List of default file systems

Default file system used in various operating systems.

Release yearOperating systemFile system
1968George 3George 3
1971OS/8DECtape / OS/8
1974CP/MCP/M file system
198086-DOSFAT12, but logically format incompatible with MS-DOS/PC DOS.
1981PC DOS 1.0FAT12
1982MS-DOS 1.25FAT12
1982Commodore 64 / 1541Commodore DOS (CBM DOS)
1984PC DOS 3.0 / MS-DOS 3.0FAT16
1984Classic Mac OSMacintosh File System (MFS)
1985Atari TOSModified FAT12
1985Classic Mac OSHierarchical File System (HFS)
1987Compaq MS-DOS 3.31FAT16B
1988AmigaOS v1.3Amiga Fast File System (FFS)
1989OS/2 v1.2High Performance File System (HPFS)
1990Windows 3.0 / 3.1xFAT16B
1993Debian GNU/Linuxext2
1993FreeBSD v1-v5.0UFS1
1994Windows NT 3.5NTFS
1995Windows 95FAT16B with VFAT
1996Windows NT 4.0NTFS
1998Mac OS 8.1 / macOSHFS Plus (HFS+)
1998Windows 98FAT32 with VFAT
2000 SUSE Linux Enterprise 6.4 ReiserFS[1][2]
2000Windows MeFAT32 with VFAT
2000Windows 2000NTFS
2000Ututo GNU/Linuxext4
2001Windows XPNTFS but FAT32 was also common
2002Arch Linuxext4
2002Gentoo Linuxext4
2003FreeBSD v5.1-v9UFS2
2003Windows Server 2003NTFS
2003Fedora Core 1ext3
2004Ubuntu 4.10ext3
2004OpenWrtOverlayFS combining SquashFS + JFFS2
2004CentOS 3ext3
2005Debian GNU/Linux 3.1ext3
2006OpenDOS 7.01.08FAT32+
2006Windows VistaNTFS
2006 SUSE Linux Enterprise 11

openSUSE 10.2

2007Slackware 12ext3
2008Windows Server 2008NTFS
2008Musix GNU/Linuxext4
2008Nexenta OSZFS
2009Windows 7NTFS
2009Parabola GNU/Linuxext4
2009openSUSE 11ext4
2009Slackware 13ext4
2009Ubuntu 9.10ext4
2009 Fedora 11 ext4 [5]
2011CentOS 6ext4
2011Debian GNU/kFreeBSDUFS1
2011Arch Hurdext2
2012Windows 8NTFS
2013Debian GNU/Linux 7.0ext4
2013Debian GNU/Hurdext2
2014libreCMCOverlayFS combining SquashFS + JFFS2
2014RHEL 7XFS[6]
2014CentOS 7XFS
2015Windows 10NTFS
2015 Fedora 22 Combination: ext4 (Fedora Workstation and Cloud), XFS (Fedora Server)[7]
2015 OpenSUSE 42.1 Combination: Btrfs (for system) and XFS (for home).
2016iOS 10.3APFS
2017macOS High Sierra (10.13)APFS

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