List of districts in the London Borough of Havering


All these areas became part of the borough when it was created on 1 April 1965. It is indicated where a district formed an earlier independent unit of local administration. As the planning authorities, Havering London Borough Council classify seven locations as town centres. The Greater London Authority identifies Romford to be a metropolitan centre and the remaining town centres as district centres.

District Post town Postcode
Coordinates OS grid ref Earlier local government? Classification
Ardleigh GreenHORNCHURCHRM51.583°N 0.214°E / 51.583; 0.214 (Ardleigh Green)TQ535895
Chase CrossROMFORDRM51.611°N 0.172°E / 51.611; 0.172 (Chase Cross)TQ505925
ColdharbourRAINHAMRM51.491°N 0.188°E / 51.491; 0.188 (Coldharbour)TQ525785
Collier RowROMFORDRM51.593°N 0.172°E / 51.593; 0.172 (Collier Row)TQ505905district centre; town centre
CranhamUPMINSTERRM51.564°N 0.271°E / 51.564; 0.271 (Cranham)TQ575875Y parish council until 1934
Elm ParkHORNCHURCHRM51.548°N 0.198°E / 51.548; 0.198 (Elm Park)TQ525855district centre; town centre
Emerson ParkHORNCHURCHRM51.574°N 0.228°E / 51.574; 0.228 (Emerson Park)TQ545885
Frog IslandRAINHAMRM51.503°N 0.181°E / 51.503; 0.181 (Frog Island)TQ515805
Gidea ParkROMFORDRM51.593°N 0.200°E / 51.593; 0.200 (Gidea Park)TQ525905
HactonUPMINSTERRM51.538°N 0.227°E / 51.538; 0.227 (Hacton)TQ545845
Harold HillROMFORDRM51.610°N 0.230°E / 51.610; 0.230 (Harold Hill)TQ545925district centre; town centre
Harold ParkROMFORDRM51.600°N 0.243°E / 51.600; 0.243 (Harold Park)TQ555915
Harold WoodROMFORDRM51.592°N 0.229°E / 51.592; 0.229 (Harold Wood)TQ545905
Havering-atte-BowerROMFORDRM51.620°N 0.187°E / 51.620; 0.187 (Havering-atte-Bower)TQ515935Y parish council until 1934
Heath ParkROMFORDRM51.575°N 0.200°E / 51.575; 0.200 (Heath Park)TQ525885
HornchurchHORNCHURCHRM51.556°N 0.213°E / 51.556; 0.213 (Hornchurch)TQ535865Y urban district council until 1965district centre; town centre
Noak HillROMFORDRM51.619°N 0.231°E / 51.619; 0.231 (Noak Hill)TQ545935Y parish council until 1934
North OckendonUPMINSTERRM51.546°N 0.299°E / 51.546; 0.299 (North Ockendon)TQ595855Y parish council until 1934
RainhamRAINHAMRM51.521°N 0.197°E / 51.521; 0.197 (Rainham)TQ525825Y parish council until 1934district centre; town centre
Rise ParkROMFORDRM51.597°N 0.185°E / 51.597; 0.185 (Rise Park)TQ513909
RomfordROMFORDRM51.577°N 0.178°E / 51.577; 0.178 (Romford)TQ510887Y borough council until 1965metropolitan centre; town centre
Rush GreenROMFORDRM51.567°N 0.169°E / 51.567; 0.169 (Rush Green)TQ505875
South HornchurchRAINHAMRM51.532°N 0.184°E / 51.532; 0.184 (South Hornchurch)TQ516837
UpminsterUPMINSTERRM51.556°N 0.249°E / 51.556; 0.249 (Upminster)TQ560865Y parish council until 1934district centre; town centre
WenningtonRAINHAMRM51.502°N 0.225°E / 51.502; 0.225 (Wennington)TQ545805Y parish council until 1934

Wards and area committees

Within London, population figures are not collected for localities, instead they are enumerated for political wards.

WardArea committeePopulation (2011)[1]Parliamentary constituency
CranhamUpminster12,528Hornchurch and Upminster
Elm ParkElm Park and Hylands12,466Dagenham and Rainham
Emerson ParkEmerson Park and Harold Wood11,977Hornchurch and Upminster
GooshaysHarold Hill14,692Hornchurch and Upminster
HactonHornchurch12,262Hornchurch and Upminster
Harold WoodEmerson Park and Harold Wood12,650Hornchurch and Upminster
Havering ParkNorth Romford13,000Romford
HeatonHarold Hill12,570Hornchurch and Upminster
HylandsElm Park and Hylands12,952Romford
MawneysNorth Romford12,915Romford
PettitsGidea Park12,955Romford
Rainham and WenningtonSouth Hornchurch and Rainham12,482Dagenham and Rainham
Romford TownRomford15,921Romford
St Andrew'sHornchurch13,334Hornchurch and Upminster
South HornchurchSouth Hornchurch and Rainham13,544Dagenham and Rainham
Squirrel's HeathGidea Park13,194Romford
UpminsterUpminster12,833Hornchurch and Upminster


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