List of ferries of Australia

FerryOperational YearsOperatingDestinations
MS Abel Tasman1985–1993NoMelbourne <-> Devonport
PS Alert1878–1893NoMelbourne <-> Geelong
SS Awaroa1915–1918NoMelbourne <-> Sorrento <-> Portsea <-> Queenscliff
PS Black Eagle1854–1872NoMelbourne <-> St Kilda <-> Brighton <-> Mornington
SS Balgowlah1912–1951NoSydney <-> Manly
MV Baragoola1922–1983NoSydney <-> Manly
SS Charlotte Fenwick1903–1913NoMelbourne <-> Sorrento <-> Portsea <-> Queenscliff
MV Collaroy1988–presentYesSydney <-> Manly
SS Coogee1903–1913NoMelbourne <-> Launceston (and briefly Melbourne <-> Geelong)
SS Courier1888–1927NoMelbourne <-> Geelong
MV Curl Curl (1972)1973–1991NoSydney <-> Manly
SS Despatch1869–1911NoSorrento <-> Portsea <-> Queenscliff
MV Dee Why (1972)1972–1985NoSydney <-> Manly
MV Devil Cat (1st)1997–1998
1999 - 2002
NoMelbourne <-> George Town
MV Devil Cat (2nd)1998–1999NoMelbourne <-> George Town
SS Edina1880–1938NoMelbourne <-> Geelong
SS Excelsior (1883)1883–1919NoMelbourne <-> Geelong
SS Express1854–1862NoMelbourne <-> Geelong
MS Australian Trader1985–1993NoSydney <-> Hobart
MS Empress of Australia1965–1985NoMelbourne <-> Devonport
MV Fairlight (1966)1966–1984NoSydney <-> Manly
MV Freshwater1984–presentYesSydney <-> Manly
PS Golden Crown1874–1888NoMelbourne <-> Queenscliff
PS Hygeia (1890)1890–1931NoMelbourne <-> Sorrento <-> Portsea <-> Queenscliff
MV Hygeia (1962)1962–2004NoSorrento <-> Portsea <-> Queenscliff
SS Karatta1907–1961NoPort Adelaide <-> Kingscote
MV Komuta1955–1965NoSorrento <-> Portsea <-> Queenscliff
SS Koompartoo1922–1932NoSydney Harbour
SS Kuttabul1922–1932NoSydney Harbour
MV Judith Ann1953–1955NoSorrento <-> Portsea <-> Queenscliff
MV Lady Cutler1969–1991NoSydney Harbour
MV Lady Denman1912-1979NoSydney Harbour
MV Lady McKell1970–1991NoSydney Harbour
MV Lady Woodward1970–1991NoSydney Harbour
MV Long Reef (1978)1978–1984NoSydney <-> Manly
PS Lonsdale1883–1889NoSorrento <-> Queenscliff
SS Loongana (1903)1912–1935NoMelbourne <-> Launceston
MV Manly (1965)1965–1980NoSydney <-> Manly
MV Manly (1984)1984–1991NoSydney <-> Manly
PS Mystery1867–1872NoMelbourne <-> Geelong
SS Nairana1920–1948NoMelbourne <-> Devonport and Melbourne <-> Burnie
MV Narrabeen1984–presentYesSydney <-> Manly
MV Nepean1965–2004NoSorrento <-> Portsea <-> Queenscliff
PS Ozone1886–1925NoSorrento <-> Portsea <-> Queenscliff
MV Palm Beach (1975)1975–1984NoSydney <-> Manly
SS Perth1914–1970NoSwan River, Perth. Converted to MV Perth in 1970.
MV Perth1970–1982, 1986NoSwan River, Perth.
MV Peninsula Princess1987–1993NoQueenscliff <-> Sorrento
MS Princess of Tasmania1959–1972NoMelbourne <-> Devonport
MV Queenscliff (1983)1983–presentYesSydney <-> Manly
MV Queenscliff (1992)1993–presentYesQueenscliff <-> Sorrento
SS Reliance1916–1943NoMelbourne <-> Sorrento <-> Portsea <-> Queenscliff
SS Rotomahana1879–1921NoMelbourne <-> Launceston
PS Seahorse1842–1843NoMelbourne <-> Launceston
PS Shamrock1843–1851NoMelbourne <-> Launceston
SS Sorrento (1946)1946–1949NoQueenscliff <-> Sorrento
MV Sorrento (2001)2001–presentYesQueenscliff <-> Sorrento
SS South Steyne1938–1974NoSydney <-> Manly
MV Sydney (1985)1985–1991NoSydney <-> Manly
MS Spirit of Tasmania1993–2002NoMelbourne <-> Devonport
SeaCat Tasmania1991–1992NoPort Welshpool <-> George Town
MS Spirit of Tasmania I2002–presentYesMelbourne <-> Devonport
MS Spirit of Tasmania II2002–presentYesMelbourne <-> Devonport
MS Spirit of Tasmania III2004–2006NoSydney <-> Devonport
SS Taroona1934–1959NoMelbourne <–> Beauty Point <–> Devonport and Melbourne <-> Burnie
MV Troubridge1961–1987NoPort Adelaide <-> Kingscote and Port Adelaide <-> Port Lincoln
PS Weeroona (1910)1910–1942NoMelbourne <-> Sorrento <-> Portsea <-> Queenscliff
MV Weeroona (1958)1958–1972NoSorrento <-> Portsea <-> Queenscliff
PS Williams1872–1894NoMelbourne <-> Geelong
Kangaroo Island SeaLink Sealion 2000 and Spirit of Kangaroo IslandcurrentYesCape Jervis <-> Penneshaw, Kangaroo Island
First Fleet (Sydney Ferries)1985–presentYesSydney Harbour
Rivercat (Sydney Ferries)1992–presentYesSydney <-> Parramatta
Supercat (Sydney Ferries)2000–presentYesSydney Harbour
Raymond Island ferryVarious vessels since 1889, current vessel since 1997YesRaymond Island <-> Paynesville
North Stradbroke Island Ferries1964–presentYesMoreton Bay Various vessels Roll on Roll off Cleveland to Dunwich North Stradbroke Island

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