List of films from North Macedonia

A list of feature films produced or filmed in the territory of the current Republic Of North Macedonia.

Ottoman Empire


Title Director Year Genre Notes
WeaversManaki Brothers1905DocumentaryFirst motion picture on the Balkan Peninsula.
School in an open environmentManaki Brothers1908Documentary
Parade of military band, chariots and horsemenManaki Brothers1908Documentary
Manifestation (with Greek inscriptions)Manaki Brothers1908Documentary
Manifestation on the occasion of the Young Turk RevolutionManaki Brothers1908Documentary
Manifestation marking the HurriyetManaki Brothers1908Documentary
Parade marking the HurriyetManaki Brothers1908Documentary
Turks hold speech on HurriyetManaki Brothers1908Documentary


Title Director Year Genre Notes
Funeral of Metropolitan Emilianos of GrevenaManaki Brothers1911Documentary
Panorama of GrevenaManaki Brothers1911Documentary
Romanian Delegation visit to BitolaManaki Brothers1911Documentary
Romanian delegation visiting GopeshManaki Brothers1911Documentary
Romanian delegation visiting ResenManaki Brothers1911Documentary
Turkish Sultan Mehmed V Reshad Visiting BitolaManaki Brothers1911Documentary
Turkish Sultan Mehmed V Reshad Visiting SalonicaManaki Brothers1911Documentary
Church in GrevenaManaki Brothers1911Documentary
Alexander Karadjordjevic visiting BitolaManaki Brothers1912Documentary
Opening city café in BitolaManaki Brothers1912Documentary

Kingdom of Yugoslavia


Title Created by Year Genre Notes
Macedonia in PicturesMacedonian Society in Sofia1923DocumentaryMade on behalf 20 years from the Ilinden Uprising.


Title Director Year Genre Notes
Bombing of BitolaMilton Manaki1940War documentary
Entering of the National Liberation Army in BitolaMilton Manaki1944Documentary

SFR Yugoslavia


Title Director Year Genre Notes
FrosinaVlado Maleski1952SocialThe first film of independent Socialist Macedonia
Wolf's NightSlavko Janevski1955Fiction
Riot DollsDimitrie Osmanli1957Short film
Little ManŽika Chukulić1957Drama
Sun behind barsSlavko Janevski1957Social
A gift from the space painterDimitar Kjostarov1957Fiction
Miss StoneŽika Mitrović1958HistoricalThe first Macedonian motion picture in color.
Evil VisaFrantze Shtiglitz1958Crime fiction
Three Anne'sBranko Bauer1959Psychological
DubrovskiWilliam Diterle1959Fiction


Title Director Year Genre Notes
David, Goliath and a roosterSlavko Janevski1960Fiction
Quiet SummerDimitrie Osmanli1961Comedy
The Salonika TerroristsŽika Mitrović1961Historical
Greeting of Tito in BitolaMilton Manaki1963Documentary
Under the Same SkyLjubisha Georgievski1964War
Days of TemptationBranko Gapo1965Historical
To Victory and BeyondŽika Mitrović1966War
Macedonian Blood WeddingTrajče Popov1967Historical
MementoDimitrie Osmanli1967Psychological
Where After the RainVladan Slijepćević1967Fiction
Mountain of WrathLjubisha Georgievski1968Social
War-less TimeBranko Gapo1969Fiction
Republic in FlamesLjubisha Georgievski1969Historical


Title Director Year Genre Notes
The Price of the CityLjubisha Georgievski1970War
Black SeedKiril Cenevski1971Drama
The Macedonian Part of HellVatroslav Mimica1971War
Embrio № MPetar Gligorovski1971AnimatedFirst Macedonian fully animated feature film.
ThirstDimitrie Osmanli1971Social
ShotBranko Gapo1972War
Father (We're Cursed, Irene)Kole Angelovski1973Psychological
AnguishKiril Cenevski1975Historical
The Longest PathBranko Gapo1976Historical
Rise Up, DelfinaAleksandar Gjurcinov1977Psychological
JudgementTrajče Popov1977War
DaeStole Popov1979Documentary


Title Director Year Genre Notes
The Lead BrigadeKiril Cenevski1980Fiction
Time LeadsBranko Gapo1980Social
The Red HorseStole Popov1981Historical
Southern PathStevo Crvenkovski1982Fiction
Haven't I Told YouStevo Crvenkovski1984Historical
NodeKiril Cenevski1985War
Happy New Year '49Stole Popov1986DramaIt was Yugoslavia's submission to the 59th Academy Awards for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.
Hi-FiVladimir Blazevski1987Social
Cadaver WeekendKole Angelovski1988Comedy


Title Director Year Genre Notes
TattooStole Popov1991DramaThe last Macedonian film before the independence from Yugoslavia.

Republic of North Macedonia


Title Director Year Genre Notes
Macedonian SagaBranko Gapo1993MelodramaFirst Macedonian independent film.
Before the RainMilčo Mančevski1994SocialThe first and only Macedonian film to be nominated for Academy Award.
Angel WasteDimitrie Osmanli1995Melodrama
Self DestructionAltanaj Erbil1996Comedy
Gypsy MagicStole Popov1997MelodramaIt was Macedonia's submission to the 70th Academy Awards.
Over the LakeAntonio Mitrikjeski1997Social
Goodbye, 20th Century!Darko Mitrevski1998FantasyIt was Macedonia's submission to the 71st Academy Awards.
MaklabasAco Stankovski1998Experimental


Title Director Year Genre Notes
DustMilčo Mančevski2001FictionThe film was nominated for a Golden Reel Award.
Like a Bad DreamAntonio Mitrikjeski2003Fiction
The Great WaterIvo Trajkov2004FictionMacedonia's submission to the 77th Academy Awards.
MirageSvetozar Ristovski2004Drama
How I Killed a SaintMitevska Teona2004Fiction
Bal-Can-CanDarko Mitrevski2005FictionThe highest-grossing Macedonian film until the release of The Third Half. Entered into the 27th Moscow International Film Festival.
ContactSergej Stanojkovski2005DramaMacedonia's submission to the 79th Academy Awards.
The Secret BookVlado Cvetanovski2006Conspiracy fiction
ShadowsMilčo Mančevski2007FictionMacedonia's submission to the 80th Academy Awards.
I Am from Titov VelesMitevska Teona2007Fiction
Upside DownIgor Ivanov Izi2007Fiction
WinglessIvo Trajkov2009Fiction
East-West-EastGerg Giovani2009Fiction
NormalJulius Sevcik2009Fiction


Title Director Year Genre Notes
MothersMilčo Mančevski2010FictionMacedonia's submission to the 83rd Academy Awards.
The War Is Over Mitko Panov2010Drama
My FatherShqipe N. Duka2010DramaFirst film in Albanian language in Macedonia
The Land Between the BordersArben Kastrati2010Drama
This Is Not an American FilmSaso Pavlovski2011Crime
Punk's Not DeadVladimir Blazevski2011ComedyMacedonia's submission to the 84th Academy Awards.
The Third HalfDarko Mitrevski2012HistoricalMacedonia's submission to the 85th Academy Awards.
The Woman Who Brushed Off Her TearsTeona S. Mitevska2012Drama
Skopje Remixomnibus2012omnibus
Balkan Is Not DeadAleksandar Popovski2013Drama
The Piano RoomIgor Ivanov Izi2013FictionReleased at the 2013 Manaki Brothers Film Festival.
To the HiltStole Popov2014WesternReleased at the 2014 Manaki Brothers Film Festival,Macedonia's submission to the 87th Academy Awards
Children of the SunAntonio Mitrikeski2014DramaReleased at the 2014 Manaki Brothers Film Festival
My brother LazarSvetozar Ristovski2015DramaReleased at the 2015 Manaki Brothers Film Festival
Honey NightIvo Trajkov2015Political thrillerReleased at the 2015 Skopje Film Festival
Three Days in September Darijan Pejovski2015ThrillerReleased at the 2015 Cinedays, Skopje
Waiting for the moneySlobodan Despotovski2015DramaReleased on 30 October 2015
Amok Vardan Tozija2016Drama, ThrillerReleased on 30 April 2016
The liberation of Skopje Rade Šerbedžija2016HistoricalReleased at the 2016 Manaki Brothers Film Festival
Golden FiveGoran Trenchovski2016DramaReleased at the 2016 Manaki Brothers Film Festival
WitnessMitko Panov 2015Dramaexpected premiere 2017
When the Day Had No NameTeona Strugar Mitevska2017Drama
Oh my loveKole Angelovski2017ComedyReleased at the 2017 Skopje Film Festival on 21 April 2017 [1]
Secret Ingredient Gjorce Stavreski2017Drama, Comedy
Year of the MonkeyVladimir Blazevski2018Comedy, FantasyReleased on 19 April 2018 [2]
Mocking of ChristJani Bojadzi2018Dramaexpected premiere 2018


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