List of fires

Town and city fires

Building or structure fires

Transportation fires

Mining (including oil and natural gas drilling) fires

This is a partial list of fire due to mining: man-made structures to extract minerals, ores, rock, petroleum, natural gas, etc.

Date Location Dead/ Injured Details References
1884 to present New Straitsville, Ohio coal mine fire ignited by striking miners World's Greatest Mine Fire[2]
May 31 1892 Příbram, now in the Czech Republic, 319/? Fire in Marine iron mine
September 7 1895 Osceola Township, Houghton County, Michigan 30/? Osceola copper mine caught fire [3]
April 7 1911 Colliery, Throop, Pennsylvania, 72/? fire at the Prince-Pancoast, leaving 72 dead by suffocation [4]
1915 to present Luzerne County, Pennsylvania Laurel Run mine fire ignited when at carbide lamp set fire to a timber support
1956 Belgium 262/? Bois du Cazier fire killed 262 people from 12 nations
1962 Algeria Devil's Cigarette Lighter fire in a gas field, lasted almost 6 months before doused with explosives
1962 to present Pennsylvania Centralia Mine Fire, rendering the town uninhabitable
1971 to present Derweze, Ahal Province, Turkmenistan Darvaza gas crater fire in a natural gas field
morning of May 2, 1972 Kellogg, Idaho 91/? Fire broke out in the Sunshine Mine, on the morning of May 2; 91 workers died from smoke inhalation or carbon monoxide poisoning
September 16, 1986 Kinross, Transvaal, South Africa 177/235 Fire in a gold mine owned by the General Mining Union Corporation [5]
July 6, 1988 North Sea 167/? Piper Alpha oil platform disaster
1991 State of Kuwait Kuwaiti oil fires following the Gulf War
2010 Gulf of Mexico Explosion and fire on the Deepwater Horizon mobile offshore drilling unit
New Zealand 29/? Pike River Mine disaster in New Zealand; a series of three explosions in the mine was followed by a fourth which set fire to the coal. 29 miners and contractors perished.
December 4, 2015 Caspian Sea 12+18 missing /? Gunashli Platform No.10 fire broke out on the offshore oil and gas platform in the Azerbaijani section of the Caspian Sea; 12 confirmed deaths, 18 missing.

    Forest and countryside fires

    Date Location Dead/ Injured Details References
    1871 Michigan >200/? The Great Michigan Fire
    1910 North Idaho and Western Montana 87/? The largest Fire in U.S. history burned an area the size of Connecticut (3 million acres / 12,000 km²), killing 87 people, including 78 firefighters Great Fire of 1910[6]
    1911 Ontario 73-200/? Great Porcupine Fire
    July 29, 1916 223/? Six towns destroyed, two more damaged Matheson Fire
    October 12, 1918 Minnesota 1000/? 1918 Cloquet Fire
    1921 35/? 1921 Mari wildfires
    1922 Northern Ontario several towns destroyed including 90% of the City of Haileybury, Ontario Great Fire of 1922

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