.14.104 defeated Hillwood 5.3.33

Glenorchy Suburban Football Association

Clubs included Glenorchy, Claremont Flyers, Bellerive, Bridgewater, Montrose, Derwent Rovers and Granton.

  • 1931 Glenorchy
  • 1932 Montrose
  • 1933 Bellerive

Greater Northern Football League (1981–1982)

The Greater Northern Football League (GNFL) was a competition played between the fifteen major football clubs across Northern Tasmania from the two major footballing bodies across the north of the state, the Northern Tasmanian Football Association (NTFA), and the North West Football Union (NWFU) in 1981 and 1982.

Hobart Central Football Association

Clubs included Derwent, Lenah Valley, Sandy Bay Rovers, and Glenorchy.

Hobart Football Association

Clubs included Old Hobartians, West Hobart, University, and Postal Electricians.

Hobart Junior Football Association

(Changed name to Southern Tasmanian Football Association in 1910)

Clubs included: Collingwood, Empire, Derwent, North Hobart Juniors, Hobart Central, and Crescent "B".


  • 1906 – Collingwood
  • 1907 – Collingwood
  • 1908 – Collingwood
  • 1909 – unknown

Holebrook Football Association

Clubs included: Training College, Presbyterian, Melville Street, New Town, Rovers and Buckingham.

  • 1906 – Training College
  • 1907 – unknown
  • 1908 – Presbyterians
  • 1909 – Training College
  • 1910 – Buckingham

Huon Football Association

Clubs included Channel, Cygnet, Huonville, Franklin, Kermandie and Kingston
The competition struggled during the 1990s with Franklin going into recess at one point, culminating with the loss of Channel and Kingston to the STFL in 1996, the Huon FA folded at the end of the 1997 season with the remaining clubs joining the STFL/SFL.
Huonville and Franklin merged to become the Huonville Lions, with Cygnet and Kermandie also having to adopt alternate playing uniforms and emblems upon joining the SFL.


Huon District Football Association

Clubs included: Ranelagh, Mountain River, Glen Huon and Crab Tree.


  • 1946 – Ranelagh 12.7.79 defeated Mountain River 5.3.33
  • 1947 – Glen Huon
  • 1948 – Glen Huon 13.13.79 defeated Mountain River 10.0.60

Kentish Football Association (1926–1954)

Clubs included: Barrington, Sheffield, West Kentish and Wilmot.


Kermandie Football Association(1912)

Clubs included: Kermandie, Geeveston, Castle Forbes Bay.

Formed when the Kermandie Football Club were late registering for the Huon Football Association in 1912, and subsequently were left out of the fixture.

Kingborough Football Association (1929–1966)

In 1929 the Channel Football Association voted to change its name to the Kingsborough Football Association. Clubs included Kettering, Kingston, Longley, Margate, Sandfly, Snug, and Woodbridge.
The Kingborough and Huon association were in merger talks for three years prior to the 1967 Southern Tasmanian bushfires which destroyed the region.
All clubs with the exception of Kingston merged to create the Channel Football Club. Channel and Kingston then commenced in the Huon Football Association.


Latrobe Football Association (1925–1953)

Clubs included Deloraine, Harford, Kingston, Latrobe Rovers, Railton, Sassafras, Sheffield, and Moriarty.


Lilydale District Football Association

Competing clubs included: Lilydale, Lebrina, Karoola, Tunnel, Pipers River, Bangor, Nabowla, Scottsdale, Scottsdale Juniors and Bridstowe Rovers.

  • 1921 – Lebrina
  • 1922 – unknown
  • 1923 – Lilydale 7.0.42 defeated Bangor 1.6.12
  • 1924–1925 – unknown
  • 1926 – Scottsdale Juniors defeated Lebrina by 18 points
  • 1927 – unknown
  • 1928 – Lilydale 7.6.48 defeated Scottsdale Juniors 6.11.47
  • 1929–1932 – unknown
  • 1933 – Lebrina 8.6.54 defeated Karoola 8.5.53
  • 1934–1936 – unknown
  • 1937 – Scottsdale 10.11.71 defeated Lilydale 10.7.67

Lower Derwent Football Association

(Later called the Derwent Valley Junior Football Association)

Clubs included: Lower Derwent, Lachlan, Plenty, Molesworth, Upper Derwent and Rosegarland.

  • 1932 – Lower Derwent
  • 1933 – Lower Derwent
  • 1934 – Lower Derwent
  • 1935–1938 – unknown
  • 1939 – Lachlan

Lyell Miners Football Association (1907−1932)

Clubs included: Linda, North Lyell, Gormanston, Mechanics, Miners, Wrenns, Wanderers.


  • 1907 – Linda
  • 1921 – Mechanics
  • 1923 – Linda
  • 1928 – Rovers
  • 1929 – Rovers
  • 1932 – Gormanston

Marrawah Football Association (1923−1932)

Clubs included: Centrals, Railway, West, Marrawah, East Marrawah and Welcome Swamp Reclaimers.

  • 1923 – Marrawah
  • 1925 – East Marrawah
  • 1926 – Redpa
  • 1928 – Marrawah
  • 1931 – No competition

Medhurst Football Association

Clubs included: Deloraine, Westbury Wanderers and Dunorlan.

  • 1909 – Deloraine 6.7.43 defeated Dunorlan 2.7.19
  • 1910 – Westbury Wanderers

Metropolitan Football Association

Clubs included: Battery Point, Glebe, Bellerive, Old Hobartians Association and Old Virgilians Association

  • 1910 – Bellerive were defeated
  • 1911–1914 – unknown
  • 1915 – Bellerive defeated
  • 1916–1928 – unknown
  • 1929 – Old Hobartians Association 13.6.84 defeated Old Virgilians Association 4.12.36

Midland Football Association (1921−1971)

Clubs included Campbell Town, Oatlands, Ross and Tunnack.


Mount Farrell Football Association

(Tullah Football Association)

As Tullah was in the early 20th century an isolated community, teams were made up from the township of Tullah only.

With the construction of the Murchison Highway in 1963 a combined Tullah team competed in the Roseberry, Murchison, and Western Tasmanian competitions at different times.

The competition commenced in 1912. Teams included: Rovers, Tigers, City, Tullah, Federal and Wanderers.

  • 1912–1922
  • 1923 Federal 6.5.41 to Wanderers 3.6.24
  • 1926 – unknown
  • 1927 – Federal
  • 1928–1930 – unknown
  • 1931 – Tullah 8.20.68 defeated Federal 9.9.63
  • 1932 – Tullah defeated Federal
  • 1933 – Rovers 15.20.110 to City 13.11.89
  • 1934 – Rovers
  • 1935 – Tullah 16.24.120 defeated Federal 12.14.86
  • 1936 – Rosebery 5.16.46 to Zeehan 4.10.34

New Norfolk Junior Football Association

Clubs included: Lachlan, Plenty, Lower Derwent, New Norfolk Juniors, Molesworth and New Norfolk Rovers.

North East Association

A precursor to the NorthEast Football Union.


Northern Suburban Football Association

Clubs included: Druids, South Launceston, Caledonians, East Launceston.

  • 1924 – Druids

Northern Tasmania District Football League (1952−1963)

Formed when the NTFA expelled second XVIII clubs so it could a pure reserve grade competition.

Clubs included Deloraine, Exeter, Kings Meadows, Mowbray, Riverside, St. Leonards, Westbury


Northern Tasmanian Football Association (1886−1986)

The Northern Tasmanian Football Association (NTFA) was an Australian rules football competition which ran from 1886 to 1986. In its time it was one of the three main leagues in Tasmania and was based in the Launceston and surrounding districts.

Two teams (North Launceston and East Launceston) were to field reserve grade teams at senior level in the competition in 1986 upon joining the TFL Statewide League with a third club – City-South – merging with East Launceston on 26 May 1986.
In 1987 the NTFA merged with the North West Football Union (NWFU) to form the Northern Tasmanian Football League, losing both North Launceston and the merged East Launceston/City-South (South Launceston) club.

North West Football Union (1910-−1986)

The North West Football Union (NWFU) was an Australian rules football competition which ran from 1910 to 1986. In its time it was one of the three main leagues in Tasmania, with the Tasmanian Football League and Northern Tasmanian Football Association representing the rest of the state.

The league were forced to disband after the 1986 season when major clubs such as Cooee and Devonport defected to the TFL Statewide League. In 1987 the NWFU merged with the Northern Tasmanian Football Association (NTFA) to form the current Northern Tasmanian Football League.

Oatlands District (Junior) Football Association

Clubs included: Mt Pleasant, Oatlands, Tunnack, Tunbridge, Mt Seymour and Parratah.

  • 1932 – Oatlands 12.10.82 defeated Tunnack 8.11.59
  • 1933 – 1936 unavailable
  • 1937 – Tunnack defeated Mt Seymour
  • 1938 – Mt Pleasant defeated Oatlands

Pembroke Football Association (1936−1950)

Clubs included Forcett, Sorell, Nugent, Bream Creek, Dunalley, Copping, Woodsdale, and Colebrook.

Premiers (Bone Trophy)

  • 1936 Nugent defeated Forcett
  • 1937 Sorell 8.11.59 defeated Nugent 7.7.49
  • 1938 Sorell 8.11.59 defeated Nugent 7.8.50
  • 1939 Sorell 11.9.75 defeated Dunalley 3.14.32
  • 1940–1946 Recess (WW2)
  • 1947 Forcett 14.3.87 defeated Dunalley 11.10.76
  • 1948 Copping 8.11.59 defeated Dunalley 5.10.40
  • 1949 Dunalley defeated Copping
  • 1950 Dunalley defeated Nugent

Peninsula Football Association(1988−2001)

Main Article: Peninsula Football Association
The Peninsula Football Association (PFA) was a league from the Tasman Peninsula area of Tasmania that operated between 1988 and 2001.

Portland Football Association (1936−1950)

The Portland Football Association teams included Anchor, City, George's Bay, Miners, Pyengana, St Helens, Union Rovers, and Weldborough.


  • 1936 – Union Rovers
  • 1937 – Miners
  • 1938 – Pyendana
  • 1939 – Anchor
  • 1947 – George's Bay 10.19.79 d Pyengana 6.4.40
  • 1948 – George's Bay 9.13.67 d St Helens 8.18.66
  • 1950 – Pyengana 13.18.96 d St Helens 7.5.47

Protestant Churches Football Association ( −1934)

Clubs included: Baptists, Methodists, University, Congregationalists, Battery Point Methodists and Hobart Baptists.


  • 1932 – Combined Methodists 16.11.107 defeated University 14.8.92
  • 1933 – Combined Methodists 13.12.90 defeated Battery Point Methodists 9.12.66
  • 1934 – Into Recess

Public Service Football Association (1947−1951)

Clubs included: Hydro Electric, Public Works, Politax, Railways and Tasmanian Government Printers.

Queenborough Football Association (1919−1957)

clubs included: Army, Blundstones, Canes, Cascade, Claremont, Elliotts Bros, Glenorchy Grove, Glenorchy II, High School, Hydro, IXL, Jay Bee, Kingston, Long Beach, Mt Nelson, North Hobart, Old Hobart Association, Old Technical Collegians, Postal, Railways, Sandy Bay Jrs, Sutex, Teachers College, Tibbs Bridge, University, YCW


Redpa Football Association (1933−1939)

Teams included: Top End, Bottom End, Salmon River, Central, Railway, Marrawah, Redpa Wanderers.

  • 1933 – Season abandoned no premiership rewarded
  • 1934 – Central 8.7.55 defeated Railway 1.4.10
  • 1935–1936 – unavailable
  • 1937 – Season cancelled
  • 1938–1939 – unavailable

Richmond Football Association

Clubs included: Richmond, Campania, Colebrook, Brighton, Bagdad, Kempton, Dunalley and Sorell.

  • 1932 – Campania 4.11.35 d Tea Tree 3.8.26
  • 1933 – Campania ?.?.67 d Brighton ?.?.36
  • 1934 – Kempton 11.14.80 d Campania 8.5.53
  • 1935 – Kempton 7.8.50 defeated Campania 4.9.33
  • 1936 – Richmond ?.?.? d Campania ?.?.?.
  • 1937–1939 – Reformed as South Midlands Association
  • 1940 – unavailable

Ridgley Football Association (1939−1951)

Clubs included: Highclere, Mooreville Road, Ridgley, West Ridgley, Tewkesbury, Wilmot.

  • 1939 – Tewkesbury
  • 1940 – Ridgley
  • 1941 – Ridgley
  • 1945 – Ridgley
  • 1946 – West Ridgley
  • 1947 – Ridgley
  • 1948 – West Ridgley
  • 1949 – Ridgley
  • 1950 – Ridgley
  • 1951 – Mooreville Road

Rosebery Football Association (1922−1962)

Clubs included: Rosebery, Strachan, Toorak, Tullah, Williamsford, Zeehan

Sorell Football Association (1933−1935)

Clubs that competed in the competition included Nugent, Sorell, and Bream Creek. All the clubs moved to the Pembroke Football association in 1936.

Premiership cup was known as the McHugh Trophy.


  • 1933 Sorell 8.9.57 to Nugent 8.5.53

Southern Country Football Association (1923−1933)

A forerunner to the Southern District FA


South East District Football Association (1945−1979)

Clubs included Bagdad, Bothwell, Campania, Colebrook, Kempton, Mangalore, Maydena, Ouse, Richmond, Sorell, Triabunna, Tunnack and Upper Derwent.


Southern Districts Football Association (1934−1970)

Clubs included Australian Newsprint Mills, Bagdad, Bagdad-Mangalore, Bellerive, Bothwell, Bridgewater, Brighton, Clarence, Forcett, Glenorchy, Hamilton, Mangalore, Maydena, Maydena-Westerway, Montrose, Ouse, Ouse-Wayatinah, Richmond, Upper Derwent, New Norfolk, and South Hobart.


Southern Tasmanian Football Association

Formerly the Hobart Junior Football Association

Clubs included: Crescent, Excelsior and Brisbane Rovers.

  • 1910 – Excelsior

Southern Tasmanian Football Association (1976−1986)

Formerly the Associated Youth Clubs. Clubs included: Bothwell, Buckingham, Cambridge, Lachlan, Maydena, Metropolitan, North Derwent, Railway, Risdon Cove, Risdon Vale, Upper Derwent & West Hobart.


Table Cape Football Association (1923−1952)

Clubs included: Burnie Juniors, Boat Harbour, Flowerdale, Henrietta Rovers, Myalla, Rocky Cape, Seabrook, Wynyard Jrs, Yeoman & Yolla

Tamar Football Association (1970−1984)

Formed when it became possible to drive across the Tamar River with the opening of the Batman Bridge in 1968. The East Tamar and West Tamar Football association merged in 1970.

Clubs included Beaconsfield, Beauty Point, Bridgenorth, Exeter, George Town, Hillwood, Karoola, Lilydale, Rosevears.


Tasman Football Association (1919−2001)

Main Article:Tasman Football Association
The Tasman Football Association was a competition made up of clubs from the Tasman peninsula and areas and suburbs East of Hobart. In its latter years it also contained a team from the Derwent Valley (North Derwent FC) and the Hobart inner suburb of New Town (Railway FC).

Tyenna Football Association

Clubs included Bronte Park, Ellendale, Fitzgerald, Hamilton, Keamaree, Lachlan, Maydena, Molesworth, National Park, Ouse, Plenty, Tyenna, Upper Derwent, Upper Derwent Juniors, Wayatinah and Westerway.


Waratah Football Association

Clubs included Bischoff, Magnet,Parrawe, Waratah

West Tamar Football Association (1920−1969)

Clubs included Beaconsfield, Beauty Point, Bridgenorth, Exeter, Frankford, Rosevears, Rowella & Sidmouth.


Western Tasmanian Football Association (1924−1994)

Main Article: Western Tasmanian Football Association
The Western Tasmanian Football Association was a competition based on Tasmania's West Coast, and was mostly made up of miners that lived and worked in the area.

Zeehan Football Association (1908−1952)



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